The Sunday gathering on the prayer mountain was once again exciting! Believers gathered to worship the one and only God Almighty, and the Lord revealed Himself mightily by putting an end to the problems of His children!

In the course of the service, evangelist Sorin took the floor with his insightful message, “PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY”, which was intended to awaken the crowd. First of all, he stressed that various statistics show Christianity as the main religion in the world. Based on this, he wondered why Jesus Christ, with just a few disciples, spiritually shook the nation of Israel and the surrounding areas, while the “light” of Christians today does not positively affect the world. Thus, he explained that a man can confess to be a Christian with his mouth, but not with his heart. That is, many proclaim their faith in Christ, go to church every Sunday, yet their actions prove otherwise!


The evangelist used the words of our Lord in Matthew 7:21-24 where it is written: “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. […] Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock”, in order to encourage believers to become practical Christians; in other words, to act under the guidance of the Spirit. Christianity is not a religion, he pointed out, but it is a relationship with God, and the prerequisite for a living relationship with our Creator is the attitude of our hearts.

He then also emphasised on the character of man, stressing that when the world sees God’s children, they must see who they represent, because God wants to show His character in a world without moral principles. A child of God, therefore, needs to engage his heart with the Word of God that he read attentively, slowly and repeatedly and it will begin to influence his conduct and character.

Furthermore, the evangelist emphasized that God has given His Church the power to save, heal and deliver, using suitable men. Yet, for God’s children to attract and accommodate all rights and privileges in Christ, their capacity to believe must be strong! When we learn to use the name of Jesus Christ according to the Word of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we will have the secret that shook the whole world through the Apostles!

Finally, the evangelist encouraged the congregation to follow the direction of their calling and this will be done by taking direction from the Word of God. Then, we will surprise ourselves and make a difference in our world!



A truly unique case of the miraculous power of the prophetic word, which is able to give the perfect solution to every problem, in God’s time, is that of Ms. Nadia from Thessaloniki!

The prophetic word given to her by the man of God Harry is as follows: “As I was praying for you, the Lord showed me that you have a problem with your menstruation. It never comes on time, it is confusing. Your menstrual cycle is not right and this affects your hormones… It’s a mess! One day you may be very happy, the next day you may be sad and psychologically down. It’s not your fault! The Lord reveals this so that I tell you, so that you will be aware that the problem comes from there and it is not psychological. This happens because your menstrual cycle is confusing. As we will pray now, the Lord will make it right, and it will come on time”.


Touched by the prophetic word that radically changed her life, Ms. Nadia confirmed that it was absolutely true, as from the age of 10, when her period first started to occur, she was facing serious complications! She mentioned that her period was irregular from the very beginning and in her teenage years, in fact, she suffered a lot with this problem, as she had very heavy bleeding, to the point of staining her underwear, pajamas, sheets -even her bed mattress. This worried both her and her mother a lot… Furthermore, her period was accompanied by very intense pains, sometimes unbearable nausea, lethargy, while she slept for many hours, hoping that the pain would be more bearable when she woke up… The duration of her cycle could reach up to 10 full days. As a result, she had her period for almost half a month, and the rest of the time she was constantly on the alert!

As if all this was not enough, Ms. Nadia was experiencing weight fluctuations, suffered from acne and iron deficiency, for which she needed to take supplements… Also, she said that while she was an excellent student, she did not want to go to school during her period, she found it difficult to get out of bed and move because of the pain. She would get cold, she couldn’t participate in class aas she normally did, she didn’t come out for breaks, and she was always wearing a hood and was huddled up. She wondered why all this was happening to her, and said she felt unlucky, as she saw other girls having much more comfortable periods, short in duration, with no pain… So, she was experiencing emotional ups and downs, and while she was generally a very cheerful person, during her period she became hypersensitive, irritable, and didn’t understand why meaningless things were stealing her joy and making her so sad… There were times when she cried non-stop, felt like she was sinking and had a hard time recovering.

Plagued by these problems on a daily basis, at 17 she decided to undergo a clinical examination to investigate the issue further. However, she did not want to take medication, and tried to deal with her problem in alternative ways, such as bed rest or hot water bottles. Since the problem did not seem to regulate itself, she finally visited a gynaecologist and underwent hormonal tests, the conclusion of which was that one of the four reproductive hormones in a woman, called progesterone, was three times the normal value! So the doctors recommended she take birth control pills to regulate her cycle, her emotional mood and her acne. But despite the seriousness of her condition, she refused to take medication for life, which would probably cause her additional problems… Hence, the situation got worse and worse.


Ms. Nadia, not knowing the root of her problem and surrendered to her fate, she decided to continue living with her problem, as she was already used to this torturous and isolated way of life…

As Ms. Nadia, now an adult, was trying to move on with her life, this issue was also causing her problems in terms of work! She could not be consistent at work because of her erratic cycle and the aforementioned problems that accompanied her period, and she would either ask for an emergency leave from work, or she would go to work and have to return home because she was unable to complete her hours! She did not discuss her health condition with anyone, except her mother, who had been going through it with her, all these years. She had also disclosed the problem to her job manager, so that she would not be asked to lift weights while on her period… Her whole life revolved around this soul-crushing problem…

Ms. Nadia wanted to share that, a few months before the prophecy, she had had a particularly disturbing dream: she was a patient in a gynecology clinic, and the doctor was performing an operation on her genitals, holding her ovaries in her hand! This dream filled her with fear and anxiety… From that moment on, her period began to be interrupted, her flow became significantly reduced, which made her think that she was entering premature menstruation… Although she wanted to visit a doctor, she left the matter in God’s hands…

The moment the Holy Spirit spoke to her, through the man of God Harry, she remembered the dream, and felt the prophetic words as if it was a magnet that pulled the problem she had been carrying for 25 years off her, leaving her completely free of it! Moreover, she added that while she had always had a love for children, before she could not imagine herself as a mother because of the situation she was experiencing… With the divine intervention in this matter, however, she believed that the way has now been opened and she is able to see herself as a mother again!

After the prophecy, she experienced a reboot in her body! Her period has normalised and is nothing like before. Her flow is normal and she is no longer in pain at all! Now, she is consistently happy, has no emotional and psychological swings, she easily overcomes situations that upset her and declares herself a changed person, praising her Lord and Redeemer!

In closing, Ms. Nadia urged the attendees to turn to Jesus Christ for every problem, as only He can give a certain and permanent solution to every problem. She even promised to continue to obey God’s will for her life!

Indeed, only Jesus Christ is able and willing to bless His children beyond imagination, emphasizing in His Word that those who hope in the Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield (Psalm 5:12).


Ms. Panayota, from Germany, took the decision to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to receive the solution to the problems she was facing.

During the prayer line, and as the man of God, Harry, and Prophetess Evgenia approached her, Ms. Panayota felt an uncontrollable hatred towards them, but she did not understand why. At that moment, an unclean spirit manifested through her, saying the following: “I have destroyed her. Stop it! Let her go! She will die!”. Then, after the man of God rebuked the unclean spirit, the woman fell to the ground until she received her miraculous deliverance!

Narrating her experience later, she said that although she had a beautiful childhood, when she left home to study, she began to notice, over time, that something was wrong with her life. First, she was diagnosed at the age of 21 with stage three carcinoma of the uterus, which surprised the doctors, as she was too young to be suffering from a disease of this kind. After some time, she married and gave birth to an autistic child. Not long after, she became pregnant with her second child, who was born prematurely, in the seventh month of pregnancy! Sadly, that baby died when he was only four months old, weighing just 900 grams…


After this sad event in her life, she started having nightmares of snakes biting her and dogs chasing her. As she revealed, she once saw in her dream that there was a war going on and that she was in a house with her dead mother! The next day, as she woke up extremely agitated, she had panic attacks several times. She thought she was going to die that day, as the panic attacks she experienced were very intense, to the point that she was taken to hospital by ambulance!

After the prayer, she felt the total freedom that only Jesus Christ gives, and she said that it was something she had longed for a long time, as she watched the testimonies of people visiting the church! This time, however, it was her turn to taste the incomprehensible power of our Lord as God delivered her from the spirit that was causing her destruction. After that, feeling at peace and overflowing with joy, she promised God Almighty to tell the world about Him!

When your condition goes beyond normal, it becomes a curse that only Jesus Christ can break! Praise God for using His servants to change lives, nations, and the entire world!



Ms. Doreen, from Germany, wanted to share a special experience that happened in her life, as she visited Apostle Paul and Silas’ Prison and the Lydia River in Kavala on Saturday!

Ms. Doreen had a chronic problem with her menstrual flow, which affected her negatively in every area of her life. From the age of 15, her periods were very unstable. In fact, there were occasions when she did not have a period for a year! Every time her period came, she felt terrible pains, headaches, many times, she even screamed from the pains! At first, she thought it was normal, but as she got older and saw her classmates having their periods, she started to feel really bad! Later, when she got married, it was very difficult for her to conceive, and she had to be given hormones so she could have a baby.

As she went to the river of Lydia, she drank from the water with faith and what followed was something unreal! The very next day, her period came naturally, and without any pain whatsoever!

After that, Ms. Doreen, feeling blessed and joyful, promised to serve God all her life and to make His name famous!

A true spiritual experience has to be tested in a real situation in order to show its authenticity. Trust God in every situation, and you will see your life change!



As the service was drawing to a close, the man of God, while speaking to the crowd, noticed a young woman jumping from joy and praising God! So, he asked her what happened that made her so happy. The girl replied that until before the prayer she was in terrible pain because she was suffering from a health issue due to which pressure was building up on a nerve. The pain was so intense that if she moved a little while sleeping, she would wake up! Because of this nerve being pressed, the woman, named Kenisha, could not bend over, sit down, stand up, stand, or even walk comfortably!

About 10 minutes after participating in the prayer line, where she received prayer from man of God Harry she realised that the pain was no longer there! Delighted, she imagined that it had temporarily passed, but by testing her body, bending over and doing other exercises, she realized that her pain was completely gone, once and for all! So, she began to bounce and praise the Holy name of Jesus Christ, who healed her! With great ease she even showed the congregation the movements she could not do before without pain, as opposed to after prayer, so that they too could praise God Almighty with her.


Full of faith, she was excited to go back to her country, where she is scheduled to have treatments. After all the medical reports show that she is healthy, she promised to return with her miraculous confession!

Those who bless God in their trials prove their authenticity as children of God! Your sickness is not to destroy you, but to glorify Jesus Christ through your life! With this in mind, thank God in every situation, as His child Job did, knowing that your blessings await you!

In the pictures below, we see the name of Jesus Christ working with power and might, breaking every evil influence in people’s lives!

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