Everything was wonderful in the presence of God! Those who attended the Sunday gathering of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 5 September 2021, witnessed the endless grace of God, which is generously given to His children! The divine power of prophecy, deliverance and healing was clearly felt, while the anointing of God moved among the congregation!


With deep and contemplative words, the man of God Harry got into his message entitled: “IGNORANCE IS DESTRUCTIVE”, in an attempt to spiritually awaken the people of God. He began by referencing the time we are in, stating that we live in a time when the whole world is spiritually asleep. Everyone is in a deep sleep and needs an immediate spiritual awakening.


One of the ways to achieve our spiritual awakening is to continually strive to progress our level of relationship with God – from shallow to deep, from deep to deeper, and from deeper to deepest. Setting this goal will prevent us from resting on what we already know, from being spiritually asleep, and will help us avoid the destructive effects of ignorance. As the man of God pointed out, God’s people are destroyed because of ignorance (Hosea 4:6). We need to avoid the trap of falling into a deep spiritual slumber, like the majority of Christians today.

Then Prophet Harry delved deeper into the main subject of the message and read from 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 the example of Apostle Paul. Through this, he taught great lessons on how not to allow ignorance to destroy us and encouraged us to always learn God’s opinion about every issue that concerns us, just as Apostle Paul did.


Apostle Paul was given a thorn in his flesh, a messenger of satan to torment him, to keep him from exalting himself because of his surpassingly great revelations. However, he was not ignorant! He knew he was designed to think, to plan, to talk and to act with God, unlike many of us today. He asked and learned the opinion of God and the purpose of his situation. And that was why his problem was not like others’ and he had joy in his weaknesses, problems and persecutions. Thus, the man of God emphasized that as children of God our situation is different from others, stating, “What you are going through is not meant to destroy you but to preserve you!”.

Therefore, the only thing we need is the opinion of God, because God’s opinion in all situations settles all things! Apostle Paul was always in search of God’s opinion on the issues he was facing. This brings us to the great conclusion that sheds light and brings spiritual awakening to every believer today, “When you know God’s opinion about yourself, you will discover strength”. In other words, when you are not ignorant, but know God’s opinion about you and your situation, you will be able to be happy and to act with faith, even when everything around you tells you to be sad and discouraged!



On Sunday, 5 September 2021, 15-year-old Anna Hadjieva came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to share with everyone the huge miracle that took place in her life! Her testimony, highly educational and timely, reveals the traps of bad influences and misuse of technology by the youth!

Young Anna started by saying that from the tender age of eight she was a kleptomaniac. She felt the need to steal, whether it was at her school or in retail shops. During that time she met a twelve-year-old girl, the daughter of her mother’s employer. They spent many hours together, almost every day at the girl’s home. After a few weeks, however, Anna did no longer wanted to go to this girl’s house. She cried and complained to her mother. She did not want to be alone with the girl but also didn’t want to talk about the reason. The reason was that she was sexually harassed by the twelve-year-old girl, who made her watch pornographic material and used violence against her. Anna did not disclose this to anyone, because the girl blackmailed her that if she talked to her parents, her mother would lose her job.

This lasted for about two years before her unsuspecting mother discovered what was going on… Of course, they immediately severed all contact with this family, thinking that the problem would end there. But it did not work as they had hoped! Those two years were enough for young Anna to become addicted to pornography. She also quickly realized that she wanted to dress like a boy, while school and classes no longer were of interest to her. Not long after, she came across another addiction… When she was twelve years old, she saw her classmates playing a mobile game that was “trendy”, in which the player had to cut their wrist with a sharp object.


Influenced by what she saw at school, she began cutting herself with any sharp object she could find. Cutting her body soon became an addiction. In every confrontation with her parents or any difficult situation, she used it as an excuse to cut herself. As if all this was not enough, negative thoughts about her body image also arose thus causing her to have suicidal tendencies. The thought of ending her life was an everyday occurrence. One day she took a whole box of pills and swallowed them all, in an attempt to end her life. However, all that she did, she hid from her parents very well as they had no idea what was happening in her life. Every effort they made to connect with her was in vain, as she constantly isolated herself in her room. The color black prevailed everywhere in her life. Black clothes, black makeup, black nails, heavy metal music, and devil signals with her hands. She no longer believed in God. Which God?”, she said to her parents and Which man of God?”.

When her parents had to leave Anna with her grandmother for a few months, things got worse. She would sneak out of her grandparents’ house and spend the night with bad friends who drank, smoked and took drugs, and she returned home in the morning. She even began having panic attacks. When Anna’s grandmother saw all this happening, she became worried and immediately took her to a psychologist. The psychologist referred her to a psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist referred her to the Psychiatric Clinic of Papanikolaou Hospital, where she was admitted. Anna’s condition was deteriorating, and when her mother, who was in Bulgaria, learned that Anna was in a psychiatric clinic, she immediately rushed to get her out, despite the doctors’ objections, at her own risk.


Anna was completely unrecognizable. Unkept, depressed, incoherent speech, she had a dazed look in her eyes. Her mother saw her daughter’s drastic change for the worse and anxiously contacted the man of God Harry. He advised her not to force Anna into anything, especially coming to church, but to allow her to calm down until she made her own decisions.

When they heard that the church would open, they decided to come as a family, with Anna’s consent! As they started from Bulgaria in their brand-new car, the engine of the car broke down on the road. This, however, did not stop them from coming to the first church meeting after so long! As young Anna received prayer from Prophet Harry, the anointing of God located her and she began to tremble!


When the prayer ended, she did not believe what was happening to her! She realized that she had been completely delivered! Her pornography addiction, suicidal tendencies and depression were instantly gone! In fact, she wonders how she might have wanted to end her life, as now her life seemed amazing! She does no longer want to buy or wear anything black! The joy and appetite for life overflows and she has energetically began planning for the future, something she had never done before. Anna became a new creation and everything about her way of thinking has changed. Her relationship with her parents is restored and above all her relationship with God was restored! The joy of the whole family is indescribable!

Coming to the realization of this huge change in herself, Anna wasted no time to come and give thanks to God Almighty for the miracle of new life He granted her! Her promise to God is to never turn away from Him again and to never allow the devil to conquer her!



Mr. Ille Emanuel from Romania attended the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica on Sunday, 5 September 2021, in order to praise and thank the Living God for the wonderful changes in his life after the prayer, and the prophetic word he received from the man of God Harry! The problem which led Mr. Emanuel to participate in the prayer line was his knee injury due to an accident. As a result, the ligaments and cartilage of the knee were damaged. Because of this accident, he was in a lot of pain, and he could not do some of his daily activities, such as walking, climbing stairs, or driving. He constantly had to have someone to lean on besides him and he felt a huge weight upon him.

The doctor he visited, suggested having an MRI examination and, after taking the findings of the MRI into account, he suggested that the best solution was to place an artificial implant in his knee. However, Mr. Emanuel refused to and decided to trust God as he was seeking the solution in Him, and believed that God could put an end to his problem. A year after the accident, he saw all the miracles taking place at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on the internet. Thus, after a year of pain and hardship, he decided to come to receive prayer himself from the man of God Harry.

When he attended the SCOAN Thessalonica and Prophet Harry entered the auditorium, Mr. Emanuel started to feel a vibration, a movement in his knee! And as the man of God approached and prayed for him, he asked him to stand, to walk and to do everything he could not do before! Mr. Emanuel instantly stood up and began to walk by himself without pain, praising God!


But he did not receive only his healing, as the Spirit of God gave him the following prophetic words, “You are free to serve Jesus Christ. You were serving satan for a long time, now it is time to serve God!”. Mr. Emanuel confirmed the prophecy of the man of God Harry, and he explained that, even though he was going to church regularly, he did not have a life devoted to God, he did not pray and did not do the will of God. On the contrary, he continued to go to church while living this kind of lifestyle, thinking nothing was wrong with that! Meanwhile, he was constantly quarreling with his family that was trying to advise him, yet he would not listen, consequently serving satan with his behavior.


Now, after his deliverance and healing, he feels like a brand-new man! He is able to move his leg freely, to walk normally, and the pain is a thing of the past! Moreover, he is not the same man spiritually. He longs and thirsts for the Word of God, something that was never happening in the past! Mr. Emanuel thanked and praised God for interfering in his life in order to disconnect him from the past and guide him to a better future! Having witnessed the power of God, he advised everyone to trust Him because only He has the solution, and promised to serve God with his life!



Mrs. Jirunsun Cook and her husband, Mr. Andrew Tomas Cook, traveled from England to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 5 September 2021 for the purpose of thanking God for the wonderful blessings that came to their life!

The problems that led Mrs. Cook to the prayer line were unforgiveness and offence in her heart. She was very easily angered and found it difficult to forgive the mistakes of others. As a consequence, she created problematic relationships with the people around her from a young age, and later, in her marriage, she caused continuous arguments with her husband. Indeed, the fact that they are coming from different countries with different cultures and languages made it more difficult to communicate and understand one another.

Furthermore, since she would go to sleep at night holding onto offence, Mrs. Cook used to have nightmares. It exhausted her spiritually, physically and mentally, for she did not have peace anymore, she did not study the Word of God, and she felt tiredness, which made her sleepy all day long.

Recognizing the root cause of her hardship, she decided to draw closer to God, knowing that only He could deliver her from the chains of offence! Therefore, as she took part in the prayer line on 11 October 2020, she held some papers in her hands, which indicated all the names of her previous relationships that she needed to forgive. Meanwhile, she was asking the Lord to free her heart. And Jesus Christ did it! The moment the man of God Harry prayed for her, she felt something coming out of her!


Once she was back to her country, Mrs. Cook realized that she communicated with everyone much more easily in a pleasant way. Everyone was happy to see her, something that never happened in the past. Anger and offence do not have a place in her life anymore! Now, Mrs. Cook no longer gives way to the enemy of the soul, for if a disagreement arises with her husband, she can immediately reconcile with him. The nightmares have vanished! She is now happy and has peace in her heart – the peace of God! Also, she visited the Lydia River at the Holy Land on Saturday, 4 September 2021, and when she returned to the hotel she was staying at, she realized that the skin allergy that had been plaguing her for three weeks had disappeared!

But the blessings of God do not end here! Mr. Cook continued by saying that he came to Greece in December 2019 to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. On Friday, two days before attending the Sunday Service, he received a phone call from one of his colleagues who informed him that the company he was working at for 28 whole years was about to shut down, resulting in him losing his job. The next day, when he visited the prison of Apostle Paul and Silas with his wife, they began to pray to God for a solution to their problem, knowing that His power was still there! That same day, to his surprise, he received another phone call from his colleague and he was informed that out of the one hundred and fifty employees working in that company, they would only keep twenty! Mr. Cook was one of the twenty the new company chose to keep!

Carrying on, Mr. Cook mentioned that from March 2020 when the pandemic started, and his country was in lockdown, the company he worked for as a civil engineer decided to discontinue all employees for the duration of the lockdown. Nevertheless, God provided for His child! The British government, during those three months of lockdown, paid 80% of Mr. Cook’s wage without him working at the company! In addition, very few people were notified to get back to their job. Mr. Cook was one of them! But the grace of God does not stop there. From being a simple employee, he rose to a new level in life as he was promoted as a supervisor in the company!

Having been blessed by God Almighty, they both decided to bless others with their blessings! They made the decision to finance the studies of two children in Pakistan in a private school so that they could get a better standard of education and life! Praise God! Indeed, the Cook family realized that giving is an assignment from God! Happy and deeply grateful to the Giver of their blessings, they advised and urged those present not to lose faith in the face of challenges because God is always Able and Mighty to answer their prayers!



Mr. Ille Daniel from Romania visited the Synagogue, Church of All Nations of Thessaloniki, on Sunday, 5 September, 2021 to testify before everyone the radical changes he experienced in his life after the prophetic word he received from the man of God Harry!

On that blessed day when he participated in the prayer line, the Holy Spirit located him and the man of God Harry gave him the following prophetic word: Thats the spirit of anger! When it comes upon you you get very angry. You have a good heart, you love God and you want to do the right thing. But when anger comes, you don’t know what the right thing is anymore. So, anger can cause you to kill somebody. Thats why you need to be free from this. Many times you almost get a breakthrough, but because of anger you lost your blessing!. Surprised, Mr. Daniel listened to the man of God prophesying everything that was happening in his life!

Indeed, Mr. Daniel confirmed that he had the spirit of anger and, whenever someone made him angry, he immediately became violent. As he mentioned later on, it all started in his childhood when he became addicted to computer games and developed a lot of anger in him to the extent that he started to become violent. His family tried in vain to stop him from wasting endless hours in front of a computer. Not only did they fail to stop him, but on the contrary, Mr. Daniel began to think of killing them to put an end to his parents’ “harassment”! At the same time, he began to have negative thoughts and desires, such as watching pornography and masturbating.

Because of all this, there was neither breakthrough nor the blessings of God coming to his life! In fact, his relationship with God was affected because of the immorality in his life, as he considered himself unworthy to study God’s Word and pray. As time went by, the problem of anger got worse… For 15 years he lived in this state of shame and guilt, until a friend told him about the Synagogue, Church of All Nations Thessalonica. From the moment Mr. Daniel received the anointed prayer from the man of God Harry, he experienced complete changes in his life!


Anger is no longer a part of his life, as now the peace of God has flooded his heart and he has no more outbursts of anger. In fact, all the people around him wonder how he can be so calm now! Furthermore, after his visit to SCOAN Thessalonica he realised that he could no longer detect negative thoughts or sinful desires within himself! His addiction to pornography, masturbation and computer games is now a thing of the past! Free from all of these, he can now study and meditate on God’s Word, pray and stay away from sin!

Filled with gratitude towards His Deliverer for striking the root of his problem, He advised everyone to keep seeking God, even if their situation seems impossible to change. Finally, He promised not to look back, but to serve God with all his substance, according to God’s will!



On Sunday, 5 September 2021, Mrs. Kaylee Williams from the Netherlands visited the SCOAN Thessalonica, in order to receive an anointed touch from the man of God Harry.

As the prayer line was taking place, Mrs. Kaylee began to tremble in the presence of God, and the Holy Spirit revealed the enemy’s destructive plan against her through the prophetic word of the man of God, If you had not come here today, Im seeing you committing suicide, putting an end to your life! If you had not come for this deliverance… Because satan is really playing a lot of games in your mind. Sometimes you begin to behave like a crazy person whereas youre not crazy, but when this spirit comes it makes you misbehave. Thank God that today that spirit was exposed, so you will live and live many years, in the name of Jesus Christ!.


Confirming the prophetic word Mrs. Kaylee received, she explained that, indeed, at the young age of eight she saw her grandmother dead on the ground. This event stigmatized her, and from that day she was overcome by great fear that prevented her from sleeping until morning. For, when she slept, her dead grandmother would come to her in her sleep, and this made her problem even worse! For this reason, her mother decided to visit a wizard. After her visit to the wizard, she realized that the fear she had was gone, but she started having suicidal thoughts! While she was only twelve years old, every time she stood in front of a building she thought: Why shouldn’t I jump?”. This led her to seek help and a solution from psychologists, who for many years gave her antidepressants and antipsychotics. At the same time, she began substance abuse. She became a user of drugs, such as cocaine and cannabis, and drank alcohol while driving without thinking about the consequences and having control over her actions. As she was constantly under the influence of drugs and alcohol, her behavior was that of a crazy person.

Throughout her uncontrollable life, she went from one relationship to another, resulting in her becoming pregnant and having an abortion without even knowing who the father of the child was and also got infected with HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). Furthermore, the demonic attacks were part of her daily life, such as having dreams of dead people, men sleeping with her and various negative events that happened after a short time in the real world. In her professional life there was similar confusion, as she went from one job to another, being unable to maintain any of them.

That was the situation when Mrs. Kaylee came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. However, one thing was certain, she could not leave the place the same! Surprised by the restoration that the divine touch brought about in her life, she promised to follow Jesus Christ and stay away from sin!



When the gift of prophecy reveals the root of a person’s problem, it means that there is a definitive end to that problem. The Spirit of God always takes care to reveal the root of the problem, because when you deal with a problem while neglecting its cause, you cannot have a permanent solution and the problem will keep coming back!

It was an important day for Mr. Bosoka, who traveled from Spain to receive the touch that he was convinced could change his life and the life of his family forever! The Spirit of God located him in the prayer line and the man of God Harry revealed to him things that only the Holy Spirit knew. This is the spirit of death! It wants you to die! All that you complain about is nothing compared to death. If you die, what is the meaning of the disease? Once you are free from the spirit of death, you will be free from all that! Today you are free from it! This spirit has been chasing you for a long time. Not just you, but your whole family. They all die young! This is the spirit of the prophecy that reveals these to you, so that you too may see that God is in this House and that Jesus Christ is Alive. Today the chain of death in your family is broken! You are free!.

Clearly surprised at the root of his problems, Mr. Bosoka wanted to explain in more detail how true the prophetic words of the man of God Harry are! As he mentioned, there were many premature deaths in the family and more specifically on his father’s side. Both his father and his father’s brothers died prematurely and suddenly from various diseases. His father died at the age of just 67 after an operation, while one of his uncles died at the age of just 50! He confirmed that many members of his family had multiple health problems, while his father’s uncles and cousins, even his mother, died at a very young age and only one of his uncles survived. He stressed, in fact, that as a family they always faced many financial problems and it was very difficult for them to survive, even though his father had various jobs and was presented with many financial opportunities. Despite their repeated efforts to make it in life, nothing worked, which was the case with him.

The spirit of death tormented him even in his dreams, as he saw people he knew had died. Still, while he was sleeping, he felt that someone was pinching him and he felt a strange presence in the room! He suffered from asthma and many times had to stop on the road in order to be able to breathe properly!

Words were not enough to express his gratitude to God for what the Spirit of God revealed to him! He firmly believes that now his whole family is free and that a new era of blessings and prosperity will begin, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! He promised to glorify and worship God with all his heart and to serve the Living God of Israel!

The photos below show the results of the inconceivable power of God who saves, blesses, heals and set free those who truly seek His face. Defying the distance, dozens of people traveled from their country in order to attend the prayer line and receive a divine touch that was going to change the course of their lives forever!

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  1. Maria Safaei

    HALLELUYAH::::Pray for me that the Holy Spirit expose the rootcause of any trouble in my family that has come to destroy and has taken out some of the memebers of my family ,destored realationships and so on….REVELATION::::…Stand with me for perfect revelation …I have been resisting the devil for very long now..It is time for overthrow…..Thank you…Amen..I proclaim the Victory in jesus christ holy name….HALLELUYAH:::Thank you JESUS


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