¡Cada palabra de Dios tiene un propósito! ¡Mientras mira, verá cómo se revela la raíz de los problemas que afligen a esta generación para cambiar el curso de la historia! ¡Recuerde, Jesucristo vino para poner fin a nuestro pasado y dar a luz un futuro brillante!

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"This SPIRIT Of DEPRESSION Comes & Goes!!!"

The number of those who try to find out the cause of depression and dissatisfaction in their lives is constantly increasing. In this vain effort, many tend to attribute it to a series of negative life events, hormonal imbalance or even environmental conditions. So, in this perpetual search for the real root of the problem, everything seems to lead to a cause beyond the physical. That is why there is a need for a spiritual solution!
We are going to watch the anointing of God exposing the root of depression and its harmful effects on Mr. Aleksei's life, while enriching us with knowledge for the things of the spirit.
As you watch this video, receive the knowledge that will give you the ability to hit the root of depression in order for you to break free from it and get rid of it permanently!

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