Sunday, 5 December 2021, was a day of divine encounter with the Spirit of God for all believers who traveled the lengths and latitudes of the world. It was the day they had their own personal experience with God, as He broke the chains that satan used to keep them bound!

Then the man of God Michael gave a tribute to Prophet T. B. Joshua by asking the congregation to give a moment of silence in his honor. Six months after the departure of our spiritual father, Prophet T.B. Joshua, the man of God Harry went to the SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria, once again and the attendees had the opportunity to watch some highlights from the SCOAN Reunion and Thanksgiving Service.


Proceeding with a powerful message entitled “THE NAME, ‘JESUS CHRIST’” the man of God Michael expressed his joy seeing people that chose to come to the presence of God. At the same time, he also expressed how surprised he was about those who do not see the presence of God in creation, but begin to invoke His name in their time of difficulty without having any immediate result.

Reading from Acts 4:5-12, he stressed that there is no other name under Heaven that has the power to save, except the name of Jesus Christ. But there is a condition: we need to have a life of obedience in order to invoke the name of Jesus effectively. Miracles are wrought in the name of Jesus, not by repeating the name as a charm but by believing it as a divine revelation of grace and goodwill to men. It is the grace and goodness of God that will save us, heal us! More specifically, the man of God stated, “If we think to resist satan by the using of the name Christ or his work as a spell or charm, satan will prevail against us”.


He then focused on the fact that our problem is that we do not “train” spiritually, and so, we do not see satan. And if we cannot see satan with our spiritual eyes, it means that we cannot hear Jesus with our spiritual ears either! Explaining exactly what it means to be trained spiritually, he said that we should use the name of Jesus Christ in everything we do, such as walking, sitting and getting up. To thank Him for all we can do. In other words, we need to live a life of complete dependence on Jesus Christ for even the simplest things. Thus, the man of God urged those present to begin to live by faith. in everything they do, and to realise that in everything they do, they need Christ.

Furthermore, the man of God stated that when we believed in Christ we gained some rights, which we do not know about. We do not know that we have the power to use the name of Jesus Christ whenever our enemy attacks. Therefore, we need a strong ability to believe. Our ability to believe must be strong in attracting and possessing all the rights and privileges of Jesus Christ. Then everything we do in the name of Jesus Christ will be done by Jesus Christ himself!

Closing his message, he reminded us all that we all have a special work to do since we were created for the glory of God. So let us begin communicating with Jesus Christ, thanking Him, and invoking His name in all that we do! When we learn to use the name, Jesus Christ according to the word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, we will have the secret that shook the whole world through the apostles!



Mr. Knut Fredrik Foldrup from Norway came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to give all the glory to God, as he received a perfect package of blessings! When he took part in the prayer line, an anointed touch by the man of God Michael was enough to give a solution to all of his problems!

Suffering from an injury he had at a young age in his bladder, he experienced pain every time he wanted to visit the toilet. Thus, in 1999 he had to undergo surgery. But the pain continued and became more intense and, in addition, he had to visit the toilet very often. Later, in 2009, during his adult life, he frequently began to suffer from urinary tract infections, while doctors could not find any bacteria in his urine. Every 3-4 months he had to endure intense pain and frequent urination… In 2020, doctors finally found a bacteria in his urine, but the symptoms persisted and could last up to five hours. This then affected his work, as the problem worsened and even though it initially lasted five hours it gradually lasted up to a week without ceasing. So he had to use some medication prescribed by his doctor to treat the condition and prevent any impending urinary tract infection. He stated that the medicine, had helped him to some extent, but they could not provide a complete solution.


Another problem that existed were the severe headaches he faced for 5 years, which in combination with the pain in his bladder affected his work, as an private nurse because he could not cope with the demands comfortably, nor could he develop social relationships. So, every time he returned from work he had to lie down immediately, as the pain radiated down from his head to his neck. But, even rest did not provide a solution to his problem.

In addition to all these health problems, the devil also affected his mind, as he had sexual and violent thoughts and this was a big problem in his life. He himself tried to deal with them by reading the Bible and praying but again the thoughts remained.


After the divine touch he received from the man of God Michael, he saw tremendous changes! The pain he had in his bladder, the frequent urination and the negative thoughts are now gone, while the headaches have already improved! In fact, he mentioned that he feels God working on him and these are the results! His advice to all is to trust God and believe that Jesus Christ died and rose again so that we can all be free. Finally, he promised God to trust Him in every area of his life, to read, pray daily and live a holy life!

The proof of our faith is the absolute trust in God for everything! So look beyond your situation, where Jesus Christ is!



On Sunday, 5 December 2021, Ms. Ayivor Audry Fafa from the Netherlands visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to give all the glory to Jesus Christ for the wonderful blessings she received in her life!

The situation that stole the peace and joy from her life was the difficulties she faced in carrying out a professional project that she had to manage. It all started when she accepted this job, as various changes occurred, and she had to deal with another project, the implementation of which required knowledge that she did not possess. Thus, within a very short period of time, in addition to taking over the management of the project, she was obliged to become an expert on it and acquire specialised knowledge. She had to work hard for many hours every day and as a result of this situation, the pressure and tension she felt were huge. She looked for competent people to join her team, but all in vain.

Therefore, she decided to come to Greece to join the prayer line since she realised that only Jesus Christ would give her the breakthrough she was looking for! As soon as the man of God Harry prayed for her, she immediately felt the pressure and stress leaving her, while at the same time she was filled with peace and tranquility!


When she went back to the Netherlands, with her faith renewed within her, she continued her efforts to carry out the work she had undertaken. To the glory of God, she was able to find the right people to join her team and, just two weeks after the prayer, the processes for implementing this project began! This was overwhelming, since for a whole year neither her predecessors nor herself had been able to get this project started! However, she still needed guidance from people that had a similar project to carry out in the past. She sought help online, but the money these people were asking for was too much; about $2,500 thousand a day! So she prayed to God to help her, and after praying, she found a lady with more than 35 years of experience, who even offered her professional advice for free! Now, by God’s grace, this work is progressing normally and Ms. Fafa is not experiencing a setback in her career anymore!


In addition, she had been experiencing intermittent stomach pain for years, which occurred randomly at times during the day. After the prayer by the man of God Harry, the stomach pain disappeared within a few days once and for all! Also, she was facing a problem in her right leg since 2014. The doctor told her that he found something like a tumor in her leg and suggested that it should be removed surgically. She did not want to have surgery and, thus, she lived with this issue which was very painful. Everything changed, however, when she visited the Apostle Paul and Silas’ prison! As she prayed in the prison premises, the pain became a thing of the past in the name of Jesus Christ!

Now, joyful and grateful to the Lord for the blessings she received, she advised the congregation to dedicate their work and career to God, and promised to make God’s Word the standard for her life!

Indeed, as the Word of God says, the Lord will make a way where there seems to be no way! So, let us entrust our lives into His capable hands and God will not leave us nor forsake us!



When Jesus Christ sets you free, He sets you free once and for all, and there is no doubt about it. Whatever your problem is, it cannot stand before Jesus Christ’s anointing that continues to work till today, healing, delivering and blessing those in need. Mr. Emmanuel Boateng experienced this power of God, when he participated in the SCOAN Thessalonica’s prayer line on Sunday, 28 November 2021. The changes were immediately obvious in his life, and that is why he came a week after the prayer he received, in order to thank God Almighty for His kindness and mercy in his life!

Mr. Boateng struggled with anxiety, depression, and fear for 10 years and, although these problems appeared and disappeared during the years, they managed to have a very negative impact on his academic-professional career, his finances as well as his relationships with people.

To begin with, regarding his academic career, he stressed out that due to his difficult state of mind, he was forced to stop his studies at the university for a while and then, returned to complete them. He was unable to do the work he wanted to do from the beginning, and he generally experienced a permanent stagnation and delay in every area of his life. As a result, his financial situation was affected, as his business was not going as it should have.

In fact, he explained that although he had a serious relationship, it never ended in marriage, and apart from his personal relationship with this woman, he had no social life! He was isolated for 10 whole months, he didn’t like to be around many people and even going to his local church was difficult because he knew he would meet many people there and this caused him a lot of stress. His relationship with God was not as he wanted it to be, he could not concentrate in order to study God’s Word, nor could he pray… He also had many nightmares that affected his life. However, a touch from God Almighty, who knows everyone’s situation, was more than enough to turn around Mr. Boateng’s life!


Immediately after receiving prayer from the man of God Michael, isolation, lack of socialisation and nightmares became issues of the past! Now, he socialises with other brothers and sisters in Christ, he feels indescribable relief and is optimistic about the bright future that lies ahead! Fully aware of the grace God has done in his life, he advised the attendees not to give up, to trust God and to find a living church so that they too can receive their deliverance. Finally, he promised to sin no more and serve God with all his heart!

Acting faith makes those things that are against us be for us. God’s anointing is able to put an end to every unpleasant situation! All that is required is your genuine faith in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ!



On Sunday, 5 December 2021, Mr. Cedrick Keti Musumbu from France visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica for the fourth time, bearing good news to the people of God. What led him to the presence of God was the unstoppable and sincere love, goodness and power of God, which transformed his life, his family and this time his career as well! He had a huge miracle to share and thus began his testimony by explaining a few things regarding his studies and occupation. His goal was to fulfil his dreams in the professional world, so he travelled from South Africa to France. He worked in computer science, a well-paid field with many jobs all over the world. As a professional in his field, he desired to work all around the world. However, when he finally went to France, there were some restrictive conditions, which confined him in the sphere of work in that country.

In his search to achieve this goal, two things were required of him: the first one was a degree in his field of specialisation and the second one was an annual income higher than 54,000 euros, which he did not have. Both of those conditions were impossible to be met in his life, since he had to spend at least four years of studies in France in order to obtain his degree and acquire at least a 40% raise at his job, so that his salary can reach the amount that corresponded to the license. Thus, he visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, under such circumstances, in order to receive the breakthrough he was dreaming of!


All the glory belongs to the greatest conqueror of souls, the Lord Jesus Christ who makes everything possible to the one who believes! When he visited the church, he joined the prayer line and the man of God Harry prayed for him. After the prayer line, during his personal meeting with the man of God, the instruction that was given to him was to mainly focus on his spiritual life because this is the priority for every child of God.

Once he returned to his country, he applied for an exam in his field of specialisation, aiming to get his degree from France, which was something unattainable according to what he was informed. Despite it all, they agreed to hold a Zoom meeting with him so he can go through an examination. Much to the examiners’ surprise, Mr. Keti Musumbu was able to answer every question he was asked correctly. Within 40 minutes, the examiners completed the process and told him that they would notify him shortly concerning the results. The results were the following: “Congratulations, Mr. Keti! You have obtained your degree!”. It was a degree associated with many expenses, for which he should have completed at least four years of studying in France, yet he earned it within only 40 minutes! God’s amazing work did not stop there, as he also secured the 40% raise in his job. After getting his degree and a salary equal to the demanded amount for the international license he wanted, he was entitled to make an application for it, so that he can work all over the world! Within just two days, he received it!


There was an even greater miracle in Mr. Keti’s life, which concerned his spiritual life. As he was instructed by the man of God to invest in his spiritual life, he started spending time with the Word of God and having a desire to share this Word with others. He is now a channel of blessing, talking about God to people daily, ministering, and even helping strangers!

What a wonderful breakthrough! Truly, when we invest in our spiritual life, God will invest in our physical life! This was Mr. Keti’s piece of advice to the congregation; to focus on improving their relationship with God above all. Finally, he promised to work and serve the Lord Jesus Christ for as long as he is alive!

If you take care of the depth of your relationship with God, God will take care of the breadth of your success!



There are certain situations, which are impossible to change according to human standards. But this does not apply to God’s children, because what is impossible for man is possible with God! The testimony of Mrs. Rosa Mora from Norway is irrefutable proof of the above statement! Mrs. Makki came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 5 December 2021, to thank God Almighty for making incredible changes in her family’s life!

The reason why Mrs. Makki sought the face of God was the fact that her daughter Natasha was born with Down’s syndrome. As it is commonly known, this genetic disorder is a cause of lifelong difficulties, both mental and physical. Mrs. Makki mentioned that the first thing the doctors told her was that her daughter would start talking at the age of three and would walk once she turned four or five, unlike children born without any condition… In specific, the doctor pointed out to her that her child would never be able to become independent even after reaching adulthood. Moreover, she would have to join a special school and learn sign language in order to be able to communicate with others.

Mrs. Makki was facing a daily challenge as a mother… She also confessed that raising her daughter was particularly demanding because although Natasha could not walk, she was hyperactive and did not sleep normally. Therefore, Mrs. Makki had to pick her up and carry her wherever she needed to go! The approach of other people did not make the situation any easier, as they often looked at her strangely and did not seem to understand that no one was responsible for her daughter’s condition.

Nevertheless, this problem could not destroy Mrs. Makki, nor little Natasha, since they travelled to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and received prayer from the man of God Harry. A single divine touch was more than enough to bring tremendous changes beyond human imagination!


Mrs. Makki shared the miracle the Lord did in their lives with the congregation, explaining that after the prayer, once they returned to the hotel where they were staying that night, Natasha suddenly started calling her “mommy” and walking short distances all by herself without any help! The next day, when Mrs. Makki woke up, she immediately realised that her daughter was missing from bed and ran downstairs. To her surprise, the other hotel guests said that Natasha managed come down from the second floor where she was with her mother on her own! That was just the beginning of the changes that followed!

Little Natasha is six years old and can now run, dance, climb, talk and express her feelings while she is attending a regular school! In fact, her teachers always have something positive to say about her. According to Mrs. Makki, she can now ride her bike, go to the toilet without her help, prepare her own food and even clear the table after a meal! In other words, little Natasha is functioning as a completely normal little girl, bringing unparalleled joy to her parents.


God showed His goodness in Mrs. Makki’s professional life as well! Specifically, she added that she worked as a cleaner at a hospital’s intensive care unit where COVID-19 patients were treated. She explained that all her colleagues; doctors, nurses and cleaners, were infected with the virus! Some even ended up in intensive care units themselves… Glory be to God, for Mrs. Makki’s health was never affected! On the contrary, her career went from good to great because three weeks before her trip to Thessaloniki, the hospital’s medical director offered her a promotion as a nursing assistant, despite the fact that she was not even her employer!

With joy evidently painted on her face, Mrs. Makki expressed that she feels happy that God shows His love to her, and she admitted that she does not know where she would be without Him! The sincere piece of advice she gave to the attendees was to always run to God when they have a problem because He has the solution! She also emphasised on the fact that we may not realise it, but God truly loves us! Lastly, she promised God that she will serve Him for the rest of her life!

No matter what your situation is, you have no idea how lucky you are as a child of God! Remember, when Jesus Christ is on your side you already have the solution to your problem, healing to your sickness, deliverance from your chains, and the power of God becomes the strength to your weakness!



It is a fact that we live in an information-filled age where the internet offers us a huge amount of information. Every day we are called to choose between whether we will dedicate time to learn from the good and useful information it offers or whether we will dedicate time to information that does not edify our soul and spirit. For young people, however, this decision is difficult and as a result, the majority of them follow the wrong standards promoted by the internet and end up doing things that are not according to the Word of God. That is what happened to young Danai Paraschaki who came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to finally receive her freedom from the shackles of intense sexual desire that tormented her since she was still a teenager!

The shackles of her weakness were broken in the name of Jesus Christ, as soon as the man of God Michael gave her the following prophetic word, “I see AIDS in the future… I see this incurable disease coming to you… For you to understand that what I told you is true, I will tell you something. The devil has come into your life and is trying to convince you that Jesus Christ is not real. Thoughts go through your mind that everything you experienced with Christ is not true! And this is something that only you have thought of. The devil came and put that thought in your mind. Nobody else. Neither your parents nor your siblings did. It is the devil who tries to convince you with thoughts like, ‘Live your life, do what you think is right. Forget about Christ! Has Christ given you anything? You have been praying for so many years, you have been asking for so many years…’ This is exactly how the voice of the devil sounds in your life. He comes and tells you these things so that he will give you AIDS for you to die. That is why God prepared you today to listen to His Word! You will not die! You have a very important job to do for Christ! The task you have to do is not simple at all. It is the work of a leader! You are a leader! You are to lead people to Christ! You are an evangelist! God gives you revelation when you read the Bible, in order for you to understand things because He wants to use you to do the work of evangelism! To save souls from the world! And the devil has seen this, he has seen your star! You are for ministry!”


A little later, Ms. Paraschaki happily explained that, indeed, if she hadn’t received her freedom, the life she was living would have possibly lead her to acquire this incurable disease sooner or later. She mentioned that it all started when she first watched pornography at the age of nine. The images she saw stigmatised her so intensely that she had reached the point of seeing them everywhere, even in her dreams! The situation, however, spiralled out of control during adolescence, when she began to have an intense sexual desire at the age of 14. As a member of a Christian family in which relationships were not allowed, in order to satisfy this strong desire, she began to masturbate for the first time! She knew that it was wrong and that it did not agree with the Word of God, yet she could not do anything with her limited human power to stop it. At the age of 20, she decided to give up her walk of faith and get into a “normal”, steady relationship, like all the young people her age. In this relationship, however, she was sexually abused, which exacerbated the problem that already existed, and made it much more intense than before.

The situation was literally out of control. Masturbation, now, had become a daily occurrence and was the only way for her to relax, every time she felt emotionally overwhelmed… Therefore, every time she felt sadness, joy or anger she did what she later regretted bitterly … Whenever she stayed home alone she masturbated and then felt remorse for her actions. Almost every day she decided to stop it, but her weakness was beyond her control.

Later in life, the intense desire led her, to in fact have sex in order to find satisfaction. After every sexual act, Ms. Paraschaki felt sinful, dirty, guilty and even nauseous! She pointed out that every night she would cry because of the grief that this problem was causing her. She was trying to convince herself that what she was doing was not so bad, since all young people today give in to their sexual desires and consider it a completely normal act, but inside she knew the truth, and so she fell deeper and deeper into depression.

Ms. Paraschaki did not fail to mention her spiritual life, which as she stressed was almost non-existent! She pointed out that, indeed, as the man of God Michael mentioned, God showed her from a young age that He would use her for His glory with power and might. She also always believed that she was destined to become a great woman who would address thousands of people, despite the fact that others degraded her, but she had gone so deeply into the things of the world that doubt about God and her position as His child did not take long to engulf to her heart. Even though she had experienced God, she began to question everything and as a result of sin in her life, she could not maintain a stable relationship with Him. Lately, the devil had already begun to convince her that it was time to give up completely and enjoy life without remorse and guilt for sin… She lived in a prison and the only thing that kept her from ending her life was the awareness that such an act would surely lead her to hell!

Ms. Paraschaki’s joy was indescribable when she heard the prophetic words from the man of God Michael and she actually felt something leave her as soon as he prayed for her. The prophecy brought joy to her heart and she now believes that the long-sought freedom has finally come to her heart.

One of satan’s tactics or strategies is to make you doubt God’s goodness. Allow your doubt to bring you closer to God and not away from Him!



Mr. Ernest Xulu from Belgium attended the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on Sunday, 5 December 2021, fulfilling one of his biggest dreams which was to be in the presence of God before the man of God!

During the prayer line, as the man of God Michael approached him, Mr. Xulu felt a warmth and the power of the Holy Spirit upon him. At the same time, he was given the following prophetic message: “Why are you not taking care of yourself? You deserve the best. You have to take care of yourself more. It is not a bad thing to go to the doctor or tell someone that you are in pain. It does not mean that God abandoned you and that is why you are in pain! I see you love God, you read the Bible. You can do it more, but take care of yourself. You are a young man. A breakthrough is coming now! Take care of yourself; your clothes, you can go to a hairdresser. You deserve the best. Take care of yourself, please!”.


A little later, Mr. Xulu testified that the prophecy he received was absolutely true! Giving some details of his life, for the glory of God, he stated that in order to keep a job which he was temporarily employed and he liked very much, he endured pain that started in his knee! He never went to the doctor and only treated the pain with painkillers when he returned home, though the pain was too intense! In addition to the knee pain, he also felt emotional pain, due to the problems he was facing in his marriage which he had never confided to anyone about!

As for the fact that he did not take good care of himself, the truth is that he paid more attention to the needs of his children, his family and the people around him than to his own needs. Of course, he believed that God had not forsaken him, although He reminded him again through the prophecy, because he, himself was a man of prayer and saw the hand of God working in his life!

After the prayer, Mr. Xulu already feels very well, he feels free in spirit, the pain in his knee has been greatly reduced and he understands that the pain is gradually decreasing more and more! His promise to the Giver of His blessings is that he is available to go wherever God sends him, serving Him with all his heart for the rest of his life!

In the presence of God, blessing, healing and deliverance immediately proceed!



When we have exhausted all our strength and effort, then, we must trust someone wiser, smarter and stronger than us! His name is Jesus Christ and He died on the Cross so that we can, in faith, receive every heavenly blessing that God the Father has prepared for us today. Seeking this heavenly blessing, Mr. Edison Jonuzi and his wife, Jessiana, came from Kos to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to learn God’s opinion regarding their situation.

This couple had been trying to have a child for 4 years but in vain! The Spirit of God, seeing the genuine faith of both of them, revealed the real cause to them as to why they could not conceive a child all of these years. When they stood in the prayer line, the man of God Michael revealed to them that smoking was the cause that they were not able to conceive a child, revealing to them that this is a trap from satan! Then, with enlightenment that only the gift of prophecy offers, he said: “I already see them giving their testimony with a little girl. Do you know how beautiful this little girl is? You will be amazed when you see her”, putting an end to their anxiety.


In fact, Mr. Jonuzi confirmed that he had been a prisoner to cigarette smoking for 9 whole years and, as he explained, he smoked a pack a day due to stress and psychological problems. Smoking brought temporary relief and, therefore, it was difficult for him to get rid of this habit.

Then, his wife, wanting to share more details about the adventure they went through all these years as they tried to conceive, stressed that no doctor could find the root of their problem. They were never given any medicine or treatment and generally nothing seemed to be wrong… This made them very anxious and, thus, God had become their only hope. In fact, the miracle that a relative received when she came to the SCOAN Thessalonica to receive prayer from the man of God filled them with certainty and faith that God can do it for them as well. More specifically, Mrs. Jessiana’s cousin was facing the exact same problem as her. She could not conceive, and just two months after the prayer she received from the man of God Harry, she became pregnant and today,she has a very healthy one year old girl!

Optimistic that God will do what His prophet revealed, Mr. Jonuzi promised not to smoke again, and they both promised to have faith in God that He will fulfil His promise, in the name of Jesus Christ!

When medical science does not have a solution, God is still saying something and has the final say in every situation!

In the following photographs we see people from all over the world who came with faith to take part in the prayer line. They handed over their problem into God’s hands and experienced the power of deliverance, prophecy and healing as they received a touch from Jesus Christ in their lives!

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