Sunday, 28 November 2021, was another testimony of God’s eternal glory. The hymn lyrics became words of prayer, and the worship team along with the congregation expressed their faith in Jesus Christ by praising His Holy name!


Then, the man of God Michael preached a revealing message entitled: “A TRUE CHRISTIAN”, through which he showed the congregation the way to identify a true Christian.


Based on the Word of God, in Hebrews 3:7-19 and 4:1, he assured the crowd that challenges and trials are an integral part of life, allowed by God so that we can stand blameless before Him. As he said, a true Christian is tested by his ability to face circumstances. He then mentioned the case of the Israelites and pointed out that they saw the miraculous actions of God in Egypt; yet in the wilderness, they doubted His ability to lead them to the Promise Land. However, in an effort to encourage the crowd, he stressed: “Whatever situation you are in as a Christian, never for a moment acknowledge that God’s ability cannot put you over”. He then explained that a man can be a Christian in profession and yet not such in heart. Instead, a true Christian confesses with his heart that he is a Christian – his words combined with his works show his genuineness.


Concluding his message, the man of God warmly urged the children of God to approach Him and ask Him to create in them a clean heart, because, as he emphasised: “True Christianity lies in the heart; in the purity of the heart”. Finally, he gave the entire congregation the key to facing life’s circumstances according to the Lord’s will, saying: “You know that you are a real Christian when your situation will strengthen your desire and your determination for God!”.



Mrs. Gabriela Samuels from Sweden came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to testify of the miraculous work of Jesus Christ in her own life as well as her family’s life after participating in the prayer line a few months ago.

The Lord’s miracles led her once again into the presence of God, as God blessed her beyond all expectations! As she mentioned during her last visit to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, she met the man of God Harry and sought his advice regarding her vision and personal goals. At that time, she was not working, although she has two degrees in law and nutrition. Despite the fact that she had worked in important companies, in government and in other high positions in the legal field, she constantly felt that she was not satisfied with the work she was doing. She was always bored, even though there was tremendous progress and growth in every area she worked in because of the knowledge she possessed. The subject she wanted to work in was nutrition! The field of nutrition and her passion to offer help to people with health and nutrition issues was so intense that she could not stand to hear people have symptoms that can be eliminated with the right nutrition! She felt so unfulfilled when working in jobs that didn’t inspire her, and wondered if she should ultimately be just a mother with no career or personal pursuits.

By the grace of God, the man of God Harry gave her valuable advice and shared with her words of wisdom, which Mrs. Samuels not only noted down, but also put into practice! Specifically, he explained to her that as children of God, as Christians, it is good to work in business, in various companies, in order to receive knowledge, expertise and gain experience, but the vision and mission that God has given us is to do our own business in the course of our lives, exercising our own gifts. The man of God emphasised that we are to be leaders after God’s heart and to be the head and not the tail! His God-inspired words filled her with courage and hope for the future and, being confident that God is with her, she set her sights on starting something of her own!

When she returned to her country, she was quick to put the words of the man of God Harry into practice, and so she set out to do some research to find a place to start her new business. God made a way, and she immediately found a very beautiful place in a shopping mall located just seven minutes from her house. The greatest thing, however, was that they gave her this 120 square meter space worth 100,000 euros for free! They allowed her to stay in the place for the first six months without paying any rent! In this miraculous way, she opened her own shop with organic food and health products!

The shop provides items such as organic cosmetics, makeup, toiletries and food which are all pure! Her store even has nutritional supplements for people with various dietary problems or for people who exercise and, finally, the purest coffee you could ever drink! The pictures of her new business are tangible proof that whatever the Lord does, He does it perfectly and for His glory! Day by day her business is getting more and more busy, people are lining up and, while she did absolutely no advertising, she already has more customers than the stores that are similar to hers and have been in business for many years in the area! She expressed her excitement by saying how awesome and unique it is to do what you love and, in fact, get paid for it!

Overwhelmed with indescribable joy, she works in her shop, finally doing what she loves. She prays daily, thanking God with tears of joy and gratitude for what He has done in her life! Concluding, she advised those in attendance to follow God’s instructions, for in doing so they will surely never fail, and she promised God that every good thing, every gift she possesses will be used for God’s glory!



Every Sunday, the Spirit of God that works through his anointed servants at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, exposes the most hidden parts of the hearts of people. Through the gift of prophecy, which the Lord has given to His servants, God Almighty sheds light on things His children never shared with anyone else and gives them the kind of liberty only He is able to offer. One of the dozens who received a word from God was Mr. Kastriot Sinai from Thessaloniki.

Once the man of God Michael approached him, the Holy Spirit showed him something that was worrying him daily. More specifically, he said to him: “I will tell you something that you feel every day. You feel that you are in the wrong place and that you are doing the wrong thing. Nothing is fulfilling you. You have a family, you are trying to raise your children, to take care of your family, but you are not content because you are not doing what God wants you to do. You know that God has destined you for something else. Why, therefore, do you keep doing things that are not according to your calling? Do you believe that God does not love you or that He does not want you to follow your calling? You are just not playing your role as you are supposed to. You must humble yourself under God’s mighty hand and, as you shut the door behind you, God who sees in secret will reward you in the open. A lot of time has already passed, it is time to follow your calling”.


After the end of the service, Mr. Sinai confirmed that everything the man of God said was true and he stressed that, for the past three years, he has been feeling like nothing satisfies him. Even though God showed him that he should be involved in His work and become a man of God, family obligations and the concerns of everyday life did not allow him to devote himself to his calling. He had a great desire to follow God, but as a husband and a father of two, subsistence was something he could not ignore. As he further explained, the daily thought that he was at the wrong place doing the wrong things refers to his job since he has to work for a company in order to nurture his family, although inside him he knows where he is destined to be. He was struggling daily with his empty life, without being able to talk about this with anyone. Nevertheless, the Lord who knows everyone’s heart gave him the opportunity to become a disciple of the man of God Harry twice; yet both times he did not manage to respond to his calling! He confirmed that he did not play his role as he should have in order to fulfill his calling because worldly concerns overwhelmed him!

After receiving this prophetic word, Mr. Sinai knows that his life will never be the same since he is now called to make some important and defining decisions for his life! Filled with gratitude, he promised that from now on he will follow God and obey His will!

Satisfaction in life is not about having children, money or other worldly possessions, but about experiencing God. Therefore, until you experience God, there will be dissatisfaction in your life. Let today be the day you experience God, in the name of Jesus Christ!



It is in God’s will to give complete deliverance, healing and blessing to His children if they come close to Him with sincere and genuine willingness to receive from Him. Every week, the Word of God and His promises are confirmed and come to life through His anointed servants, changing the story of many believers. One of those who experienced the power of God by His generous grace was Ms. Alexandra Antonissen from the Netherlands.

The Spirit of God spoke to her during the prayer line through the man of God Harry who revealed everything that happened in her life. He said to her: “You like perfection. You want to be perfect, you want to have your life in order, but not the people around you. You want to settle your life, to be a very serious woman, but you are lacking people with the same dream as you. Powerful Christians with a vision are not around you. So you cannot settle your life. You have wisdom from God to say the right thing and even advise people, but the people around you stopped you from helping people! It is time for you to start a life as a genuine child of God. Open your Bible so that Jesus Christ can settle your life. It is good that you want everything to be perfect in your life because we serve a God that is perfect! Do not lower the level in which Jesus Christ placed you because of the people that are not sharing the same dream with you! I see a breakthrough in your life!”.


No one could have predicted what happened later since God gave a double blessing to Ms. Antonissen! A few minutes later, the Spirit of God spoke to her one more time, this time through the man of God Harry. Notably, during the laying of hands, he said to her: “I am seeing that you have been experiencing disappointment in your relationships with people. And not only you, the same problem affects your whole family. People will come and in the beginning, they will be nice, but before you know it, they will just run away. Do not give up hope, Jesus is the Hope! This is an opportunity for you now to get closer to God. Your coming here should be for your spiritual restoration. Your relationship with God needs to be restored because every time you make a mistake, instead of running close to God, you run away from Him because satan will be tormenting you with bad thoughts: ‘You are not worthy, you are not holy’. This is not true. The moment you make a mistake, if you realise that you did wrong, you can still run to God and your relationship with Him will be restored. This is what king David did and God said ‘this is a man according to My own heart’. I am seeing that a wonderful breakthrough is coming in your life!”.


After the end of the service, Ms. Antonissen confirmed both of the prophetic messages she received. However, she did not miss the chance to comment on how she felt the presence of God and became a witness of His power when she received prayer as well as while she was watching His anointing perform miracles amongst the congregation! Regarding the prophetic words, Ms. Antonissen admitted that she always aims for perfection in every area of her life, wanting everything to be organised and in order. She emphasised that it is extremely important to seek perfection because as a nurse, she ought to pay attention to every detail. She justified her approach by expressing that: “I believe that, as Christians, we have to be an example for people around us. This is my way of showing people that they can follow Jesus Christ!”.

Despite it all, Ms. Antonissen explained that she has not been surrounding herself with people who had the same dreams as her for the past three years now. She used to associate herself with people who claimed to be Christians, who did some good things, but she would soon realise that their actions were not genuine. At other times, they would reject or not even listen to her piece of advice at all. They did not let her express herself the way God guided her and consequently, she felt alone and bad for herself even though she was around people with whom she had a close relationship. Her relationship with God was hence negatively affected since she disclosed that she gradually stopped reading the Word of God as much as she wanted to.

By demonstrating the cohesion between the two prophecies, Ms. Antonissen confirmed the words of the man of God Harry and revealed that disappointment was indeed a significant issue in her family because of some close friends! She mentioned that the people who approached her mother initially seemed to love her as their own mother, but they would eventually make her feel that she is not good enough, something that upset Ms. Antonissen… Her younger sister was in a similar situation because, in spite of the fact that she met a man who showed a lot of interest in her and after a while he said he loved her, he completely disappeared out of a sudden after 2-3 months! The same thing happened to her when she met someone who also left her and vanished… As a result, she sometimes thought that she is just a bad person! Every time something awful would happen and due to her sorrow, she avoided reading the Word of God and she also recoiled from making decisions in her job since she felt that she needed a lot of time to think clearly…

However, when God sees us, He sees something that everyone else ignores! Ms. Antonissen expressed with joy her belief that her family has received breakthrough in the name of Jesus! Therefore, she made the decision to build a strong relationship with God and forgive everyone who caused disappointment in her life. Lastly, she promised God that she will stay close to Him without distancing herself from Him ever again as a true Christian!

God created you to make a difference in a world that is without dreams a vision for the future! As children of God, we may live in this world, but we are not part of it. No matter what your situation is, learn that it is an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship with the One who has called you for great things!



On Sunday, 28 November 2021, Mr. Harry Caullychurn from France came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to see up close the power of God working in the lives of people who seek God in faith, as well as in his own. Thus, during the prayer line and as the Spirit of God guided the man of God Michael, Mr. Caullychurn received immediate healing from a problem in his left knee that had plagued him for years.

Now happy for the divine outcome of God in his life, he rushed to confirm the changes he saw in his knee, just a few hours after the end of the service. Having difficulty walking due to a stroke he had, the doctor advised him to undergo an operation in which they would remove a part of the bone located in the knee and then insert a plastic object. This problem practically affected his daily life, as he could not walk comfortably and as a result he was not able to work for 4-5 years. He even stressed that because he could not even drive, he had to buy an automatic car. Living on the 6th floor of an apartment building, it was incredibly difficult to get to his apartment on days when the elevator was out of order and his daily life was full of restrictions!

Having unshakable faith in God, he refused to undergo the operation suggested by the doctors and by the grace of God a friend of his suggested him to visit the SCOAN Thessalonica to receive a permanent solution to his problem! And so it happened! The moment the man of God Michael prayed for him in the name of Jesus Christ, pain and sickness became things of the past! The healing power of Jesus Christ flowed through his bones and healed every pain!


Now, after the prayer, he feels light, happy, as if something heavy has left him and, for the glory of God, he wanted to show the moves he could not do before the Lord met him in his place of need. Now he walks without any difficulty! Mr. Caullychurn’s joy and gratitude are literally indescribable and while acknowledging that he must show God his appreciation for what He has done in his life, he promised to visit the church again to share his wonderful testimony with everyone!

What a God we serve, what a Son we have to praise and what a Future lays ahead of us! Indeed, the Lord never promised to leave us out of trouble, pain and sickness, but He promised to be with us until the end of the world!



On Sunday, 28 November 2021, Mrs. Audrey Lowery visited the SCOAN Thessalonica where she took part in the prayer line, in order to receive a divine touch from the man of God.

Indeed, as the man of God Michael prayed for her, God gave him the following prophetic word: “The thought comes to your mind that you will soon die. You think about how old you are and how many years you have left to live. Even when you get out of bed you have difficulty, you feel pain! You are not sick. Why do you feel these pains? It is not normal. Someone wants to kill you, destroy you and steal the life that Jesus Christ gave you. But this will not happen! Jesus is bigger than him. So do not worry about your health. Say goodbye to pain forever”.


Confirming this prophetic word, Mrs. Lowery spoke of a vision she had seen two months ago. She saw her coffin hovering in the air and then disappearing! Regarding the pains, she confirmed that she felt pains in various parts of her body, such as in the pelvis and legs. Most of all, however, a pain under her armpit was a concern as it crossed her mind that it might be cancer. Because of these pains she had difficulty mainly getting up from her bed in the morning, going down the stairs and stretching her legs. Many times she could not walk fast, and the pain in her armpit worsened due to her underwear. She also woke up at night from pelvic pains. This condition started 4-5 years ago, when she saw in her dream that a rat was biting her finger. Since then, these pains have been on an almost daily basis and have been getting stronger, especially lately.

As Mrs. Lowery confessed the moment the man of God prayed, the pain disappeared immediately and now she is looking forward to living her life free, without pain, with the absolute faith that she is completely healed. Still, she looks forward to seeing other blessings come into her life after the prophetic word she received. Finally, she promised Almighty God to serve Him and glorify Him in every area of her life and that her life would be a living testimony of His power!

In the following snapshots it is evident that before the power of God no unclean spirit and no disease has a choice but to submit to the eternal power of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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