In the presence of God everything is made new! Every service in the name of Jesus Christ renews our strength, strengthens us and fills us with joy! This is what happened for once again at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, with the attendees participating with great enthusiasm and emotion! The service was opened with prayer and later, the voices of the worshippers joined those of the believers and all together they glorified and worshipped the Maker of Heaven and Earth!

Then the revelatory Word of God was preached by the man of God Stavros, in a unique message entitled: “STOP TEMPTING GOD”. He began the message with a reference to the contracts we all know.

As he explained, for many partnerships in some services today we use contracts. As an example, he used the car insurance contract which we signed and we knew that in case of an accident, it would cover our expenses. However, when we were in an accident and we needed the insurance to cover us, the insurance agent explained that during the accident we were driving over the speed limit and in doing so, we violated the terms of the contract and thus, they cannot cover the damage caused. He highlighted that such things happen because we simply don’t know the terms of the contract that we have signed! However, ignorance is neither excused nor justified…

As the contract between us and the insurance company works, something similar applies between us and God! The day we believed in Jesus Christ and accepted Him as our Lord and Saviour, that day we signed a contract with Him. That contract is the Word of God! Therefore, the Word of God for us is the contract of the believer! Do we know the terms and conditions of our relationship with Him? Do we know the terms we signed the day we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour? If so, said the prophet, then the next question is: “Do we enjoy the benefits of our relationship with God?”.

His biblical quote was taken from 1 Corinthians 10:13: No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it .” Through this verse, the man of God explained that God will not allow us to be burdened or lift burden more than we can bear, but, unfortunately, we make some mistakes, which take us out of our contract, that is, out of coverage! This is because in this contract that we signed with God, we did not only sign our relationship with God. We also signed an eternal war against our enemy, the devil! When satan sees that a believer is violating the terms of the contract, he reports to God the transgression of the one who claims to be a believer. As a result, by not abiding by the terms of the contract, we tempt God and then the devil obtains a legal right against us, to afflict us, to persecute us and to destroy us! Specifically, he pointed out that what gives him authority over a person’s life is sin.

He added that many times we make plans in our lives without including God and that is why many times, our plans do not succeed because God cannot support the plans we have made on our own due to the contract we have signed. Our contract says that we were created to act with God, to plan with God, speak with God and live in harmony with His Word. We did not sign up to have protection and security for free in order to live our lives the way we want! But when we presume upon our own power and tempt satan to tempt us, we provoke God to withdraw His power and leave us to our own power… That explains why our burdens are sometimes more than we can bear and many times we experience situations that are outside of God’s will for our lives. He even stated that there is not enough physical or mental power to defeat the devil, because the devil is a spirit, so to defeat him we need spiritual power!

If we know the terms and conditions of the contract we have signed with the Lord, we will know that we cannot use the grace that God gives us for our personal benefit, but we can only use it when God sends us somewhere to do what He asked us to do! Through the message, the prophet’s purpose was to encourage the congregation and fill them with appreciation for the grace that God has given us over the years and to make the decision to become true Christians!

At the end of his message, he wanted to give the people of God the solution to stop tempting God! The solution, as he said, is to watch and pray so that we don’t fall into temptation. To watch, in fact, means to be careful to do the right thing. To know what the right thing is, however, we must today make God’s Word our guide for our life! And if we make a mistake, we must always remember that if the curse of imperfection hits, it is our responsibility to confess to God and receive His mercy, learn from it and keep on growing!


Mrs. Denisa came to SCOAN Thessalonica to testify of the goodness of God in her life! A few weeks ago she received a prophecy from Prophet Sorin. These were his words: “Forget about your past! The Lord brought you here to build your character and to fulfil His purpose in your life. Every time offence comes, forgive whether it’s from the past or from anywhere. Don’t hold it in your heart, so you can move forward. God loves you.”

A glimpse into Mrs. Denisa’s past explains why her prophecy was given as such: When she was born, her mother not wanting her, abandoned her to her grandparents. When she was approximately 2 years old, there was an accident where she was severely burned with boiling water. Though she was rushed to the doctors, her burns were so severe that doctors saw no chance for survival. With divine intervention and prayer, her condition was turned around, but life held more unpleasant surprises. At the age of 5 years, her grandparents, unable to support her education, sent her to an orphanage in hopes that the system would provide young Mrs. Denisa a better education and a better future.

Yet it was not easy for Mrs. Denisa, still a young girl back then, because she felt allthemore abandoned! She cried herself to sleep every night, sometimes she was unable to sleep, and she eventually became a rebellious child. She didn’t obey rules, and she had respect for no one. In time, when she started high school, this led to her skipping classes, smoking and finally quitting school altogether!

Running with the wrong crowd, she engaged in early sexual activities, drugs and alcohol. Nevertheless, none of those things gave her the joy she was missing, so she only continued smoking. The relationships she had with most boys would last for a few days or weeks, but as she was desperate to leave the orphanage, her plan was to get pregnant with the boy she was seeing for almost a year. Despite her daily effort to conceive, she was not able to, and the relationship eventually ended.

At 17 years she met her husband, though after 4 months they wanted to break up, an unexpected pregnancy changed their plans. Emotionally unstable, deeply affected in her self-esteem by early abandonment and rejection, she had no idea how she would support a child when she herself never experienced growing up in a healthy environment.

During these years, she did not know about God and she was not interested in learning about Him. Yet there was one Christian teacher at the orphanage, who often told the children stories about Jesus Christ and God. Having lost touch completely with her biological parents, and only knowing her grandparents, this woman assisted Mrs. Denisa in the capacity her parents could not, introducing her to having a relationship with God. As time passed, Mrs. Denisa developed a closer relationship with this woman and even started attending the church she was going to!

Although she kept in contact with her grandparents, they both passed away last year and Mrs. Denise was greatly grieved… Because they were the only family she had left, she again felt the onslaught of anger, abandonment, self-condemnation, and regret, even being affected in her dreams. Every day she experienced nightmares with them behaving strangely towards her! But God located her at the back of the congregation, seeing directly into her painful past, looking beyond it to point her to her bright future!

After that prophetic word, God gave Mrs. Denisa exactly what she was looking for! She stated that her life has undergone a complete transformation, as there is order where there was none, and her character is growing day by day! The confidence the Lord developed in her makes her feel like she can do anything! She expressed that she spends time in the Word of God daily, giving her stability and reformation. The nightmares are also a thing of the past! Now she can see herself serving the Giver of her blessing and helping people who are going through what she went through. Lastly, she promised, because of how profoundly God showed her His faithfulness, she too now wishes to be faithful to Him!

“Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.” – Psalms 27:10. Truly, God’s love knows no bounds, no matter our shameful past. He does not consult our past to determine our future – going to any length to prove He indeed loves us and keeping His promise to never abandon us!


It was a blessed day for Pastor Cyriacus who came from Croatia to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to see how God Almighty is working in the lives of people through His anointed prophets!

During the prayer line, the Holy Spirit, through the Prophet Sorin, spoke the following prophetic word: “God is disconnecting you from death, the spirit of death that is destroying your life and the life of your siblings! God Almighty will cut this connection now. You will be free from this and you will have breakthrough in your life from now on, in Jesus name! God loves you!”.

Pastor Cyriacus, began by saying that he graduated from his school 10 years ago and he could barely afford what he studied. Even the ministry he has is not working. Regarding that, people were not coming to church, and as a result his ministry was falling apart more and more…

In the tourism industry, where he also works in the summer, he was not achieving the number of sales he wanted and was forced to sell at prices that did not make a profit! This is why his business was not progressing as it should have, even though it could have been very profitable!

The spirit of death also had a great effect on his family, as his father and mother died at the age of 60. In fact, other members of his family died at exactly the same age, and this because of the sicknesses they were suffering from.

About his dreams, he mentioned seeing dead people. More specifically, he was seeing his dead parents and many other relatives and acquaintances who had passed away.

Filled with gratitude to God, he believes that freedom has come in his life and added that his promise to God Almighty is to be devoted to Him and give Him all the glory!

When Jesus Christ sets you free, then you are free indeed from every curse that the devil has created to destroy you! What a God we worship! What a Son we praise and what a future lies ahead!


Mrs. Katarina, originally from Germany, travelled to Greece to take part in the prayer line of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to receive a divine touch, so that she could be relieved of the issues that had been troubling her for years.

As she took part in the prayer line, the Spirit of God, through the man of God Sorin, located her and told her the following: I see negative thoughts, bad thoughts coming into your mind, and by these thoughts you get discouraged, worried, and it’s like you are moving in the same circle, you are not advancing, you are not moving. God Almighty will disconnect you today from all this cycle of worriedness, of disappointment, of evil thoughts, but your role is to renew your mind with the Word of God. It’s very important, so that you will be above your circumstances in everything you do in your life”.

Wanting to confirm the prophetic words that were given to her straight from Heaven, she said that for 13 years she had been suffering from depression. Her life was filled with insecurity, fear and negative thoughts that did not allow her to move forward, she was in a vain cycle with no way out.

Specifically, she confessed that during exam period, when the time of the practice came, she was flooded with negative thoughts, believing that she would not succeed, that she would fail, and as a result she could not relax, thinking negatively all day long and filling her mind with darkness!

This followed her later in her professional life. Whatever job she was hired for, she kept giving up. Whenever she would start something new, a wave of negative thoughts would come into her mind in order to create intense pressure, confusion and fear in her. Unable to manage this daily pressure, she became depressed, began to lack confidence and became very easily discouraged. The only relationships she could maintain with her colleagues were very formal. The negative thoughts, depression, fear, led her to insomnia, she could not relax at night and her only escape plan was to go to a doctor to find a solution. She was put on medication to deal with this problem, but it didn’t help her at all. Even her husband could not understand what she was experiencing. Her only hope was to come to Jesus Christ, the Great Healer and Deliverer!

After the prophetic word she received, Mrs. Katarina feels happy that Jesus Christ has located her and touched her life, giving her a permanent solution to her problems, and she promised that from now on she will study the Word of God daily so that her mind can be renewed with heavenly thoughts!

The way of life that God expects of us Christians is that of positive faith – that is, thinking positively, speaking positively, and acting positively!


As Mrs. Vandana came from the United Kingdom to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to experience the power of God, she felt truly blessed to feel His tangible presence during the service.

During the prayer line, Mrs. Vandana was privileged to receive a prophetic message from the Holy Spirit through the man of God Sorin. His words were as follows: “Sister, I see bad dreams, attacks through dreams which make you feel unworthy, discouraged and like nothing is moving on. Satan uses these means to attack you, but don’t despair, don’t worry! Now God has brought it to the light and He will separate you from this! Do your part and God will bless you for everything you are seeking, in Jesus’ mighty name!”.

At the end of the service, confirming that the prophetic message was true, Mrs. Vandana clarified that she did have bad dreams in which she would see herself naked and people laughing at her. She had also experienced a lot of rejection from her husband, all of which made her feel unworthy.

She stressed that although she has graduated with a major in computer science, having submitted her CV to various companies in her field, she has never had the opportunity to be called for an interview. She had submitted countless CVs over the past four years, but despite all of them she remained unemployed.

Then, Mrs. Vandana confessed that she was facing stagnation in her family life too! While she married her partner in 2009, she was unable to conceive until 2021. During that year, she managed to get pregnant but, unfortunately, she miscarried in the 6th week of her pregnancy! Although she and her husband invested £15,000 to be able to have a child, it was all in vain as she was unable to conceive again…

In addition, she shared the unique, special way in which God led her to come to SCOAN Thessalonica. Just three months ago, she heard a voice in her dream say the word “SCOAN”. She fell asleep again and heard a very clear whisper in her ear saying the same word, “SCOAN”. As she had never heard of the ministry, when she woke up, she immediately searched the word on Google and learned about the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica!

In the end, with deep gratitude, she expressed her gratitude for the prophecy she received, believing that God has delivered her from all that was holding her back. Moreover, she promised God that she will not return to her old way of living, but she will renew her life with God’s Word every day!

Whenever you face uncommon challenges, don’t despair! It may be to prepare you for the uncommon blessings that await you, because uncommon blessings always attract uncommon challenges. So, never let your challenges stop you from praying continuously, because God has already planned the solution!


Knowing that the negative thoughts that had possessed him and stolen peace from his heart were not normal, Mr. Tarisai travelled from Sweden to Greece to take part in the prayer line of the SCOAN Thessalonica!

While Prophetess Evgenia was praying for him, she said the following words to him: “I see negativity in your mind, ‘Things will not go well for me, one thing will not go well for me, another thing will not go well for me’. That stops you from moving forward in your life and it doesn’t come from you, it’s an attack from the devil, because you are not that kind of person. You like to be happy, you like to have a good time. From today on, the negative thoughts will stop!”.

Indeed, as he later confirmed, he was characterised by negativity. The reason for this was the fact that in his workplace his colleagues did not take his professional opinion seriously. This was something that affected him greatly!

In particular, he began to wonder if he was good enough for the job, or if there was something wrong with him. As a result, he lost his confidence and felt inferior to others.

Because of that, the fear of losing his job at any moment was in his mind and it prevented him from making plans for his future.

The prophecy he received through the Prophetess, however, was able to put an end to the negativity and bring joy back into his life! Now, Mr. Tarisai believes that the best is yet to come for him and he promised the Lord to remain faithful to Him!

Even if people reject you, God will never reject you! You are not who people say you are, you are who God says you are and you can do what God says you can do!

The following pictures prove that Jesus Christ never said goodbye but still reveals Himself powerfully to all those who came to Him with faith and a humble heart!

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