The blessed program on the prayer mountain also took place last Sunday,17 July 2022! The Spirit of God moved once again among the children of God, bestowing heavenly blessings. Believers prayerfully walked upon the mountain paths, which have been carved by the prayers of the man of God, Harry, as well as the disciples, workers, and visitors of the ministry, inviting God’s anointing and giving Him all the honor, glory, and worship!

Evangelist George Athanasiadis then began his message, “THE VANITY OF BITTERNESS“, with an “inquiry”, asking those in attendance if they had ever been in a fight. By asking some questions and counting the people who answered, he gave the following percentages:

Involved in a fight with physical violence (with blood): 5% of the total

Involved in a fight with physical violence (without blood): 7%

Involved in a fight with verbal violence: 20%

Involved in a disagreement: 100%

The evangelist explained through this example that we cannot avoid disagreements because there are different people with different hearts, different characters, and different ways of looking at things. Even Moses, who was the humblest man on earth, could not avoid them. However, the fact that we disagree on a certain issue should not break our union or our friendship because there is always a way out in Christ Jesus!

Our problem is that we allow our hearts to be fed with bitterness, and in doing so we prevent God’s blessings from entering our lives. Furthermore, we destroy all our relationships. One day we are friends with someone, and the next day we have “forgotten” them! Therefore, the evangelist stressed, to improve our relationships, we must learn to give people another chance.

He then gave the first reading of the Word of God, from Ephesians 4:30-32, “And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you”, thus giving even more weight to the message he wanted to convey to God’s people.

The evangelist emphasised that after a disagreement or an argument, to come to a place of reconciliation, you must first discover your weakness and when you do, you will discover that you need to forgive because you need to be forgiven! Even if someone treats us badly for no reason, for example, if they hit us, we should not get stuck on the fact that they are wrong, but we should remember that beyond that situation, we have our weaknesses: anger, lust, jealousy, and other things for which we need God’s forgiveness. Jesus Christ had not committed any sin, that is, He did not need to be forgiven Himself, but He still forgave the people who tortured and killed Him!

His second reading was from the Gospel of Luke 6:27-28, quoting the words of Jesus Christ: “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you”. But how can we obey Jesus’ instruction when we hold bitterness in our hearts? This question was answered by the evangelist, revealing that loving your enemy is always unreasonable until you realise that you were an enemy of God until He forgave you! This, he pointed out, should not be forgotten, as it is in God’s will that we remember that we have sinned and been forgiven for it is that remembrance that creates, that gives a forgiving heart, a loving heart towards our neighbor.

In closing his message, he encouraged everyone to make a decision and change something they do every day, so that they stop holding bitterness in their hearts, and learn to forgive, paving the way for God’s blessings in their lives!


Mrs. Eunice Amatonyo travelled from Switzerland to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to give all the glory to God Almighty, the One who completely transformed her life!

Mrs. Amatonyo was daily confronted with the spirit of anger, which affected her social relationships. She had moved to many cities, as wherever she went, wherever she moved, she came into conflict with her neighbours. They would call the police, and many times they would be furious at her and not respect her. At some point, because of false accusations from her neighbours, her mobile phone was confiscated by the police for more than 17 days, because they wanted to investigate further. Although no evidence was found against her, they started monitoring her calls… The spirit of anger caused her to lose her friends, feel angry and extremely lonely.

The spirit of anger affected not only her social life, but also her family. She was constantly arguing with her husband, resulting in a divorce! He went to the point of not respecting their children, but also not respecting her. He began to treat and talk to them in a bad manner, as well as making racist comments against them! This whole situation was stealing her peace and caused her great sorrow.

Επιπρόσθετα, η κ. Αματόνιο αντιμετώπιζε προβλήματα με το στήθος της. Αυτό ξεκίνησε πριν 13 χρόνια, όταν έμεινε έγκυος στη δεύτερη κόρη της. Άρχισε να νιώθει σαν να είχε πέτρες στο στήθος της… Όταν μίλησε με τον γιατρό της, εκείνος της είπε ότι είναι ορμονικό, επειδή είναι έγκυος, και τη διαβεβαίωσε ότι θα φύγει αυτή η αίσθηση. Όταν, λοιπόν, γέννησε και θήλαζε τη δεύτερη κόρη της, οι πέτρες που αισθανόταν στο στήθος της δεν έφευγαν. Μάλιστα, με την πάροδο του χρόνου συνειδητοποίησε πως διογκωνόντουσαν, καθώς ακουμπούσε το στήθος της και τις ένιωθε πολύ έντονα. Συνεπώς, πριν από 8 έκανε μια εξέταση κατά την οποία βρέθηκαν 15 όγκοι στο ένα στήθος και 10 στο άλλο! Η μόνη λύση, ιατρικά, ήταν να εγχειριστεί προκειμένου να αφαιρεθούν, όμως, εκείνη αρνήθηκε να κάνει την εγχείρηση… Το στήθος της με την πάροδο των χρόνων άρχισε να αλλάζει, να μεγαλώνει. Μερικές φορές δεν μπορούσε να πάρει στην αγκαλιά της το τρίτο παιδί της, που ήταν τότε βρέφος. Υπέφερε πολύ από τον πόνο που ένιωθε σε εκείνη την περιοχή, σε βαθμό που δεν μπορούσε ούτε να αλλάξει τις πάνες της μικρής της κόρης!

Thank God that all these problems came to an end! The man of God, Harry, prayed for her in the prayer line, and two months later, as she was lying down, she touched her breast, and to her great surprise, the pain she used to feel was gone! Furthermore, her relationship with her neighbours has changed, as they want to get to know more about her, and there are no more conflicts! She now feels calm, peaceful, and she is no longer angry!

Her relationship with her ex-husband has also changed. Before she didn’t even know where he resided, she now does, as he took the initiative to give her his address! Also, this is the first time in 8 years that her ex-husband took the children with him on a holiday to Germany! In fact, he called her and said how proud he is of their children! He also told her that she did a great job as a mother in raising them!

Furthermore, she added that her youngest daughter, who is three and a half years old, had trouble sleeping at night. Moreover, since she was born, she had been experiencing the problem of constipation. Mrs. Amatonyo took her daughter to the doctor, and they told her that what she was experiencing was normal. They advised Mrs. Amatonyo to give her daughter oranges, either to eat or in the form of juice, but yet, there was no improvement. Although her daughter was eating normally, she only went to the toilet once a week. When Mrs. Amatonyo visited the doctor again, he told her that the child was fine, however, knowing that her daughter was in need of healing for constipation, she decided to bring her with her to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica! The man of God prayed for the daughter too and from that day on she goes to the toilet on a daily basis! In fact, she can now sleep normally!

Feeling incredibly blessed and having indescribable joy, she advised the people of God to run to Him, because behind every situation there is a spirit and only God can give a solution! She emphasized that no matter what we are going through, God has the answer to every problem, and He will never let us down! Her promise to God Almighty is that she will follow Him for the rest of her life!

Indeed, when your problem goes beyond the natural, it becomes a curse that only  Jesus Christ can break! God’s will is to bless us abundantly. Therefore, once you are in the presence of God, the key is not to suppress the flesh, but to surrender to the Spirit of God!


Ms. Genevieve Wellington came from Abu Dhabi to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to receive her own package of blessings prepared for her by the Almighty God.

Taking part in the prayer line and keeping her heart completely free, she attracted the anointing of God which, through prophetess Evgenia, revealed an amazing prophetic word: I see an idol in your family. A long time ago, they sacrificed your family members, one by one, and this caused a family curse in your life. So, nothing goes well in your life, but God came today to break this, in the name of Jesus Christ! As soon as you go to your country, you will notice great changes in your life and in your family, and then you will come back to give your testimony, in the name of Jesus Christ!”. Then the prophetess declared her free, in the name of Jesus Christ! Shocked that God revealed something so great about her life, she wanted to show her gratitude to Him, confirming the words she heard.

Ms. Wellington confessed that there was indeed a large and powerful idol in the family, which has destroyed many priests who tried to break the shackles between the idol and her family.

More specifically, the worship of this idol came from her mother’s side of the family, and they worshipped it in various ways. Many times, they sacrificed animals and used animal or human blood. They used to offer to the idol the blessings of the family and the husbands of the women of the family. Anything good that came into their hands by God was sacrificed to the shrine of the idol. This idol was executing her relatives one by one! As she stated, out of the 7 siblings her mother had, only two remain alive.

Regarding the family’s professional career, she explained that none of its members have any worthwhile job. On the contrary, many of them are jobless. Even her daughter who is 31 years old and has studied interior design, never in her life has she had a client. Ms. Wellington is the only one who has managed, by the grace of God, to find a notable job at the embassy of Ghana, in Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, there were problems in the health of the family, as many members died of cardiac arrest due to hypertension, and some had lost their sanity, eventually leading to death! As for her dreams, she would always see a man coming and taking her to filthy places, which is something she could not explain.

The mental state of Ms. Wellington was not good; even though she seemed happy on the outside, inside she was not. She kept that to herself.

God listened to all her prayers that day, also bringing healing a shoulder pain that limited her. A pain that the doctor could not relieve.

Ms. Wellington is very happy that she can finally serve and glorify God for the freedom of herself and her family! Finally, she promised to serve Him all the days of her life!

With God, you can face life’s final deadline with confidence! No matter the situation you may find yourself in, remember that God is able enough to give a solution to your problems!


Mr. Kokou Gbeblewou visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, having realised that only God could set him free and restore his marriage!

During the prayer line, he received the following prophetic words from the woman of God Evgenia, who said to him: “I see you thinking about women. This does not come from you, it is a spiritual matter. You saw something and it entered you from the internet. Do not watch these kinds of things, they are not from God. What you must do is have a good relationship with God, and study the Word of God daily, so that you can maintain your freedom today. I also see a breakthrough in your job because everything you have done so far did not progress. It will now!”. After saying this, the Prophetess declared Mr. Gbeblewou free from every demonic activity in his life!

Shortly afterward, he gave more information regarding the situation he was in. After expressing his joy at attending the prayer mountain, he confessed that, indeed, women were the main thought in his mind. He was attracted to their outward beauty and was constantly searching for ways to approach them through the internet.

He said that it all started one day when he wanted to watch a documentary on the internet. Unfortunately for him, the material he was about to watch was not educational, but pornographic! Since then, thoughts of lust began to flood his mind…

As if all this was not enough, he pointed out that the affection between him and his wife was non-existent, so much so that his wife could not even sleep in the same bed with him! This made him seek women outside his marriage even more… As a result of the above, he felt regretful for the situation his marriage had ended up in because he knew that there should be affection between a couple. For this reason, he came to Greece all the way from Canada so that God’s anointing would locate him and bring freedom to his family!

As he emphasised, after the anointed prayer, he feels different inside, he is happy and his thoughts are focused on his wife and not on other women! Lastly, he promised to leave the past behind and devote himself more to Jesus Christ!

We must realise that there are forces that cause crises in our jobs, our marriage, and our families, and fight against them! Otherwise, we will live a life without getting a taste of God’s blessings!


Mr. Hotman Sinaga received a double prophecy – double blessing on the prayer mountain of the Synagogue, Church All Nations Thessalonica, where he travelled from Jakarta, Indonesia, to receive an anointed touch!

During the prayer line, in which he participated, Prophetess Eugenia and the man of God, Harry, both prayed for him. At first, the prophetess revealed the following: “Because you love God and you pray, God will give you back your hearing. Avoid water in your ears, don’t put too much water in them. Nor cleaning too deep with the cotton swabs. Every day you will be getting better and better, that’s the message for you. Keep praying and keep reading the Word of God!”. Then, the man of God gave him another prophecy that brought freedom into his life: “You are lucky you didn’t die from a stroke. You are very lucky, because I see blood pressure, and it is in the family as a generational curse. High blood pressure. It’s in the family, this is a generational curse, and people get that attack, either stroke or their heart will not be able to endure for too long. People die young. Jesus loves you, and that is why you are still alive. You’re alive and you are moving, look at you, you are moving! Glory be to God, just give thanks to God. I will join you in prayer so that this will stop here. It will not happen, in Jesus’ name!”.

Confirming the prophecies, Mr. Sinaga recounted that indeed, for over 50 years he had a hearing problem, especially in his left ear, from the age of 7. A problem caused by his hearing loss, in addition to his own personal difficulties, was that he would raise his voice more than he should, without him realising it. As a result, his wife constantly complained about it, and often misunderstood him since, as he raised his voice, he sounded angry! In the same way, this was also a cause of rejection, as many times Mr. Sinaga would not be invited to Christian meetings, which upset him and made him feel bad. Even when he did participate in something like this, he did not dare to speak…

Despite his difficulties, however, as the Prophetess said, Mr. Sinaga continued to bless God and nourished his spirit by regularly spending time reading his Bible and praying. To God’s glory, from the moment he received the first prayer he began to hear more clearly, and as time went on, he felt that his hearing was being restored!

In addition, Mr. Sinaga confirmed that in his family, on the father’s side people were dying young from the disease described by the man of God. In fact, his aunt had 8 children, and she lost 4 of them to the same causes! And he, particularly in times when he was very tired, felt pressure in his chest, but he attributed it to fatigue.

In addition, after the long journey to Greece, he was sore in the neck, as a result of the long journey to Greece, he had pain and reduced mobility in his neck area. At the end of the meeting, however, the pain had disappeared and his mobility had been fully restored!

Making a promise to his Creator, he said he will follow the instructions given to him privately by the man of God concerning the study of the Word of God and that he will obey Jesus Christ!

Focusing on Jesus Christ in the midst of trials puts everything into perspective! Those who have a clear purpose in life, no matter what happens or will happen in the future, will always find room in their hearts to bless the name of the Lord, even when He does not give them everything they want! Indeed, active faith makes those things that are against us to be for us!


Ms. Michelle Angela came from Singapore to the prayer mountain of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to witness everything that she had heard from across the Atlantic happening in the church!

That day God honored Ms. Angela, as she received two prophetic words from His faithful servants, the man of God Harry, and Prophetess Eugenia. The Prophetess said to her first: “You are worried about everyone. This is not from you, it comes from the devil. You didn’t have it before, when you were young. It will stop today and God will bless you in all aspects of your life,  you and your family, because you believe in God and God loves you!”. After a few minutes of anointing, God spotted her again, sending His anointed man with a second prophetic word: “You need to pray against depression, you are too young to start having depressive thoughts”. Joyful and happy that God intervened in her situation, revealing the root of her problems, she wanted to confirm the prophetic words she heard!

She explained that this stress in her life began 10 years ago when she was disappointed by people in her inner circle, as a result of which she could not trust anyone. Because of this, she started to have fears, such as being rejected by people and failing in life. Thus, everything she had to do in her life, she put on hold. As a result, in her social relationships, she was always afraid to stand up for what she believed, as she felt that others would not accept her. In fact, many times she didn’t do what God wanted her to do to avoid being judged by others.

Joy is now painted on Mrs. Angela’s face, as she feels ready to overcome her weaknesses! Finally, she promised to follow Jesus Christ and be even more faithful to him.

Αν δεν είσαι πρόθυμος να παραδεχτείς ότι είσαι ένας αμαρτωλός που χρειάζεται σωτηρία, δεν μπορείς να εμπειριστείς ελευθερία από τις ενοχές, τον φόβο, την κατωτερότητα και την κατάκριση, τα οποία είναι τα τέσσερα μεγάλα προβλήματα που ληστεύουν τις ευλογίες των χριστιανών. Ζήτησε τον Θεό να σε αλλάξει και θα το κάνει στη ζωή σου!


Mr. Benjamin Mendoza came from Germany seeking divine direction regarding his calling in life. For this reason, he took part in the prayer line of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Thessalonica!

Καθώς ο άνθρωπος του Θεού, Χάρης, προσευχόταν για εκείνον, του μετέφερε τα εξής προφητικά λόγια: «Έγραψες (στο πλακάτ) ότι έρχεσαι από τη Γερμανία. Ξέρεις, από τότε δεν αισθάνεσαι καλά. Από τότε που μετακόμισες στη Γερμανία δεν βρίσκεσαι σε ειρήνη. Έχεις ανησυχία, άγχος, αναρωτιέσαι “Τι συμβαίνει;”. Ο Ιησούς Χριστός σε αγαπά! Βλέπω ότι έχεις καρδιά για τον Θεό, βλέπω ότι Τον αγαπάς, ότι θέλεις να Τον υπηρετήσεις, και ο Θεός θα σε χρησιμοποιήσει! Έχεις όνειρα στα οποία βλέπεις τον εαυτό σου να ασχολείται με διακονία, να κηρύττεις τον Λόγο του Θεού, να προσεύχεσαι για ανθρώπους. Οπότε, αυτό είναι το κάλεσμά σου! Οτιδήποτε και αν κάνεις πέρα από αυτό, δεν σου δίνει χαρά. Επίσης, η καρδιά σου καμιά φορά έχει πρόβλημα, υπάρχει πόνος στην καρδιά. Μην ανησυχείς!». Ύστερα, ο άνθρωπος του Θεού διακήρυξε ελεύθερο τον κ. Μεντόσα, στο παντοδύναμο όνομα του Ιησού Χριστού!

When the service came to a finish, with joy obvious on his face, Mr. Mendoza confirmed that every word spoken by the man of God was valid and true. Specifically, in his dreams he would see himself being used by God as a channel of salvation, preaching His Word and praying for other people. In particular, the first such dream he had was 10 years ago, in which a light appeared before him that kept growing, and after that, he saw Jesus Christ! In the presence of the Lord, motionless, he could only cry, yet the Lord asked him to approach Him and not to be afraid! When he woke up, he burst into tears while in bed and made the decision to get to know Jesus Christ even more!

So he began to look for a direction on how to serve God, while also looking for a mentor to teach him the things of God. He was baptised in a church and, as he spent time in prayer and fasting, he received more revelations from God about his calling!

As to why he left his home country of Mexico, he stated that there were people who wanted to hurt him. So, he settled in Germany. Furthermore, regarding the heartache that the man of God spoke about, it started 2-3 years ago when he felt a slight pain and his heart beating faster. However, whenever this happened, he would resort to prayer without seeking medical help. These things caused him to feel worried in his heart.

His joy after the prayer and the prophetic word he received was indescribable, for he had prayed that he would receive direction from God and not return home the same! Now, full of excitement and having received proper direction from the man of God, Mr. Mendoza promised to serve the Lord with all his heart!

There is no one and nothing that God created without purpose. Approach God with humility of heart and you will know your calling and, if you follow it, you will surprise yourself and make a difference in your world!

In the pictures below we see the name “Jesus Christ” being glorified through His children, bringing blessing, openness, and freedom, crushing every demonic influence in the lives of people who were bound by the enemy!

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