The Sunday Service on 24 October 2021 opened with prayer and continued with hymns of praise, in a glorious atmosphere of worship. The hearts of those present were filled with the presence of God, as the atmosphere was charged with His anointing.


Immediately after, the man of God Michael preached a thoughtful message with revealing words entitled, “HEAVENLY SUCCESS”, in which he stated that many of us want to be successful, but every day we do exactly the same things we always did. He stressed that if you do not like what you have been experiencing all these years, then you must change what you have been doing all these years!


Wanting to show us the importance of doing something different to change our lives, he likened the speed at which we run the race of our lives to that of the drivers racing in Formula 1. While everyone is successful in Formula 1, only some manage to stand out, because they always do something different; they take risks, they go beyond their limits and aim to finish with a better time than the last time. Unfortunately, today many of us run at the same speed every day and continue with the same routine. However, as the man of God pointed out, it is time to do something different to change our lives from failure to success! As children of God, we want heavenly success, so that God may be glorified through what we do.


Reading from the Book of Esther 5:14 – 8:2 and 10:1-3, he cited the example of Mordecai who achieved heavenly success! He pointed out that Mordecai wanted trials in his life because he knew that if you do not want trials, then you do not want success in life! The reason why Mordecai did not leave the gate was to find a solution for the Jewish people. He did not run away from his problem, unlike us, because he knew that when you run away from trouble, you run away from the solution, success and breakthrough. He also clarified that we should not be afraid of failure, because the lessons we learn from our failure prepare us for the responsibilities and challenges of our success!

The man of God Michael gave special importance to dream for our future, saying, “It is time to dream again! I mean, it is time to plan greater plans because the secret of tomorrow’s success lies in the plans of your daily routine”. Finally, closing his message, he urged us to invest in our relationship with God, because, “If you take care of the depth of your relationship with God, He will take care of the breadth of your success!”.



When you are in the living presence of God, it is impossible to remain the same, because it is in His will to change the lives of those who approach Him in order to receive a portion of the blessings that only He is able to give.

The life of Ms. Elena Fedorovich did not remain the same ever since she visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in 2019, and received a prophetic word from the man of God Harry. Sister, I see depression. You need to pray against depression because it wants you to commit suicide. This depression wants to make you die prematurely… The doctor cannot help you. The best doctor is Jesus Christ!”.


Acknowledging God’s contribution in her life since then, she did not hesitate to come to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, once again, in order to thank God for what He did in her life after the prayer she received. As she explained, from a young age she felt a strange kind of sadness, loneliness and fear. As for loneliness and sadness, she had accepted that doctors could not help her! After some prayers she received in churches, it was revealed that there was witchcraft in her family that was likely causing all of her problems.

At the same time, she did not feel the need to talk to people and even greeting them was frightening. When she was in a group of people, she could not rejoice with them and she constantly wondered why. Even the simplest things, such as calling a taxi or travelling somewhere seemed very difficult. She did not feel like doing anything and she had no purpose in life!

She was also facing the problem of offence and unforgiveness. She was angry and could not control herself, and even when her own daughter used to say something that offended her, she wanted to hit her… When people close to her hurt or abandoned her, it was impossible for her to forgive them and she would do everything she could to avoid them. She used to think that they did not value her opinion and that they were constantly trying to tell her what to do; which made her really offended.

Immediately after the prayer, the Lord revealed to her that she must release forgiveness and let go of offence. Now, the depression has seized! Her mood has changed, she has joy and purpose in her life and her acquaintances cannot even recognize her! She has forgiven those who hurt her and she no longer lets offence find a place in her heart. Having been freed from depression, Ms. Fedorovich advised the congregation not to give up, because God is love!



Mr. Pasquale Dragna from Italy came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 17 October 2021 and God Almighty revealed to his servant, man of God Michael, a saving prophetic word. The Spirit of God revealed to him what would happen in Mr. Dragna’s life if the power of God did not disconnect him from all the satanic influence that the devil exerted on him. The word given to him was the following: “In the future, I see an accident that is about to happen and that is about to kill you. But now it has been revealed, and it will not happen. I want to tell you to stay away from bikes. Even if you love bikes, there is a trap there. Do not ride motorcycles! Ride a car, and this accident will never happen to you!”. Glory to the Living Jesus Christ, because He acts in the lives of the people who come to Him with an attitude of sincerity!


The very next Sunday, 24 October 2021, Mr. Dragna came back to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to share his wonderful testimony for the glory of God! To begin with, he said that the prophetic word he received was 100% true, as from a very young age he really liked bikes! His father, as well as his uncle, also had motorcycles and when they would come to pick him up from school they would perform wheelies down the street! These were the ultimate male role models for him back then. Thus, when he reached the age of 12, he borrowed the bikes of the people around him. Later, at the age of 15, he started selling drugs so that he could maintain his motorbike and, in fact, bought an even faster bike, with which he did very dangerous tricks. Taking drugs himself, selling and driving dangerously, he was constantly afraid that the police would catch him and, for this reason, he decided to work in a restaurant so that he could maintain his way of life. Every night, when his shift was over, he used drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, etc. Besides, he went out with many women and, while he was drunk and under the influence of drugs, he drove his motorbike at a very high speed, which was very dangerous! Also, every time he would lay down to sleep, he heard strange sounds in his ears, as if someone were blowing loudly.

Recognising his condition and having the experience from the deaths of his friends, but also of the very serious car accident his mother had, he tried to stop his bad habit of speeding with motorbikes, and in his effort he discovered the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, where he realised that Jesus Christ was the solution to all his problems! He even narrated an incident that happened to him when he was speeding at 90 km/h in the city and, suddenly, oil was found on the road. He lost control and found himself in front of a truck. At that moment he prayed: “Lord save me!”, and while he was slipping on the oil, he felt a force pushing him to the opposite side where safety was! The driver of the truck with which he almost collided got out of his vehicle and said to him: “Someone from Heaven is protecting you!”.

Mr. Dragna stressed that his way of thinking has changed now! While he used to think negatively, smoke a cigarette every 30 minutes and take drugs, now he does not do any of them. Now, he feels happy, light, he has no anger and rage! All this has been replaced by the peace of God!

Having received a divine reformation of heart and life, he advised all people not to have doubt in themselves, but to make the decision to experience the power of God, which is very intense and miraculous! He also advised young people to seek joy in the presence of God and not in speed, as he saw the grief that the death of his friends brought to their families because of their desire for speed. He promised God that he would be a living testimony of the power of Jesus Christ and that he would live every minute for the glory of the One who set him free!



A wonderful example of God’s divine intervention is the testimony of Ms. Konstantina Koutra from Veria, Greece. Ms. Koutra attended the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 24 October 2021, to thank God for the wonderful deliverance she received after the prayer from the man of God Harry!

Ms. Koutra mentioned that it all started in 2018 when she worked as a salesperson for a company. Although she was in contact with many customers every day, one particular customer began giving her gifts, such as chocolates, flowers, gloves to keep her hands warm, and even vitamins and medicines when she caught a cold… This man approached her with flattering words, telling her that because of the radiance she emitted, he wanted to touch her hands a little to receive some energy… She felt very embarrassed, first of all, because she was at work and did not want to cause problems and then because this customer’s general stance and attitude shocked and frightened her! Not wanting to offend him, she accepted everything he offered her, however, she was completely unaware of what would happen next.

At the same time, she began having nightmares at night, while during the day she was anxious and was thinking about how to avoid this person in case he appeared again. The influence of this man in her spirit was so strong that at night she saw his face many times in her dreams! In her dreams, she also saw herself eating and people chasing her. In fact, she remembered that one day she heard a voice say to her: “I want your soul!”… She would wake up terrified, she was unable to fall asleep again and she noticed that her hands were full of scratches. The fact that she did not have long enough fingernails that could create such scratches and there was no sharp object around her, frightened her even more… This situation caused her discomfort, anxiety, stress and terror. She could not understand exactly what was happening and why she was all of a sudden receiving all these attacks.

This continued happening with this obscure customer, until one day she noticed on his hand there were some strange cords, ropes, chains and symbols wrapped around. Although something inside her warned her not to touch them, she had to take the card from his hand to complete the transaction and, immediately, she felt discomfort and the tendency to vomit! Ms. Koutra pointed out that at that very moment she could perceive the man’s satisfaction as if his plan seemed to succeed! After that, everything seemed to go downhill! The nightmares got worse and worse as if that was not enough, daily headaches were added that even prevented her from working. To explain how severe the pain she was feeling was, she described that it felt as if her skull was being pierced and nothing could alleviate the pain. This migraine lasted for days and was incredibly irritating. She could not stand the light or the slightest sound at all! Trying to cope with the obligations of her daily life, she managed to take up to 10 painkillers a day, which did not help her condition at all. All she was given was some pills and leave from work until a clear diagnosis was made. Ms. Koutra described that period as the most torturous of her life, and the fear of death slowly began to occupy her…

Until someone suggested that she visit the SCOAN Thessalonica to receive her deliverance. Because there was no solution to her problem with conventional methods and she desperately wanted to put an end to what she was going through, she left behind all the inhibitions of her logic and stood on the prayer line with mixed feelings of doubt and hope. When the time came for the man of God Harry to pray for her, a simple touch was enough to deliver her and simultaneously experience an incredible feeling! She felt she was somewhere high, bright, amid other glowing presences, and joy-filled her life right away!


Immediately after the prayer line, Ms. Koutra felt joy, calmness and an inconceivable purity! The nightmares have stopped, the worries have disappeared and she is now sleeping peacefully! Over time she realised that the headaches had stopped and, now, three years after the prayer she received, she has never experienced anything like this before! Her faith was revived and her spiritual path changed permanently!

Her advice to everyone is to trust in God and not allow any problem to keep us away from Him. Finally, she promised her Redeemer to trust Him, to follow Him more consistently and not to allow doubt to take her away from Him!

God does not mind doubt as long as you seek an answer from Him amid doubt. Therefore, allow your doubt to bring you closer to God and not to distance you from Him!



Sunday, 24 October 2021, was the day that changed Ms. Svetlana Klimona’s life once and for all! Having travelled from Russia to Greece, she visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, with the unshakable faith that God Almighty would put an end to her problems!

Indeed, the solution from the Lord did not delay to come. During the prayer line, when the man of God Michael laid his hand on her, the unclean spirit within her manifested immediately! As soon as the anointed man of God Michael, rebuked the demon and the woman was set free, for the glory of the name of Jesus Christ, the man of God said to her: “Don’t worry! Whatever satan stole from you, Jesus Christ will give it back to you!”.


Later, Ms. Klimona confirmed that an unclean spirit had entered her, causing destruction and sorrow in every area of her life. In particular, she stressed that she was facing great difficulty in finding a man to marry and start her own family. Εvery time she met someone, a problem would appear and, as a result, none of her relationships would eventually proceed to marriage. In addition, she experienced constant setbacks in her career, as she was never able to have a stable job. The result of this was having financial difficulties, which, combined with a health issue she had in her stomach – for which no doctor could find a solution – led Ms. Klimona to have fits of anger and bad relationships with the people around her. Finally, she confessed that she had nightmares, such as seeing people feeding her food, men sleeping with her and chasing her to kill her… When she woke up she felt very bad because she knew that once again her enemy had attacked her. In order to emphasise how severe the demonic attacks were, she explained that one day, while she was alone in the house, she fell asleep and when she woke up, she realised that her hair was cut! This was another confirmation that she was under serious demonic influence.

When the man of God Michael approached her, the unclean spirit that tormented her began to feel the fire of the Holy Spirit and, as a result, made Ms. Klimona feel fear, tremble, and want to leave. In fact, she explained that she felt a particular burning on the finger on which the wedding ring is customarily worn, and on that very finger, she felt as if she were wearing a ring!

Now, full of gratitude to her Savior and Redeemer, she declared that she feels joy and peace within her and promised to make the Word of God a standard for her life from now on!

As genuine believers, when our troubles seem unyielding in spite of our prayers, fasting and struggles, it is in our own interests to get above our fears, anxiety and worries by leaving it to God Almighty!



After the Sunday Service, Mrs. Iosifina Patse from Cephalonia shared with inexpressible joy how much she was blessed by the presence of God that was palpable during the entire service. As she mentioned, the worship to the Lord was as if it came from angels, while the message of the man of God Michael to the congregation spoke directly to her heart. She emphasised that the man of God Michael is undoubtedly a useful tool in the hands of God and she thanked Him for the grace she was given to be among believers once again.

The anointing of God located her among the people in the prayer line and through the man of God Michael told her the following: “I see many years of Christianity, you have been a Christian for many years! You turned 70 and you are still looking for the truth: ‘Is Christ here? How does Christ act? Were these people from God? Were they not?’ This is a thought that comes to your mind for years now, but it is not too late to genuinely find Christ because the salvation of your soul is at stake! Jesus Christ wants you to know Him in truth through His Word! You will go before Jesus Christ as if you know nothing. Forget all those years you have been a Christian… You will say: ‘Lord, I know nothing! Teach me from the beginning. And you will see in a short amount of time, God will teach you everything you need. The end of your faith is the salvation of your soul!”. With this prophetic word, the man of God, guided by the Holy Spirit, managed to shed light on the life of Mrs. Patse and declare her free from the spirit of religion!


When the man of God approached her, she felt the power and the presence of God even more intensely, and right after her deliverance, she confirmed that she has been a believer for 32 years and at the beginning, she was indeed taken over by the spirit of religion. Nevertheless, due to financial problems, difficult situations in her family and her job, she was stranded on the island where she resides and had almost no contact with churches as it was difficult to find other believers, although she was desperately seeking spiritual relief.

Since she was not receiving spiritual support, questions and doubts about the beliefs and the salvation of Christians arose within her. Eventually, while seeking a Christian refuge, she found herself in a place she was not supposed to be… She was therefore unable to find what she was in need of and was instead overwhelmed with sorrow.

But Jesus Christ had not yet said His last word! Mrs. Patse said that after her divine encounter with Him, she now feels truly born again. Moreover, she believes that a blessing has come into her life because God has finally shown her the reality. Lastly, she promised to blindly obey God’s will!

Indeed, it does not matter how long you have been a believer, but how deeply rooted you are in the truth of the Word, as well as the relationship you maintain with Him!



Mrs. Princess Boahene was one of the dozens of visitors who visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, every week in order to receive a blessing from God Almighty! Filled with expectations and faith that the Lord Jesus Christ never fails, she stood in the prayer line and the light of God made the demon that was ruining her life kneel before His authority!

Once the man of God Michael approached her, the demon began to confess the destruction it caused in her life all these years: I am the ghost from the royal family! I do not want her to worship God, but that is what she is doing. I have seized her womb… Her firstborn is a boy and he is always serving God, he is always giving prophecy! The other child she wants to have will also be a prophet and that is why I will not allow it to happen. I have seized her womb, but this girl is so stubborn. I will teach her a lesson. You cannot be a princess in the royal family and worship God. I entered her after her first birth! Her firstborn is a pastor and because it caused me pain, that is why I tied her womb!”. The fire of God consumed the unclean spirit through the man of God Michael, and it left her body for good!


Willing to expose the works of the devil and his demons, she confirmed everything the unclean spirit said at the time of her deliverance. She began by saying that she is indeed a descendant of the royal family of Ghana and when her grandfather died, her father was asked to take over the reign as the next in line of succession. However, her father refused because he did not want to worship the idols that were worshipped in the royal family, and so he threw them all away and decided to completely turn to Jesus Christ along with his entire family! Their decision angered the idol, which began to torment them in all areas of their lives…

The idol tied Mrs. Boahenes’ womb and for 19 years she could not have a second child despite her efforts. She visited medical specialists with her husband, they both did all the necessary tests, but there did not seem to be any medical issue. This made the demonic influence of the devil even more apparent in their lives. In fact, her 19-year-old son because of his desire to have a brother or sister, encouraged his parents to go and meet God’s anointed ones since only God could reverse their situation! As mentioned by the unclean spirit, her only son is steadfastly following in the footsteps of Prophet T. B. Joshua and he is constantly praying, fasting and advising young people to stay away from the dark path of sin. Her son’s lifestyle angered the demon therefore it did not allow her to have another child! Lastly, in order to shed light on the influence the idol of the family had upon her life, she mentioned that even in her dreams she saw a spiritual husband who was trying to sleep with her…

She confessed that when the man of God Michael came close to her, she felt an intense pain in her stomach and as soon as he touched her, the unclean spirit manifested! Mrs. Boahene is now free and happy after her deliverance, without the chains of darkness keeping her bound, and she promised to serve God all the days of her life!



Mr. Elema Nosakhare from Canada decided to make a transatlantic voyage in order to learn God’s view of his life! As he attended the Sunday gathering of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, he became an eyewitness of the miraculous power of God that continues to work today, as in the past, among those who approach Him in faith!

On 24 October 2021, during the prayer line, when the man of God Michael prayed for him, the Holy Spirit gave him a prophetic word about his life: “You have different sources to know what to do in your life! There are only two sources: the source of God and the source of satan! If it is not from God, it is from satan! Who told you that you are not a child of God? Who said that? This thought in your mind is a lie! Jesus Christ is with you! You are for special things! I see written on the placard, spirit of death. The spirit of death no longer exists! Say, “Goodbye, spirit of death”, and welcome Jesus Christ into your life! Jesus Christ wants to work with you! I see a ministry! Believe it!”. Surprised, Mr. Nosakhare thanked God for this prophetic word, through which he received God’s view on an issue that had preoccupied him for many years!


Later, confirming that the prophetic word was accurate and completely true, he explained that for many years he was thirsty to know what God’s purpose for his life was! The reason for this intense search was a plethora of spiritual dreams and revelations he had in previous years! Specifically, he mentioned that many times in his dreams, the Lord visited and advised him, guided him and invited him to follow Him with more devotion! Sometimes he had divine experiences and even saw visions of angels… All this made him ponder and wonder what his calling is, what is God’s purpose for his life and what he must do to be fulfilled!

He then turned to some pastors for guidance and direction, believing that they were the most competent to advise him on the matter. But he soon realised that they were not the right sources to inform him and guide him properly! The advice they gave him was completely different from the prophetic word he received in the prayer line from the man of God Michael! The other pastors made him feel that he was very sinful and therefore not fit to be used by God! In fact, many times the thought came that he was not even a child of God, because of some mistakes he made! In this way, they made him confused, frustrated and confused in his heart and mind as to what he should do!

In fact, some of the advice he received, when he followed them, turned out to be not only disorientation from his purpose but also a cause of harm and pain! In particular, he was once advised to return to his homeland Nigeria and live there, although he was absent abroad for 15 years, claiming rights as a descendant of a royal family. However, this trip was in vain! After spending all his savings in a few weeks, tens of thousands of dollars, staying in a hotel, in fruitless endeavors, and supporting financially weak relatives, he returned to Canada without any result!

In all this confusion that had occurred in his mind, he began to see in his dreams people who he knew were dead talking to him, and he thanked God that he was now freed from the spirit of death!

Concluding, Mr. Nosakhare said that the prophecy brought freedom and relief to his heart, because he finally learned the view of God which was in accordance with what the Lord had planted in his heart! Now, he is sure that God will use him in His work and at the right time God will have his own ministry! Happy, he promised to dedicate himself more to God, to read the Word of God more, to pray more and to make himself more available and willing to God’s plans!

A man of faith does not seek answers and direction from others but goes directly to God to learn His view of his condition. Still, he does what he loves, no matter what others around him are doing, and he knows that this is God’s will from the peace that comes into his heart!

As unbelievable as the images that follow are, they are tangible proof of the power of Almighty God. The news of His resurrection power has reached the ends of the earth and so, every week, dozens of believers travel from their country to witness it and begin a new chapter in the history of their lives.

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