The choir of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, gave all the glory and praise to the Lord of heaven and earth, during the Sunday Service, on 26 September 2021. An atmosphere of faith, hope and anticipation flooded the church and the hearts of those present. While the extraordinary testimonies of the people that followed proved once again that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!


Then, evangelist Michael Kalaitzoglou through his message entitled “THE END HAS NOT COME”, set out to encourage, but also to teach the people of God how to deal with the difficulties and problems they may be facing in their life. He proclaimed that as children of God: “When others say, ‘The end has come’, Christians say, ‘The best is yet to come’. When others say, ‘There’s no way’, Christians say, ‘God will make a way where there seems to be no way’. When others say, ‘I’m finished’, Christians say, ‘My problem is finished’ because of what Jesus declared on the cross!”. Therefore, we must not allow the difficult situations we may be facing to affect our relationship with God or cut off our dependence on God, which leads us to seek solutions to our problems elsewhere. Instead, we should draw closer to God and seek His solution and answer!


In continuance, the evangelist read from 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, to support his earlier proclamation, spotlighting Apostle Paul’s example: His answer was: “[…] Concerning this thing I pleaded with the Lord three times that it might depart from me. And He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. […] For when I am weak, then I am strong”. Evangelist Michael explained that Apostle Paul was faced with a thorn in his flesh, which God allowed to exist and to afflict him so that he would not become proud due to the exceedingly great amount of revelations He had given him. However, this difficulty did not affect his relationship with God, nor did it cut off his dependence on Him! On the contrary! He approached God and prayed more until he received God’s answer about his condition. Because when you know the purpose of your situation, the fear of the situation disappears!

In addition, he stressed that we should not ignore the devil’s schemes, as the greatest thing satan aims at is to ruin our relationship with God! Now, knowing how we must deal with difficult situations, he encouraged the congregation by saying that if the situation we are in now does not guarantee our future, we should not despair, because the end has not come, the best is always yet to come! We must not forget that we were created for the glory of God! Therefore, let us approach God to find out what He has to say about our situation and not place our problems above God!



46-year-old Mr. Roman Lengyel from Slovakia decided to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 26 September 2021, with the faith that Jesus Christ would provide a solution to the problems he faced with his health. For the glory of God, the anointed touch he received from the man of God Harry on the prayer line was enough to bring instant healing to his body!

The problems that led Mr. Lengyel to seek the presence of God were the rapid decrease in his vision in recent months and the pain in his right knee. Specifically, he mentioned that he wore glasses due to weak vision and never faced any difficulty in his daily activities. But lately, as his vision deteriorated rapidly, he began to lose the ability to read neither the necessary documents for his work, nor the Word of God! Regarding the pain he had in his right knee, he explained that he had an accident in the past as he played football and since then every year his condition deteriorated more and more. He could not stretch his leg and felt unbearable pain!


But from the moment he participated in the prayer line last week, God’s anointing located him and the changes he experienced were immediate! The very next day, Mr. Lengyel tried to read the Bible without his glasses and found out that he could do it without any difficulty whatsoever! God’s blessings, however, did not stop there! After the prayer he received from the man of God Harry, he tried to go for a walk and found out that there is no pain in his knee! Now, he can walk normally and comfortably! Moreover, after the divine touch he received, he noticed changes in his spiritual life as well. An unprecedented peace overwhelmed him, a serenity he had never felt before! In fact, even though in his everyday life various situations were happening that were challenging him, he remained calm and did not react as he would have done in the past!

Happy and healed, he advised God’s people to focus their attention on Jesus Christ, for He is the solution to every problem we have. Finally, he promised that he would glorify Him, serve Him, and follow Him to the end, so that all these blessings that began to come into his life will be preserved, and never cease!

There is no problem that Jesus Christ cannot solve, there is no disease that Jesus Christ cannot heal, and there is no burden that Jesus Christ cannot bear! For this, look beyond your situation, where Jesus Christ is!



On 26 September 2021, Pastor John Meande and his wife, Mrs. Felicity, visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, seeking their own miracle and permanent solution to their numerous problems.

During the prayer line, the man of God Harry, guided by the Holy Spirit, prayed for Mrs. Meande and, instantly, the unclean spirit inside her began to blatantly resist! Next, the man of God turned to her husband. With a prophetic word directly sent from the Holy Spirit, he said: “You know what your problem is? Spiritual husband! That is what destroying her life and the same spiritual husband that is destroying her is also destroying you! All the people from her family have the same issue. It always attacks and destroys marriages. Because that kind of spiritual husband wants to enjoy her alone in the dream. He now attacks you so that you will leave her! This is giving you lust. But the main target is her! That is a generational curse from the family – they used to worship one idol. That idol now has come in the form of a spiritual husband. For 15 years now, you know how difficult it has been just to understand each other. One day you agree, but the next day is a different story… It is not her fault. After her deliverance, you will see that she will be a different person and then you will begin to enjoy your marriage!”.

Later, the unclean spirit that was tormenting their lives for 15 whole years manifested and confessed its satanic work: “I destroyed everything! I do not want her to serve God! She has anointing and many gifts from God! She prays and prays… So many people will be free if she is delivered! I do not want her to be free, I want people to suffer! I entered her when she was very young! She will not prophesy and heal people!”. The man of God rebuked the demon and the woman was set free in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!


Mrs. Meande, shocked by what happened to her, recounted that it all started when she was about two years old. One night, she was sitting by a lake when she suddenly witnessed a beautiful woman who was shining coming out of the water. Her body was half-human, half-fish! She smiled at her before disappearing back into the water… Another time, around the age of nine, she decided to take a different route to get home on foot. Then, suddenly, she saw a ‘mermaid’ sitting on a rock! She was frightened and ran back to her house… She did not pay it any mind, but the consequences of the demon later on in her life were evident! Truly, the unclean spirit from her side of the family had already ruined the marriages of her siblings, and it was attacking her own marriage with great perseverance! While Mrs. Meande loved God with zeal, she testified of Him to people, she was willing to serve Him and was seeing God use her even at her workplace, both she and her husband were facing serious financial, mental and marital problems.

Pastor Meande who is a minister at a church in San Antonio, Texas in the USA, confirmed that their lives had unusual and constant difficulties. He revealed that he too was being attacked by the spirit of the spiritual husband that was tormenting his wife… They argued over the smallest thing and it was very difficult to understand each other. His wife had very intense anger, she would become infuriated without any significant reason and any attempt to find common ground between them was futile. The only thing that managed to keep them together until a solution to the problem was found was the great love they both had for God… As a result of the attacks from the spiritual husband, Pastor Meande was struggling with lustful thoughts concerning the women around him, and in the meantime, he was wondering if he had made the right choice in picking his wife. At the same time, the spirit of lust attacked him in his dreams! A spiritual wife would come in his dreams to sleep with him, and after those dreams, he would face disappointment in many areas of his life.

They also faced many issues in the financial area of their life in spite of their efforts to run three businesses! At their insurance company, while Mrs. Meande was staying up late for the sake of every new client, preparing all the necessary documents for a partnership, when suddenly, at payment time, the client decided not to proceed with the partnership! They had invested $30,000 in the medical supply company they also owned in order to buy machinery and equipment and, even though they were pressured by partners to cooperate right away, eventually the process was discontinued. Finally, in their grocery store, they had to face an invisible enemy! Although during the first years of operation everything was going well and they were making profits, in recent years they started to receive demonic attacks. They once found black magic items at the entrance, even the head of a demonic idol. After that, no customers would enter their store.

As a pastor, Mr. Meande was unable to devote the time he wanted to pray since he was in a perpetual fight in every area of his life, even though he was genuinely willing to save and guide souls to Jesus Christ because he knew that He called him for it! And so, instead of growing, he was watching his church diminish… Only 30 – 50 people were attending every week and despite their efforts to hand out flyers so that more people may come, nothing seemed to have a positive outcome. This put him under a lot of pressure because he had to justify the church’s performance and answer to those responsible for appointing him as pastor. In fact, nine times they appealed for help to many pastors who prayed for them but could not help them out further…


Therefore, they realised that the anointing of God upon the man of God Harry would be enough to deliver them, and so they decided to take a transatlantic trip and truly… they were compensated! Jesus struck the root cause of their problems and they are now feeling light, free and blessed!

Now they know that with Christ they can succeed in every area of their lives! Lastly, Pastor Meande and Mrs. Meande, filled with gratitude, encouraged the people of God to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, or any other living church in order to receive a holy touch, and they promised to continue serving God with all that they have!

God did not promise to keep us away from trials and temptations, but He promised to be with us during those trials and temptations! And when God is with us, no one can stand against us!



Mrs. Oksana Yaholnyk came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, from Ukraine on 26 September 2021, to surrender her burdens into the hands of the One who can lift every burden, who can cure every disease and give a solution to every problem!

During the prayer line, when the man of God Harry prayed for Mrs. Yaholnyk, he commanded the root of her problems to be uprooted and an unclean spirit manifested, saying: “Why are you kicking me out?”. The demon confessed that it was a “family curse” and that it entered her “through witchcraft”. Then, the man of God Harry cast the demon out of Mrs. Yaholnyk! She found it very difficult to walk before, but immediately after her deliverance she started walking freely!


Full of gratitude for the deliverance and the healing she received, Mrs. Yaholnyk confirmed the words of the unclean spirit, saying that witchcraft was very common in her family, as they thought that “such things” were of God! In her ignorance and trying to deal with the problem of obesity that tormented her, she resorted to a witch who practiced witchcraft, and gave her advice regarding every area of ​​her life; she told her what to do, when to do it, and she also prophesied to her.

Her business, even though it was very successful in the past, started facing a huge crisis, and she found herself in debt. Then, the first witch suggested she go to another witch that had even greater powers. Due to the fact that she had no money to pay the witch, she ended up giving her jewelry and many other valuable objects, hoping that her problem would be solved. The witch revealed to her that there was a curse upon her and that a ceremony had to be performed at a grave in order to break the curse and set her free. Mrs. Yaholnyk, however, was scared… So the witch performed the ceremony on her own and instructed Mrs. Yaholnyk to go get a haircut, get into a river and say some words that were necessary. Surprisingly, this witch managed to trick her, making her think she attended church and that everything she did to help her was from God, thus complicating matters more…

During the time she visited these witches, her marital life was not going well, as well as her health. In fact, while the witch told her that her strength was in her belly, she had a three-kilo tumor removed from her uterus! Also, her foot was infected with staphylococcus, the skin on her foot was rotten, her foot was swollen, becoming twice as big, and she could not walk more than 500 meters. She even had to do the housework sitting down… Still, even though she was sitting, her leg was still swollen. In fact, due to this condition, her weight increased and her knee joints became strained, causing Mrs. Yaholnyk unbearable pain. She had to stay indoors all the time and was completely dependent on her husband in case she wanted to get out of the house. Apart from that, her nervous system was not in good condition and she had to take medication because she had spasms, while at the same time, she was experiencing headaches and tinnitus. Desperate, also, to find a solution to her financial problems and pay off her debt, she borrowed money from a man who took everything she had when he did not get his money back.

Realising that she needed deliverance, healing and salvation, she decided to turn to Jesus Christ for help and visit the SCOAN Thessalonica as God directed her. In fact, five years ago she had a dream in which she was in a church and prophet T. B. Joshua said that his disciple was going to pray for her. To her surprise, when Mrs. Yaholnyk visited SCOAN Thessalonica, she realised that the church premises and the seat she was sitting in, was the same as in her dream. After the prayer she received from the man of God Harry, Mrs. Yaholnyk walked freely! She herself testified that her leg is now very well, it does not feel swollen and she is already walking much better! Her nervous system is healed, as well! The headache, the unbearable pain in the knees and the tinnitus are gone! As she said: “It has been a long time since I smiled and been happy for this long as I am today!”.


After the prayer she received from the man of God Harry, Mrs. Yaholnyk walked freely! She herself testified that her leg is now very well, it does not feel swollen and she is already walking much better! Her nervous system is healed, as well! The headache, the unbearable pain in the knees and the tinnitus are gone! As she said: “It has been a long time since I smiled and been happy for this long as I am today!”.

Her advice to everyone is not to be weary in prayer, because God hears and in His time He will answer! Finally, her promise to the Giver of her blessings is that she will worship and serve Him throughout her life.

When satan gives you something with his right hand that gives you apparent peace, he will take from you what your life depends on with his left hand. The real solution lies only in Jesus Christ!



People from all over the world come every week to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to participate in the prayer line, to expose their problem and to draw God’s attention to their situation. One of them was Mrs. Marenda Mboyela who came on 26 September 2021, believing that God is Capable of putting an end to every unpleasant situation she was facing.

As the Spirit of God was working through the man of God Harry at the time of the prayer line, the Holy Spirit located her among the crowd. As she then explained, her body began to tremble and an unclean spirit manifested through her, saying, “I have destroyed everything! I put a snake in her! I entered her through a dream!”. Then the man of God Harry prayed upon her and cast out the demon that was destroying her life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Immediately, all darkness that surrounded her all these years was cast out for the glory of the Lord!


Later, Mrs. Mboyela confirmed that indeed this unclean spirit had entered her after a dream she saw. Since then her life has never been the same again. She began to experience destruction at her workplace and, while she had studied and had 3-4 different diplomas, she could not find a job according to the level of her studies. A few months after she had seen this dream, she began to feel a moving object moving through her body! This worried her greatly and knowing that it would cause concern to her children and her husband, she never said anything to anyone. She could not concentrate in any area of her life, neither in her work nor in her marriage, because she constantly felt this object moving within her, despite her many prayers. So, then, she went so far as to stop working as a beautician! The influence of this unclean spirit had spread to her children because both of her children were facing difficulties. One of her daughters did not want to complete her studies, while her other daughter was having problems with her relationship, which should already have ended in marriage!

In the past, Mrs. Mboyela had travelled to France to receive her freedom, but the solution was temporary. She noticed an improvement for some time, but then the problem came back… The unclean spirit knew that if Mrs. Mboyela arrived at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to the arena of liberty, she would be delivered from the problem that silently tormented her! This is why the spirit tried to bring various obstacles to prevent her from coming to the presence of God! During her journey, the bag with her passport inside was stolen, she missed her first flight and had to pay for a second flight, which she also almost missed.

By the grace of God, Mrs. Mboyela was able to make it to church after the prayer she received from the man of God Harry. Now, Mrs. Mboyela feels free and joyful, and undoubtedly believes that everything that the devil had destroyed in her life and in her family has been fully restored, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

The following photos are snapshots from the prayer line. The Spirit of God moved among the people with healing, deliverance and blessing as their hearts were opened to His faith and waited for God’s grace to fall on them and change their lives forever!

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