Satanás es nuestro adversario, el ladrón no viene sino para hurtar y matar y destruir (Juan 10:10). Necesitamos reconocer a nuestro enemigo por el espíritu maligno y odioso que es, la causa de todo dolor, angustia, amargura y violencia. Los demonios son reales. Están detrás de las actividades impías y los elementos destructivos que vemos hoy. Hacen que las personas pierdan el control y cometan actos vergonzosos. Pero saben que deben someterse al nombre de Jesucristo (Marcos 1:21-28).
Cada semana en la SCOAN de Tesalónica la gente es liberada de los espíritus malignos y las ataduras demoníacas. ¡Sea bendecido al ver cómo el Espíritu de Dios desconecta a las personas de cualquier cadena implantada desde el reino de las tinieblas!

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Can A Demon Bless You??? 😲 WATCH & LEARN!!!

We may think that the effects of Idol worship won't be costly. We're so concerned about our present condition and we are ready to do whatever it takes to find ...any sort of relief or solution. So, we compromise and turn to things that the Word of God warns us against. According to scripture, "You shall have no other gods before shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation." (Exodus 20:3-5)

Ms Juliet's life was tremendously affected by her family's choice to serve demonic idols, even though she didn't want to follow their ungodly path. As she dared to refuse serving her ancestors' idols, a battle of demonic attacks waged and only a true man of God could put an end to it. When she received a touch from the man of God Harry at SCOAN Thessalonica's prayer line, the evil spirit tormenting the entire family was exposed and Ms. Juliet was declared free once and for all!

Right now, as you watch, be released from any evil spirit or demonic idol working against you and your family, in Jesus' mighty name!

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