Another wonderful day dawned on the prayer mountain on Sunday, 26 June 2022! Believers from every corner of the earth gathered to glorify the Holy name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

During the message, Prophetess Evgenia touched on a sensitive issue concerning the lives of Christians today. First, she made it clear that many believers wonder whether they are doing God’s will or their own, as many times they carry out their own desires and not His will. In an effort to explain, she said that this is because we do not know God and His ways, we just see His wondrous works.


In fact, citing as an example the Israelites during the journey to the Promise Land, she explained that as soon as they were in some need, for example, were hungry or thirsty, they immediately grumbled against the Lord, forgetting the ways in which he had saved them prior. Thus, the Prophetess explained that knowing God is not only seeing His works but learning His ways.

Many Christians act the same way today. That is, they consciously do not obey God’s instructions because of pride, and then they wonder about the unpleasant situations they experience… For this reason, the Prophetess urged the people to arm themselves against pride, the inborn sin that we all have, and to submit to the will of God.


Taking the biblical text from Psalms 40:8, she noted that David, despite the mistakes he made before the Lord, God exalted him because of his humble heart. In comparison with the story of the people of Israel, the Prophetess pointed out that God is opposed to pride and exalts the humble. She, therefore, encouraged the congregation by telling them that whoever humbles himself for the sake of Jesus Christ, God will exalt him in His time. This means that every believer should begin to do God’s will, which can be discovered through constantly reading His Word. Then they will be truly happy and will cease to worry about any issue that concerns them!

Summing up her message, she once again stressed the necessity of constant prayer which, as she emphasised, is the shortest route between our hearts and God! Finally, spreading joy and encouragement to those who attended the prayer mountain, she said that as long as the child of God humbles himself before God and begins to do His will, he will not only save his own soul but will also motivate the people around them to move towards the salvation of their souls!



The health problems and challenges his family was facing were the reason for Mr. Eboh Ifeanyickukwu to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, as he recognised how God was working through this ministry. He was privileged to participate in the prayer line, during which the Prophetess Evgenia prophesied the following words to him: “Sometimes you have pain in your body and you don’t know where it comes from. This is an attack from the devil, so there is something wrong with your health. Either your head will hurt or your stomach or various other parts of the body. And also, you have other different problems. Also with your wife, there is trouble, there are quarrels. But now all that will stop. These things are created by the devil so that you will not be happy. He wanted to destroy your marriage, but as you have come here today, God will give birth to a new love between you and your wife. So don’t be sad, be happy from now on! You are free!”. The revealing words didn’t stop there! Shortly thereafter, the man of God Harry, gave him this prophecy: “Brother, they used to worship an idol in your family. They worshiped an idol, and that idol has been scattering the whole family. So, it is not that you have not achieved anything, but anytime something good is happening, always something bad will happen to destroy the good thing that is happening. And the same story is happening to all the members of your family, the same story. Disappointment, setback, limitation. Two steps forward, three steps backwards. So, this thing is exposed today so that, once and for all, that chain of idol worship would be disconnected from you and your family. So, through you, the whole family will be free!”. Then, the man of God declared him free, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!


When the service came to an end, Mr. Ifeanyickukwu, visibly relieved, confirmed all that the man of God had said. In particular, he spoke of the headaches that plagued him. This pain used to start in his ears as a loud sound, as he stated. He also had pain in his shoulders, elbows and back. In general, he felt as if he was running in his sleep, that is, he woke up very tired without any reasonable explanation for this. Even to tie his shoes or lift something off the ground, he had to make very slow movements, which would be normal for an older person, and not for someone his age. Unfortunately, the medication provided him with relief for only a few hours…


In addition, he mentioned the conflicts with his wife. He stressed that they argued frequently, and they could not identify the cause of these conflicts. Giving an example, one day before they visit the prison of Apostle Paul and Silas, instead of being in an attitude of prayer, they argued and, by the next morning, they had not reconciled with each other!

Regarding the idol mentioned by the man of God, he confessed that it had indeed existed in his family for generations. When he was still a young child, he moved with his family to their home village where he encountered this idol by chance. As he was in the courtyard of their house, he spotted the temple that had been built for this idol and, out of curiosity, he went inside to see it. That was when the destructive action of the idol, which caused stagnation to the whole family, began in his own life…

Putting more emphasis on this, he said that although he has been residing permanently in Europe for the last 12 years, he has not yet been able to do the things he wanted to do. At his school, he saw those he used to help doing better than him, which troubled him and filled him with sadness. His brother has studied to be an electrical engineer, however, so far, he has not found the right job. Moreover, his younger brother was diagnosed with a mental disorder, which also prevented him from progressing in life.

Now, with the prophecies having cleared the air around his case, Mr. Ifeanyickukwu is happy that God has intervened in his life and believes that everything will be new for him and his family! Finally, he promised to live his life for the glory of God!

Don’t fight the wrong battle! Our battle is not against flesh and blood. So, let us arm ourselves with God’s Word to fight the spiritual entities that cause crisis and tension in our work, our spiritual lives, our homes, and our marriages!



Ms. Sorina Manolache, a resident of Germany, came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to see the power of Jesus Christ working mightily through His anointed ones in her life! When she received the divine touch from Prophetess Evgenia, an unclean spirit manifested from within her, confessing the following: “I want to kill her! I am ruining her life! I am destroying her family! I am ruining everything!”.

After the Prophetess declared her free, Ms. Manolache wanted to shed more light on all that the devil had done to her life and to her family.

As she confessed, she knew that there was a curse that was affecting her family. Specifically, her grandmother had cursed her sister when she was a baby! This fact affected her sister greatly, as she often did things that didn’t make sense, argued with her parents, and created a mess in the house. She believes that all these demonic attacks happened because her grandmother was a witch and cast a spell on the family.


As for her own life, she suffered from suicidal tendencies and depression. She always had negative thoughts about herself, she thought she was worthless, and as a result, she isolated herself and had no social relationships. She even found it very difficult to go to work every morning as she was unmotivated and had thoughts of not being good enough at her job! In addition, her relationship with God was also greatly affected, as she believed that God did not love her and had forgotten about her! The demon within her, wanting to cause destruction in every area of her life, even affected the relationship she had with her partner! While she knew he was the one for her and they have been planning to get married next year, she had many negative thoughts about their relationship. Something inside her was telling her that he wasn’t right for her and that he didn’t deserve her!

After her deliverance, Ms. Manolache is ready to fight the negative thoughts and to never allow the devil to have power over her ever again! Finally, she promised to do everything to honour Jesus Christ and to fight for the salvation of her soul!

Broken things become useful in the hands of God! Keep putting your hope in God and you will see the power of Jesus Christ working in your life like never before!



After the end of the service, Ms. Soriah Vroom, a resident of the Netherlands, shared her wonderful experience on the prayer mountain and confessed that it was a unique day in the presence of God and the anointing of God was especially powerful! Mrs. Vroom took part in the prayer line where the Holy Spirit located her through the man of God Harry! While the man of God Harry was praying during the prayer line, he gave a prophetic word to Ms. Vroom. More specifically, he told her the following words: “You have been attacked! You wrote ‘Anxiety’ (on the placard), but I see that you are being attacked by anger. Satan is afflicting you from time to time, not always! It comes and goes. When that anger comes, you are ready to spoil everything you have worked for all your life and it is not your doing, it is that spirit that is pushing you to do that. Today it is exposed so that you will be free from it once and for all. You need to be disconnected! This came as an affliction to you. You are not the one who invited it, it came as an affliction. Somebody is somewhere, praying against you. We are not here to blame anybody. We are not here to send back to sender! But we are here to expose the work of the devil and cast him out. Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil. We are here to destroy the plans of the enemy. So, you need to defend yourself with the Word of God and through prayer. Prayer and reading your Bible must be your daily activity. That is the only way to be completely protected!”.


In her confirmation, Ms. Vroom referred to the many occasions when anger took control of her life, making her mad at the slightest thing, for no serious reason. Many times, she tried to keep it inside and not let it out, but the anger was there. So, she passed her days without peace in her heart.

She realised that she had a lot of anger, three years ago, when she was hired at a new job. However, those around her realised the same thing and told her that she had no control over her emotions. When Ms. Vroom visited a doctor to seek help for her problem, he told her it was normal, that she should not worry and that she should express her anger when it came.

Her relationship with colleagues and friends was a challenge. Some of her friends tried to help her, but she would take it the wrong way. This led her to become even angrier at them and they would eventually stop communicating, even if they were very close.

Her anger was also directed at herself. When something “unfortunate” happened, for example, tripping over a stone, or not finding an object she was looking for, immediately swear words flooded her mind.

As to the things she had worked on for years and could destroy due to anger, she also gave an example of an issue that was particularly important to her. At the church where she worshipped God, she had the privilege of being part of the worship team. Still, because of her angry behaviour, she feared that she was bearing false witness to Jesus Christ, which deeply upset her and made her feel that, in doing so, she was tearing down the image she had been building for years. Thus, her relationship with God was also affected, as when she was under the influence of anger, it was impossible for her to study the Bible.

Joyful and grateful for God’s intervention in her life and the freedom He has given her from anger, she now intends to follow the instruction in righteousness that was given to her, to start studying God’s Word and spending time with the Lord daily, but also to go to church for prayer!

When you are busy with a problem while neglecting its cause, you cannot have a lasting solution and that is why the problem keeps recurring. If you are searching for a permanent solution in your problems, Jesus Christ is the solution to all fundamental issues of life! No matter what your challenge is, remember that your problem does not embarrass God because He has the solution!



Mr. Predra Kostadinovikj travelled from Bitola, North Macedonia, to take part in the prayer line of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in the hope that God’s life-changing power would locate him.

He was very excited to have the opportunity to attend the prayer mountain and felt tremendous power in his body and spirit at that place because of the intense presence of God that was overflowing! When he stood in the prayer line, he felt something like fire in his feet. In fact, when the man of God Harry, began to approach, praying for the other people, Mr. Kostadinovikj felt this fire burning more and more, and at the same time, his feet began to shake more and more intensely. When the man of God reached to him, he gave him the following prophetic word: “Brother, you love Jesus Christ!”. Asking him afterwards what was his job, the man of God went on to say: “Hasn’t God told you that He has a plan for you? Because I see you working in ministry, in the work of God. You need to read the Bible more, pray more, and deepen your relationship with the Holy Spirit more. You need to invest your time in God so that at the right time, God will call you to begin. Jesus Christ loves you!”

Mr. Kostadinovikj confirmed that, indeed, 3 years ago he had heard God’s voice speaking to him and calling him, but then problems arose, such as financial issues and, as he was caught up in business, he did not turn to his call. In fact, he did not know that the voice speaking to him in his heart belonged to the Holy Spirit and he was not even sure that he was actually destined for God’s work until he received the prophecy from Man of God, Harry.

Specifically, this voice was telling him to leave the work he was then doing and read God’s Word, to learn more about Him, because Mr. Kostadinovikj did not maintain a relationship with God, nor did he know what the Bible was all about. To him, then, it was a book of fiction, which he had heard about when he was still a child.

As he went to sign up for the prayer line, the moment he put on the wristband given to those who have been enter the prayer line, all the negative thoughts that, up to that point, he had stopped! After the prayer he began to feel very light and full of energy, more than he had at the beginning of the service! Moreover, as he mentioned, he felt that something had changed inside him…

After what he heard, confirmation came to his heart, and he joyfully declared his desire to follow his divine destiny! So, he promised God Almighty to obey Him as a soldier, because as Christians we are members of God’s Army, and this is the kind of obedience and submission we should have towards Him.

God’s plan for you is wonderful and all is wonderful in God’s time, but that time is limited. Every single day you spend disoriented is one more day delaying your calling! So don’t waste your time on things that have no eternal value!



Ms. Melissa Wiestler, who came from Germany to meet Jesus Christ at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, had an unforgettable day. During the prayer line, God spotted Ms. Wiestler and gave her a prophetic word through the Prophetess Evgenia, which goes as follows: “I see boys surrounding you. Know that not all boys come from God. Most of those who come want to sleep with you and leave, and the devil causes disappointment in you so that you will become sick of men and turn to homosexuality! That is what the devil wants to do to you. Don’t bother with any of them, follow the way of Jesus Christ and you will see, God will send you a husband in His time! God loves you, you are a very beautiful and young girl, everything will go well for you!”.


Rejoicing in the fact that God showed concern on her case, for she had prayed to hear a prophetic word that day, she wanted to confirm the divine words revealed to her through the Prophetess.

She began by saying that there are indeed boys surrounding her in her workplace or even on social media. Many of them, in fact, do not show the necessary respect towards her when she tells them that she wants nothing to do with them. She knew that most of the boys who approached her were not Christians and were not serious with her!

In order to confirm the words of the Prophetess Evgenia, who revealed satan’s plan to lead the young woman into homosexuality, Ms. Wiestler stressed that the devil wanted to dreadfully ruin her. Notably, from an early age, he started to give her thoughts about being attracted to girls, trying to lead her into homosexuality.

Ms. Wiestler stated that she feels very happy and ready to increase her relationship with God and, as the Prophetess said, she will wait for God’s time because He will bring her the perfect husband in His time! In closing, she promised to follow Jesus Christ and not allow anyone to take the main position of her heart!

The moment you meet Jesus Christ, is the moment everything that has to do with you will change!

In the pictures below we see people of every age, coming from far and wide, receiving blessings directly from the mighty hand of God! Blessed be the name of the One who lives through the ages! Amen!

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