On Sunday, 26 December 2021, the attendees at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica welcomed the second day of Christmas in a festive atmosphere, raising their voices in order to express their deep gratitude to the Protagonist of the season, Jesus Christ!

The message that followed from the man of God Harry entitled, “HOW WE EXPRESS LOVE”, evidently discussed the matter of love to suit the occasion. The man of God mentioned that the true meaning of Christmas is lost… More specifically, he clarified that most people enjoy Christmas for the presents they collect, considering the festive season as a chance to have fun and as the only chance to show kindness by buying material gifts. He explained that there are many people who do not know how to express their love and they forget that they should be showing it all year round.


Based on John 3:16, the man of God Harry used God’s master plan for the salvation of His children as the ultimate example of love, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” The man of God elaborated that there is no love that does not express itself by giving” and concluded that love was born on Christmas, since Jesus Christ was born on Christmas! Therefore, as he continued, we all ought to celebrate this wonderful event by redefining our faith and the purpose of God for our lives. On the contrary, many of us are too busy with our personal matters and we ignore our neighbour who is facing much more serious situations, while love looks around to see who is in need!


While God did everything possible to redeem humanity when it was in need by sending His Only Son, His children focus on receiving. Hence, the man of God Harry noted that the day of Christmas should remind and encourage us to examine ourselves in order to see if we are walking by love and ask ourselves if we are fulfilling the purpose for which Christmas was born!

Closing his message, he emphasised on the fact that the best investment is help and that is why he said that when we help the people around us to solve their problems, then God will send someone to help us solve our own problems and ease our pain!



Mrs. Agnes Adjai visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica from Italy on Sunday, 26 December 2021, in order to share with the people of God the awesome things He did to bless her with a wonderful professional breakthrough!

Her problems started when she decided to leave her homeland, the Republic of Benin, and to establish herself permanently in Italy, alongside her family. Despite being the holder of an accounting degree and despite the fact that she used to work as a secretary for the Embassy of Benin, while in search of a job she realised that her degree was invalid in Italy! Shocked and confused, she wondered how that could be, realising that she had to start her life over, while opportunities for black people in Italy were extremely limited.

For 23 whole years she was forced to work as a nanny caring for small children and as a cleaner, because she was not able to move forward with her desired career! That caused her a lot of sorrow and was even expressed as anger against her family since -from an embassy secretary- she became a simple cleaner! This situation also affected her sleep, while she had to take prescribed medication in order to calm down and fall asleep. Though she followed the doctors advise and took the medication, she did not see any improvement…

In order to improve her professional and financial situation, in 2018 Mrs. Adjai decided to take part in a 1-year accounting seminar. Yet, she still faced challenges, this time from her classmates, who made fun of her for trying to succeed in her career, because of her age. As she was rejected by her peers, she was tempted to give up trying and to focus on her family. For the glory of God, though, not only did she not quit, but she started to pray to the Lord and watch Emmanuel TV, the television channel of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria. Then, two years ago, she came to Thessaloniki to participate in the prayer line, for she understood that only Jesus Christ could put an end to every limitation in her life!

Indeed, when the man of God Harry prayed for her, she felt the fire of the Holy Ghost and started running away from him, as an unclean spirit manifested from within her. The demon said, “I took her wisdom! She wants to be great! I am the spirit of the ancestors. She wants to be an accountant but she will not! I entered her through a dream!”. The man of God commanded the spirit out, in the name of Jesus and declared her free! From that moment on her life totally changed!


Her first success came when she had to take exams to get her certificate which proves that she completed her accounting seminar. Even though she was not yet fluent in the Italian language and could not remember the things she had studied well, out of her entire class she came out second best and got the certificate she so longed for in September 2019. The certificate she received finally gave her the ability to use the accounting degree she already had. Because of her success in the exams, she was given the opportunity to participate in a second seminar which she also completed successfully after another final exam! Still, God’s blessings for her did not stop there! Mrs. Agnes had been chosen, along with 5 other people to practice her training in a company and was, as a matter of fact, the only black person who had achieved that! Before she finished with her training, the very same company offered to hire her as an executive in their financial department! To her surprise, she realised that the company had put her information and job description on their website before she was even hire!

Now, Mrs. Agnes is an important asset of the company and she has a fixed salary! Every aspect of her life that had been affected negatively, was restored after the anointed prayer from the man of God. She no longer needs medication in order to sleep and her relationship with her family has significantly improved and has been fully restored!

Full of joy, she advised the church to have faith. “Since God worked miraculously in my life, then He will surely do it in everyone’s life”, she expressed! Finally, she promised to serve God for the rest of her life and to be a channel of blessing for the people around her!

Regardless of the nature of the problem you are facing, one thing is certain. Whatever your problem may be, you need to run towards God and not far away from Him, for He is the only One who is never going to disappoint you!



There is no greater satisfaction than hearing and seeing people describe with gratitude and joy how Jesus Christ and His resurrection power transformed their lives! Proving with the testimony of their changed life that He remains the same yesterday, today and forever, Mr. Myrteli Elidjon and his wife Mile Matilda from Drama, Greece, also rushed on Sunday, 26 December 2021, and shared with the congregation the big changes in their lives.

The problems that initially led Mr. Myrteli to visit SCOAN Thessalonica, was that for 13 years he could not get a residence and work permit in Greece. This inevitably prevented him from working, having medical insurance for himself and his family of four, and also traveling to his homeland of Albania. Consequently, his finances were not in a good state, as the jobs he would find were occasional… To meet their basic needs Mrs. Mile had to work 12-13 hours daily on her feet until 8th and a half month of pregnancy!

Furthermore, his relationship with his wife was not good at all! He did not treat her well, he was constantly jealous of her and he was angry with her for no reason. His behavior hurt and offended her, many times in public and he did not care about others’ opinion. As she mentioned, he was also ready to hit anyone who annoyed him. He could not control himself. He also had excessive anxiety, especially at work, which he could not manage.

A divine touch, as he stood in the prayer line, was enough to change Mr. Myrteli’s whole life! Only 10 days after returning home from the SCOAN Thessalonica, he received a phone call from the consulate and the process for the residence and working permit began! In a month the long desired documents were in his hands! Their finances have improved a lot because now he works freely and legally! He can also travel to his country and Mrs. Mile no longer needs to work, as he covers all their expenses and nothing is missing in their lives! The change is evident in all areas of his life. The anger and jealousy are over and now Mrs. Mile can talk to him about any problems that may be going on at their home without being afraid of his reaction. Stress no longer overwhelms him, he handles all his responsibilities without any stress or anxiety! In short he is a young man who can manage himself and his emotions!

Free from the problems of the past, they both advised the church not to lose faith when faced with situations. He encouraged them to approach God, because only He can gives a permanent solution to each of our problems. Finally, they promised to follow their Redeemer forever!

It does not matter what you go through, but how you go through it. You need to get God involved in your case, because if God is involved in your case it does not matter who else is involved!



“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”. Through these words in Matthew 11:28, our Lord welcomes all those who seek the heavenly joy, peace and rest of soul that He selflessly offers! Accepting this invitation, Mrs. Jackie Asante from England came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to receive her own portion of blessing from Jesus Christ!

Accompanied by her two sons, Mrs. Asante participated in the prayer line where God’s anointing located her and she received a prophetic message from the man of God Harry. The prophetic word was, “There is this evil attack that comes to you in the dream once in a while. That evil attack comes in the form of a man, like a spiritual husband, somebody who wants to have an affection with you in the dream. This has been affecting your relationships so much and it has given you a lot of disappointment in your life. This is not only happening to you, it has been in the family and the reason is that satan doesn’t want you to have a settled home. That’s why you see everywhere broken home… This is an attack! So I’m just telling you what you are free of today!” Mrs. Asante lost control of her body as soon as the light of prophecy located her and the unclean spirit behind her condition manifested by screaming out loud. She fell to the ground and the man of God declared her free, in the name of Jesus Christ!


Later on, she wanted to confirm the prophetic words she had received and she testified that what the man of God Harry said was true! A man, indeed, would sometimes come and meet with her in her dream. This man would sometimes take the face of someone she knew and sometimes the face of a man with whom she had an affair in the past. These dreams, however, had a supernatural effect on her life, since after she had them she would have arguments with her respective partner. There would either be a break in their communication without any serious reason or she would even feel that she was suddenly no longer attracted to him and eventually separation would come.

Talking about the present, although Mrs. Asante is married, she still faces unusual challenges with her husband. As she said, she is sometimes intensely angry with him for no reason and she believes that she should no longer be with him. As she explained, sometimes she wonders, “Why am I married to him?”.

Her whole family was also affected in the area of marriage and she experienced the separation of her parents at the age of 14. Everyone in her family got divorced and she is the only member in the family who is still married. She also mentioned that her sister is single, even though she has children…

Another issue Mrs. Asante mentioned was the disappointment she was experiencing in different areas of her life. As she said, despite living in England for 15 years, she could not manage to get her documents and that was an issue troubling her for a long time. She even ended up obtaining her driver’s license after three times of taking the exams! In fact, to show how much the spiritual husband affected the financial aspect of her life, she explained that she was under a lot of pressure, as she was spending a lot of money trying to get treatment for her first child, who was diagnosed with autism. The amount she spent on medicine and treatments was more than €20,000, which did not bring any improvement in the end.

Breakthrough, deliverance and blessing came all at once in Mrs. Asante’s life and she now feels relief in her heart! Full of joy she said, “I was praying to receive my deliverance and to cut the root of my problems and, indeed, God spoke to me and delivered me! I will return back with my testimony!” 

Giving her promise to God Almighty she said she will raise her children in the ways of the Lord!

Prayer is the shortest route between your heart and God.  Go closer to God through prayer and get ready to receive the heavenly blessings that He has prepared for you! 



Dozens of people visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, every Sunday, in order to see an actual change in their lives with the power and help of Jesus Christ. One of them was Mrs. Nadia Grande from Australia, who literally travelled from the other side of the world, thousands of miles away from her home, to seek God’s anointing that delivers, blesses, heals and saves.

While the Spirit of God was guiding the man of God Harry during the prayer line, the power of prophecy came and revealed the cause of the mental disorders, which tormented Mrs. Grande’s family. “This has been in the family”, said the man of God when he prayed for her. “Satan has been causing this! This is a generational curse from your mother’s side, but Jesus Christ loves you and this is the end of it!”. That moment, Mrs. Grande felt weak and fell under the influence of the Holy Spirit, unable to stand on her feet. Then, the man of God Harry broke the demonic curse keeping her bound and declared her free once and for all, in the name of Jesus Christ!  


Feeling blessed that God showed favour and mercy in her life, she willingly confirmed the prophecy she received in more detail. She began by stating that her mother suffered from depression and anxiety, resulting in her being sad all the time. Although she never confided it to her, she believed that her own health problem played a crucial role in her mother’s depression. The doctors were not able to find a medical solution to her issue and her mother had come to face very intense despair because of it.

Confirming the accuracy of the prophetic word, she revealed that more family members were having similar mental health problems. Her brother is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, her nephew from anxiety, and her cousin from depression. Her brother who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder is obsessed with cleaning and wants everything to be in order. Even the towels in the bathroom have to be put in a particular way, otherwise the clutter gives him a headache! On the one hand His wife enjoys it, since he takes on the cleaning of their house, but on the other hand, it becomes the cause of quarrelling between them, when things are not done according to how he wants.

Regarding herself, she mentioned that her anxiety and depression started at the age of nine. She initially observed that she wanted everything around her to be clean and was obsessed with cleaning objects. As a result, she started seeing doctors when she was 16 and at the age of 22 she was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder. The only solution for her was to go under medication, but, as she revealed, it did not help enough and that is why she was certain that only God could give her the perfect solution she was in need of.

Furthermore, she was too quick to become offended and too slow in taking off her mind the negative thoughts caused by the insults she sometimes received from others around her during discussions… At the same time, she was in an awful emotional state and suffered from depression, it was difficult for her to breathe, and then she started being overwhelmed by thoughts of death and suicide. She felt helpless, at a dead end, and she was thinking of slitting her wrists or even jumping off a high building. Of course, she knew that all those thoughts were not from God.

Mrs. Grande recognises God’s contribution to her life and the fact that He preserved her until the day of her deliverance, so that she and her family can receive such a huge blessing! After the prayer line, Mrs. Grande feels joyful, and she believes that she has received a complete package of blessings! The prophetic word has undoubtedly brought breakthrough in her life and she hopes to continue gaining blessings from now on!

Her promise to the Giver of her blessings is that she will keep following Him forever, testifying His wonderful works to everyone in her life!

If the situation you are in now does not guarantee your future, do not despair; the end has not come, the best is always yet to come!



Mr. Ogbebor traveled to Greece from the United Kingdom to experience the power of God, which thousands of people from different parts of the world have experienced in the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. Like many have come with their faith in God, so did he, as he stood with faith in the prayer line and the Spirit of God revealed a precious prophetic word regarding his life and his future.

When the man of God Harry prayed for him, he told Mr. Ogbebor a prophetic word that “sealed” his calling from God. The prophecy was, “You should do charity work. I do not know how much you are involved in charity work… God has a big plan for you and this whole plan will be expressed through charity. It does not matter how little you believe you have. Everything big starts small! As you give, even the little that you have, you will see that God will continue to provide and bless you more and more. If you help 5 people today, God will help you and next time you will help 10 people. If you help 10 people, God will bless you, and next time you will be able to help 20 people. I see a very big organisation but you have to walk towards that direction; charity work! That is the only thing that gives you satisfaction. Whatever you may do, helping someone in need is the only thing that gives you joy. That is a part of your calling!”.


Mr. Ogbebor, joyful and satisfied, confirmed the prophetic word he received and exclaimed that the man of God described precisely what he had in his heart, through the Spirit of God. Speaking of charity, the way Mr. Ogbebor understands it, he pointed out that it needs to start from your own home, or there is no point in helping others when your own family is suffering. He then described how he took care of his parents and his relatives in his country of origin, Nigeria, by supplying them with everything they needed so that they would not be lacking anything. By showing his love in practice, he built a home for his siblings in Nigeria where they live free of rent. He happily explained that, when someone in his family had a problem, he would never hesitate to do everything in his power to find a solution. His father died at the age of 80 years old, however, he left behind a child that was just 2 years old! Mr. Ogbebor fully took over the care of that child who, by the grace of God, is 31 years old today.

His works of charity expanded to the society too. In the church he leads, with his own expenses, he has repeatedly taken the initiative to transport the church members that had no means of transport. Even when certain members have trouble meeting ends with their bills, the whole church cares for them and supports them financially! He noted that in his church they have “food banks”, as they call them, in order to give out free food to people in need. Recently, he filled a truck with food that would be handed out to those in need, once again, at his own expense.

He sincerely expressed that this type of work fills him with indescribable joy and he added that when you do something for God, with God, then everything becomes easy. He expects nothing in return for the things he does but takes joy in seeing happy faces. Having the prophet T. B. Joshua as a role model, Mr. Ogbebor wants to reach his level, by the grace of God, so that he will be able to help as many people as possible.

Finally, he promised that, for as long as he lives, he will do anything in his power to take people away from the kingdom of satan and place them into the kingdom of God instead.

If we do not see the problem of our neighbour as our own problem, then our title as “children of God” is questionable. We must not forget that we serve God every time we help someone in need!

In the photos below, the reason why we celebrate Christmas is evidently captured. That means that we see the love of Jesus Christ, which delivers, heals, blesses and saves, carrying on the mission assigned by the Father for the purpose of humanity’s salvation, even in our days!

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