¡El camino de la obediencia es el camino de la bendición! Millones de personas en todo el mundo han experimentado el poder de Dios para bendecir y abrir caminos donde parece que no hay camino. ¡Sea bendecido al ver cómo Dios puede cambiar la vida de las personas con bendiciones sobrenaturales! ¡Como les pasó a ellos, así puede pasarles a ustedes, en el nombre de Jesús!

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Depression and anxiety are two things that torment millions of people all around the world and they have nothing to do with how good one's life is. One may seem have everything and still be bound with their evil bondages...

The lady in this video testifies to the goodness of God and shares with the whole world how one touch from the Holy Spirit, through the man of God Harry, turned her life around and took away every inch of depression and anxiety! Jesus Christ did for her what no medication could and she is forever grateful to the One that heals, comforts and blesses like no other.

As you listen to this testimony, may God Almighty meet you at the point of your need and deliver you from every demonic spirit of anxiety and depression, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

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