Les malades sont guéris, les boiteux marchent et les lépreux sont purifiés au nom de Jésus-Christ! Jamais une maladie, une affection que Jésus ne peut guérir! Il est le Maître-guérisseur! « Et c’est par ses meurtrissures que nous sommes guéris. » (Ésaïe 53:3)
Des millions de gens qui souffrent de maladies reçoivent leur guérison à la SCOAN Thessalonique après une prière au nom de Jésus-Christ! Regardez la puissance de Dieu qui guérit encore aujourd’hui!

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None of us wants to get sick or endure a physical ailment that brings suffering. It is a basic characteristic of being human to avoid whatever leads to pain. Many ...times we might think that the end has come, and we start worrying and panicking! However, in the light of faith, sickness and physical suffering takes a new meaning. For a child of God, it is another reason to get closer to Him!

When the doctors discovered a lump in this young lady’s breast and sent her to a cancer clinic for a check-up, she confessed that it was the worst days of her life. Negative thoughts about what the future would look like were torturing her and took away her joy! Even so, she came to the presence of God, where God proved Himself again that He is still Active, Present and Faithful to intervene in everything that has to do with us. Now, she is sharing her wonderful testimony about how He saved her from cancer and turned her life around after anointed prayer!

If you are anything like the woman in this video, you too may come closer to the Master Healer and receive your portion of healing. Stretch your hand and receive your healing, because His anointing has no barriers. Only believe!

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