On Sunday, 19 September 2021, the atmosphere of faith that prevailed in the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, made it easy for attendees to receive the miracles they sought. The hearts of all believers were connected through prayer and worship with the Living God and once again the name of the Lord was glorified!


Then, the man of God Harry preached a message of special value and weight entitled, “IF YOU HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD…”, through which he demonstrated the solution we need when we are in the middle of our trials. He began by saying that we should know that every time we go through hardships and trials, the devil, the tempter, is there too to ask us some questions, such as, “Are you sure you are a child of God? Are you sure God loves you? Are you sure you have a relationship with God?”. And at this point, many of us wonder why all this is happening to us and we begin to doubt whether we are children of God or whether we have a relationship with God. However, the man of God clarified that such thoughts are a trap of the devil and stressed that one of satan’s tactics or strategies is to get us to doubt God’s goodness.


Reading from the book of Daniel 6:1-28, he cited the example of Daniel’s trial: “[…] Then this Daniel distinguished himself above the governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him […] because he was faithful; nor was there any error or fault found in him. […] Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went home. And in his upper room, with his windows open toward Jerusalem, he knelt down on his knees three times that day, and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as was his custom since early days. […] So the king gave the command, and they brought Daniel and cast him into the den of lions. […]”.

The man of God explained that the king singled out Daniel and showed his favor to him, because he saw that an excellent spirit was upon him, and he was characterized by perfection in everything he did! Therefore, he planned to set him over all the satraps and rulers of his kingdom. Of course, the other commanders did not like this and were jealous of him, so they came up with a way to trap him and accuse him to the king. They used his faith in God because they knew that Daniel, being faithful to God, would never cease his relationship with Him. So a decree that no one could disobey was issued and suggested to the king; it became illegal to pray to anyone other than the king! The penalty for disobeying this decree was death! Daniel, despite the challenge he faced, did not allow doubt to diminish his faith and move him further away from God. Instead, he continued to worship Him, to pray and to serve Him, as before, seeking answers and solutions to his condition from God.

From all this, we understand that God does not mind doubt as long as we are seeking answer from Him in the midst of doubt. The man of God explained that having a relationship with Jesus does not mean that hard times will not come. Therefore, he urged the crowd to allow their doubt to move them closer to God, not further away from God! Just like Daniel did!

Closing his message, the man of God urged us not to be impatient when we are being tested, but to endure with faith and with the hope that the situation we are going through will not last forever!



Mr. Christodoulos Georgiou came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 19 September 2021 in order to thank God for the changes he saw in his life after the prayer he received from the man of God Harry, knowing that someone somewhere needs to hear his story to be encouraged, to believe in God and change their life forever, exactly as it happened to him.

The problem that led him to the prayer line to ask for the help of God was a series of spiritual attacks and addictions that had literally rendered him incapable of anything. Some of them started during primary school, like smoking and addiction to pornography. The sinful habits he developed so early in life managed to differentiate his life from those of a normal child. The spirit of lust led him to constantly create relationships with different girls with whom he lived for some time, but shortly after he would leave them, looking for a new relationship. The influence of the spirit of lust was so great upon him that, despite the multitude of relationships he maintained, he began to visit brothels.

Also, at the tender age of 15, when his grandmother fell into a coma, the spirit of fear and anxiety entered him, “killing” his desire for life! He was constantly feeling a lump in his throat that would never subside, while fear and anxiety that something bad would happen was a feeling that was always lurking and did not allow him to make decisions for his life. Negative thoughts occupied his mind daily and every attempt he made to approach God and stop his bad habits ended in abject failure. His attempt to abstain from pornography lasted only 1-2 weeks before he succumbed again. He had even tried staying at home so as not to sin, but the problem persisted. As a result, the distance between him and God grew, he felt that his relationship with God was being destroyed, and Mr. Georgiou was filled with a countless amount of guilt.

His father, wishing to find a solution to his son’s problems, turned not only to a psychiatrist but also to a woman who cast a spell to remove fear from him. Unfortunately, none of this brought about the expected and desired result! In fact, the consequences of the last visit did not take long to show up in Mr. Georgiou’s life…

Meanwhile, faced with the spirit of anger that tormented him from a young age, he had come to the point of completely destroying his relationship with his father and later his professional career, since he could no longer maintain a job. His uncontrollable anger drove him to break objects, and he quit over 10 jobs! No longer having many options for some temporary relief from all that was plaguing him, drugs became his only escape! Seeing his friends who were using drugs, he ended up doing it himself, noticing that those who were taking it seemed calmer and happier. This choice had even more disastrous consequences… So, at the apogee of all these problems, Mr. Georgiou ended up living locked in a room, completely isolated from acquaintances and friends, even from his own family! Fear, anger, abuse, guilt and remorse had stolen his will to live.

Until one day he found out about the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, as he found some videos of the church on the internet. Then, his hope for a normal life was rekindled, and he immediately made the bold decision to leave his country, Cyprus, to seek the anointing that delivers and saves even in our days. He traveled to Greece to visit the church and the man of God prayed for him. At that moment, the transforming power of God changed Mr. Georgiou’s life once and for all!


From that day on, nothing in his life remained the same. The fear, anger and inexplicable anxiety that made him suffer for years instantly disappeared! Moreover, it was the last day that Mr. Georgiou felt the urge to watch pornography and use drugs because since then all that is a thing of the past! His relationship with God has been restored, he feels free and peaceful, without guilt and remorse! Summing up the changes he is experiencing, he said that he now feels like a newborn baby!

Filled with joy and gratitude for everything God Almighty has done for him, he advised everyone who was present to seek the lasting joy and satisfaction that only God gives, and not temporary satisfaction given by fleeting things that ultimately ruin life. Finally, he promised to make the Word of God a roadmap for his life!

When satan gives you something that gives you apparent peace with the right hand, he takes from you something your life depends on with the left hand! At the time of temptation, make the right choice – choose permanent gain over temporary pleasure!



Every week, dozens of visitors from all over the world visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and the Holy Lands in the city of Kavala. They arrive at the prison of Apostles Paul and Silas, as well as at the Lydia River with faith, and many of them receive miracles from God. They receive because the power that shook the foundations of the prison and broke the Apostles’ chains, remains active till today! One of them was Mrs. Carol Mulilo Anderson, who came to the SCOAN Thessalonica from Denmark on Sunday, 19 September 2021, in order to share with us the priceless experience she had in the Holy Lands.

Her request while in the prison of Apostle Paul and Silas was for her setbacks and stagnation in life to stop and she also prayed about the demonic attacks she used to have in her dreams. She wanted to experience the power of God, just as many others. As she mentioned, there were times when while she was sleeping, she would wake up with a terrible headache! She felt like her head was about to break, while other times she felt that something was pulling her spirit, which scared her and made her cry out to God for help. These strange attacks happened often and created a very unpleasant feeling for her. Therefore, she knew that she needed divine intervention.

When she went to the Lydia River, she put her feet in the water and washed both her hands and face, she felt a force coming upon her and the unclean spirit that was inside her manifested, saying: You are a shame for our family! What are you doing here? Get your feet out of this water. We have destroyed her!.


Mrs. Anderson felt that she was about to scream, and even though she did not want to do so, this demonic force had taken over her body and a battle was taking place within her; a battle between God and the demon. While the unclean spirit commanded her to take her feet out of the water because there was fire in it, as the demon said to her, she could not control what was happening because the Holy Spirit had already begun the process of her deliverance! She felt like she wanted to vomit and, right away, all the poisonous substances the devil had planted in her came out of her.

Full of joy, she said that the night of her visit to the Holy Lands, after the experience she had there, she slept like a little baby! The demonic attacks stopped and she feels like a hundred-kilo load had been lifted off her; an inexplicable peace has filled her life!

Today, 2000 years later, the same power that mightily worked there and broke the chains of the Apostles, as mentioned in the Book of Acts 16:13-34, is still there and is revealed to all who come in faith and call upon the name of the God that saves and delivers! God, indeed, is the same yesterday, today and forever!



On Sunday, 19 September 2021, Mrs. Catalina Marar from Romania visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, expecting a divine meeting with the Master Healer, Jesus Christ, through the man of God Harry!

As he was praying for people at the prayer line, the Spirit of God located Mrs. Marar and the unclean spirit that was living inside her manifested, saying: “I have destroyed her! She is very good! You do not know what I did at her wedding! She wanted everything to be perfect! I entered her from her family!. Glory be to God, because complete freedom came into her life, as the unclean spirit was commanded to go out of her, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Confirming the words of the unclean spirit, Mrs. Marar said that it all started one day before her wedding. The only moment that should have been full of joy turned into a nightmare when she was suddenly overwhelmed by excessive anxiety about whether everything would go well and whether the wedding guests would be able to attend. Then she began to feel a strange pain in her legs. She visited doctors right away in order to find a solution and, to her surprise, her medical tests showed that she has no problem! Therefore, she decided to go to the psychiatrist, who told her that she was suffering from depression and anxiety disorder! The specialists prescribed her antidepressants and she made use of them for two weeks.

However, instead of her situation getting better, she got even worse! In fact, the pain in her legs was so severe that she was forced to take a sick leave from work, which led her to even greater despair and suicidal thoughts. She was thinking of ending her life either by taking a lot of pills or jumping from a bridge or a tall building… She stayed awake many nights, planning the perfect suicide plan, but by the grace of God she never actually did it.

When she was finally able to sleep, she had nightmares in which she saw her loved ones die, and that caused her even more grief and anxiety. In fact, a few days before visiting the church she had a bad dream. She saw that a rabbit was inside her and was trying to get out of her body, pressing her with its feet, which stressed her and scared her a lot when she woke up.

Another problem she used to battle with daily, ever since she was a kid, was intense fears! When she was little, she was afraid to be alone in her house and, later, at an older age, she was afraid to eat food prepared by other people because she thought she might contract germs and get sick. After that, she began to have a phobia of public speaking. She was overly anxious and afraid to speak in public, which caused her problems at work and in life in general. Finally, she was afraid that something bad would happen to her and her loved ones.

Wanting to embarrass the devil and his deeds, Mrs. Marar noted that the problem of depression was indeed a genealogical curse and that her mother was depressed. Her uncle also suffered from a mental disorder and depression and was taking medication for this reason.

Recognizing God’s love in her life, she confessed that today she received God’s answer to her prayers and that her chains were broken! In fact, she had already begun to see positive changes in her life, and she notices that already, a few hours after the anointed prayer she received, the anxiety and fear of public speaking has disappeared! She now feels confident, expresses herself better and is comfortable when she speaks in front of an audience, to the glory of God! Full of joy and relief after the deliverance she received, she promised to give her best to Jesus Christ and serve God for the rest of her life!



On 19 September 2021, Mrs. Merzbach Ngina visited the Synagogue Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and took part on the prayer line. Fully convinced that Jesus Christ would identify her problem, she stood in faith before God and the power of prophecy revealed the cause of all her problems.

As the man of God Harry prayed for her, the Spirit of God revealed to him that there was a spirit of disappointment that affected her life as well as the lives of her family members. Specifically, he told her: There is a spirit of disappointment and a spiritual husband who is worrying you. Any time this happens, you always receive disappointment in your life. So, if you are not disconnected, you will not be able to settle down! And this has been in the family. The whole family suffers from the same disappointment!.


Then the man of God rebuked the unclean spirit and broke every chain of demonic influence in her life! As she later revealed, every time the man of God invoked the name of Jesus Christ, she felt her whole body tremble. As soon as the evil spirit was cast out, the man of God proclaimed her free in the Almighty name of Jesus Christ!


Confirming the prophecy of the man of God Harry, Mrs. Ngina testified that, indeed, in her life, she was faced with great moments of disappointment. She said that every time there was going to be a breakthrough in her life, something unpleasant would happen and she would not be allowed to progress. It all started in 2016 when she had an idea to do a project in her native country, Kenya, which would help the locals cultivate the land. Then, with this company’s income, she would create a project to help them overcome the detrimental problem that they faced with their water supply. While she was there, she received a phone call informing her that her daughter was in the intensive care unit and she should return to Germany immediately. And, simply put, her work was never completed!

As for her family, she said that all of them have experienced disappointment in many areas of their lives; in their financial, professional and marital life. Going into further details, she stressed that her sister committed suicide because of a big disappointment and depression she had in her life. This caused her mother to be unable to cope with this devastating loss and she passed away six months later. Even her other sister, after an accident in her kitchen, came very close to amputating her leg. It was by the grace of God that this did occur, but for Mrs. Ngina it was once more a terrible event that caused disappointment!


Wanting to confirm the prophecy about the spiritual husband, she said that he came to her dreams in the form of her husband and slept with her. After this dream, she had no affection for her husband and everything she had planned did not progress. And to top it all off she saw dead people in her dreams! People who she knew and had passed away visited her in her sleep… All these disappointments and demonic attacks resulted in her being unemployed for 30 years and unable to settle down!

Mrs. Ngina came to SCOAN Thessalonica looking for one last chance to take her life to the next level, and Jesus Christ did not disappoint her! She is now full of optimism, she believes that everything she went through was meant to make her seek the face of God more and she feels completely delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ!

The photos below are proof that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever. With faith, people from all over the world came and took part on the prayer line and Jesus Christ honored that faith!

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