Каждое слово Бога дано с определенной целью! Во время просмотра вы увидите, как раскрывается корень проблем сегодняшнего поколения, с целью изменения истории мира! Помните, Иисус Христос пришел положить конец нашему прошлому и дать начало светлому будущему!

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Nowadays, so many people suffer from all kinds of sicknesses, but when we hear the word “cancer”, all the worst scenarios come to mind! Constant pain, suffering, fear… It seems ...that the end is inevitable! Such was the life of this woman ever since she diagnosed with this problem. However, no matter what the doctors said, Jesus Christ had the FINAL say on her life!

Although she was filled with uncertainty for her future, her world was forever transformed when she and her daughter received not one, not two, but three prophetic words! Through these divine messages, God disclosed the root cause of their troubles, and also sparked a newfound hope in them, as He is in control of every situation!

As you witness the impossible becoming possible, listen to God’s revelation carefully, as it comes filled with the wisdom of God, and receive it in your own life, in Jesus’ mighty name!

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