Every Sunday at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, is remarkable, and the gathering that took place on 17 October 2021 was another special gathering in the presence of God! Nothing could be compared to the presence of the Holy Spirit who offered priceless freedom, healing and blessing to the attendees who opened their hearts through worship!


The message that later followed from the man of God Michael was titled, “BECOME A DOER OF THE WORD”, and meticulously touched on the value of obedience to the Word of God. Although Christians have academic and professional goals, their common feature is the mistaken belief that the Word of God is futile in these areas. The man of God, however, pointed out that such an attitude characterises a child of the world, and not of God!


He justified this phenomenon by stressing that, although we express our willingness to imitate Jesus Christ and have the Bible, we do not act accordingly. We are unable to submit because we have not yet realised that the Word is Jesus Christ! We have not realised that God speaks through the Word, and thus, we remain mere listeners without obedience. In particular, the man of God pointed out: “Every time you open the Bible, you open the mouth of God”.

In support of his message, he then read James 1:22-25, But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. Do what it says […]”. Indeed, as Christians with dreams and ambitions, it is futile to set aside and separate the Word from our natural works, since the Creator Himself used it to create the universe for His glory so impeccably! Likewise, our purpose must be similar. Money cannot be our aspiration and our tool towards success. Our priority must be the utilisation of our achievements in the hands of God!


Then, the man of God declared that we need the Word of God in order to succeed in both the physical and the spiritual fields. It is impossible to resist the enemy of the soul by different means, because, as he pointed out, “As Christians, whenever we are tempted, we should always remember that our foundation, defence or answer is quite simple: the written and eternal Word of God”. That is, the wisdom required to manage our works comes from the Bible!

In conclusion, it is necessary to become responsible Christians and trust in the Father, without believing that we are wiser than Him. The faith, joy and truth we seek are available within the Word of God that can make Jesus Christ alive in our lives once and for all!



Mrs. Popi Vantsi came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on Sunday, 17 October 2021, to testify of the wonderful change that the Spirit of God brought in her life! A week before, as the laying of hands was taking place, the man of God Michael, led by the Spirit of the Lord, gave Mrs. Vantsi a prophetic word. His words were as follows: “I see aspersion. You make very quick conclusions about people around you. You see and judge, but packaging is deceptive! God sees the heart! I see you praying and knowing this, that you make very easy conclusions for people. God does not want that! Start a new beginning with Jesus Christ. You will ask Jesus Christ’s opinion for all things and of His plan in your life”.


Confirming the prophetic message she received, Mrs. Vantsi stressed that the words of the man of God Michael were 100% true! Further, she said that, indeed, she was coming to conclusions about the people around her and this was an idiom of her character. She grew up in an environment where her father was never happy with her. He was humiliating her, insulting her in front of other people and constantly comparing her with others. When she returned home, she usually prayed that her father would not be there because she did not know what kind of behaviour she was going to face. This whole situation has created within her a kind of self-protection mechanism, so that she could manage such situations and people. So, then, she learned to categorise the people around her from their repeated negative actions in order to avoid future possible negative situations with them. Although she tried to change this behaviour, because of the frustration she received, she was returning to her old behaviour, which caused her loneliness!

As the years went by, she learned in this way and judging people had become part of her character. Not having realised the problem in its true dimensions, she had already reached the point of aspersion. When she finally realised that this problem existed in her life, she made efforts to eliminate it, but unfortunately she succumbed again to aspersion, which caused her sorrow and guilt, because she knew that she was saddening the Spirit of God!

So this was her prayer, that God would remove this burden from her life and, indeed, He did! When the light comes, the darkness is exposed! Over the course of the week, Mrs. Vantsi has already seen the changes in practice! She said that she can now interrupt and control her negative thoughts about others, even before they are formed! Now, guided by the prophetic word she received, she asks for God’s opinion about her life, but also about the people around her! Finally, she advised all attendees to follow the same pattern, saying, “Whatever situation you are in, you should always seek God’s opinion about your life!”.

As children of God we should examine everything under the light of God’s Word, but also ask God for His opinion on all things. So, before we judge or make a conclusion about someone, it is enough to ask for the opinion of God who knows the hearts of all!



On Sunday, 17 October 2021, Mrs. Amalia Ibanez from Panama came to the SCOAN Thessalonica to thank God for His miraculous intervention in her life!

The health problems that made Ms. Ibanez defy the long distance and any other obstacle in order to find herself in the presence of God and find a divine solution, were the chronic pain in her shoulder, back, knee, as well as insomnia and the demonic attacks in her sleep.

More specifically, Mrs. Ibanez pointed out that she suffered from severe back and shoulder pain for about 14 years! Due to this pain, she could not make a lot of movements… She could not lift weights or raise her hand high enough to comb her hair and, as a worker and mother of a small child, it was hard to cope with her daily responsibilities.

One more problem that caused her discomfort was the problem she had with her knee. The doctors recommended her to go through an operation and that made her unable to wear open shoes. However, even though she had the surgery recommended to her, she could hardly climb stairs, she could not kneel and she found it difficult to walk long distances. She always had to stop in order to get some rest.

In addition to the pain in her body, Ms. Ibanez suffered from insomnia and demonic attacks in her dreams for many years. This problem started when in her dreams a man started visiting her and having sex with her… When she woke up, she would be in a very bad mood and felt very tired. Instead of going to work relaxed and refreshed, she was drowsy, unwilling to work, just wanting to get home quickly. She always felt sad and avoided being with other people!

So, when Mrs. Ibanez learned about the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Thessaloniki, she decided to come with faith in God and take part in the prayer line. Truly, God did not disappoint her faith! On Sunday, 10 October 2021, she had a divine appointment with Jesus Christ that literally changed her life! After the prayer she received from the man of God Michael, the changes in her life were radical! As she began to move and exercise her body, she noticed that she no longer had any pain in her back, shoulder and knee! Now, she can raise her hand freely, walk freely, climb stairs with ease and kneel without pain!


Exercising her body full of happiness, in front of the congregation, she showed that now she can do all the things she could not do before! Also, her sleep was restored as soon as the pain, nightmares and insomnia disappeared! Shining with joy, Mrs. Ibanez advised us to not to lose faith in the midst of our life’s trials, but to continue to pray and thank God, because He hears and He will answer our prayers. Finally, she promised that she will continue to believe and never stop praying!

Miracle is not an end in itself but a means to an end which is the salvation of our souls! Jesus Christ taught us in His earthly ministry to seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all other things will be added to us. (Matthew 6:33) May every blessing bring us one step closer to the salvation of our souls, in the name of Jesus Christ!



Mrs. Tsinie visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to testify to all the miracles that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has done in her life. Having visited the church a year ago, she had received a prophetic word from the man of God Harry who revealed the following: “You are under a serious demonic attack. The reason is that you sent money to help someone and he took that money and gave it to a witch doctor, to become rich. The point is not to fight against the person who did it… It is a demonic attack! This witch doctor prayed a demonic prayer against you and from that day the problems started. You are lucky that you are still alive! The reason you are still alive is the grace of God in your life, which means that this problem you have is for the glory of God. God wants to set you free and from today you will know that there is a God, the Father of all spirits and his name is Jesus Christ!. So, after the man of God prayed for her and declared her free, Mrs. Tsinie began to see great changes in her life, as soon as she returned to Germany!


For this reason, Mrs. Tsinie once more travelled from Germany to encourage others who may be facing the same problem as her, and to give all the glory to God by sharing her testimony! She confirmed that she had indeed given some money to someone, as the man of God prophesied, and she never expected that person to give that money to a witch doctor. She stated that one morning as she got up to get ready as usual, she suddenly heard a very loud sound, like lightning, strike her head. Her heart rate instantly spiked and she felt dizzy! From that moment on, she began to feel something moving in her head and her life was never the same again! The challenges she faced in Germany where she resided, were many. Still, the strong and overbearing headaches she faced led her to the doors of many doctors, who were unable to give any permanent solution to her problem, despite the many examinations she had to undergo. No doctor could make any kind of diagnosis because the problem was spiritual!

In particular, Mrs. Tsinie narrated an incident in which the headache she felt was so severe that she had to be transported to the emergency room. When she arrived at the hospital and her doctors performed all the necessary tests, they were unable to find anything and so they gave her some pain medication and suggested she rest for a few days. She had reached the point where she could not walk, bathe and go to the toilet. Her son was the one who offered her help in everything she needed since the doctors could do no more and the pain medication did not help her. But no challenge could stop Jesus Christ from revealing the root of her problem when she was in His presence!

Excitedly, she shared with the people of God the changes she saw in her life. “I could do things I could not do before by myself… shower myself, do shopping by myself, cook by myself and generally there is nothing I cannot do anymore! I feel healthy and I live a normal life!”, said Mrs. Tsinie in her testimony. When asked what she wants to advise people, she characteristically said: “Have faith! If you have faith, you will not return with the same problem!”. Finally, she promised to serve the Giver of her blessings forever!

Dozens of lives change every Sunday with the power of Jesus Christ! People see their pain turning into joy, and this is the greatest proof one needs to believe!



God’s Word never seizes being confirmed in the lives of His children! God always does what He has promised to those who make the decision to follow Him in faith and truth!

The Lord promised that none of His own would perish and, remaining faithful to His Word, He preserved the life of Mr. Pasquale Dragna with the following prophetic word: “I see an accident about to happen that is going to kill you. But now it has been revealed and it will not happen. I want to advise you to stay away from motorbikes. Even if you love motorcycles, there’s a trap there. Don’t ride motorbikes! Drive a car, and this accident will never happen!”


Those were the prophetic words from the man of God Michael when he approached him and prayed for him. Mr. Dragna could not express his gratitude to God for this revealing word that saved him from certain death! Considering that he had never spoken to the man of God Michael about his love for motorbikes as well as no other personal matter, he praised God for showing favor and mercy in his life and confirmed in detail every word that came out of the mouth of His anointed one.

Mr. Dragna revealed that he had a great love for motorbikes since he was very young, as he started riding motorbikes at the age of 12 and by the age of 15 he was riding a large capacity motorbike. It pleased him to drive at high speed on the highway, even though he was aware of the danger he was in. Ignoring all those who advised him to be careful, he risked his life every day. He had 3 motorbike accidents, one of which could have cost him his life. Because of the accidents, his motorbikes were broken into pieces and he had to either sell them or buy new ones. As a result, over the years his great love for them has cost him around 8,000-9,000 euros. He even pointed out that if he had not received the prophetic word that revealed what would happen in the future, he would have continued to ride, buy and sell motorbikes until the fatal accident of which the man of God spoke!

Being totally honest, he promised to follow the advice of the man of God Michael, and to stop driving motorbikes, so that the fatal accident would not happen. Further, he promised to improve himself daily for God’s sake and to draw closer to Him. He also advised motorbike drivers to be very careful and not to drive at high speed because it is a very big risk!



Mrs. Sabrina Komsi traveled from France in order to attend the service at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on Sunday, 17 October 2021, asking God to expose everything that prevented His blessing from coming to her life!

During the prayer line, the anointing of God located her and an unclean spirit started to frenziedly manifest through her! As the man of God Michael was praying for her, the demonic spirit began to confess all the wicked works and destruction it caused in her life: “I made her afraid! She is always afraid of everything! I made her son sick because he is great and I want to kill him! We do not like him, we will kill him! I am the idol of the family! She is a worshipper and we took her star! I have been there her whole life! I cause her pain in everything she does! Please, do not deliver her, I need her…”. Then, the man of God Michael prayed in the name of Jesus Christ and delivered her from the spirit which had been tormenting her since she was little once and for all! “Jesus Christ has set you free today! Go and sin no more!”, said the man of God after declaring her free!


Later, Mrs. Sabrina gave thanks to God and described the experience of her deliverance as follows: “When the man of God was coming closer to me, I was so afraid and I was shaking. I was not myself… I was very angry at him, but I could not look at his eyes!”, she revealed. Then, she confirmed that before her deliverance, she was indeed constantly afraid of everything! She mentioned that when she arrived at the airport of Thessalonica, she was happy because she knew that a member of the church would pick her up, so she felt safe. Nevertheless, when the church’s car arrived, she felt an unreasonable fear and hesitated to follow them! In fact, this fear entered her life at a very young age! It was truly the reason why she could not make any decisions just like the people around her. Unfortunately, neither she nor her family could explain why she was acting this way!

Furthermore, she added that she always liked to sing from a very young age and those who listened to her were saying that she has a wonderful voice. However, she never invested more time in it because she was too scared and timid to sing before an audience! Concerning her personal life, she mentioned that she had two children from two different men and that she is currently living with another man with whom she does not have a good relationship, and she feels lonely! The idol her family worshipped in many ways stole the joy from her life, became an obstacle to her progress and brought pain and sorrow! Willing to confirm the destruction caused by the demon in her son’s life, she revealed that her 8-year-old son is a truly intelligent child. By the age of 2 and a half years, he knew the alphabet, and he was able to read small words. He was very observant and interested in many things, but he was born with a liver problem, and as a result, he had to urgently undergo liver transplantation. It was a severe and tough situation, and the transplant was almost rejected by his system. Consequently, he was hospitalised for most of his life. As a matter of fact, the doctors did not hide the danger threatening his life since, in a few years, he will have to receive a second transplant.

The destruction and influence of the demon were very apparent everywhere, and its intention was to steal, to kill and to destroy! She has accepted Jesus Christ, but she comes from a family of non-Christians. Hence, they worshipped an idol by performing various rituals and, as it has been proven, this idol was responsible for the despair she experienced in her life!

After her deliverance, she believes that this chapter of pain is over, that a new day has dawned and the best is yet to come! Filled with love and gratitude towards God, she promised to follow and praise Him for the rest of her life!



On Sunday, 17 October 2021, Mrs. Suzana De Fraia from Germany visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, having placed her last hope in God to solve her problems. She was expecting a divine encounter with Him that would put an end to the suffering in her life, and God, who knows the hearts of all men, immediately responded to her need!

During the laying of the hands, the man of God Harry approached her and gave her the following prophetic word straight from Heaven: “I want you to pray against the spirit of depression. It is a spirit that sometimes comes and torments your life. Our joy should not depend on the events that happen around us, it must come from God. I see the spirit of depression attacking not only you, but it also affects your mother! She was happy and suddenly, she fell into depression and said, “Go away everybody! I don’t want to see anyone…”. She would lock herself in her room, stay there for days without caring about anything or anyone, and this is now exposed, so that you can be freed once and for all and also so that the problem will not be passed down to your children and future generations!”. As soon as the man of God Harry prayed for her, he broke every chain that the devil used to connect her and her family with him and declared her free, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!


Mrs. De Fraia then confirmed that the prophecy she received was totally true. Wanting to give more details, she said that her mother’s life over the years had been very bad… She got married at the tender age of 20 and from the third day of her marriage she began to experience physical and mental abuse from her husband! This situation negatively impacted her health and as a result she fell ill with cancer which resulted in her having a total hysterectomy… Her mother’s relationship with her husband continued to deteriorate to the point that, although they lived under the same roof, they lived in different rooms in which the doors had been nailed shut, so as to exclude access to each other’s space…

From the tender age of 5 years old Mrs. De Fraia remembers living through very difficult conditions in her family environment; situations that filled her with deep sorrow, insecurity and loneliness. Specifically, she explained that her father was an alcoholic and constantly abused her mother. He would beat her and often kick her out of the house even in harsh weather conditions such as frost and snow! Other times, when her mother could not stand the abuse she received, she was forced to leave the house, leaving Mrs. De Fraia without the slightest support and protection… Thus, grief settled permanently within Mrs. De Fraia and it did not take long for her to be lead into deep depression that paralysed her and caused her to resign from any kind of activity. Every attempt to share what she felt with her husband, daughter and some of her friends was in vain, since no one could understand exactly what she was going through.

During the years of their suffering, Mrs. De Fraia and her mother prayed and waited for God to intervene and bring the much-needed change and breakthrough into their lives, as they realised that He was their only hope! So, Mrs. De Fraia made the decision to visit SCOAN Thessalonica and become the point of contact for both of them to receive their blessing.

After the prophetic word she received, she felt light as if a burden had lifted off of her and she realised that for her whole life she was waiting to hear this very word! Full of gratitude and with her faith in her Great Deliverer and Healer, she promised that she would continue to pray and follow Him for the rest of her life!



When you recognise that your relationship with God is going through a crisis, the best thing you can do is to draw near to Him and rebuild your relationship with Him, because the greatest thing satan aims at in tempting good people is to overthrow their position as children of God, cut off their dependence on God, their duty to God and their communion with God. This is exactly what Mr. Iurii Metelkini from Russia did when he saw that his relationship with the Father had come to a standstill.

Mr. Metelkini used to serve God, having his own ministry, praying and helping people, but he later turned away from God. He stopped having time for his Creator and since then he began to have various problems in his family life… The consequences did not hesitate to come upon his children, as they did not take seriously what he had told them. Later, since his relationship with God “froze”, he decided to become the Mayor of his city and he channeled all his energy and time upon this new responsibility. Thus, further neglecting his relationship with God, he began to involve himself in his son’s business which, as he explained, was to be turned into a family business. He tried to draw near to God in the last six months, but no matter his efforts he was not able to have the results he desired. He recognised how much his life had changed since he stopped having a relationship with God and felt a great burden every day on his back!

In his effort to visit SCOAN Thessalonica in order to find a permanent solution to what was bothering him, he faced several difficulties, because the position which he held did not allow him to take any time off for two whole years, nor was he allowed to travel to a foreign country. But, when God says, “Yes”, no one can say, “No”! So, after two years, he managed not only to get permission from his job, but also to travel to a foreign country, which was a gift from God! Although the airplane he was flying in flew in 6 circles before landing, the devil did not manage to stop him. By the grace of God, he reached the arena of liberty, where he received his freedom!


On Sunday, 17 October 2021, Mr. Metelkini was in the presence of God to seek help and mercy from the Great Redeemer. The Lord, taking a step closer to him, spoke of his situation through the mouth of the man of God Michael, saying, “You need the Word of God in your life, because your Christian life does not exist. You have no spiritual life! You care about this life, but not about eternal life. And this is a great burden on your back, but Jesus Christ revealed it today. That burden is gone!”. The moment the man of God Michael prayed upon Mr. Metelkini, a great burden left him and now, he is free to dedicate himself to God and his relationship with Him! His promise to God is that he will put His Word at the forefront of his life, as befits every child of His!

Really, the first place to be victorious is in our spiritual life and in our mind because victory does not start around us, it begins within us! So take the Word of God into your heart, and make it an integral part of yourself, and this Word by its very nature will change you. And when it does, you will find yourself called, ready to act!

The age of miracles has not yet passed, simply because the Great Healer never said goodbye! Every Sunday, dozens of believers come to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, with the absolute conviction that the Spirit of God will expose every demonic influence in their lives. Below you can see some photographs that are just a small proof of His omnipotence in our days.

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