Les malades sont guéris, les boiteux marchent et les lépreux sont purifiés au nom de Jésus-Christ! Jamais une maladie, une affection que Jésus ne peut guérir! Il est le Maître-guérisseur! « Et c’est par ses meurtrissures que nous sommes guéris. » (Ésaïe 53:3)
Des millions de gens qui souffrent de maladies reçoivent leur guérison à la SCOAN Thessalonique après une prière au nom de Jésus-Christ! Regardez la puissance de Dieu qui guérit encore aujourd’hui!

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Extraordinary BREAKTHROUGH & HEALING From Diabetes After Deliverance!!!

As people with a perishable body, it is impossible not to face problems. However, when literally nothing seems to go well in someone's life, it leaves enough room for suspicion...
case of Mrs. Jane and her husband turned into an endless drama as soon as demonic attacks, quarrels, depression and misery became part of their daily routine. Their desperate situation led them to fall victims of a religious organization, to which they donated almost everything they had, leaving them in absolute poverty! Shortly before they were completely destroyed, they traveled from France to Greece in order to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and receive divine intervention. Watch the power of God bringing salvation, breakthrough and perfect restoration to the life of this couple and take courage, because Jesus Christ never said goodbye; He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

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