Another gathering of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, took place, and once again God’s glory truly shone! All present, with one heart and one spirit, worshiped Him who reigns with power forever and ever!

Then, the evangelist Stavros Michailidis, in his message entitled “THE SECRET TO SELF-IMPROVEMENT”, gave a new look at a well-known story of the Holy Bible.


After emphasising that as children of God we were created to evolve and improve, and not to remain stagnant, he emphasised that a child of God should not be satisfied with their spiritual level because there is always a higher level to reach. He then invited the believers to ask themselves whether they are making progress, emphasising, at the same time, the fact that a person will either progress or regress…

Later, the evangelist took his biblical passage from the Book 1 Samuel 17:4-10, referring to the battle of the Israelites against the Philistines, and David’s contribution to the outcome of the battle. Reflecting on the fear, agitation and reluctance of the soldiers and the king of Israel to assume the responsibility assigned to them, he concluded that there are 4 categories of people in this story.

In the first category belong the negative or pessimistic people, who in every situation they face, they are interested in finding all the “nots”. Explaining further, the evangelist gave the example of the Israelites who thought they could not face the giant Goliath. However, the Word of God points out that when you speak negatively about a situation, you are worsening the situation and you are not ready to revive it!

The next category is the procrastinators, he explained. Such people are constantly looking for an opportunity to get a reprieve from assuming their responsibilities. But when you wait for a more convenient time to do the right thing, that time may never come. In fact, it may already be too late to do the right thing…

In the third category, the evangelist analysed, belongs the person who is afraid of responsibility, who, regardless of how experienced or educated they are, does not want any responsibility in their life. In every difficulty they are constantly looking for someone to blame, even if it is God himself! But the Word of God it is clear, the evangelist emphasised, that when you complain about your situation, you take steps backwards, because your words are not cheap. They have the ability to build, but also to tear down your very life!

The quitters make up the last category of people analysed by the evangelist. Their reaction is to resign themselves to any difficulty, in the hope that one day they will wake up to be strong, wise and able to handle any situation. The evangelist, however, characteristically stated that this dream will never come true, because your “giant” will not leave your life unless you kill him or he kills you!

Coming to the end of his conclusions, he drew the following deduction: some people see trials, tribulations or challenges as poison that kills one’s happiness, desire and zeal to move forward in life, but to the people of God, trials, tribulations or challenges are a tonic to their spiritual growth; they are a driving force to a higher aspiration in life. David had found the secret to growing spiritually. He had discovered, that is, that personal improvement and satisfaction in life come through the process of continuous learning from good as well as negative experiences.

After all, the Word of God in the Epistle of James 1:2 urges us to rejoice in the challenges, since, as the evangelist pointed out, the beauty of our Christian journey is the trials, temptations, difficulties and challenges we encounter on our way to redemption!

In closing, the evangelist gave the key to those who wish to become powerful and heroes of their own history. This is nothing more than embracing their challenges! If you want the same, embrace your challenges and you will find yourself acting like David!



Ms. Boryana, from Bulgaria, visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to receive prayer for the issues that plagued her, and was honored to be one of those whom the Spirit of God singled out to bless her with a prophetic message through the Prophetess Evgenia: “There is witchcraft in your family! You are not the only one facing cancer. If this is not broken today, your children and everyone alive in your family will have this problem, because they have cast a death spell on you! This was done by someone close to you. You have to pay attention to the people around you. Not everyone is good! Today you will be delivered!”.

The issue that brought Ms. Boriana to Greece was breast cancer and the family problems she was facing, as there was witchcraft in her family, as she confirmed. She mentioned that her grandfather died of cancer, and her brother suffers from schizophrenia and other neurological issues. She also confirmed that her boyfriend’s family is involved in witchcraft. In fact, she herself, from a very young age and for many years, felt that she was the recipient of them, as she went through many illnesses, and there were many fights in her family; there was no understanding, even though everyone speaks the same language… She also added that she had difficulty to have healthy interpersonal relationships in her life, and she believes that the prophetic words were given to her to repair this area of her life as well!

Furthermore, Ms. Boriana emphasised that she understands that the persecution to which the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica is facing, is as a result of satan, who does not like souls being delivered from darkness and coming to the light, and she expressed that she is especially happy for having the opportunity to visit a living church where Jesus Christ is working, to receive prayer to be delivered from demonic influence in her life!

She stated that after the prayer she feels calmer and confident that she will be fine. She believes that all that she has been facing is in the past, since she has embraced the prophecy given to her by the Prophetess Evgenia, and she believes that the witchcraft has already been broken in the name of Jesus Christ! She also believes that she is now cured and will not die prematurely, that everyone in her family will now be in good health, and that their relationships will be restored!


Finally, she promised God Almighty to maintain her optimism, and to be careful about the people she allows into her life.

The devil came to steal, kill and destroy. This means that he does not want the children of the Most High to be loved among themselves, or to live free from his bonds. Whether it concerns churches and denominations, or families full of discord, offense puts a barrier between us and the Father. Forgiveness is a bridge to the place where God dwells! Correction takes us to that place; it is a place of success, a place of peace and comfort.



Ms. Glikeria, a resident of Thessaloniki, visited the Synagogue, Church of All Nations of Thessaloniki, in order to receive an answer sent by God!

During the prayer line, as the Prophetess Evgenia was praying for Ms. Glikeria, the Spirit of God located her and gave her the following prophetic words: “Your life is not going as it should. It does not go according to God’s Word. You need to get warmer with God… That’s why you’re like depressed. There is no joy in your heart. If Jesus Christ is not in your life, those around you will disappoint you. They will tell you things that are not according to the Word of God, and you will sit and listen to them. It’s not like that. God has destined you for something much greater – greater than what others tell you. This shall break today in the name of Jesus Christ! Every depression, every disappointment you’ve had in your life! Study God’s Word daily, and God will send you a very good husband. It’s coming, it’s on the way, so don’t worry!”.


Ms. Glikeria, wanting to confirm the prophetic words given to her, mentioned that in the last two years, after she finished her studies, she was working abroad, and she realised that she had reached a point where her life was monotonous, that is, she was going from home to work and from work to home. She also added that people were giving her the wrong advice. More specifically, her friends emphasised to her that the whole meaning of life is to work, save some money to buy a house and nothing more… As a result, recently, she lost all meaning to her life and negative thoughts didn’t take not long to come… In addition, while she had people around her whom she expected to support and help her, they let her down. This made her feel lonely and that she has to continue alone to succeed in life.

Referring to the matter of having a partner, she expressed her gratitude to God for bringing a solution to that problem as well, because as she pointed out, she did not have the confidence to deal with it on her own.

Now, feeling quite privileged, blessed, encouraged and full of hope, she intends to seek God’s face by studying His Word daily and praying to Him. She promised to follow Him for the rest of her life and prays that the Lord will use her to be a blessing to others!

God’s will for us is to be happy, healthy, and whole, in Christ Jesus! Only God can fill the emptiness of her soul, as only He can show us the true satisfaction of life!



Mr. Emmanuel from the Netherlands was one of the privileged believers who were able to attend the Sunday service of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica!

Having the conviction that Jesus Christ would bring the solution to his problems, he stood on the prayer line, leaving his heart free for the Lord to work in his life! What followed was something unique, as the Prophetess Evgenia, full of the Holy Spirit, approached him and said: “There is not one idol, but many idols in the family. This is from your ancestors. They also shed blood on these idols! Someone was sacrificed, long ago, so that there is no opening anywhere in any area of your life, but God will break it today! The Lord has destined you to preach the Word, because you love God and have a good heart, you like to help people, you like to see happy people and you wonder: “Why am I in this situation?”. God will now break them all, in the name of Jesus Christ!”.


Overjoyed that the past was forever behind him, Mr. Emmanuel wanted to give all the glory to God, confirming the words of the Prophetess.

He began by saying that although he personally had never attended any ritual, he knew that both on his father’s side and on his mother’s side there was idolatry! He went on to say that even though there are excellent people in the family, finding a job was a very difficult area for them. He was facing several problems in his life as he still had not stabilised financially!

Regarding his calling, he stated that he confirms it, and also many people have told him that he is called to preach the Word of God. Finally, he confirmed the word given to him by the Prophetess, that he loves people and that he loves to help them, even when he does not have much!

Now Mr. Emmanuel feels happy and is convinced that everything in his life has taken a positive turn! He promised to worship God and serve Him all the days of his life!

Jesus Christ did not come for the righteous, but He came to find sinners to bring them to God’s justice! Never allow the devil to make you think that your present situation is permanent because Jesus Christ paid the price for you on the cross of Calvary!

The following pictures illustrate the power of the name of Jesus Christ! Indeed, our Lord is Alive, He has never said goodbye, but He still blesses us abundantly!

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