In awe, the attendees sang and gave all honour and glory to the Great Creator! God’s presence, once again, was intense as the people could not stop being thankful for all that He has done in their lives!

Then followed an inspiring message entitled LEARN TO ENCOURAGE YOURSELF!”, through which the man of God Stavros analysed how, when things are going well in our lives, we are happy, we have dreams, we want to achieve goals, but when suddenly a disappointment, a failure, a rejection comes, in a heartbeat, all these dreams and goals disappear! Instead of our life being steady and upward, it’s like a cardiogram, up and down, and that’s called the cycle of disappointment. He pointed out that millions of believers worldwide are looking for a way to escape the cycle of disappointment, but they don’t know how. Your life will never be able to rise above the level of your thoughts and words, he concluded!

He then took the Biblical passage from John 16:33, which reads: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Undoubtedly, as long as we live in this world, we will continue to face situations contrary to God’s Word, because we are spirits learning to live in the natural world.

So, what is it that will give you courage? Courage will come from what you believe in. In other words, what makes us not despair is not what we see, but what we believe. Discouragement comes when you focus on what you see, what you hear and what your situation tells you! The devil comes and tempts you with your weakness, and after you allow your weakness to become entrenched, you are discouraged!

Taking the last Biblical passage from 1 Kings 19:1-4, 15-16, 18, he read: “Now Ahab told Jezebel everything Elijah had done and how he had killed all the prophets with the sword. So Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah to say, ‘May the gods deal with me, be it ever so severely, if by this time tomorrow I do not make your life like that of one of them.’ Elijah was afraid and ran for his life. When he came to Beersheba in Judah, he left his servant there, while he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness. He came to a broom bush, sat down under it and prayed that he might die. ‘I have had enough, Lord,’ he said. ‘Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.’ […] The Lord said to him, ‘Go back the way you came, and go to the Desert of Damascus. When you get there, anoint Hazael king over Aram. Also, anoint Jehu son of Nimshi king over Israel, and anoint Elisha son of Shaphat from Abel Meholah to succeed you as Prophet. […]” Did not Prophet Elijah have knowledge, wisdom and anointing? He did, it’s just that he was discouraged! Regardless of the challenges you go through, discouragement can come into your life if you allow it! Why did God so simply accept the resignation of His Prophet? Because God cannot use a discouraged servant! Discouragement is deceptive!

“Do you believe in the victory of Jesus Christ?” was the question he asked the congregation. Scenarios of discouragement always play on in the mind of a person without faith! If you have faith, you have courage! Look beyond your situation!

In closing, he explained that there are two steps to follow whenever the devil begins to attack you! First, read and accept God’s promises, in other words, know and accept the truth; second, confess His victory on the Cross!

Don’t forget that you have many reasons to be discouraged, but many more reasons to be encouraged! Jesus Christ has won for you! If the situation you are in right now does not guarantee your future, do not despair. The end has not come; the best is yet to come!


Filled with joy, Ms. Kelly and her husband, Mr. Justin, came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to give all the glory to God for the miracles He has done in their lives!

Some time ago, Ms. Kelly had the grace to attend the prayer mountain where the man of God Harry prayed for her and gave her a prophetic word: “Your menstruation sometimes is not normal. Big chunks of meat are coming out. This has affected your mood, you are getting nervous, angry, you start shouting… It’s not your fault, it’s that satan has been trying to form fibroids in you. God will not allow that. This will be the end of it. After the prayer today, you will see, your menstruation will come back to normal. Sometimes it used to delay, it would not come at the right time, and it would be months until you saw it. You thought maybe it’s your age, it’s not your age, you are too young! This is the end of it. You are free!”

As Ms. Kelly explained, the prophetic word she heard was true for her life. As soon as she started menstruating, that is, from her teenage years, many problems began in her life. She had very heavy bleeding, accompanied by discomfort and constant fatigue. Each time, along with the bleeding, many pieces of meat came out, like blood clots, just as the man of God described.

She was also constantly in a difficult emotional state, exacerbated by her physical exhaustion. She knew that she had no reason to be upset, and so she tried to control herself until she reached the point of “exploding”. Her condition directly affected her family. She was unable to care for and raise her children as she should, and she could not help her husband with his business, even though she wanted to; instead, he was the one helping her, and this made her feel that she had failed as a mother and wife!

In addition, she faced sleep problems. Despite her natural daily fatigue, she found it difficult to sleep, and when she did manage to fall asleep, she found it difficult to wake up. So, she never managed to get any proper rest!

Because she found it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, and generally to do the activities that a normal person does, she started taking a powerful amphetamine-containing drug, called Adderall. She would take this pill as soon as she woke up so that she could get up and help her children. Later, she would lie down again and sometimes stay in bed all day. If she didn’t take the pill, she couldn’t get up at all, and in general, she couldn’t function. When she was taking Adderall, she was not herself and she developed a dependence on it. Also, her body was getting used to it, and the doctor kept increasing her dosage until it got to the point where she was taking more milligrams than the legal dose!

To cope with the negative effects of Adderall, such as excessive anxiety and back pain, she started smoking cannabis, to which she became addicted. She would smoke cannabis every day, for years, and could not stop.

Ms. Kelly also suffered from hyperthyroidism, which developed when she gave birth to her son. Because of this, she put on a lot of weight, her mood was negatively affected, and she started to lose her hair until it thinned out quite a bit. The medication she was taking for this problem admittedly made no difference… Another issue she had because of the heavy bleeding (during her period) was low iron levels in her blood.

Ms. Kelly looked everywhere to find a solution to her problem. She had seen dozens of doctors, even world-renowned ones – whom she had to travel to see. She had tried every kind of treatment, even absurd cures, every natural way and every remedy, every kind of gadget on the market, as well as various medicines and supplements, but all to no avail. In this search, he had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars which, when collected, may have reached a million dollars, as she stated. Her desperation brought her to the point where she no longer wanted to live. One day, she attempted suicide, consuming alcohol along with many pills. Fortunately, her husband found her and she was saved.

In addition, she had purchased a thousand-dollar machine which, with its infrared light, was supposed to help cure whatever problem her body was suffering from. She was also giving herself costly hormone injections daily because of the hormonal imbalances she was experiencing.

Mr. Justin confirmed his wife’s words as true. She was indeed constantly very tired, moody, and her sleep cycle was ruined. Wherever she had to go, even to the salon, Mr. Justin had to take her because she found it difficult to go by herself. They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find a solution to her health, and they wasted a lot of time in that search.

Ms. Kelly confessed that until the day she went to the prayer mountain, she had tried everything in her own power, she had searched everywhere and no one had been able to give her a solution or tell her why she had all these issues, so when she heard the prophecy she was thrilled!

The man of God had told her that she would slowly improve, and three months after the prayer, her period was nothing like before! Now her cycle is stable, and she exclaimed: “My period is perfect, it’s like I’m young!”. Her psychological state is normal, she doesn’t have the problems she had before. Hyperthyroidism is a thing of the past, and so are her addictions, as she no longer takes any medication, nor does she smoke cannabis! She has energy and is learning how to be a mother and wife again, as she is now healthy! Not only that, but she has lost weight and her hair has started to grow back! Now, she sleeps and wakes up with ease, gets up every morning to do all the chores she needs to do, and has even started exercising! She has gained hope for the future and can finally dream!

Mr. Justin confirmed for his wife that indeed, things that were impossible for her before, are now possible. Her doctor had told her that she would never stop taking medication, but he was wrong! His wife’s period is accurate to the day. She is calmer and more sensible, does chores around the house and has no problem going anywhere by herself.

Ms. Kelly advised believers to never give up on their dreams because God has the best plan for them, and His time is the best! She promised God Almighty to study His Word every day, make Him a priority, and use the energy He gave her to serve Him for the rest of her life!

When you face a challenge, and that challenge causes you to depend on God, it means that your challenge is for your advancement!


Mr. Albert from Germany visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to declare before all that the name of the Lord is miraculous!

Having failed a university class three times, his final requirement for obtaining his degree in Economics, he decided to seek the face of God. So, he participated in the prayer line. There, the man of God Michael prayed for him. Upon returning to his country, he placed his faith in God, trusting that God would not leave him helpless.

Acting in faith and not allowing the fear of failure to intrude, the unbelievable happened! Despite having failed the exam three times, which was the passing threshold for obtaining his degree, unexpected changes occurred. When he saw the exam topics, he immediately felt confident that it was his time to succeed. Ultimately, he managed to pass the course with an excellent grade and graduated from university!

Unbelievably grateful to Jesus Christ for intervening in his situation, Mr. Albert was inspired to publish two books to encourage others facing the same challenges he experienced.

In conclusion, his advice to the children of God is to view the difficulties they encounter through God’s eyes, as these challenges may be preparing them for a new level in life!

Where can we go from His presence? No matter your past, life does not completely close the door to opportunity!


In Acts 19:11 the Word of God states: “God did extraordinary miracles through Paul.” The same goes for today, God still uses the right people to continue to bless, heal, and deliver, making the impossible possible! During the laying on of hands, as the man of God Kastriot was ministering, the Holy Spirit revealed the following about Mr. Theodore’s life: “This problem you have, you won’t have it anymore! God created us to be whole, to speak, to hear, to see, to walk, to glorify His name. You will come back to share your testimony!” Saying this, immediately after the prayer, Mr. Theodore got up and walked by himself normally!

Later, Mr. Theodore and his wife wanted to thank God for the instant healing he received. They explained that a few years ago, he experienced some discomfort and suddenly realised that he could not swallow, so the doctors had to insert a tube into his stomach. His mobility was slowly affected as well, and he began using aids until he was diagnosed with a motor neurone disease. Despite all the medication he was given, nothing could restore him to his original state.

Mr. Theodore’s illness also strained his relationship with his wife, who mentioned that daily communication between them was very challenging. Due to his limited ability to speak, they had to resort to various means to communicate with each other. Having five children together, it was difficult to meet all the demands of his illness…

After the prophetic word and his immediate healing, Mr. Theodore, for God’s glory, did what he couldn’t do before. He walked without any support! Finally, they both promised to praise and worship God!

When we pray about an issue, the answer we receive depends on how God chooses to carry out His will in that matter. So, don’t despair; the best is yet to come!


Ms. Nombulelo from the UK needed a Divine touch, so she travelled to Greece from the other side of Europe, to experience the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit herself! During the laying of hands, she received a marvellous deliverance through the man of God Kastriot, when an unclean spirit manifested through her and said: “I want to kill her! I am the spirit of death!”

Then, she wanted to confirm the words of the unclean spirit. Ms. Nombulelo mentioned that she had suicidal thoughts and was obsessed with cleaning, without knowing the reason why. She was eating plain flour just to feed herself because of the stress that she couldn’t find a job. She was always angry and also mentioned that for the past 3 or 4 years she had been seeing snakes in her dreams and that someone was coming to sleep with her.

Until the week before she came, she was wondering why she was still alive and wanted to end her life, but thinking about her child and husband made her come to her senses. She also mentioned that while she used to be chubby, she is now “skeletonised” and was even diagnosed with fibroids some time ago, which affected her period, and caused additional stress in her daily life.

When the man of God Kastriot prayed for her, she felt something leaving her body, and she doesn’t feel angry or resentful anymore. She feels God’s light upon her, and now all of these things belong in the past! Her promise is to stay away from sin and lead a life in the right direction, glorifying God for the rest of her life.

Jesus said that He is the way, the truth and the life, so come to Him with humility and sincerity of heart, so that you may have complete reformation of heart and life.


Who is the one who causes turmoil in people’s lives? Who is he, who wants to destroy the children of God? The following lines provide the answer…

“I want to kill her! I am the spirit of death. I am stopping her progress, not to marry, to not have children!”, were the words of the demon that manifested, when Prophet Kastriot prayed for Ms. Nokulunga.

After receiving her deliverance, at the end of the service, she provided more details about the destructive impact of that unclean spirit in her life, which was characterised by absolute stagnation. In terms of her career, she felt stuck. In recent years, she attempted professional development as a manager, but she couldn’t hold a job for more than a year because her superiors opposed everything she did. Consequently, her financial situation was dire, making it impossible for her to meet her financial obligations…

Also, although there had been serious relationships in her life, no man had finally proposed, and so Mrs. Nokulunga reached an age when she could have already had a husband and children and yet she had neither, which filled her with sadness. In fact, she considered her visit to SCOAN Thessalonica as her last resort to free herself from these shackles.

Even when she went to sleep, she couldn’t find inner peace and was overwhelmed by fear. Going through all of this, she realised that her condition went beyond the limits of normality. So, she travelled from England to Greece to experience the anointing of God. Now, she joyfully proclaims her commitment to serve God Almighty with unwavering devotion!

Difficulties, challenges and seemingly impossible situations, can become our best friends. They are an opportunity to run to God!


Ms. Navnit, a resident of England, was desperate to hear God’s voice, and the Lord made her wish come true! During the laying on of hands, Prophet Kastriot said these words to her: “You started from your house saying, ‘I want God to speak to me!’ You were praying all the way here for God to speak to you today. He hears your prayer! God loves the family. The man is the pillar of the house, God is above the man, you are under the man, but you’re both one! When two are together, all things can happen by the grace of God! God wants you to be close, to fight together, to pray together, so that when the blessing comes, it will stay in your family. Everything that satan has stolen in your life, from now on, God will bring it back from today! So, keep on praying, because God listens to prayer!”

“It feels like a dream come true!” were Ms. Navnit’s first words when the church’s service was completed. Upon this, she said that, before coming to church she saw in a dream that she was praying to Jesus Christ and was asking Him to speak to her.

Regarding the words of the servant of God about her family, she said that the last few days, she was not in a good psychological state, due to the fact that she had been away from home for 3 months because of work, while she had planned to be away only for 2 weeks.

She also spoke about her family, which does not believe in God and has even forbidden her to call on the name of Jesus Christ. She even came close to being physically harmed for this by a family member!

However, her heart’s desire is to devote her life to Him! After the prophetic word she received, she promised the Lord to spread the Gospel, first to her family and then to the whole world! Finally, her advice to those who are in the same situation as her, is to not lose faith, because God hears our prayers!

When God is involved in your battle, you will have certain victory, because the extent of His care and the magnitude of His power in our lives, diminishes and frustrates our enemies.

The photos below show visitors from all over the world, who came to see with their own eyes the power of the Almighty Jesus Christ!

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