Sunday, 3 October 2021, was a special day at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. The whole congregation was captivated as the choir began to praise and glorify God. The overwhelming presence of God felt by all who were there, made them realise that the only thing that has real value in this world is their relationship with God!


Then, the man of God Harry explained to all that, as a mentor, he is a man who shows people the way of God and guides them to the success that springs from God. Thus, from the beginning of his ministry, he trains disciples who voluntarily left everything behind- their homes, family, businesses, etc. – to be fully devoted to the work of God and to build a character of Christ!

Right before the congregation, the man of God took the opportunity to show his appreciation for work offered by all the disciples and stressed that God would reward them. He specifically said, “As these disciples work in the presence of God day and night to progress the work of God, the Lord, Jesus Christ is occupied with the progress of their lives. As they work to advance the work of God, God works to move their lives forward”. He went on to explain to the congregation how important it is to reach our divine destination and, reading from Romans 8:28-30, he emphasised that to be chosen by God, not merely invited, we must respond to the calling of God!


Full of indescribable joy, the man of God Harry announced to everyone that one of his disciples, Michael Kalaitzoglou, as he learned and obediently followed the way of God, by the grace of God managed to reach his divine calling and is now one of the chosen ones who responded to God’s calling! By the grace of God, Michael Kalaitzoglou received the anointing of God and is now a useful tool in the hands of the Father! He is a man of God and the Spirit of God flows within him, making him a channel of healing, deliverance, blessing and salvation! This is God’s grace – that God takes unlikely people and puts them into His palace for eternity! May the name of the One who does not look at our past to determine our future be glorified. On the contrary, He puts an end to our past and gives birth to a bright future for the glory of God!

Following, the man of God Michael delivered a message entitled “YOU NEED SPIRITUAL REPAIR”, in hopes to awaken all of us who are spiritually sleeping. The purpose of his divinely inspired message was to bring God’s children back to His way so that they could repair their broken relationship with Him.


More specifically, he said that just because we read the Word of God, pray and our lives seem to be at a satisfactory level, that does not mean that our spiritual life is at a satisfactory level. Wanting to put an end to this delusion, he said, “If you don’t prosper in your spiritual life and you seem to prosper in some other areas it is dangerous; satan will enslave you”. In other words, he urged us not to be filled with worldly cares, forgetting and ignoring God and His plan, because we must dedicate and use our spirit in the service of God. For this to happen to our spirit, it must be free, because when the human spirit is free, it is sensitive to the Spirit of God, while when it is locked up or burdened it loses its sensitivity and thus becomes useless as an instrument.


Reading from Revelation 3:14-22, the man of God Michael emphasised the importance of our spiritual growth, which is a function of obedience and devotion to the Word of God. He explained that many of us today rest on the fact that we are believers and we have been reading the Bible for years, even though there are not any visible, positive changes. For this, we need to be concerned and must seek spiritual repair. He also clarified that if we do not make the decision to obey and dedicate ourselves to His Word as if our lives depend on it, we will not see real change and spiritual growth in our lives!

In closing his message, he urged the congregation to make the decision to make the Word of God a roadmap for their life and to make their spiritual growth a priority!



When you experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ, it is impossible not to want to share with the whole world what God has done in your life! Ms. Elena Kudarenko from Russia was in such a position! Therefore, she came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, believing that someone, somewhere needs to hear her story so that their life will be changed!

The marathon of the life of Pastor Elena Kudarenko started about 30 years ago. Her health problems were many and varied, for which she was prescribed 20 different medications a day! Some of these illnesses were lupus erythematosus, arthritis, hypothyroidism, arrhythmia, tachycardia, migraines, hypertension and swelling all over her body!

Simple daily activities were a mountain for her! The process of bathing made her tired enough, to the point that she needed to lie down in bed for hours to calm down from the chronic pain that characterised her daily life. In her already burdened body, there were also the allergies with which she struggled all year round!

Even her arthritis was so advanced that it caused her to be unable to hold anything with her hands. She was unable to write, drive or even close her palm! It was impossible for her to stand on her feet for more than 2-3 minutes or walk more than 200 meters! Therefore, due to the exceedingly large amounts of medications she was taking, her liver was affected causing her unbearable pain… Her condition seemed to be getting worse and, in fact, she stated that in days leading to her visit to the SCOAN Thessalonica she felt as if she was facing death face to face! As a pastor of a church, she tried to hide her deteriorating condition and tried to keep it a secret, asking only the help of people who were close to her.

With the absolute conviction that her problems would come to an end through her visit to the house of God, she decided to travel from Russia and, indeed, the Spirit of God hastened to reward her faith! When she entered the prayer line and the man of God Harry touched her, she felt a scanner pass from her head to her toes and remove every disease and sickness from her body! When the “scanning” process was completed, the pain she felt disappeared and she even said that she felt chains that were wrapped around her waist breaking at that moment! “I felt like I had undergone surgery!”, she said with great joy!


After the prayer line, she went to the bathroom and when she saw her face in the mirror, she could already see the big changes, as the swelling she had immediately began to go away! From that moment on, every day, more and more changes occurred in her life! Now she can close her palms and hold various objects, without feeling any pain! Huge changes occurred in her heart as well, as before she could hear her pulses loudly like bass in her ears. Now, her heart is working perfectly normally, to the glory of the Lord! The week after the prayer line, she had the grace to visit the prayer mountain and the Prison of Apostle Paul and Silas, where she realised that it was easier for her to walk long distances, even to run without feeling any pain or discomfort! Exercising and walking freely in front of the congregation, she glorified God and thanked Him for the healing and deliverance she received after 30 years of suffering!


From the day of her healing, she began to enjoy the freedom that our Lord gave her, going for daily walks, swimming and other various activities that she could not enjoy before! Ecstatic and now healed, she advised those present to wait in faith for the time of God!



On Sunday, 3 October 2021, Mr. Martin Sami Shaker came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, from Germany to share the changes he experienced, just 3 weeks after the prayer he received from the man of God Harry!

The spirit of anger, lust and negative thoughts he faced from his childhood were problems that tormented him and deprived him of being happy. The effects of the anger were evident in his life, as he divorced his wife and lost many jobs in both Sweden and Germany, where he now resides. His relationship with people, even with his family, was not good at all and he hated himself for not being able to control his anger. He explained that, unfortunately, due to the war in his country, Iraq, he was forced to drop out of school and, thus, it was difficult for him to express himself and communicate properly with the people around him. They could not understand what he was trying to tell them, which made him even angrier!

In an effort to explain the spiritual nightmare he lived, Mr. Shaker did not hesitate to expose satan and tell everyone how he functioned through the spirit of lust in his life. Every day, he struggled with evil, lustful thoughts and bad dreams, which led him to actions he was ashamed of. He was watching wicked things that affected him negatively, and as a result he felt guilty… He was married and did not feel well neither with his actions nor with the inappropriate things he watched on the internet. As evidence on how much satan tempted him, he stated that many times, although he did not want to watch inappropriate content, he ended up doing so because it suddenly appeared in front of him while browsing the internet.

Moreover, because his heart was not filled with the Word of God, the enemy of the soul filled him with many negative thoughts! He had low self-esteem, he felt that he was not loved and appreciated and, as a consequence, he felt that he was not worthy as a human being. Although he struggled daily with these thoughts, he could not share with anyone exactly what was happening to him, because he had learned through his culture not to share his personal problems with others so that they would not judge him. His life was stagnant and absolutely nothing seemed to be progressing! He felt that he was spiritually ill!

Being in such a state, it was clear that only the power of God could bring him out of the dead end he had reached. So, οn 5 September 2021, he came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, participated in the prayer line and received prayer from the man of God Harry. As the man of God prayed for him, Mr. Shaker felt something he had never felt before. For the first time, he was smiling and really felt joy and peace inside him! It was the true joy of Jesus Christ!


Anger, lust and negative thoughts are now a thing of the past, as God acted in his life and everything changed for the better. Now, he is not angry and does not lose his temper! He reacts calmly and the people around him have already noticed the change. His relationship with people has also changed, he can talk to women without having lustful thoughts and, by the grace of God, he loves and appreciates himself!

His advice to all present was to come to God in faith and have an open heart, as this is the way to receive from God! Finally, he promised to protect everything he has received and to follow the Creator of life!

It is not your weakness that matters to God, but your willingness to get out of it! Blessed be the name of our Lord, who never ceases to be strength to our weakness!



On 26 September 2021, Mrs. Yaholnyk came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, looking for a solution to the problems she was facing. She took part in the prayer line, and the anointing of God located her! When the man of God Harry prayed for Mrs. Yaholnyk and commanded the root of her problems to be uprooted from within her, an unclean spirit began to manifest, saying: “Why are you kicking me out?”. The demon confessed that it was a “family curse” and that it entered her “through witchcraft”. Then, the man of God Harry cast the demon out of Mrs. Yaholnyk! She found it very difficult to walk before, but immediately after her deliverance, she started walking freely!


Wanting to thank God for His mercy in her life, she came again on 3 October 2021, a week after her deliverance, to testify of the wonderful works of God in her life!

Growing up in a family that taught her that witches have the ability to solve all human problems with the “power of God”, at the tender age of 8 she visited a witch to find a solution to the problem of hepatitis she was facing, and little by little she strangely began to gain weight. When she reached the age of 20 she was already suffering from obesity! Despite her visits to the witches, as she was desperate to find a solution for both her and her daughter who was suffering from an illness, she soon realised that her condition, instead of getting better, was getting worse! In addition, the business advice she received from the witch caused the import-export business she and her husband owed a debt of $250.000, and in order to be able to pay off that debt, they had to sell all their belongings!

At the same time, her health condition was very bad, the doctors diagnosed a tumor in the uterus, thrombosis and told her that she also needed a stomach surgery. The doctors had no hope and gave her only two years to live! After a while another problem appeared that made everything else seem insignificant… Arrhythmia and a severe pain in her leg, due to her being overweight, and her life was in danger once again. Mrs. Yaholnyk soon realized that the close relationship she had with the witch resulted in transmitting all the diseases the witch had, to her and her family.

Even her marriage was in crisis because of the advice that woman was giving her… There was no love, no communication between them and it was obvious that the witch was leading them to divorce. Determined to put an end to these hard times she was going through, she sought our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in order to turn the difficult times into good ones!

Receiving the grace of God in her life, Mrs. Yaholnyk testified that after prayer, depression is a thing of the past! Now, she can feel joy and peace she has never experienced before! As she stressed, the feeling of joy is something that was absent from her life for years. Arrhythmia, leg pain and migraines are things of the past now, as are the numerous pills she took daily! The daily changes that occur in her body, as well as in her soul are something that she cannot describe in words! In fact, after her visit to the mountain of prayer last week, she received confirmation from God that He had forgiven her for leading many people to witches! Mrs. Yaholnyk, having gained all these experiences, advised the congregation to be careful where they turn to, because there is no neutral kingdom! Finally, she promised God Almighty to love Him and His children, and to know His will!



Mrs. Berenice Yapor did not see the distance between the United States of America and Greece as an obstacle in order to come to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. On Sunday, 3 October 2021, she visited the church and received a touch that changed her life forever!

Defying everything and staying completely focused on Jesus Christ, she reached Thessaloniki, Greece, and by the grace of God, the evil spirit responsible for all the bad things that happened to her was exposed when the man of God Michael prayed for her. The evil spirit did not manage to resist the fire of the Holy Spirit and after kneeling to the authority of Jesus Christ, it confessed: “I am anger! She is mine, she is my property! She loves Jesus and she wants to kill me. I cannot leave her! She wants to do what Jesus Christ wants and to walk with the Holy Spirit. I gave her fear! She has doubt in everything she does and she does not know the power of God in her life. She is a powerful woman, but she does not even know! She is afraid of everything! She cannot even walk without having fear! I have been inside of her since she was a little girl”. Afterwards, the unclean spirit was cast out in the name of Jesus Christ and the congregation praised the One and Only Redeemer!

Mrs. Yapor confirmed that, indeed, ever since she was little, she remembers living in fear! Everything started when she attended a children’s party where she heard a few children discussing horror films. Since she did not want to take part in the conversation, she moved to a different room where a few Christians were preaching the Word of God to her parents. When they spoke and prayed for her, the unclean spirit that was tormenting her manifested, but the demon was not cast out. On the contrary, it hid itself…

Fear was an integral part of her daily life and she was feeling like it is normal for people to be scared. She was afraid of the night and she did not want to sleep because she always saw nightmares. In her dreams, she saw people who wanted to sleep with her, and she explained that one of her demonic dreams had an impact on her health! Specifically, she saw that one man shot her left ovary and every time she menstruated since then, she was in pain and was unable to have children with her husband in spite of their efforts. Due to her husband working at night, many times she had to stay alone by herself, and every time this happened, something would push her to switch the lights on all the time! Consequently, her fear also affected her professional career, because although she wanted to open a jewelry store in the USA where she permanently resides, she feared that the competition against larger companies would be too much, that she would have no customers and she would have to close her business. Moreover, she was afraid that her husband might have a stroke because of his extra weight, making her worried about him.

Meanwhile, she was suffering from the spirit of anger, which caused her to be angry about the smallest and most insignificant things! When she cooked for her siblings and they did not like the food, she would grind it in the blender and force them to eat it, while at other times she would beat them with a broomstick! During the nights out for dinner with her husband, she would argue and get angry at him for no reason when he wanted to eat something different… Also, she was very jealous of her mother because everyone in the family said that her mother was beautiful and young, but not her, which made her envious and caused her to constantly compare herself with her mother. At the same time, she would get mad at her family because she felt like they only needed her for her money, because occasionally, they would not return the money they had borrowed from her.

Silver and gold could not offer Mrs. Yapor the joy that the prayer from the man of God Michael gave her! Knowing that she is now free from the demon that was ruining her life, she is convinced that God will do wonderful things in her life from now on! Thankful to God who delivered her, she promised that she will serve Him forever!



On Sunday, 3 October 2021, was the day the Lord appointed in order to meet Mr. Jose Yapor, to expose the root cause of his problems and to give him a new life in Christ Jesus!

As he was standing in the prayer line, the spirit of God spoke directly to his situation through the man of God Michael, saying: “When you were young, you were facing rejection from the people. This fact is a sorrow that is hunting you until today… But do not worry, Jesus can see something that nobody else can see. Your testimony starts today! You are free!”.


Next, Mr. Yapor, knowing that only the Holy Spirit could know all that was brought to light during the prayer, confirmed every word that came out of the mouth of the man of God Michael and explained in detail what he had been facing all these years. Right from the moment his mother was pregnant, his father would urge her to get an abortion because he did not want a baby… This was the first sign of rejection in his life and it did not stop ever since. At the age of 12, he received insulting comments from his classmates who made fun of him because of a problem with his teeth. The continual rejection from the people around him made him feel awful and ashamed of himself.

Hence, as he was growing up and trying to defend himself against the rejection he received from those around him, he became extremely prideful and, gradually, his behavior turned arrogant! It was very difficult to make professional partnerships since he always believed that he was better than everyone else and that everything he did was perfect! Of course, his attitude did not take long to become an obstacle in his relationship with the people around him. He had disputes and arguments with his friends, his father, and mainly his wife who was forced to endure his quarrelsome character. He made her feel terrible many times, saying that she could not do anything as well as he did, hurting her irreparably! They were constantly fighting since he could control his anger and every time things did not go the way he wanted, he would react intensely. His anger was so fierce that he felt like he wanted to bite his wife! He was continuously scolding their two-year-old daughter and she did not want to see him anymore due to his harsh personality.

In addition, although he was married and had his own family, the spirit of lust led him to do things that were unfitting for the head of the family… He watched pornography, masturbated, committed adultery and, when all this came to the attention of his wife, she felt totally undesirable! The influence of this spirit on Mr. Yapor was so heavy that it was never missing from his dreams either!

Now, full of zest and energy for the bright future unfolding before him, he confirmed that he believes God sees a man of God in him, someone useful for His work, something that others cannot see. He promised to follow God Almighty for the rest of his life and make himself available so that God may use him however He wants!

No matter what others say about you, when God Almighty sees you, He sees something that everyone else ignores!



On Sunday, 3 October 2021, the believers attending the gathering were full of expectations that the power of God would move with grace, touching every aspect of their lives! Among the international visitors who had come in faith to receive a miracle from God was Mrs. Penka Tancheva, who travelled from Bulgaria to receive her own portion of the blessing.

During the prayer line, as the man of God prayed for her, he gave her the following prophetic word: “I see some sins you have committed in the past, and because of them you believe that you are not worthy! Jesus Christ has the power to forgive you. He died for you, He gave His blood to forgive you! Stop judging yourself!”. Along with these words came absolute freedom in her life, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Later, joyful and moved by the love of God, Mrs. Tancheva confirmed that the prophecy she received was absolutely true! At first, she revealed how strongly she felt the presence and power of God when man of God Michael approached her, and then she confessed that in the past she had had an abortion in agreement with her husband because they already had two children and were quite young. This deed carried great weight on her conscience and since then she had been feeling remorse, guilt and a burden on her soul. She constantly felt sinful and unworthy before God, to the point that she believed that some things were not going well in her life because of the sin she had committed! Characteristically, she mentioned that once there was a car accident in which her leg was seriously injured and she had to undergo surgery. She then believed that this happened because of that deed!

Forgiveness came from the Holy Spirit the very moment she received the prophetic word! Blessed, Mrs. Tancheva confessed that after the prayer she finally felt free from the weight of guilt, and it was replaced by the peace of God in her heart!

Our relationship with Jesus Christ begins with forgiveness! Pardon brings reconciliation, peace, and freedom to the heart of the one who truly repents! The blood of Jesus Christ shed for us is capable of cleansing us from all sin when we approach Him with sincere repentance!



Mr. Mykola Derkach from Ukraine, full of hope that the anointing of God would locate him to receive an answer and the permanent solution to the problem he was facing, stood in the prayer line that took place on 3 October 2021, at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. Jesus Christ, honoring his faith, responded immediately to his need and put an end to the situation that tormented him, with a prophetic word directly from Heaven!

As the man of God Michael approached him and prayed for him, the Spirit of God gave him the following prophetic word: “I see that you have a problem that affects your everyday life. It’s very personal and I will not say it here, but you know what it is! The Word of God will deliver you! Start having a relationship with Jesus so that you can solve this problem! This problem affects your relationships with people. Do not worry, Jesus Christ loves you and today is the day of your deliverance!”. A touch from the Holy Spirit through the man of God Michael was enough to set him free and give him a new life of joy, peace and tranquillity!


Surprised, Mr. Derkach confirmed that the prophecy was absolutely true and wanted to give more details about the problem that the Holy Spirit brought to light! He explained that he had a very serious communication problem with those around him. He always thought negatively about them and, in general, he experienced an intense amount of stagnation in his relationships with people. He constantly argued with those around him, judging them and constantly talking badly about their behavior… Therefore, it was impossible for him to build healthy relationships with anyone he met, which saddened him, as he knew that as a Christian he should accept and respect others, and not judge them!

This situation very often provoked an internal battle within himself and this was something beyond his power; he could not control it and, that is why, he was seeking divine intervention. He prayed and asked God for help so that he could see the people around him as He did and finally stop reacting badly towards them… So he decided to come and take part in the prayer line, where the power of God located him!

With unspeakable joy, Mr. Derkach thanked God for putting an end to his problem and giving him a new future. He faithfully confessed that his life will never be the same again!

The Word of God has the ability to deliver us, as it has the ability to increase us spiritually and help our spirit govern our senses!

In the following photos, we see snapshots from the prayer line where we saw the hand of God moving with power through the man of God Michael. Those who attended the gathering could not express their joy for the inconceivable power of God, but also for His wisdom, because He still raises people who are available to do His work today!

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