Without ceasing the people of God glorified and exalted the Living God throughout the Sunday Service that took place on Sunday, 21 November 2021. With faith stemming from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, the congregation chose to leave aside every problem that stole their joy and peace, to give way to worship and praise. The Lord, always faithful to His appointment, moved with power among those present, filling the room with His inconceivable presence!

The already charged atmosphere by the Spirit of God came and launched the message of the man of God Harry entitled “FAITH WORKS BY LOVE”. With this message, the man of God gave countless answers to the believers who despite years of praying and fasting offered to God, find that their faith is not always working. With his words flowing like a wellspring of wisdom, he explained to the people of God that just as the engine of a car cannot function without fuel, so faith cannot function without love! More specifically, he emphasised: “If you do not have love, your faith is not going to work because faith works by love”.

Then, based on what the Word of God says in 1 John 4:20-21, Galatians 5:6 and Matthew 5:43-48, he pointed out that we have forgotten how to love, despite claiming to be children of God! On the contrary, many times we hold offence for those around us and our works that do not build up – works of jealousy, envy, gossiping. The lack of love in our lives today is so intense that many of us have reached a point not only of not loving others but also of not loving ourselves. That is, we have become self-destructive! We do not take care of ourselves, we do not love ourselves, consequently causing us to be unable to offer love to others. In order to awaken the crowd and emphasise that love is vital, the man of God said: “What makes us human is not our ability to think, but our ability to love! Love is life – if you miss love, you miss life”, thus giving the congregation the key to a full and abundant life!

The man of God urged the people of God to begin to love their neighbour because God is not interested in our outward appearance, but in whether our faith works by love. Thus, he advised those who observe that their faith does not work today, to examine the works of their love. Finally, he stressed that as children of God, our faith should be manifested daily by the works of our love, because Jesus does not know us by our name, but by our love!


Mrs. Athanasia Tasouli from Thessaloniki rushed to the Synagogue, Church Οf All Nations Thessalonica, on Sunday, 21 November 2021, to give a testimony full of useful life lessons and to honour God for every change He has brought into her life!

Initially, we need to point out that Mrs. Tasouli worked for many years as a speech therapist and owned two sole proprietorship businesses. However, her career always faced limitations and that was mainly because of her. More specifically, because of the teaching she had received, Mrs. Tasouli maintained a way of thinking that did not allow her to progress, as she had the conviction that children of God ought to remain “humble” at all times. In other words, she limited herself to anything related to her career, thus inviting failure…

Her every business move always came to a certain point as she was trapped in teachings that her business should not progress any further so that she could remain humble and not become proud. Even her family members, although happy and supportive of her progress, at the same time ‘slowed her down’… As a result, Mrs. Tasouli was extremely introverted and lacked confidence in her skills, consequently, her clients did not trust her services either, even though she had sufficient knowledge of her work field. However, even in the midst of the economic crisis, Mrs. Tasouli was financially well off, but that changed when she moved and had to close her business… In particular, there were times when she did not even have enough money to buy gas, and another time the electricity supply to her house was cut off as she could not pay! However, she admitted that the difficulties made her seek God the more!

So, she went on to say that she was looking for a ministry to which she could fully devote herself. Despite the fact that she was thinking of moving abroad, once she discovered the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, she found exactly what she needed for so many years! Her life began to change completely when she decided to become a worker in the house of God voluntarily. Through the responsibilities and tasks given to her by the man of God Harry, Mrs. Tasouli explained that she received invaluable life lessons! Thanks to the man of God, she learned about the power of having a vision, and combined with the correction she was receiving from God, her way of thinking was completely changed!

Filled with determination and a thirst for success, Mrs. Tasouli made the decision to start from scratch again. During the summer, she began making plans and looking for a place to start a new business. She applied for a government grant program, but the results were late in coming out… But Mrs. Tasouli knew that God always provides for His children, and she did not lose faith! She prayed for God’s will to be done, and to her surprise, after an hour she received an email informing her that her application had been approved for a 20,000 euro grant! Her faith was encouraged as God supported her position! Now, having the necessary capital to move forward, Mrs. Tasouli was able to find a place to officially start!

By the grace of God, Mrs. Tasouli reached her goal and launched her business – a speech therapy centre called “Logoupoli” – in September 2021! Currently, the speech therapy centre already makes enough income to financially support its expenses, two employees and two external partners! Her willingness to progress, however, did not stop there! Mrs. Tasouli mentioned that she contacted the local day care centres and already three of them have agreed to work with her and encourage families to visit Logoupoli to take advantage of the speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychological support, parenting counselling and special education services offered! In fact, after contacting a day care manager, she shared with her that she had originally intended to work with another person, but that person never contacted her again. Consequently, the manager preferred to work with Mrs. Tasouli for the day care centre and also for three Children’s Creative Activity Centres that makes a total of 150 children!

God’s grace was revealed in an even more impressive way! Mrs. Tasouli admitted that in the past she had been offered to advertise her previous businesses on TV but because of the fear and shame she felt, she refused and let her previous partner do it on his own… So, God gave her the same opportunity again and after being offered again to attend a TV programme, after the complete renewal of her mind, she managed to present her business and her knowledge without any fear at all! Through the programme, she gained more clients, who are completely satisfied with her services!


Mrs. Tasouli, full of gratitude and dreams for the future, expressed her desire to fulfil God’s calling in her life and advised the attendees to use a notebook to write down what they want to achieve every day, always keeping their vision in the forefront of their minds! Finally, she promised the Almighty and Generous God that she would never stop playing her part and that she would follow Him for the rest of her life!

Successful people do not just drift to the top. It takes focused action, personal discipline and a lot of energy every day to make things happen. Whatever your goal, take heart! Jesus Christ is always willing to support your position!


Mrs. Antonia Pasioudi received the mother of miracles and her life upgraded to a new level! She was one of those who benefited from the Word of the Lord, as she put it into practice!

Mrs. Pasioudi is a worker at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, which serves voluntarily in the work of God. She began by giving a quick summary of a past testimony to show how God steadily carried her life from glory to glory. Therefore, she explained how at the age of two and a half, she experienced rejection for the first time, as her parents left her with a grandmother who was not her real grandmother, to go to a foreign country. At the age of 15, her parents returned and they lived as a family once again, this gave her joy but it was short-lived because she soon got married. Thereafter, she received an even harsher rejection, this time from all her loved ones, because of her faith in Jesus Christ. This brought her great frustration, which led her to hold onto bitterness and unforgiveness in her heart for all of those who rejected her. She was trapped in these destructive feelings and could feel the grief follow her throughout every step of her life, resulting in permanent stagnation.

Later, when she came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, she learned that forgiveness plays a key role in a successful life and a free heart, and so she asked God for forgiveness. Through the teachings and prayers of the man of God Harry, she was completely delivered from these destructive bonds! As she emphasised: “When you forgive and let go of offence, something will happen to you that cannot be explained by the natural mind! Indeed, what happened to me cannot be explained by the human mind!”. After graduating from nursing school, she worked for 9 years as a private nurse and for the next 15 years, she worked in a clinic. This job was really great; very good working conditions, good salary and everything she needed to be satisfied! Nevertheless, there was something inside her that told her: “This is not enough. There is something more for you!”. During this time, while attending the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and heeding all the instructions and teachings of the man of God Harry, she realised that there is a higher level which God has prepared for each of His children and that has to do with the vision of each individual.

Mrs. Pasioudi was the owner of a house that she was looking to sell with the prospect of buying another. But as she meditated on what to do with this issue, she received a divine message in her heart and realised that if she invested this money, she could reach her goal… her calling. She then consulted the man of God Harry and began to look for an opportunity on how to invest her money. She soon found the company she was looking for. Without wasting time, in December 2020 she made her first investment with a five-year contract. Then, as new opportunities arose, she invested by making another four-month contract, with the option of renewal and great profit. Through her investments, she has secured a satisfactory monthly salary that is enough to live a comfortable life without even working! And so, her prayers to have more time to work for God have been answered!

Mrs. Pasioudi brought with her some documents from the investments she made, to show them to the congregation, for the glory of God, as proof of how God turned her from an ordinary working woman into a… financial investor! She added that the number of investments is on an uphill climb and is constantly increasing! This, however, does not make her rest on her achievements, yet drives her to keep pushing forward until she achieves her purpose and fulfils the reason why God called her and brought her to this earth!

She advised the attendees to associate with good, informed and inspired people because if someone is to be saved, someone else has to show them the way! Finally, she promised to stay close to God in order to maintain every blessing she has received from Him, because, as she said: “It is very easy to receive a blessing from God, but you need to stay close to Him to maintain it!”.

It is a fact that we have a role to play in receiving God’s blessings. God will not simply bring us all the blessings before us, but will give us the wisdom that comes from His Word so that we can attain the blessings that we seek!


The world we live in today has distorted the concept of good and evil and, unfortunately, false standards are projected daily by television and numerous social media. Thus, our society has reached the point where it has the perception that having same-sex relationships is normal… However, the case of Mr. Stanislav Fedosieiev was different because while he knew that homosexuality is a sin, he could not get rid of this unclean spirit that caused him to be attracted to people of the same sex by his own power! Believing that only Jesus Christ could free him from this bondage, he decided to travel from Ukraine to Greece to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica!

When the man of God Harry approached him and prayed for him during the prayer line, Mr. Fedosieiev received the following prophetic word: “Jesus Christ loves you regardless of what happened in the past, regardless of the pain of the past. I see that from a young age you wanted to live a normal life, like all children, but satan brought evil people around you and that is when all your problems started. It’s not your fault! There is still hope for you, Jesus Christ is the Hope! After today’s service, I want you to come closer to God, closer to Jesus Christ. God can heal every wound and every pain of the past!”.

Mr. Fedosieiev then confirmed that what the man of God said about him was absolutely true! In particular, he expressed that from a young child he wanted to live as a normal person, however, from the age of 12 he began to feel that he was different from his peers and tended to distance himself from the people around him. Despite his young age, he realised that he was attracted to men and never managed to be attracted to people of the opposite sex… Without being sure how these feelings were caused, he mentioned that it might have been due to the fact that he was raised only by his mother or even an unexpected sexual abuse he had from a man when he was still at a very tender age! Until the age of 28, he had not confided to anyone about his desire to start a family with a man as his partner. Ιn fact, he went as far as to have relationships with two men in the previous years. He was not interested in meeting a woman so that he could marry her and, as he pointed out, the reason he never tried to have a relationship with a girl was that he would not be honest to her.

Realising that his desire was not in accordance with God’s Word, he was filled with sorrow because in his heart he did not want to oppose God’s will and, as a result, he was filled with indescribable pain. Everything changed, however, once the Holy Spirit exposed this demon and the man of God Harry prayed for him, proclaiming Mr. Fedosieiev free from these evil influences!

Now, he feels peace and tranquillity within himself, and the thoughts of homosexuality are now a thing of the past! Full of joy for the grace and mercy of the Lord manifested in his life, he declared that he will serve God all of his life and he will use his life to help people who also suffer from the same problem!

Whatever your weakness, do not be ashamed to expose it in the presence of God, for there you will find your salvation! Indeed, in the presence of God, blessing, healing and deliverance are just like breathing!


On Sunday, 21 November 2021, Mrs. Olha Yalova travelled from Ukraine not to meet a man, but to meet Jesus Christ who works miracles every Sunday at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica!

As expected, the anointing of God did not pass her by! Among the people who attended to receive a solution to their problem, Jesus Christ honoured her faith and spoke directly to her situation through the mouth of the man of God Harry. You need to pray against the spirit of madness, so that you will not become crazy! Pray against that because I see that there are traces of madness from your forefathers. They had the same problem! It is not only the headache you have written on your placard… When people have a headache, they take a painkiller tab and it is alright, but even if you take 100 painkillers, your own headache will not stop! Jesus Christ loves you and if I can stand here and tell you this, it means that today it is the end of it!”, said the man of God when he prayed for her during the prayer line.

Excited as she was and having unshakeable faith in God that all her problems now belong to the past, she wanted to confirm in detail everything that God Almighty revealed through His servant! As she explained, she remembers having pounding headaches ever since the age of five. Although she was taking painkillers, the aching would not subside! She revealed that the headache lasted all day, 24 hours a day from a young age with some pauses every few years and at times, she could not even sleep! On the days when she felt exhausted, she would sleep for 18 hours, which affected her relationship with people as well as her job. Moreover, she was hostile to those around her, she could not talk with them and her performance was low no matter what she did since she was not able to focus on anything. Her mood was also odd and irritable, she did not feel like doing anything, she could not think straight and she did not even want to live! She was bothered by everything, so she ended up being rude to people around her and she was feeling completely empty! She decided to visit a specialist and run an MRI scan whose results indicated a few white spots in her brain and that some nerve cells had died… Nevertheless, no doctor was able to diagnose the exact reason why this was happening…

Knowing that she is now free from this problem and having faith in God that He is the only one who can fill her, she pointed out that she will read the Word of God more from now on and that she will come closer to God because He exposed something that no doctor was able to diagnose. Lastly, she promised to keep God in her heart and stay in His love and faith!

When your problem is beyond nature, it becomes a curse that only Jesus Christ can break. Even if science is unable to help, God is still saying something in every situation His children face!


Mr. Achilleas Liantis prayed with faith to receive a word from the man of God Michael and, because God listens to the language of earnest heart desires of the man of faith, the man of God gave him a word that was meant to change the course of his life forever!

So, as the anointing of God was moving in the midst of the congregation, the man of God Michael addressed a word sent from God directly to Mr. Achilleas. “How many years have to pass by for you to understand that God has called you? Your hair will turn white and then you will understand! It’s time to step into your calling, but you have to play your role! You put other things as a priority and you have forgotten your calling”, said strictly the man of God Michael. His powerful words brought light to Mr. Achilleas’ soul, who lived for years ignoring his calling, even though he knew what God had called him to do!

Taking a look back at when he was still studying in the university, he explained that when he was 20 years old a voice kept telling him that he had to preach the Word of God and get involved in the things of God, but he did not know exactly what to do to fulfill what God had revealed to him. Thus, he chose to pursue the way of science and study at the Nursing Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and, after graduating, he spent five whole years of his life taking exams again and again, in order to enter medical school. The years passed and even though God had also spoken to him through a dream, he continued to set other priorities in his life. He began to focus on his financial situation and how he would make a living, doing everything he could to succeed financially. In this effort, he ended up being active in the field of e-commerce and once again, he ended up following a different direction from that of his calling. He also explained that when he met his wife, he lost a lot of energy and time trying to invest in their relationship, because they had a long distance relationship in the beginning, and that also resulted in pushing his calling aside.

Mr. Achilleas pointed out that lately he had begun to pray more intensely for his divine calling in hope that he is not lost and, now, he thanks God for reigniting that flame within him. He acknowledges that God has actually given him a second chance to fulfill it, he wants to get to know God better and do whatever it takes to get there without wasting time!

God has a divine calling for each and every ones of us! If we make the decision to follow the direction of our calling, we will surprise ourselves and make a difference in our world!


Ms. Nene Willmes from Germany was one of the dozens visitors that came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on Sunday, 21 November 2021, in order to make a new beginning with the One who is able to give us a second chance in life!

During the prayer line, she received a prophetic message from the man of God Harry according to which, There is disappointment in your life. People just come to you and promise that they love you, but at the end of the day, they have no interest. They just go! And then you say, ‘Okay, let us gather our strength to move on!’. The next one comes, but it a disappointment once again. This has happened more than 4-5 times, so far. God loves you! This is the end of it!”.

After the service, Ms. Willmes openly stated that she will always remember this day as she felt the presence of God along with an absolute peace from the very beginning of the service. She confirmed the words of the man of God, explaining that the frustration of her relationship haunted her for years. In fact, she revealed that her childhood was full of difficulties. She had had car accidents, used to have strange dreams at night and every relationship she had with a man ended in a traumatic experience. Although she had been married twice, neither of her marriages was successful because neither of her ex-husbands ever kept his promises.

Regarding her first marriage, she explained that she was still a young girl with habits that did not honour God when she met her first husband, through some friends with whom she should not associate with. Although at first everything went well, their marriage did not have a happy ending. After a few years, her husband turned into a completely different person and behaved like a monster, as she described! When she got up in the morning or even when she just wanted to drink some water, she would receive physical abuse! Her husband would hit her no matter what she did… So, after six years of marriage, she decided to leave him.

Then, after her first unsuccessful marriage, Ms. Willmes admitted that her inappropriate habits did not stop. While she was still young, she kept going to clubs, drinking and doing bad things… Eventually, however, she thought it was time to settle down and decided to remarry. Her second marriage also had a lot of issues and she ended up suffering once again. According to her, her husband constantly blamed her, even if she was not at fault. She tried to make things work out in their relationship but it was in vain. The abuse was initially mental, but it ended up becoming physical once more… Although she sometimes tried to ignore the problem and devoted many years to that man, praying to God to intervene, in the end they ended up getting a divorce. This separation was unexpected for Mrs. Willmes as they were together for several years.

Disappointment followed her every step of the way! She said that before her two marriages, she had three relationships with men which also ended in bitterness and separation. She even pointed out that one of the three men proposed to her, but then left her after he saw that she had beaten him in his dream! Thus, unforgiveness was planted in her and Mrs. Willmes revealed that it was also a difficult period for her child who is an adolescent. It was something she could not deal with on her own and so she sought God’s help to set her free.

Indeed, nothing can separate us from His love! Neither the past nor our sins! From the moment she sat on her seat in the church, something inside her began to manifest! As soon as the man of God Harry prayed for her, she felt a fear that did not come from her, but at the same time she felt great peace in her. After the divine touch she received, Mrs. Willmes feels the presence of God and that there is a change within her, which in fact started from the time she arrived in Thessaloniki! She added that he now feels calm and can finally rest and sleep at night, unlike before! Finally, she declared that she would seek the face of God, that she would forgive and that she would not return to her past! Instead, he promised to do God’s will!

It is true that forgiveness sets you free! When you are reluctant to forgive, then God will not forgive your sins. Therefore, if you want to become a friend of God, forget the past and allow God to redefine your future!


Mr. Mark Powells from Switzerland came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on Sunday, 21 November 2021, and participated in the prayer line, where the Spirit of God located him! As the man of God Harry prayed for him, through the revelation of the Holy Spirit he gave him a prophetic word. His words were: “Satan has been attacking your marriage! When you marry you cannot stay in the marriage, you must divorce. Satan has been destroying your marital life. In the beginning everything will be nice, beautiful, and after a while there is no affection. As if a brother and a sister live in the same house. This is not because you have a problem. It is an attack! Satan wants you to be divorcing and separate and marry again and remarry, until one day you die. But Jesus Christ wants you to have a marriage, and stay with this and enjoy your life from now on. This will stop today, in Jesus’ name!”.

Mr. Powells, having been surprised by the words of the man of God, confirmed everything he said, giving details of his two previous marriages. He said he first married a woman from Switzerland, with whom he could not stay together and thus maintained a long distance relationship for three years. “In the beginning it was all wonderful and I was constantly travelling to meet her!”, said Mr. Powells. But when they finally got married and stayed together, the problems started. There was no proper way of treating each other and later the affection was lost from the relationship. So, after nine years of marriage, they were divorced. It was a marriage that ended in a lot of pain and anger, as the woman he divorced from was hurt, she became aggressive and was extremely angry with the way things turned out.

Because of the loneliness he felt after the first divorce and being unable to manage it, he rushed into a new marriage, which created new problems. The woman he married, due to her advanced age, wanted to have children at all costs. Thus, the marriage lasted 14 years and they had two children… Unfortunately, once again, the affection was lost and they ended up living like a brother and a sister in a house. Their relationship was so distant that, as he pointed out, a brother and a sister would definitely be closer than he and his wife shortly before they ended their relationship.

Mr. Powells admitted that he always tried to show that he is a perfect man and was promoting his best self. As time went by, the people he was in a relationship with discovered that he was not the one who was showing up and, thus, the relationship would end. All this led him to lack self-confidence as a man and to be afraid to have a relationship with another woman. At that time, in fact, he had decided to give up the relationship completely!

Another factor that made his situation even more painful was the financial sector of his life. As he explained, he had to pay 4.000 swiss pounds a month to his ex-wife, which made it very difficult for him in his current marriage. After all these unpleasant experiences, he did not plan to have a relationship again, but he met a woman with whom he had his third marriage! Mr. Powells, having all these experiences in the matter of marriage, received the prophetic word from the man of God as a balm in his soul, a relief and a guarantee that what had been destroying his marriage for so many years has now disappeared!

Overflowing with joy, he feels honour and awe for the interest and love that God has shown in his life by giving him this prophetic word and he feels extremely privileged! He promised to stay close to God for the rest of his life and to follow His instructions!

The following photos are just a small sample of the power of God that moved among the people, through His anointed ones, exposing all darkness and every contrary spirit!

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