On 10 October 2021, the Sunday Service of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, was full of the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit, as hymns of praise were lifted up to heaven by the believers who worshipped God in spirit and truth.


Later, the man of God Michael delivered an encouraging and awakening message entitled “BE A MAN OF FAITH”, in which he explained the way we should handle the trials of life, as children of God and people of faith.


The biblical passage he used to begin was from Mark 4:35-41 in order for the people of God to better understand how to react in the midst of trials. The man of God Michael explained that during the storm the disciples of Jesus Christ did not handle their situation with faith, because they focused on the difficulty and made their problem seem bigger than it was. Jesus Christ, on the other hand, showed by His example that a man of faith has peace in his heart, regardless of the problem he faces, because faith focuses on God and His power, not on our problems, and it springs from our daily relationship with God!


As he continued analysing the characteristics of a man of faith, he added that a man of faith does not seek answers and direction from people, but goes directly to God to find out His opinion about his situation. Still, a man of faith does what he loves, not what others around him are doing, and he knows that this is God’s will because of the peace that comes into his heart! He stressed that a man of faith is not overwhelmed by his current situation, because he is always looking forward to a bright future which is God’s destination for his life; and he finds ways of building bridges that close the gap from where he is to his destination.

Concluding his message, the man of God advised everyone to make the decision to become people of faith, because only faith pleases God!



On Sunday, 10 October 2021, Mr. Jose Yapor came from the United States of America to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to share with us the changes he has experienced in his life, after receiving prayer from the man of God Michael the previous Sunday. One divine touch was enough to change the course of his life once and for all and to make him stand before everyone to thank God, giving his testimony.

Mr. Yapor participated in the prayer line on Sunday, 3 October 2021, bringing his requests to God, however, through the man of God Michael, the Lord revealed the root cause of his problem with the following prophetic word: “When you were young, you were facing rejection from the people. This fact is a sorrow that is hunting you until today… But do not worry, Jesus can see something that nobody else can see. Your testimony starts today! You are free!”.


Mr. Yapor explained that he had been rejected since he was a child, as his father himself tried to persuade his mother to have an abortion, and growing up, his classmates made fun of him due to a problem he had with his teeth. The constant rejection led Mr. Yapor to always seek people’s acceptance. That is the reason why, when he lived in the USA, he started leading a glamorous life, wearing only the best clothes, shoes and, generally, enjoying various comforts – comforts that cost a lot of money of course! In order to cope with the needs of this lifestyle, he ended up becoming a drug dealer! His intense desire for authority, power and money soon plunged him into the trap of satan. Not only did he sell drugs, but he also used heroin, thus becoming addicted to it. He could do nothing without them, but Jesus Christ set him free.

Yet, there were other things he still struggled with. One of them was lust! The problem of lust was very intense and, when he got married, his wife noticed that Mr. Yapor had this weakness. He constantly had nightmares with women who wanted to sleep with him and, as a result, lust led him to have relationships with various women with whom he had 2 children. It was very difficult for him to go outside freely because this desire became even stronger. He kept crying and shouting to God saying, “Lord, help me, I do not want to have this problem, I do not want to see and think these things…”, and the Lord, who is a good Father, heard his prayer!

From the moment he received his deliverance on the prayer line, he felt that he was free indeed! Now, when he sees women, he does not think like before. He sees them all as sisters in Christ Jesus. He no longer needs to show off his properties and his way of life in order for the people to accept him because now he knows that he is a child of God! As for his dreams, when he is about to receive an attack, he cancels that dream in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Furthermore, his relationship with his wife is wonderful and, now, she can also see that her husband no longer has lust for other women. They can communicate and understand each other without any problems at all!

His advice to all of us is to have faith in God and, when we come to a place where there is the light and the power of God, to have faith that God can set us free, no matter what our past is because Jesus Christ is the only One who can put an end to our past! His promise to God Almighty is to follow Him, to focus on the calling He has for him, and to build character so that he can maintain all that he has received!

Indeed, when God sees us, He sees something that everyone else ignores! People may call us names, but the wisdom and grace of God cannot be taken from us! God is ready to put an end to our past and give birth to a bright future! As disappointed as you may feel, do not give up, because God is not disappointed in you! May His name be glorified!



Mrs. Berenice Yapor from the United States of America visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on Sunday, 3 October 2021, and received her deliverance during the prayer line. The man of God Michael prayed for her and every contrary spirit that held her in bondage was permanently cast out! Those who witnessed her deliverance marveled at the Majesty of the Lord while learning important lessons concerning the wicked methods and tactics satan uses to keep God’s children imprisoned!

Powerless before the armor of God, satan, who was responsible for the destruction in her life was exposed and, once the man of God Michael prayed for her, the unclean spirit inside of her confessed, saying: “I am anger! She is mine, she is my property! She loves Jesus and she wants to kill me. I cannot leave her! She wants to do what Jesus Christ wants and to walk with the Holy Spirit. I gave her fear! She has doubt in everything she does and she does not know the power of God in her life. She is a powerful woman, but she does not even know! She is afraid of everything! She cannot even walk without having fear! I have been inside of her since she was a little girl”.


Her transatlantic trip was not in vain! God Almighty exposed the unclean spirit that was tormenting her body and soul and, just a week later, Mrs. Yapor did not miss the chance to stand before those present on Sunday, 10 October 2021, in order to share her wonderful testimony for the glory of He who completely changed her life!

She explained that she was indeed possessed by the spirit of anger. The spirit of anger was a factor that brought destruction to her life. Her anger was so intense that when she cooked for her siblings and they said they did not like the food, she would grind it in the blender and force them to eat it. She was so irritable that one day when she was fighting with her brother, she used a broomstick to hit him with. The hit was intense that the broomstick broke his back! As could be expected, the effects of anger were also visible in her relationship with her husband, resulting in many arguments between them.

The spiritual battle of Mrs. Berenice Yapor did not seem to become easier since, at the same time, she was struggling with the spirit of fear that was tormenting her. The feeling of fear haunted her constantly ever since she was a little child… It was impossible for her to sleep alone in a room and she had to call for her younger siblings to sleep beside her, so she would not be scared. She felt a strange presence in her room and something entering and coming out of her hands all at once… Moreover, she had nightmares every night· she saw men approaching her and trying to ruin her marriage… Lastly, the role of fear in her professional career was prominent because it did not allow her to make any decisions to move forward.

In this terrible situation, Mrs. Yapor came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and her approach to life has entirely changed. When the man of God Michael approached her, her heart was beating very hard and, after that, she realised she was on the ground… As soon as she stood up, a new life began to unfold before her.


Ever since that blessed day, Mrs. Yapor began to enjoy a new life in Christ Jesus! With the absolute conviction that Jesus Christ delivered her, she was able to overcome every attack! Now she has no anger, she is calm and she can talk with her husband without arguments and disagreements! Even when her husband talks to the children he had from previous relationships, she does not feel anger, unlike before! However, God’s blessings were not only limited to the spiritual – mental area of her life! Another wonderful miracle she received was the healing of her breasts because before the prayer she had acute pain due to some hormonal imbalances! Filled with joy and ready to serve Jesus Christ as never before, she confessed that her faith has been lifted to a new level and advised every attendee not to be guided by how they feel but to have faith in them because when Jesus Christ sets you free, you are free indeed! Last, she promised to follow Jesus Christ with all her heart and do His will for the rest of her life!



On Sunday, 10 October 2021, Mr. Jack Muloko visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to experience the power of God in his life and to receive heavenly blessings. Having the faith that the power of God works through the man of God Harry, his heart was in an attitude of prayer during the entire service and he thus managed to draw the attention of God.

During the laying of hands, while the man of God Harry was praying for him, the Holy Spirit revealed to him the following: “I am looking at property… You should not allow the issue of property, inheritance, land and houses to take your salvation. Because once you start fighting over property, it is a journey of no return! There is nothing that people cannot do in order to get what they want. So, watch out with court… Be very careful… I am just giving you guidance! The work of a prophet is to give you guidance. The Bible says, ‘Listen to the prophets and you will be successful in what you do’. It is not that God does not want to bless you. God wants to bless you, but you must escape the trap of satan. Before God gives you the blessing from Heaven, satan will first give you a bait… Do not fight over property because you already receive attacks in your dream, so be careful!”.


Highly grateful for the prophecy he received, but also astonished because he never expected the man of God to mention this issue, Mr. Muloko decided to confirm all that God’s anointed one revealed and give God all the glory for shedding light on everything! Eager to elaborate on what was happening in detail, he emphasised that it all began in 2009 when he went to his home country of Congo in order to buy a plot of land on which he would build a house for his mother who is living there. After proceeding with the purchase of the immovable property, a few months later, he was informed that someone was claiming his property without him being aware, and in fact, he later found out that this person, in agreement with the local municipality, removed the documents proving that the land belonged to him. The case was taken to court, but he was not planning to retreat since the parcel of land he bought cost him around 5,000 – 6,000 euros!

Trying to help with the situation, his nephew, who was appearing in the Congolese court as his representative, was attacked with a knife by the criminals who claimed to own the land. The beating he suffered was so severe that if he had not been in good physical condition, he could undoubtedly have died. During the same period, Mr. Muloko was also receiving demonic attacks in the dream… He was seeing dogs chasing and attacking him!

Mr. Muloko stated that if he did not come to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and did not receive the prophetic word, he would continue to fight for something that is rightfully his! He gives thanks to God for disclosing what he should do, in order not to lose his salvation and to protect those involved in the case. As he pointed out, if anything happened to his 30-year-old nephew, it would be a burden he would have to carry for the rest of his life.

The prophetic word from Heaven became a lamp for his feet that will illuminate his every step from now on! After the service, he had the grace to speak with the man of God Harry who explained during their encounter that even if he loses the land, God will bless him in other ways, even more! Mr. Muloko confessed that after the prayer, he felt 10 years younger and he promised to follow God for the rest of his life.



When you appreciate Jesus Christ for what He has done in your life, there is no doubt that He will do it again and again and again! Mrs. Darinkova Denizova from Bulgaria came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to testify of the package of blessed changes that flooded her life, after the prayer she received from the man of God Michael. Wanting to encourage God to do even more in her life, on Sunday, 10 October 2021, she gave all the honor to God and helped the faith of those who also expected to receive a miracle to be increased.

As she mentioned, the problems that led her to the prayer line were the intense pain in her legs and her addiction to smoking… Her addiction to smoking seemed like a mountain because she had been fighting with it for 40 years! In order to help her stop this toxic habit, her family told her how harmful it was to her health, but nothing could make her overcome her addiction. Unfortunately, the situation was beyond her control… Her health slowly began to deteriorate and she began to feel chest pain. She had a hard time taking a breath, walking and climbing stairs to work. In addition, smoking significantly affected her financial situation, since in the Netherlands, where she lived for the last two years, one pack costs 10€ and she smoked three packs per day! Furthermore, her relationship with God was adversely affected. She felt guilty before Him after she continued smoking… At the same time, her legs ached all along so intensely that she had difficulty walking and even sleeping!

Mrs. Denizova had already known in the past the liberating power of God, as she had visited SCOAN Thessalonica once again, and she was convinced that only there would the suffering in her life end! So, on 3 October 2021, she stood in the prayer line and, when the man of God Michael prayed for her and touched her knees, she felt a heat coming out of her legs and the pain… disappeared!


With immense joy, a week after the prayer she received, she confessed the miraculous changes that followed in her life! Now she breathes and walks freely! Her legs are very well and she climbs the stairs comfortably without having to stop on each floor! As far as the addiction to smoking for 40 years is concerned, she is completely free, because not only does she no longer want to smoke, but the smell of cigarettes alone causes her to vomit and disgust!

With a heart filled with gratitude to her Deliverer, she adviced those who face any kind of addiction to go to a living church, and promised that she would never turn away from God, but follow Him forever!



When Mrs. Marlene was praying during the laying of hands, on Sunday, October 10 2021, she never imagined that the prophetic word she would receive from the man of God Harry would expose a problem she had been facing from a very young age. More specifically, the man of God approached her and said to her, “I see that something is moving in your body. Sometimes it bites you, you feel something inside you biting you… This causes you bad dreams. When you sleep at night, you have strange dreams. Sometimes you see snakes, dogs wanting to bite you, and all these bring a lot of disappointment into your life. You have suffered a lot in the past; in terms of marriage, carrier, job… A lot of disappointment! I’m just revealing to you what is the cause of that. It’s an evil attack! The reason this is exposed it’s because today is the last day you experience such thing!”.


Indeed, Mrs. Marlin confirmed that from a very young age she remembers something moving in her body… She felt a strange thing pinching her, which started from her hands and constantly went up and down inside her body. She had bad dreams and never realised exactly when all these attacks started in her life. But she remembers dealing with such weird things from a young age.

Emphasising on the problem of disappointment, she explained that it started when she lost her mother at a very young age! Mrs. Marlin lived in Portugal for many years and then moved to the United Kingdom where her siblings lived. When she got there, she did everything she could to get her mother to stay with her in England, but her mother died suddenly before the process was completed. The death of her mother plunged her into great grief and her pain was indescribable. Her mental state was very bad and when she slowly started to find herself again, her best friend died of cancer. Her death stigmatised her and that was one more blow given to her by life itself.

Being in such a situation, she was not able to make the right decisions for her life, and so, she ended up marrying a man who, from what she believed, married her to benefit from her European documents. This man managed to persuade her to take a loan in her name from the bank and, while the loan was 14,000 euros, she had to pay 21,000 euros, including the interest, when he left her after a year! She could have consulted a specialist lawyer, but she could not think clearly. So, along with the frustration she felt when her relationship ended, she was forced to pay a debt as well. In addition, she explained that due to what happened in her life she did not complete her studies in art because when she went to the United Kingdom from Portugal she did not speak English at all and her expenses were running!

Words were not enough to thank God and to express her gratitude for the bright future that Jesus Christ has prepared for her! She acknowledges the presence of God at the SCOAN Thessalonica, she believes that this peace she felt after the prayer will continue to be with her and that her problems have now ended, in the name of Jesus Christ! Finally, she promised to stay away from sin, to follow God and to always do what He wants!

Acting faith makes those things that are against us be for us. Therefore, look at your situation with faith and do not forget that in all things God works for the good of those who love him!



On Sunday, 10 October 2021, Mr. Misgina Mengistab from Sweden visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to attend the service and ask God to expose anything in his life that is not from Him.

During the mass prayer, the anointing of God located him and he received a prophetic word from the man of God Harry. “Pray against the spirit of death… I’m seeing dead people visiting in your dreams. People who have been dead for some time… That is not normal, it is not good. When it comes, it begins to cause you the thought: ‘These people are dead, does it mean I will just die now? Did they come to take me with them?’. Thank God it is exposed today! Remember the prayer you have offered. ‘Whatever in my life that is not from God to be exposed!’. So we prayed that God would expose it. It was exposed so that you could be free from it once and for all. If this had not been exposed, you would have died very young. You would not even reach 50!”. Then the man of God Harry prayed for Mr. Mengistab in the name of Jesus Christ, delivering him forever from the spirit of death that had plagued him for years!


Mr. Mengistab later confirmed that all that the man of God prophesied about his life was true, explaining that he did indeed see dead people visiting him in his sleep. He mainly saw his friends who died in the war in his country. In fact, in his dreams, they acted as if they were alive, and towards the end, they invited him to go with them and he followed… These dreams worried him a lot because he was unable to understand where they came from and they did not seem normal to him at all. He further explained that he had planned to have surgery on his neck and back in two months and was very scared because his doctors made it clear that there was an 80% chance of him ending up in a wheelchair, a 20% chance of having speech problems while at the same time they did not rule out the possibility of dying during the operation.

He had watched various videos of the SCOAN Thessalonica on YouTube and, thus, decided to come with his neighbor, who would visit Thessaloniki, to put an end to the problem that had plagued him for more than 15 years! Immediately after the prayer, he felt light, free and happy, and promised to follow God all the days of his life in faith and to live his life for Him!

Below are photos from the prayer line where visitors from all over the world received a divine touch from the men of God. As the Holy Spirit ministers with the gifts of healing, deliverance and prophecy, even more, souls are added to the Kingdom of God!

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