The Sunday Service on 31 October 2021 was once again a blessed event where the name of Jesus Christ was glorified! People from different parts of the world came to the SCOAN Thessalonica and became partakers of the grace of God which works in our generation!

Later, the man of God Michael, in his sermon entitled “JESUS ​​CAME FOR THE SINNERS”, advised the people of God on how to manage the issue of sin in their life, through the inspirational examples he gave. More specifically, he stressed that instead of allowing our sin to drive us from God’s presence, it should be the reason for coming closer to Him.


Then, reading from 1 John 1:8-10 and 2:1-2, and Luke 5:31-32, he stated that God knew that sin would easily get involved in our lives. That is why Jesus Christ did not come for the righteous but to seek for the unrighteous and bring them to the righteousness of God. God’s forgiveness and mercy, through Jesus Christ, are generously available to anyone in need. However, the man of God Michael emphasised that the only way to be forgiven for our sins is through sincere repentance, saying: “True repentance is the only hope of receiving God’s mercy in our lives!”. He also made it clear that repentance is not only feeling sorrow for the sins committed but also breaking away from sin!

Furthermore, the man of God wanted to expose a trap of the devil to help the people of God to distinguish God’s voice from the devil’s voice. He pointed out that many Christians today confuse their conscience with the guilt of sin! When we sin or attempt to do so, said the man of God, our conscience is the instrument of the Holy Spirit that stops us from sinning – the Holy Spirit prompts our conscience to accuse us to repentance. On the other hand, guilt is the devil’s instrument! It prevents us from approaching God and fills us with feelings of worthlessness before Him. Thus, he clarified that we should not allow the guilt of our sin to rob us of the peace we would receive in Christ’s pardon!

Concluding his message, the man of God Michael said that the best antidote against the poison of sin is to walk in the spirit! In other words, walking in the faith, in the truth and the love of God! Because, sin leads to death, while the righteousness of God leads to eternal life!


Mrs. Angela Sciberras came with her husband from Malta on Sunday, 31 October 2021, and stood on the prayer line where she received a prophetic message from the man of God Michael. The message was: “Even your husband is coming to your dreams. He is not your husband, he is an unclean spirit!”. After the prayer she received, she was delivered from this demon that was attacking her.

The following week, Mrs. Sciberras returned to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to testify the goodness of God in her life. Confirming the prophetic message she received, she said that she suffered daily from demonic attacks, nightmares, anxiety, anger and depression. The demonic attacks affected her life significantly. They caused her to have no joy and to argue daily with her husband. In her dreams, she used to see men with different faces sleeping with her, even animals, such as cats and dogs. She saw her ex-partner sleeping with her, and even her husband, causing her to not be attracted to him in the natural. She had even begun to have thoughts of wanting a divorce.

In addition to the demonic attacks, depression was another burden on Mrs. Sciberras’ life, as she constantly felt tired, and even taking care of her children was difficult. The mental exhaustion she felt caused her to want to sleep during the day. She was not in the mood to take care of her children and spend time with them. She was also full of anger towards her husband, her children, and everything that would happen. Even her relationship with God was affected, as it was impossible for her to pray or spend time with God and, thus, she felt dead in her spiritual life. Her husband, confirming what his wife said, said that indeed Mrs. Sciberras was constantly angry, depressed and that she was obsessed with cleanliness.


However, when Mrs. Sciberras stood on the prayer line and received an anointed prayer from the man of God Michael, her soul was revived! “I am now alive and not dead!”, she said after her experience on the prayer line! A completely transformed life was the result of God’s intervention! She is now happy, she is attracted to her husband, she enjoys spending time with her children and she is not angry! She wakes up with positive thoughts and spends her day beautifully, feeling complete, without obsessions and nightmares, without a trace of depression, anger and demonic attacks! Now she dreams with her husband, they plan their future together and pray together! As her eyes are opened, she feels a deep love for her husband, and they are aware that God united them for His own purpose!

She advised all those who were present to come to Jesus Christ, having absolute faith that there is no relationship that God cannot restore, there is no disease that He cannot cure and there is no unclean spirit that He cannot cast out! Finally, she promised to do God’s will in her life, because His will is perfect for her life!



Every week, dozens of visitors from all over the world visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to receive a solution from God to the problems that afflict them. One of them was Ms. Patricia Kiwewesi from France, who came on Sunday, 31 October 2021, to the SCOAN Thessalonica in order to testify in front of every one of the wonderful healing she received from our Lord, Jesus Christ!

From the tender age of 4 years old, Ms. Kiwewesi was experiencing difficulty in breathing due to asthma. This problem was so severe that very often, during the night, she used to have asthma attacks resulting in shortness of breath! Visits to the hospital were frequent, the doctors gave her a special mask to breathe when she experienced such a crisis, but once again she did not see much improvement in this matter. Even going up the stairs on foot was an extremely difficult task for her, let alone being able to engage in various physical activities, such as running! She felt limited and could not do the activities she wanted.

Ms. Kiwewesi also said that she suffered from a skin condition, eczema. This condition caused her an incredible itching and burning sensation. In fact, when she used to itch too much, she scratched so hard that the spot started to bleed! Medication was prescribed by the doctor, but again no man and no medicine was able to put an end to her problems.

Tired and frustrated, she had lost all desire for life, since she could not even sleep like a normal person. Moreover, her spiritual life was actually non-existent as she had great difficulty in praying and studying the Word of God because of her condition. This was the grim reality which she lived in for 16 whole years. It was clear, therefore, that only Jesus Christ could break these bonds in her life! So, she decided to stand in the prayer line. As soon as the man of God Michael prayed over her, she said that although she did not feel any difference immediately, she believed in her heart that the chain of the disease had been broken in the name of Jesus Christ!


As tangible proof of God’s healing power, Ms. Kiwewesi happily stated that there is no reason to take medication anymore nor to wear the special mask she used to wear during sleep! This is because asthma and eczema are things of the past in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! She can now sleep at night as a normal person, engage in any physical activity and study the Word of God, a fact that has lifted her relationship with her Creator to a greater level!

Finally, Ms. Kiwewesi advised the congregation to believe in the ability and willingness of God to change their lives, while promising the Lord to serve Him throughout her life!

The proof that Jesus Christ is Alive is people’s changed lives!



Mrs. Sujatha Judeson came from the United Kingdom with her family to witness the power of God working in her life. One week ago, as she was receiving prayer from the man of God Michael on the prayer line, an unclean spirit manifested through her, saying: “I am disappointment, anger! Failures, failures… I don’t want her to worship God! She loves Jesus. She loves Him dearly! She is mine! Confusion! She doesn’t know what she’s doing!”. Then, the man of God cast out the demon that had possessed Mrs. Judeson and delivered her in the name of Jesus Christ!

A week after receiving the anointed prayer, Mrs. Judeson wanted to praise God for the changes in her life, for which she had been praying for all these years. As she explained, she went through a difficult childhood and had many disappointments in her life. Her mother wanted to have an abortion when she was pregnant with her, and growing up, she experienced a lot of rejection. As the years passed, and she moved from India to London, she got married and later wanted to have a baby but could not conceive. She tried to conceive for 7 years, and this caused her a lot of frustration. Finally, she managed to get pregnant the first time through IVF but miscarried, and the second time she got pregnant she miscarried in her 6th month of pregnancy. She noticed that these miscarriages occurred whenever she had dreams with snakes. Because of everything that was happening in her life, from an early age she was afraid to come close to God because she saw that the closer she came, the more attacks she had, and the more demonic attacks she had, the more disappointments arose in her life. However, after numerous efforts and prayers over many years, the Lord gave her a beautiful baby girl.

At the same time, it was very difficult for her to make decisions about her life, as something inside her was causing confusion and this was a serious reason to fight with her husband. She felt that no one understood her! In fact, the confusion and frustrations she was having made her feel offended and unforgiving in her heart to those around her and caused her to have severe heart palpitations that sometimes led her to the hospital. Also, during the night she was constantly waking up, as she was afraid, and was covered in sweat because of this fear. The constant lack of sleep made her more irritable, resulting in her talking abruptly to her husband and scolding her daughter for no reason. Thus, she was losing peace of mind and all this affected her relationship with her husband and her daughter and reduced her performance at work.

Mrs. Judeson kept wondering why she was going through all these difficulties. Until she started watching on YouTube testimonies from the SCOAN Thessalonica and began to realise that she needed deliverance as well. Therefore, she decided to travel to Greece and come to church with faith in her heart that she would be set free! And so did she! During the prayer with the man of God Michael, the demon that had possessed her manifested itself and at that time she felt confused because a part of her wanted to be there but another part of her wanted to leave. In fact, she felt very, very intense anger against the man of God Michael. However, after the man of God prayed for her and declared her free, her life changed radically!


Now, a week after her deliverance, she feels joy, peace and tranquility! She feels light! The nightmares and demonic attacks have stopped and, as far as fear is concerned, it is now a thing of the past! Regarding her young daughter who also had bad dreams and asthma, she mentioned that after her close encounter with the man of God Michael, she no longer has nightmares and asthma! Now she has no respiratory problems at all and breathes normally! She can play like all children her age and eat normally without any difficulty at all!

Mrs. Judeson is now blessed, and her joy is endless as the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has delivered her entire family from the bondage of darkness. When she was asked about the advice she had to give, she said: “Come to a living church! It doesn’t matter how long you are a Christian, surely there are things you need deliverance from!”. Her promise to God is to serve Him until the last breath of her life!



Sunday, 31 October 2021, was an unexpectedly special day for Mrs. Noellie Misak from France, who visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. Unable to find a solution to the numerous problems she was facing in her marriage, she decided to seek the face of the One who is the answer to all the fundamental issues of life!

God honoured her faith during the laying of hands, and as soon as the man of God Harry prayed for her, he also gave her the following prophetic word: “I see there is this spirit of anger that is tormenting you. Second, there is no affection between you and your husband. You are even thinking of divorcing as a solution to this problem. But your problem is not physical, it is not because you are fighting – there is a spirit that is causing the fight, so you fight all day long! Even if your children are crying, nobody would pay attention to them. You just keep on fighting! Sometimes you just walk out of the house and begin to roam the streets… This will not help you! You just need to be free! The same spirit that is causing you to fight with your husband is the same spirit that causes you not to have affection for him!”.


After revealing the root cause of her problem, the man of God Harry declared her free in the name of Jesus Christ! Later, Mrs. Misak expressed her willingness to confirm the words of the man of God by giving more details about her situation. Confirming the prophetic word given to her, she admitted that anger had a huge influence on her family’s life! In more detail, she tended to blame her husband for a lot of things. She treated him as if he was the problem in their relationship and prayed to God to change him. Consequently, she ended up disappointed and angry, as all the high expectations she had early in her marriage were crushed. The situation was so difficult that Mrs. Misak prayed every time she returned home because she was sure that there would be an intense disagreement between them once again. Indeed, every time she forgot to pray, the result was a quarrel… It was impossible for them to talk without arguing.

In addition, she said that the spirit of anger blinded her and led her to neglect her children, depriving them of the attention they needed because of the tension in her relationship with her husband. As the man of God mentioned, because it was difficult to stay in the same room with him, Mrs. Misak, overcome by anger, would sometimes take the car and leave the house for hours. Not wanting to see or hear her husband, she would not even answer his phone calls. Furthermore, referring to the lack of affection between them, she said that she spent several nights waiting for him to come to their bedroom, while he was sleeping in front of the television, never going in. It was a physically and emotionally painful issue and, consequently, she believed that her husband no longer loved her.

She admitted that, the divorce was their only way out. Despite the fact that Mrs. Misak was seeking Jesus Christ, she could not shake off the frustration that overwhelmed her, nor was she able to share with her husband what she was experiencing. He even told her that if she was no longer happy, they could divorce. This statement made her realise that there was something wrong with her own behaviour and that he was not to blame for the problems in their marriage!

God’s power, however, is always revealed in our weakness! With unspeakable joy, Mrs. Misak could not find the right words to express her gratitude to Jesus Christ! After her deliverance, she said she felt light! She is convinced that the future of her marriage is bright and that everything will be wonderful, since God has intervened! In fact, after the prayer her husband called her, and she wanted to talk to him full of excitement! Finally, looking forward to experiencing what the Lord had done for her family and developing a close relationship with Him, she promised to study His Word, pray more, love Him and give her life to Jesus Christ!

It is really useless to look to the past instead of looking to the future that God has prepared for us, because for all whose lives are centered in Jesus Christ, the best is yet to come!


On 31 October 2021, Mr. Emmanuel Amofa, a resident of the United States of America, visited the SCOAN Thessalonica, expecting to receive a divine touch. God located the root cause of his stagnation as He revealed the following through the man of God Harry: “You need to ask for forgiveness because I see you have disappointed a lady in the past. Ask God to forgive you for the disappointment you have caused to the lady that believed in you. You gave your word and you said: ‘I promise I will marry you’, and then you just disappeared. You travelled from one country to another… No matter how much you travel, there is no breakthrough. Even if you do something that looks good in the beginning, it will end up worse than the way you started. That is why many people today are struggling in life… Doing business, trying here and there, everywhere… They think they are in the wrong country and they go to another country, they change business, they change their business partners. Sometimes they believe it is their girlfriend and they say: ‘I need to change my girlfriend so I will receive a breakthrough’. It is the disappointment you caused that is chasing you. And not only that… Sometimes in the dream when you sleep, a strange woman will come to make love with you and you wake up wet. You wake up and begin to wonder what has happened… That spirit of disappointment is also coming to you in the form of a spiritual wife. All this will end the moment you say: ‘God, forgive me, I am sorry for the pain I have caused to this woman’. That will be the end of it, your way will open!”.


After Mr. Amofa became a witness of God’s power in his life, he was convinced that God’s anointing is truly present in this church. As he later confessed, the prophetic words of the man of God Harry touched his heart and he pointed out that everything was true for his life! He explained that there was indeed a woman whom he was with for a year. He had promised to marry her, but Mr. Amofa afterward changed his mind. This woman was then very hurt and she tried to approach him and to talk to him so they can be together again, but he no longer wanted any contact with her.

The disappointment he caused this woman chased after Mr. Amofa and brought him demonic attacks. He confirmed that there was a woman coming to his dreams quite frequently in order to sleep with him. In fact, after those dreams, he would wake up wet. Even his finances were affected by the demonic attacks he received! Although he was working very hard, he could not achieve anything in his life as money used to come and go. He was not successful even in the professional area of his life, since he was constantly changing his mind regarding the occupation he wanted to pursue and there was no stability in his career.

Mr. Amofa knows that the day when the root cause of the disappointment in his life was exposed, is the dawn of his breakthrough! Therefore, having realised the mistakes he made in the past, he made the decision to implement the instruction he received from the Spirit of God: to ask God as well as the woman he let down in the past for forgiveness. Lastly, he promised to take his life and the Word of God seriously!

Glory be to God Almighty for His grace and His mercy that never end in people’s lives! If the people around you have been disappointed because of you, what you can do is ask for forgiveness, because pardon brings freedom to the heart of the one who truly repents!



Despite the obstacles faced by Mr. Daniel Amaka and his wife from Austria, managed to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on Sunday, 31 October 2021. As they both confessed, this was God’s time to find a solution to their problems, since in the past they had tried three times to come to Thessaloniki to receive prayer from the man of God Harry, but they could not make it.

Once again, God confirmed that He is there for His children when they seek Him with faith and truth in their hearts. Thus, during the laying of hands, the man of God Harry gave a prophetic word to Mr. Amaka, which was to deliver him from everything that satan had used to connect him to himself. The man of God Harry, through the Spirit of God, said: “When you sleep in the night, your breathing seizes sometimes. You breathe, then stop for a moment and suddenly you start breathing again. You wake up scared and wonder what is happening! Your heart beats fast as if you came from the other world… Even your dreams are not good. You see dead people chasing you. You do not know who these people are in the dream, but when you wake up you realise that they are dead. That is the spirit of death! That you are alive today is only by the grace of God. There was recently an accident from which you escaped. While driving, there was a turn, but you thought the road was straight and you were about to drive off of the road. At the last moment something said to you: ‘Wake up, what are you doing?’, And you quickly turned! This is for you to know that your coming here is by divine arrangement! God wanted you to be free and through you, your whole family will be free too”.


Mr. Amaka then confirmed all that the man of God had told him, saying that he had indeed been dealing with these matters for a long time. He always slept soundly and woke up tired, frightened, with his heart beating fast… His breathing stopped suddenly during the night and that was something that shocked him and that only his wife knew! He also said that he saw dead people chasing him in his dreams, even people he did not know. He characteristically stressed that he usually saw his mother, who is no longer alive. In the last dream he remembers, he explained that she had invited him to come with her, and although in the dream, he realised that she was dead, he started praying and she left. With admiration for the Spirit of God who knows all things, Mr. Amaka confirmed the words of the man of God Harry regarding the accident he escaped while driving a few days ago. While there was a sharp turn in front of him, he was seeing the road as being straight… He did not see the turn until the last moment when he turned his steering wheel and finally managed not to go off the road.

In turn, Ms. Amaka also confirmed the prophecy her husband received, as he repeatedly told her that his breathing stopped while he slept. She said that she saw him sleeping very deeply and pointed out that whenever her husband slept, it was as if he was not in this world! She also clarified that their successful arrival at the SCOAN Thessalonica, indeed, happened due to God’s intervention, as they had tried three times to visit the church in the past and did not succeed due to obstacles that arose. She, herself recognises God’s hand in their lives and it is clear to her that it was God’s time for them to finally receive their freedom and blessing!

Finally, they did not hide that they felt something very strong touching them the moment the man of God Harry prayed for them and, immediately afterwards, they felt happy and blessed! With faith and love in the One who gave them a new beginning, they promised to follow God for the rest of their lives!

In the photos below we see the anointing of the Living God acting with power and changing the lives of the people who came to Him in faith!

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