People from all over the world visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica to worship and praise the Worthy Lamb who honoured those who attended with His presence and everyone witnessed the power of God, which is the same yesterday, today and forever! As the worship team praised God, He led the worshippers into an attitude of prayer and the presence of God filled the hearts of all!

In the course of the service, a God-inspired sermon by Prophet Stavros followed, that was entitled: STOP THINKING AND START ACTING!”, broadening the minds of the believers to make decisions that will change their lives completely, while emphasising that they have a role to play as children of God in order to be blessed by Him. In other words, we need to take action because it is not enough to just dream of a miracle in our lives. 

The prophet, in confirmation of what he said, took his biblical passage from Exodus 14:15-16: “Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on.  Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground’”, allowing the congregation to understand that that as Christians, there are some situations that cannot be solved by prayer. Trusting God does not consist in prayers alone; there are times to pray in faith and times to act faith! In other words, there are times to pray in faith and times to act faith. In other words, there are things we must do ourselves and others we must expect of God. Just as the example of Moses when he was under threat from the Egyptians along with the people of Israel. At that time, Moses had to use the ability that God Almighty gave him to split the sea in two, that is, he had to act with what he had in his hands at that moment.

Prophet Stavros, wanting to emphasise the seriousness of the role that Christians ought to play properly, explained that people, because of their ignorance of the Word of God, do not know what to do for the breakthrough they so much seek in their lives to come, and as a result that they remain stagnant, wondering why God does not bless them. Many Christians, when faced with a difficult situation, when faced with poverty, depression, illness, run to God, forget their problem and then rest, waiting for God to act for them! So, they go through the years and still pray in the same way while their lives are stagnant, not wondering what it is they are doing wrong. At this point and in order to awaken the believers, the man of God pointed out that not everything depends on God and certainly not everything depends on us. God’s ability and our genuine willingness is required for the miracle to happen! God will never do what we can do, but He will do for us what we cannot. The key is a genuine willingness to change the way we live. God’s servant highlighted that God did not wait for Moses to act before figuring out how to bless the people of Israel, He had already planned this event! It is the same with His children today, God has been planning our redemption and salvation since the creation of the world! This means that for every dead end and stagnation in life, there has always been a way out, because our Lord, Jesus Christ said: “It is finished” on the cross!

In closing, he encouraged the believers, saying that now is the time to start playing their role properly, as this is the necessary ingredient for the blessing to come! Our role as sons and daughters of God is to obey His Word and God’s role is to keep His promises!


Mrs. Elinda from Albania, a resident of Thessaloniki, stood with faith in the prayer line, where God’s anointing located her and delivered her from every demonic influence that was destroying her life. The moment Prophetess Evgenia prayed for her, she said to her: ‘‘There is a spirit of death in the family. A curse was given to you these days. You see bad dreams and you do not feel good in your health. Many bad things happen. God will deliver you! The Lord will break the curse, in the name of Jesus!’’.

Mrs. Elinda, overwhelmed, confirmed that lately she had not been feeling well at all. She had noticed that something was going on, as there was turmoil in all areas of her life, but she could not imagine what the root cause of the problem was. Negative thoughts and fear had nested in her mind and there was no peace in her home either.

She confessed that from the day her father-in-law died before her eyes, fear entered her as she kept seeing him in her dreams, during which she saw him alive dancing and talking to other people in their house! These dreams were causing her anxiety and constant restlessness. There was constant quarreling and tension in the house, she was upset and was constantly arguing with her children. As a result, she was in no mood for anything, so her daily responsibilities, such as household chores, were left undone.

In addition, anger led Mrs. Elinda and her siblings to uncontrollable behavior, and there were many times when they used physical violence in order to hurt each other! She said that the whole family had problems and that nothing was going well in their lives. Anger, fighting and crying had become a daily thing by now. Mrs. Elinda, desperate, prayed to God all the way, but one moment she was asking for forgiveness, the next moment, she was unable to control the situation she was in, she was falling back into the same mistake…

Full of gratitude and with joy now portrayed on her face, she thanks God Almighty from the bottom of her heart for the freedom He has given her and her entire family! Rejoicing, she promised Jesus Christ that she would live her life for Him and make His Word the guide for her life!

Genuine faith glorifies God in both good times and bad. Whatever situation you are going through, run to Him and trust Him. If it is His will for you to face a challenge, you will come out of it stronger! Remember that God is Faithful to those who are faithful to Him!


When no one else sees you, God sees you. No matter how people treat you, our Heavenly Father’s will for us is to be dependent on Him! The case of Ms. Syntyche Lebo validates this truth, as she visited the SCOAN Thessalonica from Ireland, lay her burdens at the feet of God, and received exactly what she needed!

During the prayer line, the Spirit of God spoke through the man of God Sorin, giving her the following prophetic message: “I see disappointments in your life, people disappointing you. This is pushing you to go where you don’t want to go, to do things that you don’t want to do, but when things like this happen, you should run to the Word of God. Get serious with Jesus Christ! Don’t spend one day with Him and then one or two days without Him. We honour Jesus when we honour His Word. If you want to have a breakthrough and be blessed in your life, you need to walk with Him and His Word every day!”.

After the service, Ms. Syntyche confirmed that the prophecy was true! Indeed, she was struggling with her relationship with God for a long time. As she explained, there were some days where she would read His Word, but sometimes, she would drift away even up to three months! She wouldn’t pray either, and indulge in worldly pleasures that didn’t glorify God, just as her manners weren’t appropriate for a child of God. Due to this and the challenges in her life, Ms. Syntyche started feeling angry with God. Lack of energy and depression were two consequences she had to face because of this situation, which were causing her to sleep or cry most of the time.

Moreover, she spoke about disappointment, which was usually a result of her friends who didn’t keep their promises nor their word and eventually changed their mind. Every time such a thing occurred, Ms. Syntyche would distance herself from them and become reluctant to meeting new people. Inevitably, she would compare her past with her future; unable to stop thinking that since old friends disappointed her, new friends would also let her down, so she did not even want to share her feelings with anyone. This imbalance in her friendships also affected her self-esteem and made her question whether her character was pushing her friends away.

Yet, in the same day, the power of God touched her life once again through the Prophetess Evgenia who told her: “You don’t drink water and this will cause problems in your health in the future. God cares about all areas of our lives and that is why He is revealing it. From today, start drinking more water so that it will cleanse you! You will see that you will feel better, your body will be hydrated, and you will have more energy because it is like you have no energy! God is revealing the root cause. Follow the instruction and everything will go well!”.

Ms. Syntyche confirmed that this prophetic message was accurate since during a depressing period of her life, she would stay in her room without coming out to drink water or even go to the bathroom! Even presently, she said that the water she consumes is not enough to hydrate her body, feeling weak and tired. Ms. Syntyche admitted that she wasn’t aware that her fatigue was not thanks to mental health issues but because of lack of hydration.

After receiving two prophetic words, Ms. Syntyche said that she feels relieved to have finally found an answer for the questions that she had and believes that the end of her problems has come! Her promise to God Almighty is to always depend on Him and always come back to Him!

Trust people and you will be let down, trust the Word of God and It will become a lamp for your feet and a light on your path, so that you will walk according to the will of your Heavenly Father!


The couple Mr. Ivan and Mrs. Krasimina from Bulgaria attended the service of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and the blessings they gathered together offered relief and joy to them!

Both of them received a prophetic message from Prophet Stavros during the prayer line/ More specifically, the servant of God said the following words to Mr. Ivan: “I see you preaching the Gospel. This means that God wants to use you in this area. Just obey Him, read His Word daily and He will start to direct you. This will give you peace and contentment because you try many things, but you don’t find contentment in life. God will direct you in the name of Jesus Christ!”.

Later, Mr. Ivan confirmed the prophet’s words. First of all, he acknowledged that he needs to properly prepare himself for this work, realizing that he must be filled with the Word of God. He stated that in the past, he used to preach and this brought about joy and contentment in his life. However, at some point, he quit preaching the Word and dedicated himself to many jobs and none of them could offer him what preaching the Word of God offered!

The mouth of the Lord spoke also to Mr. Ivan’s wife, Mrs. Krasimina. The prophecy she received was as follows: “There is too much anxiety in you and this is harming your system, your health, your heart. The only medicine for anxiety is to trust God, there is no other medicine. So, relax and give all your burdens to God. Jesus said to let the weak and weary come to Him and He will give them rest!”.

After the end of the service, Mrs. Krasimina counted the causes of anxiety she suffered from. In particular, the various difficulties the world is currently passing through, caring for her children as well as her lack of available time to devote to God were putting a huge amount of mental pressure on her.

Naturally, she was often having headaches during the day, especially in the morning. Moreover, she was irritable, she would become mad at meaningless things to the point of shouting in anger! She did not have a loving relationship even with her husband, she wanted to distance herself from him. Last but not least, she almost let go of her faith in God completely!

Yet when the Spirit of God speaks, He brings freedom forth! Mrs. Krasimina is now convinced that God has already restored His relationship with Him! Lastly, Mr. Ivan promised before God to follow His purpose for his life!

Truly, a life without Jesus Christ is a life without hope and direction. Leave your burdens to Jesus and follow the path He will point you to, because the way of blessing is the way of obedience!



Mrs. Byalka from Bulgaria came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and received a redemptive touch from God, which was enough to change the story of her life!

During the laying on of hands, the Spirit of God located her through the man of God Stavros and gave her the following words: “Too much sadness! You are already old! Now you have to take care of your relationship with God! As you have made it to this day, your children will also make it! You didn’t have anyone over your head, worrying and putting effort for you! You made it by yourself! So, let them make it. It’s not good to be sad, you will lose your life too fast! Jesus Christ loves you!”.

Afterward, after the service was over, Mrs. Byalka confirmed that the prophetic word she received was absolutely true! First, she said she was sad for her daughter who has two young children who are very close in age to each other and for this reason she was trying to do everything she could to help her. So, for two whole summers, she even moved in her daughter’s house and entirely took over cleaning the house and cooking, believing that this would help the situation!

But apart from her daughter, Mrs. Byalka could not help but worry about her son, since he was single and had never had a family! Since she believed it was her duty as a mother to take care of her child, she constantly interfered in his life and wanted to know what he was doing, where he was and who he was hanging out with!

Predictably, all the worry and anxiety she felt inside her, had a great impact on her health, her body, and her relationship with God, as she kept herself busy every day with thoughts of worry, thinking about how she could help her children. What she forgot, however, was that she needed help herself from her Heavenly Father through prayer and study, which she had neglected!

Now, after the prophetic word she received, Mrs. Byalka confessed with unwavering faith that she has received the deliverance she needed and she promised her Deliverer that she will stop stressing and that she will devote more time to the Word of God!

“Come to me all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Lift up my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and you will find rest in your souls.” These words of our Lord in Matthew 11:28 are healing for the soul of man! Leave every one of your concerns at the feet of Jesus, and He will give you rest!


Mr. Howard came from Ireland to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, where he received a prophetic word that would change the course of his life!

During the prayer line, as the man of God Sorin was praying for Mr. Howard, the Spirit of God located him and said: “I see the enemy attacking you with lust, the spirit of lust. And it comes in the form of dreams. They come to attack you, to pull you back, to disappoint you, to make you feel ashamed and not who you are in Christ. But today, God will deliver you from that. He will give you an academic breakthrough and you will testify for the glory of God. You are free!”

Indeed, Mr. Howard confirmed that problem with the spirit of lust and that spirit was giving him disappointment, making him feel ashamed. Thus, his relationship with God was affected in the sense that he would not have time to glorify God and he would not have time to read the Bible because he felt unenergised.

He explained that from time to time he had the desire to masturbate and watch pornography and he would fall into this sin 3-4 times a week! Mr. Howard pointed out that his dreams and thoughts were also affected, as he used to see himself masturbating in dreams and having very dirty thoughts on a daily basis.

Regarding his academics, as his goal is to become a lawyer, he said that although he studied a lot, did his homework, he could not pass the exams.

After the prayer, he joyfully stated that he now wishes to pass all his exams, for he believes that the prophecy he received has definitely brought freedom and a great breakthrough in all areas of his life. Finally, he promised God Almighty not to sin anymore, not to masturbate from now on and to be a faithful servant of God Almighty by always doing His will and obeying His Word.

Your situation cannot block your relationship with God, but your weakness can! Draw closer to God by reading His Word daily and you will find that in your weakness, His power is perfectly manifested!

No one can deny that Jesus Christ still uses His faithful servants to this day to provide a permanent solution to people’s problems and change the story of their lives forever! The following pictures are irrefutable proof!

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