The Sunday Service at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 7 November 2021 was filled with the presence of God. The Spirit of the Lord honoured with His presence the people that came to glorify God Almighty and to hear words of eternal life!

The man of God Michael brought forth a message entitled “DIAGNOSE YOUR CONDUCT!”. To begin with, he mentioned that we all face unpleasant situations in life, which, however, come for educational reasons. They are valuable lessons that teach us something, he explained by saying: “Unpleasant situations are our best friends, as they discipline us and improve our Christian character, thus making us better disciples in Christ!”.


Reading the biblical passage from Ephesians 4:22, “You were taught, concerning your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires”, the man of God stressed that every Christian should perform a daily diagnosis of their conduct, their character and their behaviour! He then asked the congregants to ask themselves what they do every day, as it has been proven that in order to be good at something, you have to work at it. Therefore, if we want to become good Christians, we must engage our heart with the Word of God daily, which we read attentively, slowly and repeatedly, and then it will begin to influence our conduct and character! Deepening his message, the man of God made it clear that in this endeavour, people will challenge us, question us and try to get us off track. However, we should not yield to the temptation to act out of character!


He went on to point out that we need to be careful about who we associate with because the wrong company carries with it the risk of leading us into deceitful desires that corrupt the people of God. In fact, he made it clear that the key to recognising God’s children is by their fruit, character and attitude to life – they are never anxious for anything! In conclusion, the man of God said that if we want to be suitable for God, to become better Christians and to keep His blessings in our lives, we must learn obedience from unpleasant situations. After all, even Christ “learned obedience from what He suffered” – Hebrews 5:7-9. Because only our obedience to God builds within us the character and conduct of Christ! Therefore, to be suitable for God we must honour Jesus Christ with our character!



Ms. Konstantina Riginou from Cyprus visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on 7 November 2021, seeking God’s intervention in her life. Her reformed life is proof that nothing is impossible for Jesus Christ!

Ms. Riginou started her testimony by saying that since she can remember herself, as a child, she felt uncomfortable with the company of girls, she wanted to socialise only with boys and wished that she had been born as a boy! Later, as she went to elementary school, she realised that she had homosexual thoughts that led her to masturbation. The attraction to the same sex added a lot of stress to her life because she knew that what was happening to her was neither normal nor right. But there was no one close to her to advise her and prevent her from this path because her parents were divorced…

These thoughts also affected her negatively at school, as it was impossible for her to concentrate on her school work. In high school, she failed her exams because she started having panic attacks. She felt very confused inside, she preferred to stay at home and tried to hide her situation in every way from other people.

By the time she finished school she realised that homosexuality was becoming… more socially acceptable. Then, she began to think differently and began forming relationships with women. She had reached the point of fanatically supporting this way of life, influencing other people to live this way.

But as the years went by, she found herself depressed, addicted to alcohol and having suicidal thoughts. So she decided to stop drinking and abstain from homosexuality. She then started a relationship with a man who took her seriously. But despite the cessation of alcohol and homosexuality, she still had the desire and attraction to women.

So, she visited the SCOAN Thessalonica and a single touch from the man of God Harry was enough to change her life forever!


After the prayer she received, the thoughts of homosexuality and the attraction for the same-sex stopped, and everything in her life fell into place! She felt that a great weight was lifted from her! Depression, anxiety and guilt are now over. She is now engaged to the man she was in a relationship with and in a month they are getting married!

Her advice for those who live in such situations is that the joy you can derive from such relationships is temporary and does not last. Only God and His love last forever! And her promise to the One who took care of her transformation is to take care of her relationship with Him too!

Because, if you take care of the depth of your relationship with God, God will take care of the breadth of your success!



Sunday, 7 November 2021, was the day that Mrs. Mamai Onivogui from France was patiently waiting in the furnace of the challenges she was facing. Her confession is irrefutable proof that God’s will for us is to be healthy, full and happy in Christ Jesus!

Mrs. Onivogui visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, for the first time in 2018, due to professional and medical issues. In particular, she said that what led her to the prayer line was an accident she had a few years ago while she was working in a restaurant. She explained that she had to lift a heavy machine, but this lifting caused her damage. After the x-ray of her hand the results showed that she suffered an open bone fracture. The injury was extremely serious because the bone in her hand had pierced her skin and was visible!

As expected, Mrs. Onivogui’s daily life was strongly affected, as she could not make any ordinary and simple movements. She could not lift any objects, nor could she dress without feeling pain along her arm, from her shoulder to her palm! She even mentioned that her children helped her with household chores, which she could not do on her own… The pain also hindered her at work, because she was no longer able to perform her duties in the restaurant.

However, this accident was not the only request that led her to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. Her goal was to open a store with African products. Although she had submitted all the documents to carry out her plan, unfortunately, she never succeeded. It is worth noting that she was in a difficult financial situation, but nothing prevented Mrs. Onivogui from travelling to Greece and receiving prayer from the man of God Harry!

As she described her own experience, as soon as the man of God Harry prayed for her, Mrs. Onivogui felt electricity pass through her body from head to toe and suddenly found herself on the floor! When she got up, she felt very light!


Then, she said excitedly that at that moment she received her healing from God! Now she can use her hand to do all the activities she could not do at first without any sign of pain!

Eager to share everything that happened after the divine touch she received, she continued her testimony. After returning to France, in addition to her healing, what she held on to were the words of the man of God Harry when he prayed for the documents she had submitted to start her own business. He assured her that her breakthrough would come, and she promised to come back to give her testimony about the business she dreamed of starting, even though she was still facing a difficult financial situation!


So, she started going from village to village as a street vendor selling African food. Her profits were not enough at the beginning, and the endless hours she was on her feet, as well as the bad weather conditions that often prevailed, caused her pain all over her body. Until the day Mrs. Onivogui managed to find a shop to rent. To her great surprise, as soon as she contacted the owner of the shop, he informed her that the rent cost was only 300 euros per month! She clarified that it was a shocking price because the monthly rental costs in France are always much higher! However, Mrs. Onivogui had to give all the money she had gained in the open market to pay the down payment, which amounted to 900 euros. The only option she had, then, was to fill her empty store with the few products she would sell in the market, since there was no money left over to buy supplies…

Ignoring the suggestions of those people around her, who constantly offered her to apply for a loan, Mrs. Onivogui chose to rely on the capable hands of God to progress and never forgot the instruction given to her by the man of God that she would return to the SCOAN Thessalonica and give her testimony! In fact, she invested the money she earned from selling her products to buy more goods! Today her store consists of three different spaces! There are African beauty products and food available, as well as a wig area. At the same time, through the services offered by her business, customers can even transfer money abroad!

Mrs. Onivogui then explained unequivocally that the impact of her business made a strong impression on everyone! Although the rest of the African products companies were closed during the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, hers remained open without being negatively affected by the adverse conditions that prevailed worldwide! In fact, she stated that, as children of God, we have been blessed to bless others and added that she donates an amount of her income to charities that care for orphans and the homeless in all corners of the world!

Summarising her testimony, Mrs. Onivogui, overflowing with happiness and gratitude, attributed all the honour and glory to God, and stressed that she intends to expand to a larger store in the future! Finally, she promised to serve Jesus Christ until her last day and advised those present not to give up when faced with attacks, but to pray and not forget those in need!

We must never doubt the power of our vision! Instead, we need to remember that God cares more about our future than we think. So if you are a man of vision, no matter what constitutes the obstacles on your way, you can never be stopped!



On Sunday, 7 November 2021, Mr. Grigoris Margaritis, a resident of Greece, came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, expecting a miracle from God – something that would change his life once and for all!

As the Spirit of God moved throughout the congregation during the laying of hands, the man of God Michael approached him and revealed the following: “What else do you need to see in order to realise that Jesus Christ wants to be the Chief of your life? What else do you need to see? Your eyes have seen, your ears have heard. You have to start communicating with God because I do not see you living much longer! If you want to live, you need Jesus Christ!”. And while praying for him, the man of God declared him free, in the name of Jesus Christ!


At the end of the Service, Mr. Margaritis confirmed the prophetic word he received, saying that, although in the past Jesus Christ was the Head of his whole family, when cancer came into the life of his 32-year-old son, Mr. Margaritis turned away from God. Life’s blow was enough for him to give up everything, not only God but also his marriage, his children. He completely gave up on life… Through his desperation, psychological problems followed! His children lost their trust in him, as his behaviour towards other people was violent and shameful to them and they began to move further and further away from him… In the end, they also turned away from God…

Mr. Margaritis revealed that before meeting the Lord he was a drug addict. He used heroin for 20 years! And experiencing all these problems, he started using drugs again and, in fact, in recent months he began overdosing in order to end his life. This was repeated 2-3 times, as he mentioned!

Therefore, as he reached the final straw, he decided to come to church. On that morning, Mr. Margaritis prayed to God, saying the following: “Lord, I have dedicated my life to You. I tried to walk as you wanted. Lord, I want to move on, but without You I cannot. Give me a chance to start over. Lord, I want my life back, my children back, I want You back!”. And the Lord heard his prayer and answered back immediately with this prophetic word from Heaven!

Now, full of joy and gratitude to his Redeemer, knowing that after the prophetic word he received, all that tormented him is now the past; he promised to dedicate the rest of the life that was granted to him by God, in the service of His work!

You should not cut off your dependence on God because of your situation! If the situation you are in now does not guarantee your future, do not despair; the end has not come – the best is always yet to come!



On Sunday, 7 November 2021, Mrs. Virginia Hamunzala, a resident of Germany, stood in the prayer line at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica. God located her and gave her a solution to the problems she was going through for years. Unable to face the numerous issues and difficulties of her life on her own any longer, she knew that the only solution for her was to seek the face of God. Hence, she travelled to Greece, believing that God Almighty would give her what she came for!

During the prayer line, as the man of God Michael was praying for Mrs. Hamunzala, she felt electricity passing through her body, she felt weak and found herself on the floor without being aware of what was happening around her. An unclean spirit then manifested and confessed the following: “I am the spirit of darkness, I destroyed her life, I am going to make her suffer. I have killed her daughter. I want to destroy her brother. We are many! Spirit of darkness, of lust, of destruction. I want to destroy her family. We came in the dream and we fed her”. The man of God then commanded every evil spirit to be cast out of her and by disconnecting her from darkness, he declared her free in the name of Jesus Christ!

Mrs. Hamunzala afterward confirmed everything the demon confessed, saying that her life had been very difficult. She lost her mother when she was only two years old and her father at the age of six. Her upbringing was taken over by her relatives, but they faced a lot of hardship. She then married her first husband, but their marriage did not last. She married for the second time, yet again her marriage was not good since she faced several problems and challenges. There was no affection between the couple and they did not even sleep in the same bed. This led Mrs. Hamunzala to actions for which she later felt guilty. Actions such as talking to other men on the internet and going on dates with them. When she came home after meeting another man she felt anger towards her husband, and he also felt anger towards her, since he was doing the exact same thing: dating other women. This whole situation made her feel unworthy, unhappy and she was constantly carrying the burden of sin… 

Regarding her family, Mrs. Hamunzala mentioned that they would perform witchcraft mainly from her father’s side. They were doing witchcraft to one another. Her sister was driven insane, her cousins likewise, and many family members died because of witchcraft in general. Concerning her daughter, she said that she passed away last March at the age of 23 due to a brain hematoma, something that causes her great pain…

Moreover, she had demonic attacks in her dreams. She would see people she did not know feeding her and other times cooking meat in her house. She would also see herself swimming and even flying. She would see snakes on the blankets and although she wanted to wake up, she could not and she felt trapped! Consequently, her health was affected. Upon waking up, she felt pain all over her body and she had difficulty walking. Her hands, feet, as well as her face were swollen. In fact, she could not move her hands during the night as if blood was not flowing in her veins.

As to the spirit of destruction, it also affected her finances. Even though she worked long hours, the money she was paid at the end of the month was much less. Also, a few days before she came to church, she was fired from her job. Due to an ear problem, the doctor gave her medical leave for two weeks, but her boss fired her, claiming that this might happen frequently! All these concerns made her sorrowful! She would cry and she even considered taking her own life as her thoughts were only negative. But before she decided to end it, she decided to visit the SCOAN Thessalonica!

After the prayer, full of joy and peace in her heart, she stated clearly that she believes she has received her deliverance and so has her family, and that all her troubles are now over! Already looking forward to coming back and giving her testimony, she promised God Almighty to walk in His ways, to sin no more and serve Him until the end of her life!



For Mr. Franco Testarella from Italy, Sunday, 7 November 2021, was the day the Lord appointed to meet him and release him from the demonic influences, which only brought pain and destruction in his life and his family!

During the prayer line, once the man of God Michael started praying for him, the unclean spirit inside him was exposed and it confessed its satanic works: “I have destroyed this man, he is mine, I want to live inside of him! My work is to kill him, I want him dead! I entered because of… one woman!. Then, the man of God rebuked the demon, saying: “You spirit of cat, come out!”. And as the demon submitted to the authority of Jesus Christ, Mr. Testarella received the deliverance he longed for!

Later, he confirmed that an unclean spirit had truly entered his life in 1971 when a woman went to a witch in order to make Mr. Testarella develop affection and feelings for her through cartomancy. In fact, she let him know about this action! Indeed, the results of this move did not take long to appear. As he revealed, he could not maintain a job all these years. He was constantly changing jobs, resulting in financial problems. Moreover, he mentioned that there was confusion in his mind all the time, which made it difficult for him to remain focused, whilst he was always tired.

As if all this was not enough, his relationship with his wife was going through a crisis of continual fights. At the same time, he was experiencing pain in his genitals, which further aggravated the situation between them as they were unable to sleep together as a couple. Even the birth of their son, instead of bringing them closer together, worsened their already strained relationship.

Therefore, he took the decision to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, with his family, believing that Jesus Christ would put a permanent end to his sorrow! And the Lord did not disappoint him!

With indescribable joy now in him, he declared that he felt like a new creation in Christ Jesus as if he has been born again! The tiredness and confusion are now a thing of the past! Finally, thankful to God for bringing forth a new future in him, he promised to have more faith in Him and to live his whole life for His glory!

The Bible says that the devil came to steal, kill and destroy. But glory be to God because Jesus Christ came to give life and that in abundance!



Dozens of people from all over the world visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, every Sunday to receive their own package of blessings from God. One of them was Mrs. Adriana Nieuwland who visited the SCOAN Thessalonica on Sunday, 7 November 2021 in order to receive a divine touch for her life!

When the man of God Michael approached her and prayed over her on the prayer line, Mrs. Nieuwland lost control of her speech, she felt anger, pain in her heart and fire all over her body! The unclean spirit that was in her manifested by saying the following, “Rejection… To her whole family, to her father, mother, husband and children. I caused them heartache. She’s crazy. I destroyed her family and her husband. Her children are suffering”. The man of God rebuked the spirit of rejection and, breaking the shackles of the demonic influence, declared her free in the name of Jesus Christ!


Mrs. Nieuwland gladly wanted to confirm everything that the unclean spirit said and specifically said that her family had always suffered rejection, especially in the areas of education and professional settlement. Wanting to give more details, she stressed that when it was time for her grandmother to share her property, she left less money to her and her siblings because they were uneducated! This, she said, caused her pain and great rejection.

Regarding her children, she said that they have a very difficult time as well because they are also uneducated and experience rejection! In addition, her relationship with her husband was in a critical state, as she believed that he was very strict with their children and his behaviour hurt them a lot and made them feel that there is no love!

Now, after the prayer line, she feels joy and peace! Since the root of her problem has been revealed and uprooted, she believes that she has received breakthrough and freedom for both her and her entire family! Her promise to her Redeemer is to walk in His truth and work for His work!



On Sunday, 7 November 2021, Dr. Celestine Elimbi from Germany came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, hoping for a divine appointment with Jesus Christ!

Indeed, the Spirit of God located him and as the man of God Michael stood before him and prayed for him, he gave him the following prophetic word: “You have attacks in your sleep, women are coming. These are demons. You see yourself dying in your dreams. You have many attacks in your dream, which make you live a life with obstacles. The same attacks you receive in the dream come physically when you are awake, because you cannot forget what you saw in your sleep. Today is the day of your freedom!”. Then, man of God Michael commanded the demons to be cast out of him and declared him free, in the name of Jesus Christ!


Later on, Dr. Celestine confirmed the prophetic word he received by saying that it was absolutely true! Wanting to give more insight for the glory of God, he explained that, indeed, he usually fought in his dreams! He many times saw women coming to him to seduce him and the same thing used to happen during the day too, while he was awake, just as said during the prophecy. He usually came in contact with many people and there were always people of the opposite sex around him, trying to seduce him. This usually happened every time he saw women in his dreams. In addition, a marine spirit was trying to attack him through dreams. He actually remembered seeing a colleague trying to seduce him in his dream, and when he mentioned it to her the following day, she replied, “Yes, that spirit forced me. I really did not want to do so!”. Also, when he was younger, he used to see himself lying in a coffin and later on, he many times saw that he was in danger of dying and escaped at the last moment but still had the feeling of death inside him!

In addition, the ministry in which Dr. Celestine was involved was a deliverance meeting! However, he was not growing because he did not receive the invitations he expected to receive as a speaker and, therefore, there were no financial resources! Also, the publishing company he owned could not prosper. He was an author but his books could not be sold. As a result, his finances were insufficient. Thus, his demonic influences and attacks caused setbacks and stagnation in his ministry, in his profession and in his life in general…

After the prophetic word, Dr. Celestine confessed with firm faith that he had received his deliverance and promised to serve, trust and live for His Redeemer for the rest of His life!


On Sunday, 7 November 2021, Ms. Andria Philippidi, came from Cyprus to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and witnessed the unlimited power and God!

During the laying of hands, the Spirit of God located her through the man of God Michael and told her: “You may have been told about God and started walking with Him, but you take the example from other believers. God wants a personal relationship with you, because you have the responsibility. I see you being in the world. I see you living a worldly life, but you love God and that is above worldly life. Today is the day of your freedom, in the name of Jesus Christ!”.

Later, Ms. Philippidi confirmed that the prophetic word she received was the absolute truth. She explained that when she met God in the past, she studied His Word daily and with devotion, prayed and played her role as His child. In short, she had a relationship with Him. However, as time went on, she became lazy with her spiritual life, she stopped reading the Word of God and as a result, turned away from Him and clung to the world. This added stress and insecurity to her life and, thus, she began to observe the behaviours of others and copy them, in terms of their faith and approach to God!

Before meeting the Lord, Ms. Philippidi was experiencing depression. She felt unhappy, in despair, lost, without a clear orientation and never had joy or purpose in her life. At the same time, she was irritable, she erupted very easily at other people, she thought and spoke badly… So, when she started to move away from the Lord, all this previous package of negative situations that took place in her life, came back again!

Now, all this has come to an end after the prophetic word she received. She is now happy, and is already feeling the change in her life. Determined to do the right thing, she promised God not to make the same mistakes again, but to remain as steadfast as possible in her relationship with Him!

The greatest love God has given us is the opportunity to correct our mistakes!

In the photos that follow we see snapshots from the prayer line. People from all over the world who came in faith, handed over their problem to God and witnessed the power of deliverance, prophecy and healing just as they received a touch from Jesus Christ in their lives!

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