Sunday, 12 December 2021, was a wonderful day in the presence of the Lord, where the Spirit of God moved and miracles took place, in the name of Jesus Christ!


The man of God Harry brought great news to the congregation, as he had just returned from Lagos, Nigeria. He visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, to honour the memory of Prophet T.B. Joshua with his presence at the reunion and thanksgiving service that took place on 5 December 2021, six months after the passing away of our father in the Lord! The man of God shared with the attendees that it was an incredible service in the presence of God, with believers who came from all over the world, hoping to receive a touch from God Almighty. Indeed, all glory belongs to the Lord, who sends His servants to earth to show us the way of salvation!


Afterward, the man of God Harry continued with a powerful message entitled, “WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE?”, in order to awaken the congregation and emphasise on the importance of walking in God’s purpose for our life.

He said that many people nowadays live a life without satisfaction and he stressed that most of us think that by gaining professional restoration, financial independence, marital restoration, or children, we will reach the satisfaction and fulfilment we desire. Unfortunately, however, this does not seem to be true. Then, we get to the point where we look into the past and see a life full of experiences, trials, difficulties, yet a life that is empty, without having fulfilled God’s purpose for our lives.


Why does this happen? Trying to give an answer, the man of God Harry pointed out that our lives are empty because we chase other people’s dreams. We compare ourselves to others and aim to be like the role models we have set by imitating their actions. However, while we follow their footsteps and adopt their actions, we still experience the same emptiness in our souls. The reason is that the One who created man’s soul is also the One who can fill it! In urging believers to ask themselves what is God’s purpose for their lives, he gave them a “key” through Isaiah 43:7: Everyone who is called by My name, Whom I have created for My glory; I have formed him, yes, I have made him”. With this verse, the man of God led the congregation into deep meditation, so that they can understand that the life the majority leads today does not glorify God, and as a result, they do not live their everyday lives according to God’s calling. Getting even deeper he said that many of us fear death, however, as he explained, “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose!”.

Concluding the message, the man of God Harry mentioned that we all have received something precious from God, which is sufficient for us to live for His glory. To specifically encourage the congregation and fill them with hope, he said, “Don’t ever make the mistake of telling God that you have nothing to offer because God does not create useless people”.



14-year-old Gioela Bardho from Thessaloniki came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, with her mother to share a testimony that clearly proves that the enemy of our soul does not look at our age, before tempting and disorienting us from the will of God by any means!

On Sunday, 5 December 2021, young Gioela received a revealing prophecy about an issue that concerns the majority of young people who are unable to resist temptation due to ignorance. Specifically, during the laying of hands, the man of God Michael approached her and gave her the following prophetic word, “In the presence of God we say everything. Desire for sex! This desire you have in you is not from God, it is from the devil because you lack spiritual activity. You do not read the Word of God and you do not pray. You let others get too close to you. Those who get too close to you are people with demons in them, and they influence you. Be careful, because it is by God’s grace that you are not under the influence of evil spirits. But this desire, which only you and God knows, is to destroy you. Wait for the right one! God’s spirit warns you beforehand so that you will not be destroyed. For if you give in to the first one you like and have intercourse with him, if he is possessed by demons, they will be transferred to you, and then it will take a lot of praying to deliver you! This is why God is warning you now, for you to beware of associating with boys. They come very close to you and talk to you… The devil is tempting you at that moment and that is why this desire has come. It’s a demonic influence, it’s not from God. You must definitely pray about it. You need to pray about this every day, until you realise that God has delivered you. That’s why I told you that in the presence of God we say everything. I am not ashamed to tell you, but neither you should be ashamed to say it. Since God came down from heaven to tell you this, it means that He loves you as big as the Heaven is! You have a role to play!”


Young Gioela confirmed before the congregation the prophecy she received from the man of God Michael, analysing the experiences she had in her school environment, which were the cause of the immoral thoughts that troubled her. It all started in the fifth grade of primary school when she was only 11-12 years old and saw pornographic material for the first time, despite the fact that she had grown up in a Christian family. However, she explained that the desire to have an affair started in high school because of the people she was associating with. Specifically, two girls with whom she was close friends were pressuring her to have a relationship with boys. They tried to lure her, telling her that since they had boyfriends, she should have one as well. In fact, they constantly pointed out to her that she was now old enough for such kind of things. The pressure was daily, despite her constant refusal to follow their example. So, after her friends realised that they could not convince her, they had some boys in the class approach her and talk to her provocatively on a daily basis so that she would yield to the temptation and start a relationship with them! She knew that what was happening was not right, yet every time the boys approached her, just as the man of God Michael described, there was a voice inside her whispering that it was alright to hear provocative words because it was good and she should like it! In this way, her desire to meet with a boy was born…

As Gioela was talking about her experience, she mentioned a shocking event that stigmatized her! The two girls she was hanging out with invited her to their house, claiming that they just wanted to watch a movie together and discuss various girly topics. To her surprise, they put pornographic material on the screen! Gioela demanded that they stop it, but the two young girls believed that what they were doing was perfectly normal, since all children their age do it…

This daily challenge had a negative impact on her psychological state of mind and, consequently, on her school performance too. While in primary school, she was a good student and her teachers always had something positive to say about her, everything changed when she started hanging out with these people in junior high school. More specifically, she neglected her schoolwork because whenever she wanted to study, her friends would invite her to go out and talk. She was in a bad mood, and she did not want to talk to anyone, which was confirmed by her mother also.

Her mother, Kela Bardho, shared with the congregation that although she had noticed that her daughter did not want to spend time with them, which was something that bothered her, she could not identify the problem. Any efforts she made to reach out to her daughter were futile… In other words, the situation was getting worse and worse, to the point where even the teachers told her that she needed to be cautious of her friends and that she wasn’t playing her role as student, even though she had the abilities!

Gioela explained that the day she received the prophetic word and prayer from the man of God Michael, she explained that she was also praying to be delivered. Indeed, once the man of God prayed for her and declared her free, she felt like a weight was lifted off her! She then shared the immediate changes she experienced in her life and mind! First, she made it clear that her mental state has been restored and, now, she is willing to share everything with her parents, as well as devote time to study God’s Word, something she had stopped doing before the blessed day of prophecy. The greatest change, however, is the fact that now, thanks to God’s intervention in her life, she can say “no” to sin, whenever boys come near her to tempt her! Any desire she had to have intercourse with someone has completely disappeared and she is totally free, in the name of Jesus Christ!

After the complete renewal of her mind and spiritual life, Gioela advised the youth to read the Word of God, to pray, and to spend time with God, because He can give a solution to every problem! Finally, she promised God, who revealed His infinite love and power in her weakness, that as long as she is on this earth, she will improve her relationship with Him and pray, because she knows that He is the only one that can help her!

As Christians, whenever we are tempted, we should always remember that our foundation, defence, or answer is quite simple: the written and eternal Word of God.



On Sunday, 12 December 2021, Mr. Mazabalo Baka from the USA came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to share his miraculous testimony, with the congregation encouraging even more believers to believe that God is able to deliver us from any problem.

Mr. Baka began his testimony by talking about his addiction to masturbation, which started when he was in high school, 15 years ago. Because he was the best student in his class, he was approached by his classmates to help them with their homework and, at that time, one of them told him about masturbation. As soon as he got home, he did exactly what his friend described, and when he saw that it satisfied him, he started doing it every day. Every time he committed this act he felt empty, sinful, and that God had stopped loving him. This habit affected his academics, since he was no longer the top of his class. Also, his relationship with women was affected, since he was self-indulging, he rejected any girl who approached him.

Regarding his professional career, he explained that although he was successful, had money, helped people and had his own car, he started to experience setbacks. He explained that as he was constantly practising the act of masturbation, anything that could lead him to success at that time would fail… Furthermore, his thoughts were not unaffected by this habit… He often saw women and fantasised about sexual escapades with them, which led him back into the same trap of masturbation. He regretfully testified that his spiritual life was non-existent. He could neither pray nor read the Bible, which seemed to him as an uninteresting story!

Another problem that tormented him was the demonic attacks that began when he moved to America. He had nightmares of dogs chasing him, people wanting to kill him, and mountains where someone was preventing him from climbing to the top, about 4-5 times a week! Wanting to emphasise the influence these demonic attacks had on his life, he explained that when he applied to join the U.S. Army, just the night before, a demonic presence came and pressed him onto his bed, preventing him from getting up and breathing. This presence told him that he was not going to be accepted! The next day he had to go through medical exams and while he never had high blood pressure, that day it was too high and as a result, he couldn’t get in.

At the same time, he was dealing with the issue of constipation that started in 2017. At first, he could not go to the toilet for 2-3 days, and he ended up not being able to visit the bathroom for two weeks. He had to go to the hospital emergency room, where he was told that his belly was swollen and that he needed surgery. Indeed, that night he was operated on, and the doctors removed a large number of feces from his intestines.


Describing the time when the man of God Michael prayed over him, he revealed that he felt a cold sensation and something leaving his left hand with great force. The changes he saw in his life were great and immediate! He now sees women as creatures that God created, he reads the Bible as an inspiring book, and he can pray. As far as masturbation is concerned, he is now free and cannot even think of himself repeating it. He has been delivered from demonic attacks, and he sleeps very well! Even constipation is a thing of the past since he goes to the toilet normally!


The advice Mr. Baka gave was for parents who have children between 12 and 15 years old. Through his experience, he advised them to be very careful because this is a critical age and the wrong company can lead them down the wrong paths. He also stressed that we should seek help from God for every problem and finally, he promised to serve God for the rest of his life.

No one can to say ‘No’ to sin without the help of the Holy Spirit! However, remember that no matter how dirty you are, Jesus Christ can cleanse you!



Every Sunday, dozens of visitors come to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to receive a divine touch from God Almighty and to find a permanent solution to any unpleasant situation that concerns them. Among them was Mr. Lazar Fernando who came from Germany on 12 December 2021, to receive his own divine touch that would change his life forever!

During the prayer line, as the Spirit of God was moving through the congregation giving freedom, healing, and blessing through the man of God Harry, the Lord revealed the following concerning Mr. Fernando, “Pray against the spirit of anger. It is not that you are a bad person. You are a good person, but satan wants to use anger to destroy your life. Do not allow anger to destroy you! Read your Bible and pray to the Holy Spirit to take more of your anger and give you more of His peace and self-control. This anger has caused a lot of quarreling in the house, but thank God it is exposed today, so that you can be free once and for all!”.


Later on, Mr. Fernando, excited about the prophetic word that he believes has brought freedom in his life, wanted to confirm everything that the Holy Spirit had revealed to him. He said that, indeed, many people at times told him that he was very angry and that he should pay attention to it. Every little thing could infuriate him, even the way those around him addressed him. The spirit of anger followed him everywhere he went, while he had reached a point where he could no longer communicate with his mother. She expressed her dissatisfaction towards him, because every time they talked he got angry and made the situation between them very difficult.

His wife, having experienced the consequences of this demonic influence herself, confirmed the prophetic word her husband received and described what happened to them just a few days before they visited the church. More specifically, she mentioned that they had a heated argument over a key and he got so angry with her that she thought he was going to hit her. Moreover, their spiritual life was non-existent, as they could neither pray nor read the Word of God…

Mr. Fernando now boldly declares that the prophetic word has brought blessing in his life and he feels happy and grateful to God who revealed the problem that tormented him. Finally, he promised his Almighty Deliverer to serve Him and follow Him all the days of his life!

God’s Word has the ability to quicken us spiritually and helps our spirit govern our senses! Engage your heart with the Word of God you have read attentively, slowly and repeatedly and it will begin to influence your conduct and character.



Our Lord died on the Cross, taking upon Himself all our sins, so that today, we can claim everything that satan and his demons are trying to steal or have already stolen from our lives, by believing in His finished work. This is exactly what Mr. Bernard Kayira from distant Australia came to do, who wanted to put an end to the demonic attacks he had been receiving all these years.

As the man of God Harry prayed for the people standing in the prayer line, the Spirit of God did not overlook Mr. Kayira. The man of God approached him, the root cause of his problem came to the surface and every chain that connected him to the devil was broken, in the name of Jesus Christ! More specifically, the message he received from God through the man of God Harry was the following, “You must pray against the spirit of death, because satan has been attacking you with this spirit. You even escaped an accident… A car just missed you. You were looking at the road and did not see a car. But when you crossed the road, a car was just in front of you and you ran to cross the road, before the car passed. It is not ordinary! Satan just wants to kill you! I am telling you this so that you become more prayerful. You need to get closer to Jesus Christ now, more than before. Read your Bible and pray every day. As I am giving you this prophecy, this spirit of death has no power or authority over you anymore”.


Clearly shocked by the words of the man of God Harry, Mr. Kayira confirmed what the man of God said and explained with detailed examples that, indeed, the spirit of death wanted to end his life for many years. In fact, wanting to prove how correct and true the word of the man of God was, he stressed that just a week ago, while driving on the ring road at a speed of 100km/h, an object appeared in front of him at a distance of 100 meters. By the grace of God he managed to stay in his lane, however, he acknowledged that if he had panicked and thought of changing lanes, stopping or reducing his speed, the results would be catastrophic and fatal, since other cars followed behind… Moreover, one night while he was in his office, a man with a gun came, in order to shoot him and to the great surprise of Mr. Kayira, the man with the gun just let him pass and leave the office, without harming him! In addition, as strange as it may sound, he had previously been injured by a bottle of water that fell on his leg. The very next day after his injury, he found that a wound had already formed. Every day the condition of his leg was getting worse and no medicine was helping him. After a while, his wife saw in her dream that some people were trying to remove her husband’s leg from the rest of the body… It was obvious, then, that once again the spirit of death was behind his problem and he was healed when by faith they ministered the morning water on him, in the name of Jesus Christ!

However, demonic attacks were not limited to the natural! The spirit of death also affected him in his dreams and he constantly saw people chasing and arresting him. Therefore, he had even come to the point of thinking that he would indeed die. In order to emphasise on the destructive consequences of this evil spirit even more, he pointed out that in his family, the presence of death was quite obvious, since his sister died when suddenly a man shot her while she was in her car.

God, by His grace, preserved the life of Mr. Kayira until the day of his deliverance, in the name of Jesus Christ. Acknowledging, the mercy of God in his life, he mentioned that he will read the Word of God and pray even more from now on, so that this mercy would never leave his life. Finally, he promised to stay close to the Lord and glorify God through his life!

When Jesus Christ intervenes in a problem, He always makes sure to bring its root cause to the surface, because dealing with the problem and neglecting the cause is like merely cutting off of the branches of a tree while neglecting the root.



Sunday, 12 December 2021, was the day that the Lord had decided to meet Ms. Konstantina Koutra from Veroia at the place where she needed it most!

During the laying of hands, as the man of God Harry was praying for the people present at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, the Spirit of God revealed the following prophetic message to Ms. Koutra, “As I was praying, the Lord showed me that there is a problem with your period. It does not come on time! Your menstrual cycle is not right and this affects your hormones. They are a mess! One day you may be very happy, the next you may be emotionally lousy. It is not your fault! The Lord reveals this to you, so that you know that the problem is not psychological, it is because your circle is irregular. So, as we pray, you will see that the Lord will make it become normal and come on time!” Immediately after, he declared her free once and for all, in the name of Jesus Christ!


Mrs. Koutra, surprised by the accuracy of the prophetic word given to her, confirmed that it was absolutely true! She explained that from a young age she had an irregular menstrual cycle, which stabilised in her 20 years. But in recent months this problem had returned. She wondered if the factor of standing for long hours, as well as the weights she lifted in her work, were creating this problem for her, but she could not give a definite answer. In addition, she saw in her dream that while she was on a hospital bed, some “doctors” performed surgery on her genetic organs, which worried her even more. In fact, after this dream, she found that more intense instabilities began in her cycle! She did not have a normal flow, the duration of her period was reduced, she had black blood and she was in pain!

The delay of her period made her feel bad psychologically. It made her nervous and disorganized her work, as she needed to take emergency leave or find someone to replace her. She became hypersensitive, she was very easily disappointed and she experienced mood swings that, as she mentioned, did not characterize her as a person. This made her even more anxious, because she did not understand what was causing this whole situation.

After the prophetic message, all her questions were answered and all her fears were cast away, as she had been wondering if she was experiencing premature menopause… Now she feels very happy, relieved and firmly believes that this prophetic message has brought healing, breakthrough and blessing into her life!

Just because you are disappointed today does not mean that you cannot be happy tomorrow, because no situation in this world is permanent! Choose to focus on Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of all problems!



Mr. Nick Kabaso from the United Kingdom, arrived to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, led by the Spirit of God through dreams that determined the place of his divine appointment.

So, as he found himself in the presence of God, the anointing of God located him and he was given the following prophetic word, “You have come a long way. You have experienced a lot of disappointment in your life, but I see that most of your disappointment is because what you sowed, you reaped! Because you disappointed in the past, now you are disappointed as well… You just have to say sorry to God for all this disappointment you have caused and then you will see that your way will start to open. Only then will your way will begin to open. If not, you will keep going from one disappointment to another. You have turned 46 and so far you do not have anything to show, something that you have achieved in your life. I give you this message so that you know where your problem comes from! Many years ago, you disappointed a woman. That’s why all this is happening to you now!”


Later on, Mr. Kabaso confirmed the prophetic word he received, saying that it was 100% true! He explained that there were many good opportunities to progress in his life, but something always prevented him from progressing for 11 years. In particular, he said that in 2009 he bought trucks and sent them to Zambia, his country of origin, in order to start a transport business. However, the trucks suffered irreparable damage and he was forced to donate them, not even sell them, in order to get rid of this burden! He then bought equipment that were going to be to used in mines. When they were transported from the United Kingdom to Zambia, they were in very good condition, but as soon as they arrived to their destination they had problems! This continued with other professional contracts he entered into, until he realized that he was dealing with something that was not normal. Something that was out of his control!

All of this also affected his family life, as he spent a lot of time at work, in fact, at some point he got to the extent of working in three jobs to survive, however, it was still difficult. He did not have time to spend with his wife and two children, since his main concern was making a living.

The root cause of his problems, as revealed to him by the man of God Harry, was the disappointment he had caused in the past to a woman whom he remembered, as soon as the prophecy was given. As he explained, many years ago he had a relationship with this woman and his whole attitude in their relationship showed that things would lead to marriage. However, he suddenly put an end to their relationship, thus disappointing the woman!

As he confessed, his opinion about the SCOAN ministry was not the best and he also did not know that there was a SCOAN Thessalonica, until God showed him a dream in November. In his dream he saw a river and was told that if he was washed in that river, his life would change… More specifically, he explained that when Prophet TB Joshua passed away, he heard the tribute paid by his daughters to their father. Hearing their wonderful words about him, he thought that maybe he should make an effort and listen to the sermons of the prophet. Gradually, as he began to follow the messages of the ministry and the Prophet TB Joshua, his negative opinion turned into a positive one and he soon discovered on the internet the SCOAN Thessalonica, the man of God Harry and Lydia river! So, he understood that he had to come to Thessaloniki! Indeed, when he came, he immediately recognised that the Lydia river was the river he saw in his dream! In fact, the night before the service, he saw the man of God Harry in his dream, dressed in the same clothes he wore at the service the day he attended! He approached him and after confessing his sin to him about his previous bad opinion of the ministry and Prophet TB Joshua, he then asked him to pray for him.

Now, full of joy, he feels light as if a weight has been lifted off him and he believes that he will come back to give his testimony! He is looking forward to the great things that will come in his life, because he believes that what God will finish what he has started! Closing, he promised to serve Him and live according to His Word, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Repentance paves the way for God! Even if you think you are unworthy to receive God’s forgiveness, always remember that Jesus knows how undeserving of His grace we are, that is why He has decided to brush aside our past in order to determine our future.



As children of God, it is a fact that Jesus Christ is our only lifeline, even when everything around us seems to be falling apart and lost. God’s promises in His Word assure us that no matter what situation we are in, God will neither leave us nor forsake us. Believing, then, that the Word of God is “Yes” and “Amen”, Ms. Rosalinda Aggson visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to find out God’s point of view regarding her situation!

During the prayer line, when the man of God Harry approached her and prayed for her, he gave her the following prophetic word: “Satan uses negative thoughts to disturb you. He uses negative thoughts to make you look down on yourself; that you are unworthy, that others are better than you… Bad things! This can make you to abstain from people. You are closed to yourself, you do not socialise much and this will not help you. It’s not your fault, this has been happening in the family. It is a generational curse. People from your mother’s side have been experiencing the same problem and some even had mental disorder. As I tell you this today, you are free once and for all. What will really help you to boost your spirit is to spend quality time with the Word of God. Also, the friends that you want to socialize with make sure they are people of God. Through you, your family will also be delivered. “As you stand here and receive prayer, so does your family, wherever they are.”


Later, Ms. Aggson confirmed every word that the man of God Harry said, emphasising that, indeed, she lived isolated from others and in fact she was disappointed by the people close to her. Initially, she mentioned that she used to be a very social person, but the negative thoughts had affected her so much that they caused instability in her physical and mental health. She was constantly exhausted, but instead of seeking help from those around her, she preferred to isolate herself, turn off her cell phone so that she would not communicate with anyone, and simply waste her life in front of the TV full of depression and anxiety. In fact, there were times when she did not leave her house for up to a month!

Regarding the way her friends treated her, Ms. Aggson explained that although some people seemed supportive of her, most of them not only did not help her, but they criticised her for some choices she made in her life. Wanting to be more specific, she explained that she once asked a friend to take her for a walk in a park, as she was in a wheelchair due to a health issue, and he simply rejected her. Even her partner then did not stand by her, since all he did was constantly point out how much he had done for her. All this behaviour from the people around her discouraged her from asking for help from others, while she had reached the point of wondering why she was even alive! The situation she was experiencing was so tragic that she thought that if something bad happened to her and her life was taken away, it would be a redemption for her! Negative thoughts about herself had no end and as a result, she constantly felt unwanted. Although she stood by her friends when they had difficulties, they did not do the same and therefore she felt very frustrated. In addition, her relationships with some members of her family had grown cold because she felt that they did not understand that she was experiencing psychological problems, especially during the time her brother passed away.

Finally, she referred to the part of the mental disorders that many people had on her mother’s side. She stated that, indeed, many of her relatives were experiencing anxiety and depression, some of whom even attempted suicide! Thus, under the weight of these mental disorders in her family, she recognised that these problems had a spiritual source. Therefore, she decided to travel to Greece to receive prayer from the man of God Harry!

God, as a trustworthy Father, honoured her faith and through the prophetic word, every demonic influence in her life is a thing of the past! Now, she feels happy that she and her family have been set free and she believes that God’s blessings will follow in her life! Finally, he promised God, the Giver of this wonderful blessing, that she would spend more time studying His Word!

It is clear that God is Willing and Able to break every chain in our lives, as long as we approach Him with a humble heart and with faith that He has taken over our case!

In the following photos we see the anointing of God moving among people, giving them permanent freedom, healing and blessing. The book of Acts became visibly real before the eyes of the believers, and the proof that Jesus Christ never left us was evident throughout the prayer!

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