As in the past, so today, Jesus Christ continues to bring freedom, healing and deliverance to those in need! So, a wonderful Sunday gathering began with the worship team leading believers in praise, singing worship songs of eternal gratitude to Almighty God!

Then, a message full of divine revelations was preached by evangelist Stavros Michailidis, entitled “STOP AVOIDING THE PROCESS”, which was intended to awaken the believers and make them understand that everything in this life follows a process. Still, because man tends to get impatient for everything in his life, he created some shortcuts and adopted a mindset of easy solutions, which the evangelist humorously called “the fast-food syndrome”. In other words, as with fast food, while we are well aware that it not only does us no good, but often harms us, that does not stop us from choosing it, the same mentality has been adopted by most people today about everything in our lives. We want a spouse but we want him/her now, we want knowledge but we want it now, we want fun but we want it now, and so on…

He chose to take his first biblical passage from 2 Kings 5: So Naaman went with his horses and chariots and stopped at the door of Elisha’s house. Elisha sent a messenger to say to him, Go, wash yourself seven times in the Jordan’ […] Then Naaman and all his attendants went back to the man of God. He stood before him and said, ‘Now I know that there is no God in all the world except in Israel. So please accept a gift from your servant.’ The prophet answered, ‘As surely as the Lord lives, whom I serve, I will not accept a thing.’ And even though Naaman urged him, he refused, and reading to the end of the chapter, the evangelist wanted to explain how many people today have changed the course of their life story because of their impatience and excessive ambition. In other words, Gehazi, the servant of prophet Elisha, was to remain under the prophet’s teaching and become great, but instead of choosing the hard and long road to success, he tried to gain riches from Naaman, becoming a leper because of his impatience.

With some rhetorical questions he wanted to make the audience think about how many times we have wanted to take the shortcut in order to gain fame, glory or money, but unfortunately, the result was failure! Therefore, he concluded that we should not fear the process and avoid it, on the contrary, we should embrace it!

In concluding his message, he wanted to give a good example of a man who chose to follow the right procedure, reading from John 6:56-70. The purpose of reading these verses was to show God’s children that the disciples of Jesus Christ who did not endure His words left because they were seeking the shortcut to success or salvation, unlike Peter who recognized that as Christians we are commanded to walk the small steps of faith with patience, because there is no shortcut to spiritual maturity!

Hence, if we want to be called truly children of God, we must follow the process, because no formula will give us what we are looking for. Therefore, let us value the process more than the result!


The case of Pastors Elmer and Claudia from Peru proves that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and continues to save, revealing the root of our problems and providing lasting solutions to His children’s problems. He continues to bless and change lives for the better!

Prophetess Evgenia, led by the Spirit of God, gave the following prophetic word to Ms. Claudia: There is an idol in your family, that’s why nothing is going well for you and most of your family is sick! And it is not only an idol, apart from the idol you have been given a curse! This was a relative of yours. You had quarrelled with him and he cursed you and all your family, but as this was exposed, God will deliver you! What you need to do is to study the Word of God daily, because you love the Lord, and best of all, preach the Word!”. Then the man of God Harry gave the couple, and mainly Mr. Elmer, the following prophetic message:I see that sometimes there is quarrelling between you two, disagreement. You must not allow satan to come and cause confusion in your home. As you are doing the work of God, satan is not happy, so he wants to cause confusion in your marriage. And, secondly, be careful with the other women in the ministry. Because, you may not know it, but other women may be seeing you in another way, so that by the time you fall, they will destroy your ministry. You should be careful! When they see somebody is doing well, satan is pushing them to come and bring you down! So, don’t allow satan to trick you like that. Read the Bible, pray, and you will see that your ministry will continue to grow, from now on, more and more!”. Ms. Claudia confirmed the prophetic word given to her, stating that there was indeed an idol worshipped by her ancestors that affected her whole family, giving her sicknesses from a very young age, and bad relationships between them. She, in fact, suffered a lot because of the lack of communication she had with her father. She suffered a lot because she felt distant from him and this affected her so negatively, to the point of causing her depression.

Then Mr. Elmer, giving all the glory to God, in turn confirmed the prophetic word given to him, saying that while he and Ms. Claudia have been married for 7 years, for the last year they have been fighting constantly. This started after his ministry responsibilities increased to the point where he had no time for his wife… Whenever he returned to their home, he would find her asleep and there was no time for them to talk or do anything together as a couple. Ms. Claudia added that she received complete indifference from her husband. They did not use to talk at all and this brought coldness, arguments and fights in their relationship. She actually mentioned that she felt her husband as a stranger and experienced loneliness in their marriage…

Mr. Elmer then said that from the beginning of his ministry in 2010, he found it difficult to understand the intentions of the women around him, who tried to flirt with him, chased him and harassed him. Furthermore, he added that since he and Ms. Claudia were first married, he was visited in his sleep by a woman who wanted to sleep with him, a matter about which he fasted and prayed.

After the prayer, Ms. Claudia mentioned something shocking that happened to her! She received a phone call from her father, who has been distant for many years, and he told her that he missed her! Furthermore, she mentioned that she had a dream in which her family was in church, worshipping and praising God together!

Mr. Elmer said that after the prayer they are like a newlywed couple and are reliving their honeymoon in their relationship! He mentioned that they wake up very early every morning, read God’s Word and pray together before doing anything else. In fact, he mentioned while before he didn’t use to go into the kitchen, now he helps his wife do the dishes, he likes to cook for her, they hold each other’s hand, walk together, hug and say beautiful words of love to each other. Plus, there is companionship and love between them! Furthermore, he stressed that the strange dreams have completely stopped and have been replaced with dreams sent by God, in which he sees people coming to his church!

Returning to their country, they promise to restore many broken or to the point of destruction marriages, declaring that the foundation of their own marriage is Jesus Christ and that they can do everything in His name! Furthermore, they promise to stay together forever and continue to confess what God has done in their lives by sharing His Truth with the world!

God’s wisdom teaches us that as Christians, our hearts must be alert, strong, and filled with God’s Word, or satan will take advantage of every opportunity and every weakness to invade our minds in order to divert us from God’s way. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and authorities that rule this dark world! If we begin to fight the right battle, better will not be enough in our lives; the best will always yet to come!


With a clear purpose to know God’s opinion about his situation, Pastor Gabriel from distant Canada came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and took part in the prayer line where God’s anointing exposed the root of his problem!

As the man of God Harry was praying for him, he gave him the following prophetic word: “The problem is not that you are not called. God has called you to do His work, fine, that’s ok. The problem is the wrong choices in your life. Instead of doing the right thing, you do something wrong and that thing affects you. That wrong choice would chase you, hunt you! So, the only way out now through this mess that your life has gone into, is to just run to God! You will go into three days fasting. Ask for forgiveness, for whatever happened in the past and start a new beginning afresh, a new life in Christ Jesus. Even if you are a pastor, you know, even a pastor is a human being, he can make mistakes. So, if you find yourself that you have done some mistakes in your life or in your ministry, some choices, some people that are around you, too close to you and all that, and that thing has affected you negatively, it is not too late. You can still run to God, where your calling comes from, and say ‘God, forgive me, I’m sorry, I have made mistakes, forgive me, give me another chance to start afresh’. This is what you need to do and this is the only way now out for you. I don’t want to mention more details, because you opened a door, that’s why satan is attacking you. You opened a door, so, now, since this thing is exposed, thank God you are free from it already, but you still need to go for three days fasting and prayer!”.

Having accepted the word of the Lord in his heart, Mr. Gabriel confirmed the validity of what was said by the man of God. First, he stated that all his life he had struggled with pornography and masturbation. At some point he managed to get rid of all these, but, however, he did not completely manage to escape this problem, as he had various dreams of a sexual nature. This condition filled him with sorrow, for he desired to live a pure and Holy life before the Lord and to serve Him in His ministry.

In addition, Mr. Gabriel also spoke about the wrong choices he made. In particular, about 20 years ago he had entered into relationships with some women from his church. Although he was single, he knew he was handling this issue the wrong way while, at the same time, being in the service of the Lord.

Because of this problem, progress was missing in his life and stagnation was well established in it, no matter how much he prayed and fasted. Therefore, he wasted no more time and came to Greece to find out God’s opinion about his situation.

Now, overjoyed that the prophetic word brought him freedom to pray and breakthrough, Mr. Gabriel promised God that he would live a pure and clean life before Him!

Your future is great, because Jesus Christ does not look to your past to determine your future! No matter the mistakes you have made, run to Him. His blood is able to cleanse you from all sin!


Ms. Florence from Germany visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, seeking the face of God in her affairs.

As she entered the prayer line, the Spirit of God visited her with two prophetic words. The first prophetic word was given to her by Prophetess Evgenia, who told her the following: “There is an evil curse in your family, and this curse has been cast by someone within your family circle. This person casts curses without realizing it. He says things, but he doesn’t understand that there are consequences. That is why there is a financial problem, but don’t worry, from today the Lord will make a way. He will open the waterfalls of blessing on you and your family”.

God’s blessing did not stop there, for shortly afterwards she received another prophetic word from the man of God, Harry, who told her the following: “You ate in your dream. They gave you food in your dream and since then, this moving object started in your life. It started moving and not only moving, but even biting you in different parts of your body. The origin of this is a demonic attack. They gave you spiritual food in the dream to confuse you, destroy you and cause you many things. Now this thing is exposed. If it is exposed, it means the end has come!

Also, learn to do what God puts in your heart, not what other people tell you to do. You must be independent! God did not create you to be a slave, but to be free and to have an independent mind. You should do what you have in your heart to do. I’m talking about business, and also, God has put it in your heart to do charity […] People are telling you, “What are you doing? You’re crazy!”.  No! Just believe what God puts in your heart and start doing it! Everything big starts little. You will start it and you will see what will happen, because you derive joy in helping people! God loves you! Don’t worry!”.

Filled with emotion for the love of God who revealed her problems to His messengers, after the end of the event she wanted to confirm these prophetic words.

As Prophetess Evgenia told her, there were indeed curses that caused great problems in her family such as poverty, illness, stagnation, setback, and also the women in the family were not married! All these situations brought a lot of sorrow to her entire family.

She then referred to the prophetic word she received from the man of God Harry, which she confirmed was 100% true. From a very young age she began to have dreams in which someone was feeding her, this even happened every single time she slept! She also felt an object moving inside her body and biting her very hard. This demonic attack did indeed cause confusion and destruction in many areas of her life. She mentioned some of them and they were her family, her marriage and her ministry, being a church’s pastor, which she could not boldly confess, she said, because of all the problems she was facing. In fact, many times she would pray and say: “Lord, I am a Pastor, how can I have so many problems?”. She had also planned, as she was about to meet the man of God Harry to tell him that she didn’t want to do God’s work again, that she was exhausted because of the setbacks, ups and downs, and that she was really desperate after the negative response of all these people she has helped.

She explained how painful it was for her to have her church filled with many believers and suddenly, within a short time, to be left alone, and also, after all the help she had given people, instead of thanking her, they fought against her. Also, many times she had some money and planned to invest it to do something good, but before she knew it, the money was gone!

On the issue of business and charity which the man of God Harry mentioned, Ms. Florence said that every time she attempted to initiate actions in that direction, in the end, the people she was working with would take the money and leave or simply stop working with her, which was another painful blow to her.

Believing now that all these problems are in the past and that God is in full control of her life, she thanked God with all her heart for the prayers she received from God’s people and for His outcome in her life!

She promised God Almighty to continue her ministry, as the man of God told her to do what was in her heart and not to listen to anyone who told her otherwise! In conclusion, she promised to do God’s work and bring many people into His Kingdom!

God delivers His faithful servants from their troubles and clothes them with honor, and He is not far from those who worship Him in faith and truth. Continue to remain faithful to God and prepare to see God’s omnipotence in your life according to His promises!

Below are some pictures showing suitable people being used by the Holy Spirit to bring freedom, deliverance and blessing to those in need!

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