The service of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, took place in a beautiful atmosphere of faith! A multitude of people – from every corner of the earth – gave all the glory, honour and worship to the One who promised to be with us until the end of the world, Jesus Christ!

During the service, the Word of God was preached by the woman of God Evgenia, who in her message titled “GOD LOVES STABILITY”, made clear what the characteristic God loves to see in people is.

She spoke first of unstable people, that is, those who do not keep their word and constantly change their minds. Those people don’t even have a vision for their lives. She did not fail to mention some examples of this category of people; she mentioned Saul, the king of Israel, who disobeyed an instruction given to him by Prophet Samuel. For this, he lost the anointing given to him by God and, ultimately, his kingdom. The woman of God emphatically stated: “Your life can be completely destroyed because of your lack of stability.” A second example was taken from our daily lives. Many people promise something to a fellow human being, and in the end, they do not do what they had committed to do. Such a person is not only untrustworthy, but the words they said – and did not apply – will drive people away from them. This is why God in His Word, in Ecclesiastes 5:2, explicitly states that we should not be in a hurry to speak or promise anything. This was the verse the Prophetess used.

On the other hand, stable people are known for their seriousness of mind and the vision they have for their lives. They know that only the serious-minded are victorious, for life is not all fun and games. Such a man was Noah, whose story the Prophetess read from the book of Genesis 6:13-14, 17-18. Although he certainly faced challenges, he did not deviate from the mission the Lord gave him. Thus, he and his family were the only ones rescued from the flood.

“Therefore, if you are wondering how you can become a steady person”, the Prophetess said, “start by studying and obeying God’s Word!” His Word has the power to spiritually cleanse you of all of your weaknesses. So, show obedience to His Word, and you will find that no disappointment and no situation can take you out of God’s plan for your life!


An instructive and indeed wonderful story can be read in the following lines! Ms. Grace and her husband, Mr. Nick, testified together about how the Spirit of God saved their marriage and their family, giving them an instruction they certainly did not expect to receive!

First, Ms. Grace reported that for a long time, she had nightmares where various men and women would chase her or want to sleep with her. Sometimes men would even come in the form of her husband. The next morning, when she would wake up, she was wet with both sweat and urine. Thus, she was upset, filled with anger – especially towards her partner – and isolated herself from those around her. All of this had been going on for the past 16 years, a few months after their marriage. As a result, she had lost confidence in herself and her attraction towards her husband as well.

In addition, Ms. Grace had suffered from difficulty swallowing food for 20 years. Every time she swallowed her food, she felt nothing but pain. This problem also caused stomach pain, forcing her to undergo surgery. However, not even medical intervention could cure her, let alone the pills given to her by the doctor, which caused her constipation.

With her mind set on receiving her healing, she received prayer from Prophet Harry. Yet, God had much more in mind than simple healing for Ms. Grace, and through His servant, He said to her, “Jesus Christ loves you! There is something that disturbs you and you cannot tell anyone about it! Sometimes, while you are asleep, you see that you are wet when you wake up, and you wonder what is going on. This is not a good feeling, wondering what is wrong. Sometimes you even have nightmares. You must become stronger in your spiritual life. Your coming here today is for your relationship with God to grow and go to a new level. I do not know you and you do not know me, but the Holy Spirit is telling you what only you know. This is to convince you that the Holy Spirit is the one speaking to you. He wants to share His thoughts with you, He wants you to have a good relationship with Him, through His Word and by His Spirit. He wants to use you to work through you, to make you a channel of light where there is darkness! You need to be available! Make yourself available for Him to use you!”


With her stating that she was simply asking for healing, she was shaken by the words she heard! However, she wasted no time and she has discovered God’s purpose for her life! Also, she was very happy to report that after the prayer she received, she can eat normally, whereas before she was eating slowly and in small quantities! The stomachache has disappeared, the nightmares have disappeared and of course, her relationship with Mr. Nick has been completely transformed!

Soon after, it was his turn to speak. He first confirmed that his relationship with his wife did not use to be good. Even while they were talking, the conversation easily ended up in an argument between them. He felt that his partner did not respect him at all. However, the two of them are well now, and each one is actively showing their love for one another!

Once again, God did not stop there, as when Mr. Nick came to church, he also received a prophetic message from the man of God Sorin: “God wants to use you! I see you as a man of God. So, what you need to do is pray and ask God for direction to see where He wants you to be and who He wants you to be trained by. Do that, and God will show you the way you need to go. Don’t worry about the other stuff, they will all work out!”

Mr. Nick was in no way expecting to receive such a prophecy! He just wanted to rid his family of the problems they were facing. But one thing is for sure, he will follow God’s way. That was his promise to the Lord. He advised people to always seek God, while Ms. Grace dedicated her life to Jesus Christ!


Your sickness, your problem, is not to destroy you, but to increase your desire for God. It is to prepare you for a new level in life!


Ms. Anastasia, originally from Kenya, came from Athens to enjoy a wonderful service at the Synagogue, Church of All Nations Thessalonica, and to receive a breakthrough into her family, especially into the lives of her three young sons.

During the laying of hands, as the man of God Stavros approached her to pray,  Ms. Anastasia, to her surprise, saw him turn into a flame of fire! At that moment, while shocked by what she saw, she lost control of herself as well, as if she was not present in what happened next… An unclean spirit manifested from within her, which at man of God’s order began to confess the bad things it had done in the woman’s life: “I’m the spirit of pride. Where are those children? These children they will not go anywhere! I entered this lady when she was a small girl. Yes, I saw her destiny because she wants to deliver her family in Africa. She wants to be humble, I cannot allow her! Because I see these children they will go far, especially that one […] that is playing basketball. There will be no good for her! Her mother loved her so much so I felt jealous of this girl because she wants to liberate her family back in Africa. I will not allow that! I’m the old woman carrying the pride. I’m a very old woman. The age of the mother that died. You see? I killed the mother! She has a husband there back in Athens. She’s a very stubborn woman. It’s not that she’s stubborn, she finds herself very stubborn. It’s me! Me! I make her! They don’t love each other! Too much argument! When they make too much argument, I’m very happy because I’m the spirit of pride. I caused it, because of that boy who wants to play basketball. I see that boy going far but I want to put pride so that that boy should not go far.” Then, the man of God commanded the unclean spirit to leave and declared her free in the name of Jesus Christ.

After the prayer, Ms. Anastasia immediately felt like a heavy weight was lifted off of her, along with relief and divine joy! So, later, she confirmed the above to the glory of God. Indeed, as she recounted, she had been facing evil attacks since she was very young. Ever since she could remember, she had dreams where she was eating or swimming every night, and she considered it normal, so she did not tell anyone. In her marital life, the dreams evolved into spiritual husbands. She would see men and women coming to sleep with her, and she even reached the point of accusing her husband of coming to touch her while she was asleep! Her husband would assure her that he had done nothing, but she found it difficult to believe him because, due to the demonic spirit, affection and attraction had died out of the marriage bed, and so she thought he was simply ashamed to tell her.

She was facing many other issues because of the spirit of pride, which was destroying not only her marriage but her relationship with her children too. Her behaviour was very manipulative and she constantly wanted to be in charge, without letting her husband be the man of the house, also causing her children to fear her – they would say that she was too harsh, and so they dared not talk to her about anything. For example, her husband might have come home from work in the evening, and while she knew he was very tired, she would tell him to cook! He, for the sake of peace, would often do what his wife told him to do, but when he didn’t, a big fight would break out! Ms. Anastasia felt bad for treating her husband this way and for fighting with him, but she did not know how to control her behaviour, because she failed to realise that it was something demonic. She even thought it was normal for a mother to have that kind of pride. As for her own mother, she died at the age of 98 from hypertension and diabetes.

Satisfied and impressed by the service, Ms. Anastasia said that she saw the hand of God moving mightily and that no one should doubt that God’s power is real! Finally, she promised God not to forsake His Word!

In the world, it may be considered normal to argue in this way with your spouse – after all, thousands of couples divorce every day. However, as children of God, we should not do what many others do, but what the best do! If you find yourself unable to do the right thing, come to Jesus Christ – thanks to His sacrifice, nothing is impossible for the one who believes!


Ms. Sujatha came with her family to attend the SCOAN Thessalonica Sunday service from far away India. Along with her husband, being the first of their families to decide to follow Jesus Christ regardless of the cost, they sought His face in their matters.

At the time of the laying on of hands, Prophetess Evgenia delivered the following prophetic message to her: “I see people turning away from you, thinking you dangerous, evil. That is what people around you call you. This is an idol that you have in the family and it is causing all these things. It also causes illness and mental problems. The devil causes all these things through this idol, because idols are not from God. You try hard to do good things but you don’t get any reward, and it is because of that. From today you will have a breakthrough in every area of your life! This means that the Lord has heard your prayers!” In addition, the woman of God also referred to Ms. Sujatha’s son: “Your child is very smart. This problem will be corrected, he will be well. Give him math to study because it will help wake his brain up.”

After the service, Ms. Sujatha testified that although her parents and in-laws worshiped idols, she and her husband decided to follow Jesus Christ. In fact, in the past they had their own ministry, but in recent years many people who came to them to receive prayer turned against them and rejected them, while Ms. Suzatha and her husband’s intentions were good.

She was surprised that the idol from her family was the cause of all the evil. She said that her son has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and until recently no human intervention has had a lasting effect.

However, “when the Prophetess prayed over me, I knew immediately that my prayers had been answered”. Joyful, she believes that God’s blessings will soon be revealed in her life and in her family!

As Christians, whatever our situation, we must not doubt for a moment God’s ability to help us. Our ability to believe must be strong to attract all our rights and privileges in Christ Jesus.


Ms. Kathleen visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, from France, with faith in her heart that Jesus Christ would not disappoint her – as He didn’t!

When she took part in the prayer line, under the influence of the Holy Spirit she could not stop shaking and sweating. Then, the man of God Stavros prayed for her. As soon as he touched her head,  Ms. Kathleen felt like a huge hammer was hitting her, and a power going through her whole body! Then, she stood up and began to walk, praising God, unable to explain what had happened to her! After the man of God asked her how she felt, he told her this: “There is an operation right now! The Spirit of the Lord is operating on you. You will see, after today you will walk freely, you will be free”!

The problem Ms. Kathleen had been dealing with for over 15 years was arthritis. As widely known, arthritis is an irreversible, incurable disease that causes inflammation and therefore severe joint pain. However, Jesus Christ has the last word in the lives of His chosen ones!

The things Ms. Kathleen could not do because of her arthritis were: walk normally, stand up, or sit up by herself. As she mentioned, she even needed help to use the toilet! The pain she had, especially in her back and knees, prevented her from having a comfortable daily life. When she walked, she would quickly tire and would have to sit down.

After prayer, all pain disappeared – God’s operation gave her instant healing! Feeling “inexplicable joy”, as she stated, Ms. Kathleen demonstrated, with gratitude and unbridled enthusiasm, all the moves she could not do before, but she can now! She then promised God to serve Him for the rest of her life, and to return to the church with a great testimony!

As Christians, the time of trial is a time to strengthen our relationship with God. Trials cannot break the one who relies on God for everything!


One of the people who prayed that he too would receive his own breakthrough was Mr. Michael, originally from Eritrea, who travelled from Sweden to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica.

During the laying on of hands, the Spirit of God, through Prophetess Evgenia, gave him a prophetic word to preserve his life: “I see your heart is weak, and the artery that passes through it has fat. This may cause a heart attack someday, so we need a proper diet, not fatty things. You have to eat healthily and with God’s help it will be fine. Also, you have to walk! You must to walk at least an hour a day, and you’ll see, it will improve!”

Confirming the words of the prophecy, Mr. Michael testified that he did indeed have a problem with his heart. In fact, for the past few months he had been experiencing chest pain, and he understood it was coming from his heart. Sometime later, the pain led him to the doctor, who, instead of giving him a diagnosis, sent him straight to hospital. There, although they did all the necessary examinations, they could not trace any problem, and the pain continued… As for his diet, he admitted that, indeed, two or three times a week he used to eat fatty foods.

Mr. Michael expressed his joy and gratitude for being in the arena of freedom, and commented that he enjoyed every part of the service, seeing the power of God at work in people’s lives.

Knowing that people make mistakes – but the Spirit of God does not – he felt very happy that God located the problem that others did not see. He then made the decision to obey the instruction in righteousness since “God wants us to be healthy both physically and spiritually”, as he said. Finally, he promised God to live according to His Word, not only in words, but also actions.

Jesus Christ has given us a mind and the ability to choose between right and wrong. Indeed, God wants us healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. We have a role to play! Work as if everything depended on you and pray as if everything depends on God!

The photos below show the name of Jesus Christ working mightily and powerfully through His servants. Truly, there is no sickness and disease that Jesus cannot heal, no problem that Jesus cannot solve! Praise be to His holy name!

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