A beautiful Sunday morning dawned on 12 June 2022! It was a special day, as 59 years ago one of the greatest prophets of our generation, Prophet T. B. Joshua, whom God used to bring freedom, blessing and healing to those who truly needed it was born.

The guests of the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, went to the prayer mountain, the holy place where the man of God Harry prays, and they began the day with prayer, just as Prophetess Evgenia directed to them.


A wonderful atmosphere of faith had been created, by the Prophetess who preached a revealing message to the children of God, titled “A TRULY BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN”! She began by saying that all that the world has to offer is a temporary solution to the problems we face, a solution that is outside of God’s principles and standards. For example, when we face a problem with our husband or wife, the world urges us to divorce. When we feel anxiety or stress, the world urges us to do meditation or reiki. Yet, if we want to live up to God’s standards, we must realise that we need to cleanse our hearts, walk in the Spirit, and if we come face to face with any problem, to leave it in God’s hands!

She went on to say that many Christians call themselves born-again, while the desire for sin still exists in their hearts. So, we should not judge people by their words, but by what no man can know which is, what is in their hearts. She pointed out that a true Christian is hidden in the purity of heart, and that only when they have absolutely no desire for sin can they be called a truly born-again Christian!


Great heroes of faith set the example of true born-again Christians like, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. She explained that true children of God are known by their fruit, their character, and their attitude towards life. Genuine children of God do not worry about anything, unlike us who constantly worry about the daily problems of life, automatically classifying ourselves as not born again Christians. She went on to say that in this life, whatever we sow we will reap: if we sow in the Spirit, we will reap salvation, but if we sow in sin, we will reap death!

Furthermore, she said that our Bible, which is the weapon of a believer, should be in a place where we can see it so that it motivates us to read it, as it is not a literature but a means of correction, a tool quite capable of changing us! She then gave the example of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the greatest role model of all time, who in the Gospel of Matthew 23:13 criticised the Pharisees who were concerned with appearances and not what they needed to be concerned with. She explained that the cause of all this is that man is constantly looking for outward beauty and greatness, yet, all that glitters is not gold! Therefore, we must not judge people based on their outward appearance or what they say, because there is something much more important than that, and that is what is truly in our hearts!

It is time to engage our hearts with the Word of God that we have read carefully, slowly, and repeatedly, and then, that Word, by its very nature, will begin to influence our conduct and character. Only then will we be able to be truly cleansed, to root out all sin and only then will we feel truly born-again, the Prophetess emphasised!



A wonderful testimony was shared with the attendees by Ms. Anastasia Mavridou from Giannitsa, regarding the prophetic word she received just last week on June 5, 2022.

Through the apocalyptic prophetic message she received from Prophetess Evgenia, revival and an inconceivable joy came into her life! The prophetic word was as follows, “You are causing trouble to yourself. Trust in the Lord, please. You are easily distressed. ‘This will not go well, that will not go well…’. Everything will work out for you! Do not have these thoughts because it will cause you health problems. Do you want to die? This is what is coming. I mean, if you hadn’t come now, this would have happen in a few days! What do I mean? Your heart! Heart attack! That is it! Instantaneously! Do not do this to yourself! Your children will come in the way of the Lord, at God’s time though. Not yet! I am telling you so that you know. It is not yet their time to come. But God will touch them through some things. And do not push them. Do not talk to them about the Word of God. If they do not want to hear it, do not talk to them about it. Surrender your children to the Lord. Pray to the Lord, say, ‘Lord, I dedicate my children to you, take care of them.’ And that is it! You will lose your good health, I am telling you. From today, you are free, and from these thoughts that you constantly have, ‘This will not go well for me, that will not go well for me.’ Everything will be fine! Breakthrough! And you know what I have to tell you? You will become rich! Do not worry! It is just that what you are going through are trials. It is what we were saying in the message today. When you are going through trials, move forward, do not stop and do not go back. It is just a test from the Lord. You will go through this and God will make you rich! You will see, those negative thoughts will go away starting today! Devote yourself more to the Word of God, and God will give you a new mind! You are free, in the name of Jesus Christ!”. Ms. Mavridou began her testimony with great enthusiasm, declaring that she is a new person and praising God Almighty for His intervention in her life!

It all started with the launch of her business, a pizzeria, in November 2021. She had a dynamic start, with very good standards and thriving morale. Although everything was going very well, in a short period of one and a half months there were twists and turns. While she was serving her product in her shop, suddenly the shop window was broken and she could no longer serve. She replaced the old window with a new one, but it was much smaller and could not help the demands of the business. Soon the turnover of the shop fell and the clientele decreased, but this did not mean that the shop’s costs, needs, and liabilities had ceased. On the contrary, the bills and wages she had to pay, combined with the reduction in the business’s income, led Ms. Mavridou to despair, as the business could not even cover its own expenses!

Having no other choice, Ms. Mavridou was forced to borrow money from some acquaintances. As if what she was going through for the last three months was not enough, her employee resigned. In her search for another employee, obstacles kept popping up, and the deal fell through before the person interested ever came to her store.

As a result, Ms. Mavridou found herself struggling on her own to keep her business going, not just as a saleswoman, but also as a pizza maker, as a waitress, as well as managing all the purchases and making of the dough. At this point, her son, to whom she had transferred the business, resigned and also left.

Her anxiety, desperation, and impatience made her wonder why all of this was happening to her… It got to the point where she couldn’t tame her thoughts and felt like she was on the verge of insanity. People around her, who saw what was happening, would encourage her to close the business and sell it. Her children were also pressuring her to quit, as she had become depressed and had lost a lot of weight. All this internal warfare she was experiencing was taking a toll on her health. There was no trace of joy or peace in her, and she did not even want to meet with her children so that they would not see her in the state she was in…

Every day she would return from work at dawn until she did not have the strength to continue this struggle. One such morning, when she was returning home, all alone, she felt an intense pain in her sternum, her heart tightening, and she could not breathe! As she felt that the time had come when she would lose her life, at that moment the words that came out of her mouth were: “Lord if You want, take me away!”. By the grace of God, however, she was able to reach her home.

After this incident, she decided to run to God and seek His mercy. Thus, she took part in the prayer line. While she was there, she prayed fervently that God’s anointing would not overlook her! The Lord Jesus Christ heard her and answered her prayer! While the woman of God, Evgenia, was prophesying to her, Ms. Mavridou felt that God was giving her back her life! Indeed, after her divine encounter with Jesus Christ, everything changed!

After the Service, she returned to her business and carried out the whole day alone. From that very day, the turnover increased! That same week, quite unexpectedly, two new employees arrived, suitable for the two vacancies that Ms. Mavridou needed to fill! As for the clientele, surprised and full of enthusiasm, she said she couldn’t keep up with the phones, which were ringing every three minutes for orders!

The negative thoughts that had flooded her heart were gone in a flash! Willingness, energy, and a smile characterised Ms. Mavridou, who put her problems in God’s hands, and He put His peace in her heart!

Her testimony was accompanied by another spiritual opening which she received, as the Prophetess also referred to the way Ms. Mavridou approached her children. Before receiving the prophetic word, she felt great worry for her children and their Christian walk. This resulted in her constantly talking to them about the Word of God and pushing them, to the point of them telling her that they did not want to hear anything else on the subject. She, however, insisted on talking to them about these things at every opportunity. Through the prophetic message, however, she understood that she was not managing her situation properly. Now, she has delivered her children into the hands of God Almighty, and has unwavering confidence in Him that He will work in their lives in His timing!

She advised the people of God not to allow negative thoughts to invade their hearts because they come from the enemy who uses them to steal, kill and destroy their lives! We must keep our focus on God’s plan, knowing that we have not been called to suffer, but to live as victors! Finally, she promised that no matter what challenges may come her way, she will have an unwavering trust in Jesus Christ!

God also understands the language of the sighs, tears, prayers, meditations, and sincere desires of the heart of a person of faith. What is your challenge? “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” – Gospel of Matthew 7:7. The Provider of the blessings is still Alive and His name is Jesus Christ!



Mr. Kedmon Hungwe travelled from the United States of America to find the solution to a problem that was tormenting him for five years!

As he had the chance to go to the prayer mountain, when the prophetess Evgenia prayed for him, she gave him the following word from God: “I do not know if you remember, but they gave you something to eat in the dream, that is why you have all these problems. It is not natural, it is something spiritual. No doctor can help you because it has to do with the spirit, it is the devil that wants to destroy you, but, as we have just said, you are free! Now, all this will stop and the Lord will give you a new life, in Christ Jesus! Keep studying the Word, so that you can maintain it. You are free, in Jesus’ name!”.


Indeed, as Mr. Hungwe confessed, he often saw that he was being given food to eat in his dream. In fact, he once had a horrible nightmare in which he was forced to eat human flesh!

Mr. Hungwe’s problem was chronic diarrhea, which greatly affected the quality of his life and ever since it started, it had been going from bad to worse. In order to be able to attend the church’s service, he did not eat breakfast!

If he had to go somewhere for hours, he would not eat at all so that he could endure without going to the bathroom. If he ate before doing so, there was a chance he would have an “accident” and get dirty, as it had happened to him in the past while travelling in his car. So, he had to avoid eating as a precaution.

Because his body could not process the food normally, he had to expel it soon after ingestion and his body did not receive the necessary nutrients, and as a result he felt constantly exhausted and weak. In addition, he even suffered from dizziness. On “bad days”, he could go to the toilet up to ten times! Truly, sometimes it could even happen to him in his sleep because it was beyond his control. As a consequence, he lost 20 kilos…

Understandably, his work was also affected since he is a teacher and has a very demanding position. He stated that his condition was hindering him and preventing him from giving 100% of his potential, putting a strain on the quality of his work.

Over the years, he had been examined for this problem by three different doctors in America. They had him run all kinds of tests, but to no avail. The root of the problem was nowhere to be seen! He had spent a lot of money on these doctors. As he estimated, including what he paid and his insurance, the medical expenses amounted to 15,000 US dollars!

As his health condition was costing him dearly and, at the same time, there was no solution anywhere, he was becoming discouraged and losing hope. He felt very distressed and at some point, while praying to the Lord, he asked Him to take him from this life if he was to continue on like this. Nevertheless, he knew that it was God who had preserved him.

Two weeks before attending the prayer mountain, Mr. Hungwe had seen Prophet T. B. Joshua in his dream say to him, “You have eaten poison!”

Filled with hope and gratitude to God for answering his prayers and expressing His love through this prophecy, he promised God to serve Him and glorify His Holy Name!

In every situation, what keeps us from despairing is not what we see but what we believe! No one can grow without challenges and resistance. So, those who bless God in the midst of their trials, they will be blessed by God through their trials!



Mr. Panajiot Bardho, a resident of Thessaloniki, was determined to seek the face of the Lord in order to receive divine direction, thus, he participated in the prayer line at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, which took place at the prayer mountain.

As Prophetess Evgenia was praying for him, she gave him the following prophetic word from the Spirit of God: “You work just to work, for the money. There is nothing that fills you, that gives you joy, and when you don’t enjoy life, you have health problems… It gets to that point, it affects you. That is why you have nodules, because of worrying! What you have to do is finally occupy yourself with your calling, you have put it aside, and you know what it is, I don’t have to tell you, you know. It is not too late to follow the Lord’s calling for you. You have to preach the Word of God! That is your calling, so people can hear you and souls can be saved. A man of God! That is your calling! And that is what will fill you and give you joy. You have to make a decision in life, because you will go on and on, and you will actually do nothing, while God created us for a reason, for a purpose. Fulfil God’s purpose for your life! Your wife and children will be fine, don’t worry about money. God will provide for you.” In the name of the One who has no beginning and no end, he was declared free and healed, in the name of Jesus Christ!


After the service was concluded, Mr. Bardho wanted to give more details regarding the prophetic word he received. Initially, he stated that he was working as a painter, however, he faced unexplainable challenges in this area as, not long after he started a job, he would suddenly stop for some unknown reason. The money he was earning was not enough to meet his family’s needs, and in no way did he feel satisfaction within himself, just as with every other job he did in the past.

The only thing that gave him absolute joy was talking to people about Jesus Christ! Wherever he was, even at work, he couldn’t help but talk about God’s love all the time. In fact, many of his employers and colleagues, who did not share the same faith as he did, turned him away! Mr. Bardho, however, was not discouraged at all, because he had discovered his calling seven years ago, which was to become a man of God! Specifically, he saw a dream that he was delivering a child in the name of Jesus Christ! Then, he sought the advice of the man of God Harry, who confirmed God’s purpose for his life and urged him to strengthen his relationship with the Lord.

However, thoughts of doubt began to invade his mind, as he found it very difficult to fulfil his calling, considering his family’s financial situation at the time. As a result, the years went by, further reinforcing his doubts. He thought that since he had not succeeded in becoming a man of God so far, he would never succeed.

Not a day had passed without thinking about his calling, and the fact that he was not walking in that direction caused him great distress as well as health problems. In particular, several nodules had developed on his thyroid during the last few months.

With faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ, Mr. Bardho believes that he has received both healing and proper guidance from God, following the prayer he received from the woman of God, Evgenia. He is joyful and determined to carry out God’s will in his life and finally, he has promised to build a close relationship with the Lord by making His Word a standard for his life!

This testimony proves that nothing can give us true joy in life except when we follow God’s calling in our lives. Indeed, if you follow your calling, you will surprise yourself and make a difference in your world!



Mrs. Siazie Suleimanoglou from Orestiada, Greece, involved in a life-threatening situation, came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, in order to receive an anointed prayer and to be delivered from her bondages.

During the prayer line, she received the following prophetic word from the woman of God, Evgenia: “They did witchcraft on you, that is why you are facing all these problems that you have. They gave your picture so that they would bind you, but more importantly they would bind your health, until death! You live, but it is like you are not living. Do not worry, God will deliver you from this today and you will be better”. Immediately afterwards, the Prophetess rebuked the unclean spirit that tormented her, proclaiming Mrs. Suleimanoglu free from every evil yoke!


She further explained the challenges she faced and how they affected her life. She stressed that in her dreams a tall man would come and lead her to the tombs. He would tell her that she would end up there too, to be with him forever! But Mrs. Suleimanoglu had no desire to be with this man and was repulsed by him, and in fact, he caused her great fear. He would get angrier and angrier and beat her, and then Mrs. Suleimanoglu would wake up with scratches on her body! Surprisingly, she often saw this man outside of her dreams as well! Because of all the nightmares, waking her up was a terribly difficult task for those around her. They had to pour water on her face in order to wake her up, and still it was not easy.

In addition, every night she did things she did not understand. In particular, she would go to the graves and walk aimlessly in the streets, and many times, she would lock herself in the toilet. She was as a sleepwalker, she described.

The whole situation she was experiencing had rendered her unable to perform her duties as a wife and mother. She was shivering, cold, suffering from headaches and could neither cook nor take care of her children. She wanted to sit, be alone and she did not feel well. In order to protect her life, her family tried not to leave her unattended for even a minute! The few times she was left alone, this demon would manifest itself and make her aggressive and hysterical, she would take knives, and she was really afraid of hurting her own children.

However, everything changed after the deliverance and prophecy she received through the woman of God, Evgenia! Now she feels very light, like she is flying! She no longer feels a headache, the burning sensation she felt inside has disappeared, her hands are not shaking, and at the same time, the negative thoughts that plagued her are also a thing of the past! She even stated that all she wants is to go home to hug her children! Finally, she promised God that she will cling to Him more because she wants to maintain her freedom!

Even if death threats approach you, do not be afraid! God’s Word assures us that everything in our lives is under the control of the Almighty God! Nothing, therefore, can happen in our lives without Him being aware of it!



The Holy Spirit also spoke in the life of Ms. Audrey Ayivor, originally from Ghana, who traveled from the Netherlands to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, with the belief that she would receive an answer to her requests.

As Ms. Ayivor took part in the prayer line, on the Holy Mountain, the Lord showed His grace upon her life by giving her a word from Him and inviting her to do His work through prophetess Evgenia: “Do you know your calling? You are called to preach the Word of God to the world, to be a woman of God. Devote yourself to it, and you will see that the Lord will use you very powerfully! You will do signs and wonders, that’s how mightily He will use you! So, commit yourself to the Word of God and go ahead!”. Afterward, the Prophetess declared her free, in the name of Jesus Christ!


Although Ms. Ayivor was surprised by the prophetic message she received, she remained joyful and excited as the Spirit of God brought back to her the moments when her calling had been revealed to her. Thus, she recounted how, in the past, she had had several dreams in which she preached to people encouraging them or even reading the Bible with them. In addition, she had once dreamed that the man of God Harry told her that she had a very “bright” star and that she had changed her direction in life, but he also told her that this would not be a problem.

In December 2021, when she had visited the SCOAN Thessalonica, she asked the man of God Michael if the aforementioned dreams were coincidental. He replied that they were not, and instructed her to use her wisdom to speak to people. This conversation got her thinking, but she was not yet sure of her calling.

So with the prophecy she received, she realised that God was always giving her clues towards that, she just didn’t realise it, because her career is something completely different. She is currently working as a project manager. Another of Ms. Ayivor’s hobbies is writing. As she mentioned, she is working on a series of children’s books aimed at teaching children problem-solving skills, as well as a book of personal discovery using the story of Joseph from the Bible as an example.

After the prayer, the purposeful and encouraging message as she described it, and the prophecy she received, made her very happy and pleased with her overall experience on the prayer mountain.

Now that her destiny has been clarified, her desire is to obey God’s direction and seek His direction, as well as guidance and instruction from a man of God, since she does not know how to reach her calling on her own. She promised the Father God to make His Word a guide for her life, and to continue walking with Him!

As children of God, it is important for us to know our calling in order to walk through life with a winner’s mindset, not a loser’s mindset. Just as it happened with Joseph, when you know the purpose of your situation, the fear of the situation disappears!



Ms. Rosewell Ikuzue from Sweden was one of those who took part in the prayer line during the prayer mountain service!

As prophetess Evgenia approached her she gave her a prophetic word: “There is a problem with your use of the internet. You look at inappropriate things, and that will cause you trouble in the future, and in your studies which you care about. You need to stop going on the internet and don’t look at inappropriate things, because it’s not the time for you yet. It’s affecting you negatively. You need to read God’s Word, get strong, and strengthen in the spirit so that nothing can affect you, and only then will you be able to use it. You can also use it for good things, for school, but not for other things because it will destroy you. And study more, because you’re not dumb, you’re smart, and God will help you do even better!”. Then, the Prophetess prayed for the young woman and declared her free, in the name of Jesus Christ!


Then Ms. Ikuzwe wanted to confirm the prophetic word she received, confessing that everything the Prophetess said was 100% true! From the age of eight, she started using the internet and even had her own accounts on various social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok… She spent most of her time on them daily, watching inappropriate material, especially lately. She was even watching pornography, and anything related to that content. Although she tried a few times to delete her accounts and stop these bad habits, after a while, she would reinstall the apps and fall back into the same weaknesses.

This internet addiction made her no longer feel like going to school, and so, while she was the best student in her class, she ended up being one of the worst! She couldn’t focus at school, and when the exams arrived she realised that she hadn’t learned anything from the whole academic year.

Her friends were another factor that affected her negatively. When she was with her friends, they used to gossip about others, talk about boys and discuss inappropriate things in general.

After the prophetic word and prayer she received from the Prophetess, she felt peace and freedom within herself. She also said that as she prayed on the Prayer mountain, she asked God to give her a prophetic word – which He did! So, she made the decision to follow the instruction she received and invest more in her relationship with God by studying His Word and making good use of the internet as she moves away from negative influences in her life. She promised to put God first in her heart, and to be more involved in the things of God!

The Bible teaches us that if your eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away (Matthew 18:9)! This does not mean that we are to harm ourselves, but instead, we are to allow anything to come between us and the salvation of our soul! Put your goal in the forefront of your mind and pay any price until you get there!



A new story has begun in the life of Mrs. Juliette Uwase, originally from Rwanda, who came from Sweden to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to receive deliverance from the chains of the enemy in her life!

As God’s anointing was leading the Prophetess Evgenia with power and might, a prophetic word was given to Mrs. Uwase: “You dream of a spiritual husband. Ever since you saw him all these problems in your life started. Don’t worry, don’t cry! What the devil took from you, God will give back to you! Love God, be warm with Him, study with devotion so that you can keep God’s blessings in your life. God will deliver you today!”. Then, the Prophetess declared her free, in the name of Jesus Christ!


With incredible joy and peace, Mrs. Uwase wanted to confirm all that Prophetess Evgenia had told her.

She began by saying that despite 18 years of marriage with her husband, they never managed to have children. There was no joy in their home, and she and her husband were facing serious financial problems.

As for the spiritual husband, he had been coming to sleep with her from the moment she married, that is for 18 years! She was permanently in a bad psychological state, as she was constantly feeling depressed. In addition, she was experiencing demonic attacks at work as well.

After the prayer she feels happy, truly free and promises to serve God all the days of her life!

Jesus Christ never said that we would not go through hardship, but He promised to be with us in the midst of hardship! A thousand thanks will never be enough for all that He has done in our lives!

Below are pictures that demonstrate the power of Jesus Christ working through qualified people, just as He did in the book of Acts, providing healing, blessing and deliverance!

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    Glory be to God in the highest

  2. Désiré Ndaribamare

    Thank you Jesus Christ for all these deliverances and testimonies: People who are delivered from evil spirits, especially disturbing spiritual husbands! I must not give up! Pornography is caused by the devil, but through prophecy, God exposes this problem to provide the solution. The solution is to read the word of God, to meditate on it, not to waste time on the internet except to do homework and do God’s homework, such as reading this blog, listening and meditating on the sermons of the man of God Harry, which is great for me. Thank you Jesus for using the prophetess Evgenia to do Your will.

    • Collins

      Thank you Jesus Christ for your name and your anointed ones you using in our generation today,my prayer is continue to speak through them and filled them with more anointing and your presence Jesus,I thank God for the life of prophet Harry and of God prophetess Evgniea in Jesus name. good morning and win today and forever Amen


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