The Sunday Service on 12 September 2021 started with prayer and continued with hymns of praise, in a glorious atmosphere of worship. The hearts of the attendees were filled with the presence of God, as the atmosphere was highly charged with the anointing of God!


Later on, the man of God Harry preached in simple words a profound message entitled, “STOP BEING A VICTIM”, which deeply touched everybody’s heart aiming at taking our lives to a higher level. He began by stating that some of us have the habit of always blaming our failures and mistakes on others, and we do so using the language or the vocabulary of a victim. However, he explained that our life cannot go beyond what we think of ourselves, because as he said, “When you think like a victim, talk like a victim, act like a victim and hang out with victims, you will never stop being a victim!”.


In an effort to make his words perfectly understood, he read the story of Peter’s encounter with Jesus Christ, from the Book of Luke 5:1-11, “[…] he said to Simon, ‘Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch’. Simon answered, ‘Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets’. […] And Then Jesus said to Simon, ‘Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people’ […]”. This example clearly shows us that although Peter initially spoke the language of a victim, he made the decision to focus on the Word of Jesus Christ, obeying the instruction in righteousness that He had given him and not his inability to catch fish. Thus, he ended up finding the solution to his problem, as well as his calling, God’s purpose for his life! So, we understand that your focus is your personal decision and determines your success or failure in your life!

Then, encouraging us all, Prophet Harry said, “That you are disappointed today does not mean you cannot win tomorrow! Because no situation in this world is permanent!”. However, he stressed that we all need instruction in righteousness in our lives. We need to encounter Jesus Christ in order for our lives to have meaning, purpose and goal. To do so, we must identify that thing on the inside of us which we need to overcome in order to reach Jesus. If we do not overcome it, we will not be able to apply God’s Word or what Jesus Christ tells us. In Peter’s case, those things that kept him from reaching Jesus were frustration and fear of another failure, which he overcame by obeying the instruction in righteousness that Jesus Christ gave him and by doing the opposite of what his fear and frustration dictated.

In addition, the man of God stated that there is a higher purpose for which God created us all! He created us to make a difference in this world! However, the day we decide to follow God’s purpose for our lives, like Peter, we should know that we will face difficulties and challenges. But when we are men of vision, our challenge will be a tonic to our success! Because a man of vision does not give up, while a man without vision is a man without direction.

Concluding his message, the man of God advised those with vision to protect their vision and their dream, and he revealed how they can do this, by saying, To protect your dream, you need to stop the language or the vocabulary of a victim”. So, he encouraged us all to stop speaking the language of the victim and start speaking the language of the overcomer! Therefore, stop focusing on your problem and start focusing on the Word of God!



If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever! The testimony of Mrs. Gatsimbanyi Claudine is once more tangible proof that Jesus Christ continues to perform miracles and change the lives of people today!

The chronic and very painful stomach problem, the anemia and the family problem she faced made Mrs. Gatsimbanyi persistently seek God’s intervention. Thus, in 2018 she traveled from France to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to take part in the prayer line. As she came with faith in God Almighty, she received a touch that changed her life forever!

On Sunday, 12 September 2021, Mrs. Gatsimbanyi returned to honor Jesus Christ and to encourage the people of God with her testimony! Describing her state of health, she said that for more than 15 years she suffered daily from very severe stomach pain to the point that she could not accept food or eat many meals! She ate only one meal a day, which took up to 10 hours to digest! If during these hours she tried to eat another meal, then she would have severe meteorism and would feel so much discomfort that it would take many hours for the symptoms to subside! Due to this, she reduced the meals during the day to one, as a result of which she lost a lot of weight in the long run.

In addition, all these years, every morning when she woke up, she vomited a substantial amount of blood that accumulated in her stomach during the night! Because of this daily blood loss, she developed anemia with very low levels of iron in her blood! The anemia made her feel very weak and exhausted, causing her difficulty to keep up with her daily activities. She felt exhausted even going for a walk! As a result of this long-term state of her health, she was emotionally drained, always in a bad mood, causing her to argue with her children. She continually felt depressed and often quarreled with her family members. All these years she followed the medication regimen given to her by doctors, taking many pills during the day and even more at night. However, she had not found a permanent solution to her problem. Amid this horrible situation, she decided to come to the SCOAN and take part in the prayer line.


Immediately after the prayer, her changes were radical! All the symptoms that had been ailing her for 15 years, began to subside! Within the first month after the prayer, her chronic stomach ache, meteorism and discomfort disappeared completely! Her appetite is back, and she now eats three meals a day without any discomfort! Also, the bleeding stopped and the anemia disappeared, as the levels of iron in her blood are now back to normal! At the same time, her mood changed and her attitude towards her family improved! Now she is enjoying her health and her restored relationship with God!

In addition to this miraculous healing that Mrs. Gatsimbanyi received, she also received other answers to her prayers while the man of God prayed for her! Specifically, on the prayer line, she was holding a photo of her son who had left home 4 years ago, and she had lost touch with him. Because she had not come in touch with him, she was very worried and contacted the police. To her great surprise, immediately after receiving prayer, she tried to call her son and not only did he answer the phone, but also returned home to her! Mrs. Gatsimbanyi continued by sharing another miracle God performed but this time in the heart of her ex-husband! Her ex-husband had a child, whom he had not seen or accepted for the last 30 years. So, after the prayer that Mrs. Gatsimbanyi received, for the glory of God, his heart changed and he decided to meet his child for the first time, and finally acknowledge paternity!

Closing her testimony, with a heart full of gratitude, Mrs. Gatsimbanyi advised the people of God to seek His face and ask for prayer from a true man of God! She also promised to live in the Word of God and sin no more!

Your prayers of many years are not lost! The Great Healer is still Alive and His name is Jesus Christ!



Ms. Dimitrova Krasimira from the United Kingdom felt complete freedom when the man of God Harry laid his hands on her at the prayer line, setting her free from the bondage that tormented her soul. On Sunday, 12 September 2021, when this prayer took place, Ms. Krasimira’s life changed once and for all!

Attendees who have been watching God’s power work wonders since morning, glorified God when another unclean spirit manifested inside of Ms. Krasimira, who was unsuspectingly waiting to receive prayer. “I killed her, I killed her ministry, I took everything from her! She only wants to serve God. I entered her through fear!”, said the evil spirit as he confessed his vicious and destructive works. Then the man of God cast out the demon inside of her, in the name of Jesus Christ!


Ms. Krasimira, thankful to God that did not pass her by, confirmed the words of the unclean spirit and explained the problems she had in the past from which she is now free! According to her, she spent many years having various diseases in her body and not being able to walk. This made her fearful and considered herself incapable of doing anything on her own and, as a result, had to constantly seek the help of others. Specifically, she was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease of lupus in 2011 and for 4 years she had to do certain injections to be able to survive.

In 2015, as if that were not enough, he was diagnosed with diabetes after vomiting blood and undergoing a series of tests. She started her medication consisting of insulin injections and pills, however, instead of feeling better as expected, this treatment made her feel awful, as she started to swell, gain weight, feel nervous having severe pain all over the body and could not sleep at night. She also suffered from a fungal infection, which caused her severe pain and discomfort, causing her to complain. At the same time, she was constantly unhappy and alone, as her social life no longer existed and her circle had rejected her. She could not sleep, as she suffered from insomnia and generally saw no future in her life.

Confirming that the unclean spirit “killed” her ministry, she described that since she was a little girl she enjoyed singing hymns to God while playing the piano. She feels that every time she sings hymns of worship to God, Heaven descends to earth! Although she tried to integrate into various ecclesiastical settings, her ministry was not accepted.

Wanting to confirm that the devil took everything from her, she described that in addition to health problems, sadness and loneliness, she lived for years in a basement with mice, unable to support a better quality of life, as she had no money at all. A man who entered her life sowed fear in her heart every day, as she kept telling her that she had no job, no money and that she was constantly ill. From then on, fear entered her and her whole life began to go backward. Initially she lost her job and in the process she lost everything else.

As a highlight of all, two weeks before visiting the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Thessaloniki, she was diagnosed with chickenpox, which caused her intense itching! Rebelling against the diseases and pain that frustrated her, Ms. Krasimira decided to ask for a discharge from the doctors, in order to travel to be in the presence of God, telling them, “It’s either freedom or death!”.

Now, after the prayer she received, she feels freedom, Heaven in her heart and the peace of God in her! She promises to always sing about the Lord Jesus Christ, here on earth, but also in Heaven!


Mr. Francisco traveled from Vienna to attend the Sunday Service at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 12 September 2021. He came by faith to receive God’s blessing in his life and indeed, his expectations were fulfilled! The Holy Spirit exposed satan’s vicious plan for him and set him free so that he may enjoy in peace the life God gave him!

More specifically, while the man of God Harry was praying for the international visitors of the church in the prayer line, the Spirit of God revealed to him that the spirit of death was tormenting Mr. Francisco. The man of God then prophesied: “Pray against the spirit of death. Death is tormenting you! Dead people are visiting you! If you do not disconnect from the spirit of death, then your life will end soon!”. In shock, Mr. Francisco intervened to confirm the prophetic word he received. “I hear voices!”, he exclaimed – “They tell me that I am going to die!”. Then, guided by the Holy Spirit, the man of God prayed for him, and after rebuking the unclean spirit which was tormenting him, he declared him free for the glory of God!

Shortly after, Mr. Francisco explained in detail how every night he was suffering from voices that were intimidating him, telling him that he was going to die and, in fact, that he was going to die next year! When he finally managed to sleep, his suffering continued; he was plagued by nightmares in which he kept seeing dead members of his family!

God’s intervention in his life and the deliverance the Most High gave him was a priceless gift for him! Filled with gratitude, he promised to follow God for the rest of the life of freedom that He secured for him!

To God be the glory for the new life he received in the presence of the Lord!


On 12 September 2021, Mrs. Patricia Latham visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to receive prayer from the man of God Harry. Filled with expectations that God would intervene, she stood in the prayer line to receive an anointed touch.


As the man of God approached to pray for her, she lost control of her body, she started to shake and felt like she could not speak anymore. Soon after, an evil spirit started to manifest, saying, “I destroyed her! I destroyed everything, her ministry, her marriage! She has nothing to show! I entered her through the spirit of hatred!” Afterward, the man of God called upon the mighty name of Jesus Christ, rebuked the unclean spirit and declared her free!


As Mrs. Latham wished to expose everything the unclean destroyed in her life, she wanted to give more details on how the enemy had been destroying her life from a young age. She grew up in an environment where everyone was into witchcraft, idolatry and the spirit of death. Therefore, the demons they worshipped were destroying both her and her sibling’s lives.

Later on, during her adulthood in 2003, she started a ministry in Uganda, Africa, and in 2004 another one in Denmark. Although, unfortunately, this unclean spirit that was inside of her ruined her ministries. None of them fulfilled the purpose of their establishment. There was conflict, hostility and hatred among the members of one church, while members of the other slowly began to move away. Moreover, she expressed a lot of anger towards the members of her ministry, her family and anyone she thought offended her in general. She nurtured hatred towards them to such a degree that if someone needed prayer, she would refuse to pray for them.

Furthermore, her marriage had failed as her husband abused her for many years. The violence was so intense that at one point he threatened her with a gun! Even though they separated, she was constantly seeing nightmares of him chasing her in order to kill her, while other dreams were filled with dead people. She tried to remarry many times but, sadly, she would always fail.

She tried to do many great things in general, such as opening an orphanage and a school, which she did manage to achieve, yet eventually, she had to shut them both down. Any project she began, would fail. Also, though she purchased a house and cars, she lost everything along the way! Everything confirmed that, indeed, the unclean spirit ruined everything in her life. She had nothing to show in all areas of her life, while now, after all her efforts, she works as a cleaning lady!

Now, after the prayer she received, she expresses with joy that she feels free and that a weight has been lifted off of her! She believes everything that has been ruining her life has come to an end and from now on a new future is going to unfold for her!

No one can grow without challenges and opposition. Whatever you are facing today is not meant to destroy you, but to keep you for a new level in life!

In the following photos, you can take a glimpse of the prayer line as people from all over the world defied every obstacle and came with an open heart to God’s faith, ready to receive His grace in abundance by exchanging every kind of problem with healing, freedom and the blessings of God in their lives!

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