Sunday, 14 November 2021, was another day that God chose to reveal the extent of His power in the arena of liberty, healing and blessing. It was undoubtedly an opportunity for those present to glorify His mighty name with hymns and prayers for everything He has done and for everything He is going to do in the lives of those who believe in Him!


With vividness, the man of God Michael preached a message entitled, “EVERYTHING HAS BEEN MADE NEW”, through which he assured us that God is always willing to fulfil His promises for our future without caring about our past!


Speaking of God’s children, he explained that although Christianity is the dominant religion throughout the world, the percentage of true believers remains unknown. Instead, each of us knows how sincerely we follow Jesus Christ. Wanting to prove that God has called us to a new life, he took his reading from 2 Corinthians 2:17, which clearly states, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”. Nevertheless, many of us maintain a toxic approach towards our difficulties and fall into the traps set by the enemy! In other words, we believe every lie that satan whispers to us as he tries to convince us that because of our sinful nature and dull past, we do not deserve prosperity. Therefore, we cannot progress while we underestimate God at the same time! As the man of God explained, if we want to be successful in life, we must not look back; it is a dangerous thing to do unless it is meant to glorify God for what He has done in our lives!


We have indeed witnessed the transforming power of God in both our lives and in the lives of others. Despite the countless proofs, however, it seems impossible to dispel our worry about things that are to happen. Thus, the man of God Michael clarified that worrying about the future destroys our sense of judgment. In other words, worrying paralyses our judgment and only leads us to make wrong decisions, simultaneously harming our future! He went on to reveal that the only antidote against worrying is vision, which characterises many heroes of faith included in the Bible! Indeed, the man of God reminded us that none of them ever confessed failure. On the contrary, they all maintained their vision and enjoyed the future that God had prepared for them. Because, to a man of vision, no matter what happens, no matter what comes, there is always a future!

Similarly, we can defend ourselves against any attack of the enemy that is there to remind us of our unworthy past and our failed present. The man of God, therefore, revealed the fundamental truth that many forget: “Jesus Christ knows how undeserving of His grace we are, that is why He has decided to brush aside our past in order to determine our future!”. Therefore, if you have ever confessed failure before, stop confessing failure from today, because Jesus Christ is with you to support your position!



Mr. Danail Savov visited the SCOAN Thessalonica on 14 November 2021, to confess all of the miracles that God gave him after the prayer he received from the man of God Harry!

For 10 whole years, Mr. Savov struggled to open a business. He tried many times to do something that would increase his income, but without success. He first started by setting up a wood cutting company that was active mainly in Greece and Bulgaria. However, things did not go well, because at some point while Mr. Savov was in Italy, a friend of his stole a substantial amount of wood. So, when he returned to his country, Bulgaria, he decided to close his business, and as a result, 20 people lost their job. Then he decided to start a business with hot dogs and burgers, but his son got sick and he could not continue with it anymore. Later on, he started a small business in his hometown, this time selling ice cream. The challenges did not stop, as there was a man who was a racist and constantly created obstacles for him. So he stopped working… When he went to Italy for the second time, he started another small business; a business with painting materials. However, nothing was moving forward. All these affected his financial situation and ever since his first business went bankrupt, he ended up living in a luxurious apartment without electricity! He couldn’t even afford to buy a loaf of bread. In fact, his wife got to the point of asking him, “Where is your God?”. But he knew that even if he fell, God would lift him up!


When he visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in December 2019 and received prayer from the man of God Harry, his mind changed! He began to see that there were other opportunities and the blessings of God started coming into his life without delay. So, as soon as he returned to Italy, he rented an apartment, which he gave to other people so that they, in turn, could rent it to others. As his financial situation was constantly improving, he expanded this business to a point where… at the moment his business includes three apartments and one hotel, which he rents out!

His breakthrough and heavenly success did not stop there! Recently, he bought another house at a very good price! He also bought 4 acres of land in Bulgaria and at the moment their value is 10 times higher than the price he had bought them! After that, he bought another 7 acres of land and he currently has 11 acres in total. Now, he is planning his future and is also building some apartments, houses and residential complexes on these acres with beautiful landscapes near a river!

His advice to all of us is to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and everything else will be added unto us. His promise to God Almighty is to continue living for Him, to follow Him for the rest of his life and make His Word the standard for his life! If you take care of the depth of your relationship with God, God will take care of the breadth of your success! So it’s time to do something different to change your life from failure to success. Run to God and receive the success that springs from Heaven!



Mr. Louis Marcial Ngougni from Cameroon, who lives in Greece, visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 14 November 2021. He hastened to thank God for the miraculous changes that followed in his life, after the prophetic word that he received just a week ago!

Mr. Marcial said the problem that led him to the prayer line was the memory loss he had been experiencing for a year. Initially, his problem was noticed and pointed out by the people living with him, as he quickly forgot what someone was saying to him or forgot where he was putting his things. The situation, however, was getting worse and now he began to realise it himself. Due to memory loss, he could not think properly. He was losing his thoughts and could not complete them, which made him very sad. He wondered why this was happening to him, since he was only 37 years old and his healthy lifestyle without bad habits did not justify the existence of this problem! In fact, last week as he was coming to church to register for the prayer line and was on the bus, he forgot where he was going, what his destination was, and just before he reached, his mind opened and he remembered and, thus, managed to get off in the right place!

So, as he stood in the prayer line last Sunday, the Lord surprised him by giving him the following prophetic message through the man of God Michael: “I see you sitting in your house and doing nothing about your future! Start planning your future. If you plan your future, your future will be bright! You cannot sit on your setback. What you are doing is not enough. You need to do more. You are about to become a successful person! Now you are at the beginning. There is a long way for you. Be serious with God and God will be serious with you!”. And he prayed for him and the breakthrough in his life, in the name of Jesus Christ!


Indeed, Mr. Ngougni confirmed that the prophecy he received was 100% true! Indeed, he did nothing in his life, he did not work at all, he was just… sitting! But as he was returning home after prayer, the changes began! He received a phone call, in which he was offered a job! He was not yet determined and did not want to work, but because he remembered the prophetic word he received, he decided to act and he accepted the job. This job has to do with numbers that you have to remember in order to complete the task. In the past, with his memory loss he would not be able to do this as he could not remember any sequence of numbers. But now, his mind is open, he remembers and he can do his job right! As he mentioned, divine energy has come upon his body, his system and he feels like a new creation!

His advice to everybody is to go to God to receive a solution to their problem because God always has the divine solution to our situation. His promise to God is to serve Him and follow Him for the rest of his life!



Man is a spiritual being and until he experiences his Creator, God, there will be dissatisfaction in his life! This dissatisfaction was strongly present in the life of Mr. Christiansen, who, while seeking God in the wrong places, became a victim to the devil. Unfortunately, his intense desire to learn more about spiritual matters led him in the wrong direction and, thus, ended up being filled with more darkness than light! His last and only stop for help was Greece, where he arrived with faith at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 14 November 2021, to receive his deliverance from the anointing of God!

The battle between good and evil, light and darkness were obvious, as soon as the man of God Michael prayed for him. Immediately, the unclean spirit that was responsible for all the destruction he was experiencing was exposed and began to confess everything that it had caused, saying: “I tried to destroy him. I murdered him! I love him! He will operate with God! I hate him! He is a son of God and I entered him through an occult. We have been in him for years! I’m the devil!”. The man of God Michael, with the power and authority that exists in the name of Jesus Christ, ordered the unclean spirit to come out and declared him free once and for all!


Right afterward, Mr. Christiansen gave more details about his life, shedding light on how much he had been deceived by the devil in his quest to find the true God. He stressed that from his childhood he remembers having supernatural experiences… In fact, he remembers that when he prayed for other children they received healing, and he even had the ability to prophesy… His parents were divorced and that is why he grew up with his mother, while he revealed that even his father was involved in occultism, which also did not help him. Drugs did not take long to enter his life! He used ecstasy and other banned substances that, as he said, “Once you start you want more and more”. He pointed out that even though he was trying to find God, he inadvertently opened the door to the devil and gave him access to his life!

He explained that he had read many spiritual books dealing with Buddhism and Hinduism and that all this curiosity about spirituality led him to Nepal, India. There, he bought a pendant with a moonstone, which when he laid it on his table and slept at night, something like black smoke came out of it and possessed him! Since then his life has never been the same again! Everything started to worsen and although he visited various places to find help, no one could set him free. He visited churches, was baptised, continued to seek God, but an internal battle was constantly taking place within him. In his desperate attempt to free himself, he tried to open the third eye, engaged in meditation, astrological predictions, reiki and shamanism, but it was all in vain! None of all of these managed to set him free.

After the prayer, he feels free and more focused on God, and believes that the devil will not be able to invade his life again! He feels normal and believes that a new door has been opened to him in life! Finally, he promised to do all he can to make God’s plan a reality, because he believes that the plan He has for him is wonderful!



On Sunday, 14 November 2021, Ms. Dorette Bessen came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, with faith that Jesus Christ will intervene in her life and give her new hope!

One of the problems she faced which led her to the SCOAN Thessalonica was back pain that tormented her for many years. This pain made it impossible for her to stand upright for a long period of time, as a result of which every activity in her life was negatively affected. Although she was taking medication, she did not notice much improvement.

During the prayer line when the man of God Michael touched her back and prayed for her, Ms. Bessen got up immediately, without any feeling of pressure or pain in her movements. Then the man of God proclaimed her healed, in the name of Jesus Christ!

The Lord, however, had prepared a special blessing for her! As the Spirit of God moved through the congregation during the laying of hands, the man of God Harry approached her and Ms. Bessen felt a fire burning inside her, while her heart was beating very hard! He then gave her the following prophetic word: “You have experienced so much disappointment in your life, especially when it comes to partners, husband and relationships. The same disappointment is haunting your family, your children. People promise you and then disappoint you. It has become a curse. The true love you seek, you will find only in Jesus Christ! The problem is that the men around you are not connected to God. Even if they say they are Christians, even if they go to church, you will see that the life they live is not the life of a Christian”.


After the miraculous prophecy she received from the Lord through the man of God, Ms. Bessen confirmed that many members of her family, such as her grandmother and mother, never managed to get married. She already has one failed marriage. In fact, her ex-husband, while he had promised to follow her to another country, at the last moment regretted it and left her. But even the second marriage she was in did not completely work out. But the moment the man of God told her that she would find true love only in Jesus Christ, a new hope was born in her, because she had negative thoughts that affected her and made her think that she was far from God and that He did not love her! In addition, she faced problems in her professional career, as her career could have been characterised by stagnation and constant frustration.

Now, the pain in her back is in the past after the prayer she received from the man of God Michael, since she can stand upright for a long period of time and perform every physical movement without any difficulty! Also, after the prophetic word from the man of God Harry, she feels light, as if all the burdens have been lifted from her! She feels that her spirit has come to life and she believes that healing, deliverance and blessing have come to her life and to her whole family!

With unspeakable joy overflowing from within her, she promised the Lord, the Giver of the deliverance and healing she received, that she would follow His plan for her, for the rest of her life!



On Sunday, 14 November 2021, Mr. Barikiel Tyeah, a resident of the United Kingdom, came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to take part in the prayer line.

As the anointing of God was acting mightily, Mr. Tyeah received a prophetic word from the man of God Michael who said the following: “You should have help from your family, but you do not. I see you helped many members of your family in the past, but now that you need help, they do not help you. You are not alone. Jesus is with you. Your testimony begins today. You are destined for great things. Do not worry!”.


However, the blessing of God did not stop there! Later through the day during the laying of hands, Mr. Tyeah received another prophetic word from the man of God Harry, stating that: “I see that a dead spirit is visiting you in your dream. You see dead people coming to you in the dream, people who have died a long time ago. That gives you the thought of death and you say: ‘Is this how I will die? I am too young’. Yes, you are too young, but satan does not look at your age before he attacks you. And this attack started ever since you stopped reading your Bible. You stopped reading your Bible and you receive attacks. It has become a daily problem. The worst thing is that before, when you had an attack, you woke up and you prayed, you cancelled the dream. But now the attack is so much that you do not even pray, you just wake up and say: ‘Alright, attack again. I do not need to pray’. You just live your life… If you do not pray, if you do not read your Bible, who will protect you? Who will save you then? You need Jesus. Do not take it lightly, this is serious. When you pray, use Psalm 91”.


Afterward, willing to give all the glory to the Lord, he confirmed everything the men of God told him. First, he mentioned that the power of God did not go unnoticed because while the man of God Harry, as well as the man of God Michael, were praying for him, he felt a power taking over him. He then said that everything the man of God Michael revealed during the prayer was true! His family abandoned him and they did not communicate with him any longer. Sometimes, even six months passed without having any contact with his sisters and his nephews. They used to be very close in the past, but now they are not. He wanted his family to always be beside him and that is why he helped them come from Africa where they were living to London, but once they learned the city better and became independent, they distanced themselves from him. This made him feel lonely and rejected by them. Moreover, he added that they never helped him when he needed to complete a construction project, which he had started back in Africa.

Moving on to the prophecy he received from the man of God Harry, he confirmed that it was also true. In fact, he received demonic attacks in his sleep and they were causing him a fear of death. The dead spirits he used to see in his dreams were indeed people he knew in the past. Regarding the fact that he was not praying or reading his Bible, he confirmed that it was true and explained that this was because his time was limited because of his work. He had to work more than usual since no family member of his offered any help.

After the prayer and the prophetic messages he received from the two men of God, he feels happy, light and loved! He feels like a new creation! He has now decided to read more, to make time for God and follow the instruction from the man of God, which is to pray with Psalm 91!

Jesus Christ is here and He changes lives! Jesus Christ came to turn our sorrow into joy! A million thanks will never be enough for what He has done for me and you!



The case of Ms. Belinda Tang is once more proof that faith believes now, acts now and receives now! After travelling thousands of kilometers from Hong Kong with a heart full of faith to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, she received the miracle she was longing for from Jesus Christ!

Για περισσότερα από 30 χρόνια, ο πόνος στη μέση της ήταν For over 30 years, the pain in her lower back was an everyday phenomenon. Many times, it was so sharp that she had to stay in bed until the flare-up was over. As a result, Ms. Tang was unable to work or lift heavy objects while her walking was affected negatively as she could walk only at a very slow pace. Therefore, she usually stayed homebound. She also had to be hospitalised and follow the doctors’ instructions. Even so, neither treatment, nor medication, nor resting her body in certain positions gave the solution to her problem. They only offered temporary relief… Hence, the help of her family was the only way for her to complete some of her daily tasks. This was the situation Ms. Tang was in and tried to cope with…

Nevertheless, she never doubted God’s desire or ability to heal her! Although she did not manage to visit the SCOAN Thessalonica on the first try, she did not give up, but she prayed even more ardently for God to make a way so she can come and receive her healing!


And since God is a Rewarder to those who seek His face in faith on, Sunday, 14 November 2021, was the day the Lord healed Ms. Tang from the pain in her lower back once and for all through the man of God Michael!

Filled with absolute joy, she stated that she is now able to move her body however she wishes without any limitation or pain whatsoever! At the same time, she promised her Healer that she will make the Word of God the standard for her life!

Indeed, by His stripes, we are healed! Our healing is available at the throne of God’s grace, but we need FAITH, which is the heavenly currency. God cannot work miracles except by our capacity to believe!



Your friends, your brothers, your parents and even your children may reject you, but Jesus Christ promised in His Word that He would not leave you nor forsake you! The pain of being rejected in Ms. Goodness’ life, from England was deep and only she knew how much she wanted God to intervene and bring total restoration in her life… As it happened! The Spirit of God directed the man of God directly to the root of her problem and his prophetic words: “I see that they call you a witch. They are liars! You are not a witch, you are a child of God! You have a lot of pain in your heart from these people… Even from your children. Your future is bright!”, they uprooted the root of all her pain!


Then, after the man of God Michael declared her free, with joy and relief she confirmed his words to the glory of God. First, to clarify what exactly the man of God meant by the word “witch”, made it clear that in African culture when things are not always going well for you, your children do not want to have anything to do with you, your spouse abandons you and many unfortunate events happen to you, people call you a witch, as they cannot explain it any other way why all of these things happen to a person…. So she explained that, indeed, her children have the worst opinion of her since their father took them from her 30 years ago. Her two sons do not want to have any relationship with her at all and, although she made many attempts to contact them, there was no result. Her every effort fell on deaf ears! In fact, her eldest son got married without inviting her to his wedding and her younger son got married without her even knowing it. Years later, their step-sister was informed of the incident via the internet and passed the news to her mother… The pain she felt as a mother was unspeakable and she visited various churches to find a solution, but it was all in vain!

The fact that her children did not want to have anything to do with her as well as the fact that their father had abandoned her, destroyed her social image. Everyone around her was wondering what it is that drives everyone away from her! Even her daughter, from her second marriage, had begun to wonder what was happening to her mother since her father also left them seven years ago. While they were waiting for him to return from work 1-2 times a month, as usual, he never returned! Ms. Goodness learned from his family that he left them after 20 years of marriage because they were not good enough for him…

Even at work, she received strong rejections and false accusations from her colleagues and, eventually, she was forced to stop working, thus negatively affecting her financial situation. Everything seemed to be falling apart around her and her only hope was now God, who once again seemed Faithful to those who sincerely seek Him.

After the prophetic word she received, she is happy and grateful that her problem came to light. Now she knows exactly what to pray for and believes that everything will change from now on because God has already done it! In conclusion, she promised to go where God leads her and serve Him for the rest of her life! Those around you may call you names in order to paint you black in the eyes of people, but the wisdom and the grace of God cannot be taken from you! So what you need, as a child of God, is to know God’s opinion of you. Because, when you know you are what God says you are, you will stay focused on your goal alone and nothing can change your focus!

Below are snapshots of the Sunday Service that truly show that God honours the faith of those who seek His face with a sincere heart. So it was with the dozens of visitors who arrived from different parts of the world to receive all the divine gifts that are available in the arena of liberty!

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