Satan is our adversary — the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). We need to recognise our enemy for the ugly and hateful spirit he is — the cause of all sorrow, heartache, bitterness and violence. Demons are real. They are behind the godless activities and destructive elements we see around today. They cause people to lose control and commit all shameful acts. But they know they must submit to the name Jesus Christ (Mark 1:21-28).
Every week at the SCOAN Thessalonica people are set free from evil spirits and demonic bondages. Be blessed as you watch how the Spirit of God disconnects people from any chain implanted from the kingdom of darkness!

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Husband & Wife DELIVERED Through PROPHECY!!!

Any experience that involves spiritual entities is usually regarded to be a product of imagination and is thought to be reaching the boundaries of insanity. Yet, a completely normal couple shares their experience of how the anointing of God intervened just in time when ancestral spirits had started spreading death in their family. These ancestral spirits visited them and called them to the world of the dead. Their impact was not limited just in the spiritual realm but influenced the couple in every area of their lives like health, finances, their marital relationship, etc. In this condition, they came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, hoping to escape from all these unclean spirits that wanted to take their lives.
As you watch, learn more about this supernatural story and about the power of God that sheds abundant light where there is darkness!

⚠️ Reminder: You may choose the language of your choice under the subtitles menu.

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