Another blessed Sunday dawned for the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, as these are days dedicated to the Lord. On this particular Sunday, the atmosphere was especially charged with the presence of God as the believers sang hymns and prayed on the prayer mountain as an effort to strengthen their relationship with God!

This was followed by an impressive message entitled “THE RACE OF SATISFACTION” through which evangelist Stavros Michailidis delivered valuable lessons to the congregation, thus touching their hearts. More specifically, he began the message by saying that many people wake up in the morning full of anxiety and stress. They start their work from early in the morning till late afternoon, and then, continue their hard work for days, weeks, months and years.


He asked the congregation the following question: “What is the reason for a man to struggle so much in his daily life? What is worth all his energy, time and effort?”. Answering this question, he said that man from the time he wakes up to the time he sleeps, seeks and toils for satisfaction! He pointed out that, as spiritual beings, we do not feel content just by simply surviving, but we want to enjoy life! That is why put on great effort in to find satisfaction. For example, most of us seek satisfaction in fleshly desires, in eating and sleeping. On the other hand, some seek satisfaction in money, so they spend all their time accumulating it, while others seek satisfaction in knowledge, ending up studying all their lives!  However, the Word of God teaches us that our hands may be full of money and our head full of information but if our heart is empty, our life is very empty!

He then read from the Book of Ecclesiastes 1:12, 8, 2:2, 6:8, pointing out that most of us, as children of God, have got “obsessed” with social media, such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, instead of being “obsessed” with the Word of God. We seek satisfaction in food, but have gotten sick of it, and so we don’t find satisfaction in life! This is because the blessings of the world temporarily enrich our bodies.  Every time you get something that you have been wanting for many years, the moment you get it, you feel a great emptiness that you have never felt before. The reason man can never be satisfied with material things is his very nature! Man is spirit and the spirit can never be satisfied with material things, but the fuel of man is God Himself! In other words, everything alive in this life needs a fuel to function. Plants need sunshine, animals need to eat plants, cars need gasoline or diesel, a cell phone needs electricity, otherwise it cannot function. In other words, without our fuel, without God, our soul is dead!

Because of the lures and cares of the world, fleshly desires, the attraction of the world – pleasure has turned the heart of many from their Creator! The more we seek to find life’s satisfaction in pleasure and enjoyment, the further away we will be from God!

Solomon loved pleasure more than God, and this led him to idolatry. It becomes obvious that when you love pleasure more than God, you are bound to destroy the grace of God in your life!

Taking another Biblical passage from Ecclesiastes 12:13, he revealed the key to this race of satisfaction, as he stated that satisfaction in life is not about having children, money or other worldly possessions. You have to experience God! Therefore, that is what you need! Still, how are you going to experience God? The meditation of the Word of God is a meeting with Him! Through this Book, you can meet Him face to face! We are all in there, but most importantly, the evangelist pointed out that the Almighty God is there!

In closing his message, he read from Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”, indicating that the first place we are to prosper, as children of God, is in our spiritual life! He emphasized that when we make God our heart’s delight, we will have our hearts’ desire!

He advised the congregation to pause from the race of satisfaction that goes on daily and to think more of their spirit and feed it, so that they will begin to experience God and feel true satisfaction!



Mr. Sadiq, from neighbouring Albania, came to share with the congregation the changes he has noticed in his life, as he had the grace to attend the prayer mountain and receive a divine touch that would change his life once and for all!

It all started at a young age, when he saw a dog chasing and biting him in a dream. It was such an intense experience that as soon as he woke up, he felt this bite physically! From the moment he had this dream, fear entered his life!

In addition, three years ago he started having negative thoughts and low self-esteem. He could not cooperate with his classmates. For example, when the school was organizing some activities, he could not relate to his classmates because negative thoughts would come into his mind.

As the years went by and he got older, he had ideas to open businesses and move forward with his life, to improve himself, however, these bad thoughts of not being good enough and not succeeding would come and fill him with fear, preventing him from moving forward with his life. He felt lonely, unsuccessful and often thought about what he was going to do with his life. He had come to the point of thinking that he should see a psychiatrist.


Praise God for intervening in his life! After the prayer he received from the man of God Harry, Mr. Sadiq’s life began to have peace in his heart! He has no fears or nightmares in his sleep anymore. Thoughts of failure are now a thing of the past, as he sees every day that his life is progressing. In addition, he has vision for his future and believes he can do whatever God says he can do!

Spiritual problems need spiritual solutions, said Mr. Sadiq, who through his testimony advised the congregation to seek a living church and be free from anything spiritual that is not of God. He promised his Creator to walk with Him all the days of his life!

Fear is one of man’s worst enemies because it disarms him and stops him from making important decisions about his life. However, when Jesus Christ died on the Cross for mankind, He did so to give man a life free from fear and its terrible consequences!



Mr. Lofin and his wife, Mrs. Patience, came from France to Thessaloniki seeking the face of God in their affairs.

Having come in faith and having entered the prayer line, the Spirit of God located them through the man of God Michael, who also gave them a prophetic word. The prophetic word was as follows: “I see habits. You have bad habits! You have to replace the bad habits with good habits; praying, reading… Do you not know what I am talking about? Drinking… That’s why you have attacks in the family. Also, you have to sleep well, you don’t sleep well. You fight in your sleep when you sleep. Don’t worry, now we will pray and you will be free! I tell you what to do from now on! I don’t see joy in the family. That is not from God, that is from satan. You have to play your role, to be the man of the house!”.

Then the man of God Michael, referring to the couple, asked them, “Where are your children?”. They answered by saying: “Our daughter is sick!”. Then the man of God said to them: “You must bring her here so that she may be healed. We will pray now, but this is the instruction I am giving you! You must bring her here so that the man of God can pray for her!”.  

Then the man of God Michael addressed Mrs. Patience and told her the following: “I want to talk to you too! Satan is trying to catch you with flirting! Men are flirting with you! It is not your fault, that is not what I’m saying, but it’s satan who is attacking you. When someone is attacking you, you will avoid the first attack, avoid the second, but the third time, if you don’t have the Word of God in your heart, you will fall! It is okay to pray when you are lying down but you must have a specific time with God! Sometimes it is not enough to lie down and pray, because God doesn’t mind, but where is our sacrifice?”

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Lofen and Mrs. Patience confirmed the prophetic words they received from the man of God Michael. As Mr. Lofen pointed out, the prophetic word they received was true and, indeed, the issue that this word revealed was the main issue that led them to seek the face of God.


He began by talking about his bad habits, how he indeed very often quarreled with his wife and also did not spend time with the Word of God. Although in the past he used to spend time studying and praying with his wife, this habit was lost over time. Even if they prayed together one day, it would take at least five days before they would pray again. He also referred to his sleep, as every night in his sleep he would see himself trying to solve the problems that he had failed to solve during the day. He had these dreams every day, over and over again.

Mrs. Patience also confirmed the prophetic word, saying that they were, indeed, facing so many problems in their marriage that she went to the extent of feeling strongly discouraged. In fact, because of the many arguments and quarrels between them, she felt she was losing her faith.

She then confirmed the prophetic word she received on a personal level. She said that in her dreams she saw a spiritual husband sleeping with her; also, during the day many men were flirting with her, and she didn’t know how to handle it!

After the prayer and the prophetic word she received from the man of God Michael, she feels free and that God has restored her marriage! She promised God Almighty to follow Him for the rest of her life and read His Word daily. Mr. Laufen also made a promise to God to follow Him and remain faithful in prayer. If you realize that your ability to believe is not enough, you can pray about it and Jesus Christ will expand your spiritual shores! If you, like this woman, feel like your faith is failing or waning, today is the day and now is the time to pray to the Almighty to fill you with His Holy faith.



The service on the prayer mountain was a wonderful experience for Ms. Deborah, who was deeply touched by the prayer, the testimonies and the message taught her that true contentment comes from God!

As she entered the prayer line, the man of God Michael approached her and gave her a prophetic word. The prophetic word was this: “Evil thoughts! This is why you have attacks! These thoughts are attacking you every day. The Holy Bible is the solution! The Word of God! You might read, but if you don’t read as a matter of life and death, you are missing the point! Remember, God has a man for you, a husband, but in order for you to take this blessing, you must play your role. I see you in the future getting involved with spells! Be careful! Take time to go deep in the knowledge of God through the Word of God, otherwise, I see you in the darkness. It’s very important. We are talking about your soul now. Be serious with God!”.


Ms. Deborah confirmed everything that was prophesied to her. From the time she finished high school in 2017 until before prayer, she often thought about things that made her uncomfortable. She thought about snakes and felt uncomfortable where she was sitting, to the extent that if the door to the room was closed, she would open it, so she would feel that if something happened, she would have a way out. She wanted to be with people and not be alone, constantly thinking about these things. She also couldn’t sleep peacefully because of the intrusive thoughts she had. She was afraid of sleeping in the dark or walking outside at night. When she wanted to sleep, she had to pray for Jesus to help her, otherwise she couldn’t.

She then reported that the prophecy that she was worried about her future husband is true. It was something she was thinking about a lot, and wondering who she would spend the rest of her life with.

Filled with gratitude for God’s love in her life, she thanked Him for giving her guidance and setting her and her family free. She promised to live a life worthy of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, that she would dedicate her life to Him, with more prayer and reading the Word of God. She also promised God to draw near to Him, and to consult Him in everything she does.

Prayer is a recognition that there is a higher realm that controls the visible and invisible world. Jesus Christ is still answering prayers and working in people’s lives, including this woman’s! Whatever your problem is, the Spirit of God is present and His anointing is more than enough to heal, deliver and save you!



Mrs Claudine came from France to the Prayer Mountain to receive the solution to the problems she was so much looking for!

During the prayer line, as Prophetess Evgenia approached her, she said to her, “There is an idol in the family, which afflicts you and torments the whole family, finances and health… Everything! That is why God exposes this, because it is the root of the problem in the questions you have. Because if this is not broken, nothing good will happen in your life! From today you are free and God will bless you in all the areas of your life. Both you and your family!”.

A few minutes later, the man of God Michael approached her and said: Rejection from a young age! You had rejection from all the people around you, but Jesus Christ never rejected you! You are a child of God! If your name is in the book of life, that’s what matters! Don’t worry! Salvation is personal! Take care of your relationship with God, and everything will go well! Forget about people. Forgive and forget! They rejected you, forgive them! And forget it! Jesus didn’t reject you, that is why you are here today!”. Without wasting a minute, she did not hesitate to confirm all that the servant of God told her!


She began by saying that, indeed, in her family there was an idol that had been worshipped for generations. As she said, there was a room in their house where the idol was located; there they brought various sacrifices, such as food, and dead animals. As she grew up and married, in her husband’s family there was also an idol there which they served, out of ignorance!

Regarding her health and financial problems, Ms. Claudine said that many of her relatives died from a pandemic in Rwanda, while others suffered from mental and psychological problems. Her financial situation was very difficult. Although she was working and getting a decent salary, it was very difficult for her to keep this money and invest in buying a house.


Regarding the rejection that existed in her life, she confessed that friends and relatives have rejected her. Her second son left home without telling her anything, her “friends” constantly humiliated her, and disrespected her while she did her best for them. All of this caused her intense sadness.

Ms. Claudine felt very happy that God visited her, bringing a solution to her problems, and promised to walk in His ways and to love Him forever!

Crisis cannot break the one who relies on the power of God! Even if nothing guarantees your future, it’s time to trust God for everything!


Not considering the long distance she had to travel as an obstacle, Ms.Silda left Peru and came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to receive an anointed prayer that would change the course of her life’s history!

As he stood in the prayer line, he prayed fervently to the Lord for a breakthrough in certain areas. When the Prophetess Evgenia approached her, she said: “Okay, don’t worry, God will give you what you are seeking. You will receive a breakthrough!”. The package of prophecies she was to receive did not stop there, but she also received the prophetic word through the man of God Michael: Listen to me very carefully. I know you are passing through a lot. […] You don’t know what you are doing. You need guidance. Please, this guidance will come through the Holy Spirit, stop taking decisions. We say we have a Lord. If we have a Lord, that means the Lord will tell us what to do, so please, stop making decisions and ask Him first! Don’t worry, the best is yet to come, no more pain, no more sorrow!”.


When the meeting ended, Ms. Shilda confessed that what the people of God said was true. Regarding the financial sector, it was “stalled”! Although he is a man with a degree, finding a job was difficult. Even when he did get a job, it was low-paying to the extent that he could not adequately meet his livelihood needs. Of course, she never managed to find a job that was commensurate with the level of her studies. Thus, she was forced to accept help from her parents, which filled her with bad feelings, as she wanted to take care of her parents and not their daughter…


On the issue of marriage, he used to have the notion that it was normal for a man to go through life alone. Studying God’s Word, however, he realized that God’s plans for His children include the creation of a family. He therefore began to desire to be restored in this matter.

Last but not least, one of her requests to the Lord was for guidance from Him on various issues that concerned her, in addition to those mentioned above. In general, she was constantly in a state of battle, busy trying to cope and aware that she was in need of spiritual freedom.

So, she came by faith in Jesus Christ and was not disappointed, but filled with joy that God answered her prayers! Now, she is determined to make God’s Word an integral part of her, part of herself, and finally, she promised to confess the glory of God in her life to the people around her!

Never think that a delay in answering your prayer is a denial from God, His time is different from ours and is always the best!

In the pictures below we see visitors from all over the world who came to experience a Divine touch that would mark a new beginning in their relationship with God!

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