Satan is our adversary — the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). We need to recognise our enemy for the ugly and hateful spirit he is — the cause of all sorrow, heartache, bitterness and violence. Demons are real. They are behind the godless activities and destructive elements we see around today. They cause people to lose control and commit all shameful acts. But they know they must submit to the name Jesus Christ (Mark 1:21-28).
Every week at the SCOAN Thessalonica people are set free from evil spirits and demonic bondages. Be blessed as you watch how the Spirit of God disconnects people from any chain implanted from the kingdom of darkness!

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MUST WATCH: 40 Years Of Smoking Came To An End Instantly!!!🚬

Smoking is one of the major threats to the public health worldwide resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths every year. It causes and worsens countless diseases that torment the everyday life of those addicted to it.
Mrs. Oljivera found herself in this category of people. She was incurably addicted to smoking for 20 whole years and she could not but have it with her everywhere she went to. As the number of cigarettes she smoked on a daily basis reached 60, Mrs. Oljivera could not let go of smoking even for a few minutes. Even though she had tried many times to put an end to her addiction she could not last more than 2-3 hours without it. At the peak of her problem, she decided to ask the help of the Great Healer and Deliverer, Jesus Christ!
Learn how the supernatural power of the Μost Ηigh God delivered this woman from the bondage of smoking, giving hope to everyone that may be facing a similar problem of addiction and proving that there is no problem that can embarrass Jesus Christ because He has the solution!

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