The people of God experienced another amazing Sunday as the worship team sang hymns to Him and the atmosphere was highly charged with His presence! People from all parts of the world opened their hearts to the Creator, worshipping Him in faith and truth!

This was followed by a revealing message entitled “STOP DELAYING YOUR SUCCESS!”, through which the man of God Stavros delivered valuable lessons to the congregation, thus touching their hearts. In particular, he began the message by analysing two categories of people.

The first category consists of people who are satisfied with their lives and with their achievements. They believe that they have reached the point God wants them to be, and that they don’t need to accomplish anything else.

The second category consists of people who know that God Almighty has something great for them! However, they have not yet come to the place where God wants them to be. They have not yet reached God’s purpose for their lives. Not only that, but it seems that they are dangerously late. Why the second category is dangerously late was the Prophet’s question to the audience. Because, he replied, the Word of God teaches us that delay brings disappointment, and disappointment leads to resignation!

He furthermore added that many Christians today belong to this category. Others have already given up on their calling, the dream they had for their lives, while some are still on the path for years. What, however, is the reason for this delay, this procrastination? He mentioned that the biggest reason is a lack of knowledge! The biggest problem is that we have not been properly informed regarding the dream, the calling we want to achieve as children of God. This is because we are r most impatient generation, so we are not interested in the process, but in the results. The Word of God teaches us that no matter your past, life does not completely close the door to opportunity!

Next, he read from the Book of Genesis 37:23, “So when Joseph came to his brothers, they stripped him of his robe the ornate robe he was wearing; [… ] So when the Midianite merchants came by, his brothers pulled Joseph up out of the cistern and sold him for twenty shekels of silver to the Ishmaelites, who took him to Egypt.”. The servant of God also read from Genesis 39:1: “Now Joseph had been taken down to Egypt. Potiphar, an Egyptian who was one of Pharaoh’s officials, the captain of the guard, bought him from the Ishmaelites who had taken him there. […] Joseph found favor in his eyes and became his attendant. Potiphar put him in charge of his household, and he entrusted to his care everything he owned. […] When his master heard the story his wife told him, saying, ‘This is how your slave treated me,’ he burned with anger.  Joseph’s master took him and put him in prison, the place where the king’s prisoners were confined. […] So the warden put Joseph in charge of all those held in the prison, and he was made responsible for all that was done there”.

The man of God Stavros said that while Joseph was a young boy called by God to become great, life held in store a contradictory surprise for him. This was because when God is executing His plan in our lives, He also designs and arranges events which will continue to unfold until His purpose is revealed. It was not pleasant for Joseph to leave the warm embrace of his father and be confronted with the harsh face of society, let alone slavery. Nevertheless, he took it in good faith because he understood that there are lessons that only life can teach you! In other words, there were lessons he would never have been able to learn while in his father’s arms. No man is ready to be used by God, but we all need training, the man of God emphasised!

In fact, he said there are millions of people who are educated, trained and skilled, and yet, their dreams are crushed on the rock of unemployment and temptation daily. He pointed out that knowledge and education are not success, but they are means to success! Money is not success, but it is a means to success. And what is success? How does real success come into our lives as children of God? He revealed that in order for success to come in your life, you need God’s education, God’s university! In the university of God, however brilliant you may be, you will not be given double promotion. You must take every course because each course serves a purpose!

Joseph had management and administration skills and he stood for what he believed; nevertheless, he knew there was a greater lesson God wanted to teach him, which was the lesson of character. Character is the first priority for the destination you are going to! Without the character of Jesus Christ, the Prophet stated, success will destroy you. So, he especially emphasised that in order to maintain God’s gift, we need God’s character! God wants to prepare you before He leads you to war so that you don’t explode, break, and lose everything. God’s character is a holy character!

He further pointed out that the elements that reflect the character of God are patience, perseverance and endurance. These are the tools you need to maintain your position, and your success as a child of God! He also asked the following question: “How do we build God’s character?”. He gave the answer through Romans 5:3, “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance”. It becomes evident that unpleasant situations discipline us and improve our Christian character, thus making us better disciples in Christ. If you want to build holy character, you must go through trials and challenges. You will literally have to go through fire, just as the heroes of faith went through! Because what it takes gold to be gold is what it takes you to be a Christian.

In closing, he revealed two valuable lessons that we should hold in our hearts. The first lesson is that we need to stop quitting! Because victory in Christ Jesus is not for those who quit, but for those who endure! There is nothing you can’t do because Jesus Christ empowers you! Moreover, the second lesson is that you must change your confession! If you want to make it, from today on, the word “not” must be taken out of your mind! Because your life will never rise higher than the level of your thoughts and words! Every time you say: “It cannot be done”, your success is telling you: “It cannot be done!”. Every time you confess negatively, you take steps backward! If you make the decision today to follow these lessons, your success is only a matter of time! God has promised to help you in your difficulty, in your weakness, but you don’t give Him the opportunity to prove it to you, because you quit! If you stop quitting today, you will see God’s hand in your life!


This young woman’s testimony is proof that even though everything seems to be lost, even though there is seemingly no hope, Jesus Christ was, is, and will be the Hope to all who come to Him with a sincere heart!

Ms. Eleni from Thessalonica, after receiving a prophetic word from the woman of God, Eugenia, decided to give her testimony for the glory of God! The word spoken by the prophetess was as follows: “There is something you are hiding in your heart. You must give your testimony so that breakthrough can come. There is a testimony you need to give and you have not done so during these years. Once you give that testimony, know that a lot of people will be saved and know that there will be a breakthrough in your personal life, that is, your mind will change, your heart will change and there will be a breakthrough in your calling! So, do it! If you obey this instruction, you will see what a change there will be!” So, Ms. Eleni wasted no time and stood before the congregation to praise God for His immense mercy in her life!

She began by mentioning that the devil had been trying to kill her from a very young age. For example, one day as a child, as she was crossing the street, she was hit by a motorbike and as a result, she lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital. In addition, she stated that she was born at 11 months of pregnancy, in the course of her life she had complications, namely severe stomachache to the point that she could not rest and she was hospitalised twice. The second time she was hospitalised for 3 weeks and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Because of this, she also used to faint frequently. Although she was treated with medication, there was no improvement in her health. In an attempt to resolve this issue, her grandmother approached a witch doctor who prepared a herbal concoction for her. Once again, there was no change for the better… Ms. Eleni reached the age of 10-11 and had already been taking pills and various other remedies for years, with her problem remaining…

The satanic activity in her life didn’t stop there, though. One day, as she was sitting quietly in her room, suddenly a voice told her to dig a hole in the wall and eat the cement! Until then, she had no desire to do so, yet, she became addicted to the extent that she ate cement daily and many times she would put it in her food, school bag or purse!

She used sharp objects such as knives to dig holes in the wall which were getting bigger and bigger. At some point, when her parents realised what was happening, they were filled with sorrow and tried to help her by closing these holes. Yet, it was in vain since she was opening the holes again!

Eating cement every day caused her to argue with her parents and cry constantly! She was ashamed of this action, she wanted to be isolated and under no circumstances did she want her friends to know about this destructive habit of hers. She also mentioned that due to this habit she got constipation and severe head and stomach aches.

The sadness and condemnation had so invaded her mind that she was filled with suicidal thoughts. Prominent examples of these were the knife marks on her hands and the voice urging her to eat cement. She once came very close to causing her to fall from the 4th floor! 

The action of the enemy in her life continued without stopping. Having reached the age she was able to work, she and a friend of hers started smoking cannabis. One particular time, because of her excessive use, she almost went mad! Because she was so thirsty due to the use of cannabis, she took water from the shops without paying, and her friend would run after her to pay.

In addition, Ms. Eleni worked as a barwoman. She was not able to manage the money she earned properly, also she could only be in a good mood at work by drinking alcohol. However, in the morning when she returned home, she was in a bad state and vomited. As it was normal, she had forgotten what university was all about, having not attended a single class for 2 whole years.

Then her sister, Ms. Katerina, started talking about her view of the situation. She stated that her sister had a palpable and intense presence in their home. Many times, she would come home smelling the smoke of cigarettes, while other times she would not even come back home! Her family didn’t know where she was, so Ms. Katerina would text her to see if she was alive! She also begged her parents to let her in when she came back in a bad state due to alcohol and cannabis!

For her part, Ms. Helen said that one day she reluctantly came to church to receive a prayer from the man of God Harry, but at the last minute, she was ashamed of her problem, left the church and did not want to come back. Although over time and as she saw how God was blessing her family members who attended the services, she would come to church even for a short time and listen to the man of God Harry’s sermons. After a conversation with him, hope was born in her for the first time that her life could change!

The bad habits did not stop, however. One day, as she had run out of money, an acquaintance suggested that she should sleep with a man to earn money. Upon hearing this, she was extremely grieved due to the fact that she stooped so low and, so, she tried to commit suicide again!

At the urging of her sister, she contacted Prophet Harry who suggested that she leaves her old life and become a disciple in the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica! Ms. Eleni did as the servant of God instructed and today, 5 years later, she is enjoying a life of hope, joy, and contentment! Every addiction and every physical and psychological pain belong now to the oblivion of the past, with her seeing her future bright and resuming her studies!

Ms. Eleni’s mother, Mrs. Rosemary, with apparent happiness on her face, confirmed that what she heard from her daughters is true. She added that when they learned about their daughter’s addiction, they tried to keep it hidden from the people around them and prayed to God to help them. A friend of Mrs. Rosemary’s at one point introduced her to the man of God. One day, after a heated argument at home between Ms. Eleni and her mother, the latter contacted the man of God and, after a collective understanding, Ms. Helen began her discipleship under the Prophet!

Finally, after the Lord’s saving interventions in her life, Ms. Eleni promised to live for His glory from now on and she advised believers to involve the Lord in their lives to overcome their weaknesses and addictions!

It is evident once again that no matter how great your sins may be, they can be forgiven, no matter how much you may think your life is over, God will never close the door to you because Jesus Christ is the Way where there is no way! Glory to His name!


Mr. Royal from the Netherlands came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica to testify how the power of Jesus Christ worked in his life! Having visited a few months ago to receive prayer from the man of God Harry while he participated in the prayer line, he received a message directly from the throne of God’s mercy and grace, saying: “The spirit of death is chasing you. Did you know that the spirit of death was chasing you? God has delivered you today, you and your family are free. Now how can you maintain what you received? Because anyone can receive a deliverance, but not anyone can maintain it, live the rest of your life for the glory of God!” Clearly happy and excited about what he experienced on that blessed day, he gave all the glory to God for the changes he sees in his life!

He began by saying that before he visited the church, he would see himself falling from a tall building in the dream. Every time he drove to work, he felt that he was going to have an accident. He kept thinking that something bad was going to happen to him! Since he works as a professional rugby player, he thought he would get hurt somewhere and never be able to play again!

He always experienced a lot of disappointment in his life, in terms of his profession and his relationships with people. In fact, his partner with whom he had been together for three years decided to leave him for no particular reason!

Not being able to cope with this situation, he decided to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica where the anointing of God located him and he was not able to control his body or his mind during prayer! The moment Prophet Harry declared him free, he felt an indescribable relief!

So, after the prayer, what God did for Mr. Royal cannot be explained by human mind! Every day, God began to give him ideas on how he should go about his life. So, one day a voice inside him told him that he should do something different. It told him that he should open a clothing business! As the federation he played rugby for had a large-scale company, every year there were some clothes left over that could not be sold again. With God on his side, he decided to ask the person in charge to be able to take these clothes and sell them in Africa. Not sure if he was right to ask the person in charge, he waited for his answer! After a few days the manager contacted him and decided to give him 35,000 clothes to sell!

Mr. Royal currently has three stores in Africa and each container he sends there is worth 1.4 million euros! Words cannot describe how he feels! He advised the children of God to always help their fellowman because it is one of the criteria for receiving God’s blessings. Lastly, he promised to continue praying and seeking the face of God!

Even if every force of darkness is conspiring against you to destroy you, when Jesus Christ says “Yes” to your success, “Yes” to your blessing, no one can say “No”! Blessed be the name of Him who makes us triumph through His love and His ultimate sacrifice!


Mr. John from Germany, during his visit to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, had the special honour of receiving a double prophecy from two men of God. The man of God Stavros first had the following prophetic word for Mr. John: “This problem you are facing is a generational curse. If you trace it, other people in your family have had the same problem. You should pray against all these generational chains. Not only that. You need to take care of yourself and your diet, because you are a human being, you are not a machine! You cannot just eat anything and live in any way you want. Today is the end of all these problems!”. Afterwards, Mr. John received a prophecy from the Holy Spirit through the man of God Sorin: “God will give you breakthrough in the areas of your dreams. Bad dreams will stop. The attacks in your dreams will stop. God will give you breakthrough now, grace, as you have come here seeking His face. But keep His Word and build up your spiritual life, it is very important. Do not be discouraged when the enemy attacks again, but be able to stand up, it is very important!”.

Mr. John wanted to confirm the prophetic words given to him, saying that, indeed, in his family, many of his relatives suffered from type 2 diabetes, including an uncle of his – who died because of it last year – and his brothers and sisters, who either suffer from it already or are on the verge of getting it. His family is also plagued by several other serious diseases, such as his sister, who had a stroke due to hypertension and she has an artificial kidney. She has to undergo hemodialysis daily and she is completely immobilised now… Furthermore, one of his brothers also had a stroke due to hypertension and another brother of his died because of it… All of this led him to seek the face of God, as he realised that something like this could not be accidental, but it was a problem of spiritual background.

As a missionary himself, a believer in Jesus Christ and the prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit, he believes that these prophetic messages brought healing, blessing, and breakthrough in his life and he declared that he will return to Thessaloniki to give his testimony of God’s miraculous intervention in his own life, as well as in the lives of his close relatives who will never be the same again! Finally, he expressed his desire to be a member and a supporter of this ministry, while he promises to serve Jesus Christ completely and for the rest of his life!

As the Word of God says in Isaiah 53:5, Jesus Christ came here on earth for the sake of our salvation and He was punished for us and by His wounds, we were healed!


The presence of God was the destination of the couple, Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Rebecca, who came from the United States of America to become partakers of God’s grace. As they honoured Jesus Christ with their faith, God honoured them by giving them a word sent from Heaven through His prophet!

As the man of God Harry was praying for the congregation during the laying of hands, when the time came for him to pray for Mrs. Rebecca, he said to her: “Many years back, you thought it was a joke, but it is not a joke. Many years back, I see you were into astrology, stars, and horoscope and many people see it as a joke. This is serious because there are evil spirits connected to such practices… How can the stars affect your decision? You are a free moral agent, God has given you the freedom of choice! If you choose good, good things will happen to you. If you choose evil, bad things will happen to you. You don’t need a star to tell you that if you are a certain star sign, in the month of November, this bad thing will happen to you. This is witchcraft! It’s not a good thing, it is satan who plans evil for us, and even when they tell you that something good will happen to you, when satan gives you something with his left hand, at the same time, he will take something that your life depends on with his right hand. You need to cancel all of this. You need to pray and say, ‘God, forgive me for what I have done and for how I got involved in this witchcraft!’. The fact that you were ignorant does not make you free. The Bible says, ‘my people are perishing because of lack of knowledge, because of ignorance’. You need to say, ‘God, forgive me for what I have done’. Because, through you, other people were affected by it”. The servant of God did not stop there, and he gave a prophecy to her husband, Mr. Daniel: “The spirit of death is attacking you from time to time. The spirit of death, you dream about people who have died, they come in your sleep to visit you, they play with you, they give you food, and this is not a good thing. Satan has been planning to take your life. As I’m telling you this, this is the end of it! So, you need to be more prayerful. You used to pray a lot in the past, but your prayer now is weak, you need to get stronger in prayer”.

After the service, Ms. Rebecca took the floor first and confirmed the prophetic message she received, confessing that it was true. As she said, she never realised that astrology was the cause of many problems in her life. She said that she had been involved in astrology for about 20 years. This caused setback in her life and prevented many good things from happening to her. She gave an example from her professional field, for which she said that while she had several good jobs, she kept losing them.

Along with the prophetic message that Ms. Rebecca received, she also received an instruction in righteousness, which was that she should seek forgiveness from God. As she said, as soon as she was instructed by the man of God, she started asking for God’s forgiveness in her life.

From his side, Mr. Daniel confessed that the spirit of death was truly tormenting him and that the prophetic word was accurate.

He pointed out that during this year in particular, he had some dreams in which the devil gave him a piece of paper and a pen to sign his death certificate. Additionally, for several months, he was seeing dead people from his family in his dreams and this was affecting him very negatively. More specifically, he was seeing his sister who passed away prematurely and his son who died at the age of 28 from a drug overdose.

He also mentioned the part where the man of God told him that he wasn’t praying enough anymore and he said it was true. He used to pray and draw strength and confidence from prayer, yet, during the last eight months he was feeling that there was a barrier and the quality time he was devoting to prayer was significantly reduced.

With inexpressible gratitude for the spiritual awakening she received, Mrs. Rebecca promised God Almighty to follow Him and sin no more from now on, while Mr. Daniel stated that he is especially happy that God answered his prayer, and at the same time he promised to glorify God for the rest of his life!

No one can be in a place before God. He is always one step ahead. He knows our mistakes, our transgressions, our sins, even if we have committed them before God came into our lives. Today, let us ask for God’s forgiveness for every sin we have committed, consciously or unconsciously, so that the Holy Spirit may cleanse us from every wrongdoing we have committed before God.

In the photos below, we see visitors from all over the world who came to experience a divine touch that would mark a new beginning in their relationship with God!

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