See how the land of the Bible comes to life in our generation! The same anointing that was prevalent back then is still around today setting the captives free!

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Woman Gets A SUPERNATURAL Experience!!! | PAUL & SILAS' PRISON

Mrs. Julia Johnson shares the supernatural experience she had at Paul and Silas’ prison when she visited this holy place with other international visitors. With a heart full of unforgiveness ...and frustration, because of the many futile efforts she had made to forgive, she was desperately seeking divine intervention in her life. The anointing of God that flows unceasingly in this prison was more than enough to make her forget the pain of the past once and for all and finally release forgiveness. Her radical change is obvious and it can happen to anyone who believes! As you watch this divine encounter, open your heart and get ready to receive your own freedom from every burden that holds you captive, in the name of Jesus Christ!

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